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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题46


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 46 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 1 完形单词单选巩固 ........................................................ 2 高频词汇集中速记......................................................... 8 参考答案:.............................................................. 11

? ?

综合技能完形训练 【2011 江西卷】

What a busy day! The three boys were fed, bathed and changed into their nightclothes. Mary had 36 them a story and finally they were asleep. "Babysitting(照看)the three boys aged eight, six and four is extremely 37 ," she thought. "Sleep," she considered, "if only I could!" But she had difficult homework to complete. Leaning back, she 38 her feet onto the sofa to get comfortable. Whoever said babysitting was a(an) 39 way to make money obviously hadn’t met the three boys, she thought. The television was on, the room was warm, and the lights were dim. Mary’s 40 felt heavier and heavier. I mustn’t sleep, she thought - which was 41 what she did, of course. Strangely enough, she soon 42 that she was a world-famous chef(主厨). She made a 43 and wore diamonds and designer clothes. Most days she relaxed by the pool, meeting the rich and famous or 44 - her favorite hobby. She 45 took the leading role in her own TV show. That is, until she became too 46 . "I am definitely the best in the world," she thought, as she prepared a tasty chicken dish. But 47 seemed to go right. She spilt the flour, she dropped an egg and she cut her finger. Despite all the troubles, she 48 to get the chicken into the stove. Soon, smoke blanketed the room. The chicken was on fire. 49 set in, but Mary could not run - she was 50 to the spot. She tried hard to move, but could not, 51 a sharp sound awoke her. She got shocked and confused 52 was pouring from the kitchen. Rushing to investigate, she was met by three 53 little faces and some very burnt bread. "Sorry, we were hung ry and you were 54 , so we tried to make some bread," explained a boy. Relieved, Mary made them a snack and sent them back to bed. She 55 them never to fall asleep on the job again! 36. A. given B. written C. told D. taught 37. A. successful B. helpful C. tiring D. surprising 38. A. shook B. put C. bent D. kept


39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

difficult eyes nicely realized decision cooking just selfish everything tried Panic frozen because smoke cheerful busy promised

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

boring mind exactly reminded fortune reading ever proud something arranged Pain dragged until light strange hungry allowed

C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.

important heart curiously learnt business running even stubborn anything managed Noise pushed as water guilty worried expected

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

easy legs carelessly dreamt plan babysitting only sensitive nothing prepared Stress brought unless fire confident asleep persuaded



1. [2005 安徽,22] You must keep on working in the evening, _____ you are sure you can finish the task in time A)as B)if C)when D)unless 2. [2005 福建,26] Mum is coming. What present _____ for your birthday? A)you expect she has got B)you expect has she got C)do you expect she has got D)do you expect has she got 3. [2005 江苏,30] In our childhood, we were often _____ by Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. A)demanded B)reminded C)allowed D)hoped 4. [2005 全国,31] —Oh dear! I've just broken a window.— _____. It can't be helped. A)Never mind B)All right C)that's fine D)Not at all 5. [2005 重庆,21] It is known to all that _____ you exercise regularly, you won't keep good health. A)unless B)whenever C)although D)if 6. [2005 浙江,10] —People should stop using their cars and start using public transport.— _____. The roads are too crowded as it is. A)All right B)Exactly C)Go ahead D)Fine 7. [2006 北京,33] _____ you've tried it, you can't imagine how pleasant it is. A)Unless B)Because C)Although D)When 8. [2006 江苏,28] — It took me ten years to build up my business, and it almost killed me.— Well, you know what they say. _____. A)There is no smoke without fire B)Practice makes perfect C)All roads lead to Rome


D)No pains, no gains 9. [2006 江西,34] For all these years I have been working for others. I'm hoping I'll _____ my own business someday. A)turn up B)fix up C)set up D)make up 10. [2006 辽宁,33] —I'm sorry I'm late. I got held up in the traffic on my way here.—_____. A)Don't be late next time B)You should be blamed C)It doesn't matter, I'm also late D)Never mind. Come and sit down 11. [2006 浙江,2] We don't keep winning games _____ we keep playing well. A)because B)unless C)when D)while 12. [2007 安徽,22] Little _____ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business. A)he realized B)he didn't realize C)didn't he realize D)did he realize 13. [2007 湖南,33] Most birds find it safe to sleep in the trees, but _____ they have eggs or young chicks, they don't use a nest. A)why B)how C)unless D)where 14. [2007 全国 I,26] I won't call you, _____ something unexpected happens. A)unless B)whether C)because D)while 15. [2007 全国 I,29] I smell something _____ in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute? A)burning B)burnt C)being burnt D)to be burnt 16. [2007 全国 I,30] Does this meal cost $50? I _____ something far better than this! A)prefer B)expect C)suggest D)suppose 17. [2007 全国 II,18] Why don't you just _____ your own business and leave me alone? A)make B)open C)consider D)mind 18. [2007 山东,22] Could I speak to_____ is in charge of International Sales,please? A)anyone B)someone C)whoever D)no matter who 19. [2007 陕西,10] _____ that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. A)So successful her business was B)So successful was her business C)So her business was successful D)So was her successful business 20. [2007 陕西,12] He and his wife are of the same _____;they both want their son to go to college. A)soul B)spirit C)heat D)mind 21. [2007 上海,35] There is nothing more I can try ______ you to stay, so I wish you good luck. A)being persuaded B)persuading C)to be persuaded D)to persuade 22. [2007 上海,36] The Town Hall _____ in the 1800's was the most distinguished building at that time. A)to be completed B)having been completed C)completed D)being completed 23. [2008 湖北, 21]The young man made a _____ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation. A)prediction B)promise C)plan D)contribution


24. [2008 湖南,30] _____ the project as planned, we'll have to work two more hours a day. A)Completing B)Complete C)Completed D)To complete 25. [2008 江苏,26]—It shouldn't take long to clear up after the party if we all volunteer to help.—That's right. _____. A)Many hands make light work B)Something is better than nothing C)The more the merrier D)The sooner begun, the sooner done 26. [2008 辽宁,34]—My name is Jonathan. Shall I spell it for you?— _____. A)If you don't mind B)Not at all C)Take it easy D)Nice to meet you 27. [2008 全国Ⅰ,29]The wet weather will continue tomorrow, when a cold front _____ to arrive. A)is expected B)is expecting C)expects D)will be expected 28. [2008 全国Ⅰ,35]—Sorry, I made a mistake again.— _____. Practice more and you'll succeed. A)Never mind B)Certainly not C)Not at all D)Don't mention it 29. [2008 全国Ⅱ,7]A small car is big enough for a family of three _____ you need more space for baggage. A)once B)because C)if D)unless 30. [2008 山东, 29] Einstein like Bose's paper so much that he _____ his own work and translated it into German. A)gave off B)turned down C)took over D)set aside 31. [2008 山东,24]Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don't think we _____ it without you. A)can manage B)could have managed C)could manage D)can have managed 32. [2008 天津,1]We'll have a picnic in the park this Sunday _____ it rains or it's very cold. A)since B)if C)unless D)until 33. [2008 天津,3]—I just can't stop worrying about the result of the j ob interview. — _____. There's nothing you can do now but wait. A)Relax B)Go ahead C)Go for it D)Good luck 34. [2008 浙江, 16] Don't promise anything _____ you are one hundred percent sure. A)whether B)after C)how D)unless 35. [2008 浙江 4] _____ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. A)Anyone B)The one C)Whoever D)Who 36. [2008 重庆,26]Only when I left my parents for Italy _____ how much I loved them. A)I realized B)I had realized C)had I realized D)did I realize 37. [2009 江苏,29]—Bill, can I get you an ything to drink?— _____. A)You are welcome B)No problem C)I wouldn't mind a coffee D)Doesn't matter 38. [2009 全国 I,24] Could I speak to _____ is in charge of International Sales please? A)who B)what C)whoever D)whatever 39. [2009 天津,4 ] _____ the project in time, the staff were working at weekends.


A)Competing B)Having completed C)To have completed D)To complete 40. [2009 福建,32] _____ not to miss the fli ght at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. A)Reminding B)Reminded C)To remind D)Having reminded 41. [2009 江苏,27. ]Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more _____ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. A)sceptical B)addicted C)available D)sensitive 42. [2009 全国 I,32] Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to _____ them too hard. A)draw B)strike C)rush D)push 43. [2009 全国 II,10] All the dishes in this menu, _____ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. A)as B)if C)though D)unless 44. [2009 陕西,17] The how-to book can be of help to _____ wants to do the job. A)who B)whomever C)no matter who D)whoever 45. [2009 四川,12] Owen wouldn't eat anything _____ he cooked it himself A)until B)since C)unless D)while 46. [2010 北京, 22]In the spoken English of some areas in the US, the “r” sounds at the end of the words _____. A)are dropped B)drop C)are being dropped D)have dropped 47. [2010 福 建 , 28]Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the money-making jobs they _____ before leaving their hometow ns. A)promised B)were promised C)have promised D)have been promised 48. [2010 湖北, 27]Duty is an act or a course of action that people _____ you to take by social customs, law or religion. A)persuade B)request C)instruct D)expect 49. [2010 辽宁, 32]The new movie _____ to be one of the biggest money-makers of all time. A)promises B)agrees C)pretends D)declines 50. [2010 全国 I, 30]The little boy won't go to sleep _____ his mother tells him a story. A)or B)unless C)but D)whether 51. [2010 全国 II, 15]Linda, make sure the tables _____ before the guests arrive. A)be set B)set C)are set D)are setting 52. [2010 全国 II, 19]Excuse me. I _____ I was blocking your way. A)didn't realize B)don't realize C)haven't realized D)wasn't realizing 53. [2010 山东, 23]I have a lot of readings _____ before the end of this term. A)completing B)to complete C)completed D)being completed 54. [2010 山东, 28]The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, _____ accompanied by an adult. A)once B)when C)if D)unless 55. [2010 山东, 31]Your house is always so neat—how do you _____ it with three children? A)manage B)serve C)adapt D)construct


56. [2010 上海, 39] _____ our manager objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member. A)Until B)Unless C)If D)After 57. [2010 四川, 18]You've failed to do what you _____ to and I'm afraid the teacher will blame you. A)will expect B)will be expected C)expected D)were expected 58. [2010 浙江, 11]Do you think shopping online will _____ take the place of shopping in stores? A)especially B)frequently C)merely D)finally 59. [2010 浙江, 15]For many years, people _____ electric cars. However, making them has been more difficult than predicted. A)had dreamed of B)have dreamed of C)dreamed of D)dream of 60. [2010 重庆, 25]To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions _____ had used the products. A)whoever B)who C)whichever D)which 61. [2011 福建, 30]Nowadays, there is a _____ increase in children's creativity, for they are greatly encouraged to develop their talents. A)sharp B)slight C)natural D)modest 62. [2011 湖北, 21]"Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire! " the mother shouted, with _____ clearly in her voice. A)anger B)rudeness C)regret D)panic 63. [2011 全国Ⅱ, 10]Mary, I _____ John of his promise to help you. A) told B)reminded C)warned D)advised 64. [2011 全国 I 28]Only when he reached the tea-house _____ it was the same place he'd been in last year. A)he realized B)he did realize C)realized he D)did he realize 65. [2011 全国 II 20]—So you gave her your phone?— _____ she said she'd return it to me when she could afford her own. A)My pleasure B)Not exactly C)No doubt D)All right 66. [2011 山东, 31]When I got on the bus, I _____ I had left my wallet at home. A)was realizing B)realized C)have realized D)would realize 67. [2011 重庆, 33]Michael put up a picture of Yao Ming beside the bed to keep himself _____ of his own dreams. A)reminding B)to remind C)reminde d D)remind 68. [2011 重庆 30]To show our respect, we usually have to take our gloves off _____ we are to shake hands with. A)whichever B)whenever C)whoever D)wherever 69. [2012 福建, 29]You had better _____ some time every day for sports so that you can keep yourself energetic. A)set aside B)take up C)put away D)give out 70. [2012 福建, 30]It is hard for the Greek government to get over the present difficulties _____ it gets more financial support from the European Union. A)if B)unless C)because D)since 71. [2012 福建, 35]We promise _____ attends the p arty a chance to have a photo taken


with the movie star. A)who B)whom C)whoever D)whomever 72. [2012 江苏,33]—Honey, the cats stuck in the tree. Can you turn off the TV and get a ladder??—Oh, it jumped off. _____. A)Never mind B)All right C)No problem D)Take care 73. [2012 辽宁,23]—I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, but may I use your phone? It's rather urgent.—Yes, _____. A)with pleasure B)no burry C)it doesn't matter D)of course 74. [2012 辽宁,32]Not until he retired from teaching three years ago _____ having a holiday abroad. A)he had considered B)had he considered C)he considered D)did he consider 75. [2012 全国 II, 12]We _____ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day. A)set about B)set up C)set out D)set down 76. [2012 山东, 21] When you are done with the book, just give it to Lucy or Helen or _____. A)whoever B)wherever C)whatever D)however 77. [2012 山东,22]—Sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic.— _____. You're here now. Come in and sit down. A)You are welcome B)That's right C)I have no idea D)Never mind 78. [2012 陕西, 25]All the photographs in this book, _____ stated otherwise, date from the 1950s. A)unless B)until C)once D)if 79. [2012 上海, 29] Only with the greatest of luck _____ to escape from the rising flood waters. A)managed she B)she managed C)did she manage D)she did manage 80. [2012 上海, 32] I have a tight budget for the trip, so I'm not going to fly _____ the airlines lower ticket prices. A)once B)if C)after D)unless 81. [2012 天津, 1]—Can I have a day off tomorrow, Mr. Johnson?— _____. I can manage without you. A)Forget it B)I'm afraid not C)It depends D)Of course 82. [2012 新课标, 35]If she doesn't want to go, nothing you can say will _____ her. A)persuade B)promise C)invite D)support 83. [2012 新课标,21]—Which one of these do you want?— _____ Either will do. A)I don't mind B)I'm sure C)No problem D)Go ahead 84. [2012 浙江, 15]Armed with the information you have gathered, you can _____ preparing your business plan. A)set out B)set about C)set off D)set up 85. [2012 重庆, 31]Before you quit your job, _____ how your family would feel about your decision. A)consider B)considering C)to consider D)considered 86. [2013 安徽,26]Traditionally, college students hold a graduation ceremony to encourage themselves before they _____ on their life journey.


A)give up B)settle down C)get through D)set off 87. [2013 福建,34] Not until he went through real hardship _____ the love we have for our families is important. A)had he realized B)did he realize C)he realized D)he had realized 88. [2013 湖北,25] Butterflies _____ a sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. A)carry on B)feed on C)put on D)focus on 89. [2013 湖北,26] In much of the animal world, night is the time _____ for sleep —pure and simple. A)set aside B)set down C)set off D)set up 90. [2013 湖南,25] The sun began to rise in the sky, _____ the mountain in golden light. A)bathed B)bathing C)to have bathed D)have bathed 91. [2013 江苏,24]Lionel Messi, _____ the record for the most goals in a calendar year, is considered the most talented football player in Europe. A)set B)setting C)to set D)having set 92. [2013 江西 ,28]She says that she'll have to close the shop _____ business improves. A)if B)unless C)after D)when 93. [2013 四川,10] The airport _____ next year will help promote tourism in this area. A)being completed B)to be completed C)completed D)having been completed 94. [2013 重庆,25] _____ we have enough evidence, we can't win the case. A)Once B)As long as C)Unless D)Since 95. [2005 天津 ,1] — Sorry to _____ you, but could I ask a quick question? — No problem. A)worry B)prevent C)trouble D)disappoint 96. [2004 北京,25] Now that she is out of a job, Lucy _____ going back to school, but she hasn't decided yet. A)had considered B)has been considering C)considered D)is going to consider 97. [2004 北京,27] The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics _____ by 2006. A)has been completed B)has completed C)will have been completed D)will have completed 98. [2004 广东,26] _____ the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks. A)Not completing B)Not completed C)Not having completed D)Having not completed 99. [2004 江苏,29] It's ten years since the scientist _____ on his life's work of discovering the valuable chemical. A)made for B)set out C)took off D)turned up 100. [2004 全国 II,27] _____ you call me to say you're not coming, I'll see you at the theatre.


A)Though B)Whether C)Until D)Unless 101. [2004 全国 II,34] According to the art dealer, the painting _____ to go for at least a million dollars. A)is expected B)expects C)expected D)is expecting 102. [2004 全国 IV,23] —Could I ask you a rather personal question?— _____. A)Yes, don't worry B)Of course, go ahead C)Yes, help yourself D)Of course, why not 103. [2004 上海,30] The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people _____ to eat more fruit and vegetables. A)persuade B)will persuade C)be persuaded D)are persuaded 104. [2004 上海,51] Most people on this island are recreational fishers, and _____, fishing forms an actual part of their leisure time. A)accidentally B)purposefully C)obviously D)formally 105. [2004 重庆,34] I failed in the final examination last term and only then _____ the importance of studies. A)I realized B)I had realized C)had I realized D)did I realize 106. [2003 上海春]By the end of last year, another new gymnasium _____ in Beijing. A)would be completed B)was being completed C)has been completed D)had been completed 107. [2003 上海]We were in _____ when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A)a rush so anxious B)a such anxious rush C)so an anxious rush D)such an anxious rush ? 高频词汇集中速记 [?'re?nd?] [?'we?k] ['be?b?s?t] [be??] [bend] ['bl?? k?t] [b?:n] ['b?zn?s] ['ke?l?sl?] ['t???f?l] [?ef] ['t??k?n] ['k?mft?bl] [k?m'pli:t] ['k?nf?d?nt] [k?n'fju:z] [k?n's?d?(r)] [k?k] [k?:(r)s] vt.vi. 安排,排列,协商 a. 醒的 vt.vi. 唤醒,唤起,醒来 v. 临时替人看顾小孩 vt. 沐浴,用水洗 vi. 洗澡 vi. 弯曲,屈服 vt. 使弯曲,使屈服 n. 弯曲 n. 毛毯,毯子 vt. 掩盖,覆盖 a. 总共的 vt. 烧,烧毁,烧伤, vi. 燃烧,发热,烧毁, n. 烧伤, 烙印 n. 生意,事情,业务,职责,商行,商业 ad. 不注意地,粗心地 a. 快活的,高兴的,兴高采烈 n. 厨师 n. 小鸡,鸡肉 a. 舒服的,轻松的 n. 盖被 a. 完全的,熟练的,完成的 vt. 完成,完工,使圆满 a. 有信心的,有把握的 vt. 使混乱,使狼狈,使困惑 vt.vi. 考虑,思考,认为 n. 厨子,厨师 vt. 烹调,煮饭,加热 vi. 在煮着 n. 课程 , 路线 , 道路 , 一道菜 , 过程 vt.vi. 追 ,( 使 )

arrange awake babysit bathe bend blanket burn business carelessly cheerful chef chicken comfortable complete confident confuse consider cook course


跑 curiously decision definitely designer despite diamond dim dish drag dream drop exactly expect extremely favorite feed finally finger fire flour fortune freeze guilty helpful hobby investigate lean light manage mind nightclothes obviously ['kj??r??sl?] [d?'s??n] ['def?n?tl?] [d?'za?n?(r)] [d?'spa?t] ['da??m?nd] [d?m] [d??] [dr?g] [dri:m] [dr?p] [?g'z?ktl?] [?k'spekt] [?k'stri:ml?] ['fe?v?r?t] [fi:d] ['fa?n?l?] ['f?? g?(r)] ['fa??(r)] ['fla??(r)] ['f?:t?u:n] [fri:z] ['g?lt?] ['helpfl] ['h?b?] [?n'vest?ge?t] [li:n] [la?t] ['m?n?d?] [ma?nd] [] ['?bv??sl?] ad. 好奇地 n. 决定,决心,决断力 adv. 1> 明确地,明白地; 确实地 n. 设计家 [师,者] ,打图样的人,计划者,企图者,阴 谋者 n. 轻视,憎恨 prep. 虽然,尽管 n. 钻石 n. 菱形 a. 暗淡的,模糊的 vt. 使暗淡 n. 盘子,碟,菜肴 n. 拖 , 拖累 vt.vi. 拖累 , 拖拉 , 慢条斯理地走 v. 拖动 n. 梦,空想,愿望 vt.vi. 做梦,想象,梦想 n. 滴 , 微量 , 落下 , 空投 vi. 放下 , 掉下 , 下降 vt. 使滴下,放下,击倒,遗漏 adv. 1> 正确地,精确地 级)整,正好,恰好,刚好 vt. 预期,盼望,期待 ad. 极端地,非常地,很 n. 喜欢的事物,幸运儿 a. 喜爱的,宠爱的,中意的 n. 饲养 , 饲料 , 一餐 vt. 喂 , 饲养 , 放牧 , 靠 ... 为生 vi. 吃东西,流入 ad. 最后,终于 n. 手指,指状物,指针 vt.vi. 用手指拨弄,伸出 n. 火 , 火灾 , 热情 ,炮火 ,闪光 vt. 点燃 ,烧制 , 使发 光,解雇,放枪 n. 面粉,粉沫,碎粉 n. 财富,运气,兴隆,命运,好运,大量财产 vi. 冻结 , 冷冻 , 楞住 , 僵硬 vt. 使结冰 , 使冻住 ,使 呆住 n. 结冰,凝固 a. 犯罪的,心虚的 a. 有帮助的,有益的,有用的 n. 嗜好,癖,爱好 vt.vi. 调查,研究 n. 瘦肉 , 倾斜 , 弯曲 a. 瘦的 , 贫乏的 , 歉收的 vi. 倚靠,倾斜,依赖 vt. 使倾斜 n. 光,光亮,灯 a. 轻的,少量的,轻微的,轻快的,轻 浮的,容易的,淡色的,明亮的 vt. 点燃,照亮 vi. 处理 vt. 管理,控制,维持,运用,经营 n. 思想,愿望,意见,记忆,心理,情绪,心意,主意,理 智 vi. 介意,照顾,留心 n. pl. 睡衣 adv. (无比较级、最高级)[修饰整句]显然 2> (无比较级、最高


pain panic persuade pour promise proud push realize relax relieve remind role rush selfish sensitive set shake sharp shock snack sofa spill spot stave stress stubborn successful tasty

[pe?n] ['p?n?k] [p?'swe?d] [p?:(r) ] ['pr?m?s] [pra?d] [p??] ['ri:?la?z] [r?'l?ks] [r?'li:v] [r?'ma?nd] [r??l] [r??] ['self??] ['sens?t?v] [set] [?e?k] [?ɑ:p] [??k] [sn?k] ['s??f?] [sp?l] [sp?t] [ste?v] [stres] ['st?b?n] [s?k'sesfl] ['te?st?]

n. 痛苦,疼痛,辛苦 vt. 使痛苦,痛苦 vi. 作痛,疼 n. 恐慌 , 惊惶 a. 惊慌的, 没有理由的 , 恐慌的 vt. 使惊慌,使狂热 vi. 惊慌 vt. 劝,使相信,说服 vi. 被说服 n. 流出,倾泻,骤雨 vt. 倒,灌,注,倾吐,诉说,倾泻 vi. 倾泻,蜂涌而来,下大雨 n. 诺言 , 约定 , 希望 vt. 允诺 , 约定 , 预示 vi. 允 诺,有前途,有指望 a. 骄傲的,自大的,自豪的,壮丽的,辉煌的,自尊的 n. 推,推动,奋力,进取心,急迫,攻击 vt. 推,推动, 使伸出,增加,逼迫,推行 vt. 了解,实现,使显得逼真,把...变为现金 vi. 变 卖为现金 vi. 放松,松懈,松弛,休养,休息 vt. 使松驰,缓和, 使松懈,使休息 vt. 减轻,救济,解除,使免除,换...的班,调剂,使显 著,衬托,使不单调 vi.救济,换防,成浮雕 vt. 提醒,使想起 n. 角色,职份,任务 n. 匆促,冲进,急流,灯心草 vi. 冲,奔,闯,涌现,匆 促行事 a. 自私的,利己主义的,自我中心的 a. 敏感的,易感的,灵敏的,感光的 n. 日落,同伙,倾向,设?集合 n. 摇动,震动 vt. 摇动,动摇,使震动,挥舞 vi. 震 动,发抖,动摇 a. 锐利的,锋利的,明显的,急转的,敏锐的,急剧的, 尖刻的,严厉的,强烈的 n. 震动,冲突,震惊,冲击,打击,突击 vt. 使震动,使 休克,使受电击,震惊得 vi. 震动,吓人 n. 小吃,点心,快餐 vi. 吃零食,吃快餐 n. 沙发 n. 溢出 , 溅出 , 涌出 ,摔下, 暴跌 ,小塞子 , 木片 , 溢出 量 vt. 使溢出,使散落,洒,使摔下,倒出,使流出 n. 污点 , 地点 , 斑点 , 点 , 少量 , 处境 , 缺点 a. 当场 的,现场的,现货买卖的 n. 狭板 ,梯级 , 棍棒 , 诗句 vt. 击穿 , 弄破 ,延缓 ,避 开,压扁 vi. 穿孔,破碎 n. 压力 , 紧迫 , 强调 , 应力 , 重点 , 重音 vt. 加压力 于,着重,重读 a. 顽固的,不听话的,执拗的,棘手的 a. 成功的,一帆风顺的,飞黄腾达的 a. 好吃的,可口的


trouble unless whoever world-famous

['tr?bl] [?n'les] [hu:'ev?(r)] [w?:ld 'fe?m?s]

n. 烦恼 ,麻烦 , 困难 , 故障, 动乱 , 辛苦 vt. 困扰 ,麻 烦,使烦恼,折磨 vi. 烦恼,费心 conj. 除非 prep. 除...之外 pron. 任何人,无论谁 a. 举世闻名的



完形填空 36-40CCBDA 41-45BDBBC 46-50BDCAA 51-55BACDA 词汇真题 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.D 11.B 12.D 13.C 14.A 15.A 16.B 17.D 18.C 19.B 20.D 21.D 22.C 23.B 24.D 25.A 26.A 27.A 28.A 29.D 30.D 31.B 32.C 33.A 34.D 35.C 36.D 37.C 38.C 39.D 40.B 41.D 42.D 43.D 44.D 45.C 46.A 47.D 48.D 49.A 50.B 51.C 52.A 53.B 54.D 55.A 56.B 57.D 58.D 59.B 60.A 61.A 62.D 63.B 64.D 65.B 66.B 67.C 68.C 69.A 70.B 71.C 72.A 73.D 74.D 75.C 76.A 77.D 78.A 79.C 80.D 81.D 82.A 83.A 84.B 85.A 86.D 87.B 88.B 89.A 90.B 91.D 92.B 93.B 94.C 95.C 96.B 97.C 98.C 99.B 100.D 101.A 102.B 103.D 104.C 105.D 106.D 107.D


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