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必修2 unit3 computer_period 3 language points_图文

Unit 3 computers

1.In small groups, discuss what they have in common. (what:所……的) =the things that I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece”.
what=the place that

What I have heard has something in common with what you have seen. 这是我昨天(所)买的 I bought This is what ____________yesterday.

他所说的是真的 What he said was true. ______________________

Common (1)共同的 共有的 我们有共同的目标. common aim We share a ______________. (2)常见的; 普通的 This illness is common among the children. He wasn’t a hero but a common person. Have nothing/little/something/much/a lot in common 没有相似之处/几乎没有相似之处/有些相似之处/有很多相 似之处 CD Though they are twins, they ________. A. have something in common B. have a lot in common C. have nothing in common D. have little in common

(1)In one’s opinion 按某人的意见,据某人看来

按照他们的意见,我们应该把会议推迟到下星期五举行。 In their opinion we should _______the put off ______________, meeting
until next Friday. (2)In the opinion of 据...看来 据很多人看来,这是个好计划。

In the opinion of many people, this is a good plan. ___________________________________________
(3)Have a good /bad/high /low opinion of


=Think well/badly/highly/lowly of

2. My real father was Alan Turing, who in 1936 wrote a book to describe how computers could be made to work, and ...

感官动词(see/ watch/ hear等)与使役动词(make/ let /have)后接do,而在被动语态中必须有to. They saw the man enter the house.

The man was seen to enter the house.

sing (唱)an English ? They heard her _____ song at the party last night. to walk into (走进)the ? He was seen __________ office. ? The students watched the professor _____( do 做) the experiment. ? They are made __________ to finish (完成)the homework before 3 0’clock.

3. However, people thought I was simple-minded until they discovered I had “artificial intelligence”. 可是,人们认为我头脑简单,直到发现我有人工智能时,他们 才不那么想了.

理查德很聪明,可是他有很多头脑简单的朋友。 Richard is _____but he smart has a lot of simple-minded friends ______________________.
absent-minded心不在焉的 single-minded一心一意的 open-minded虚心的/没有偏见的narrow ______-minded心胸狭 窄 strong-minded意志坚强的 kind-hearted ___________好心的 blue-eyed long-haired长发的 __________蓝眼睛的 a five-storied building一幢五层楼建筑 a three-legged table 一张三条腿的桌子 ___________________

5.As the years have gone by, I have been made smaller and smaller. 随着岁月的流逝,我被做得越来越小了。 go by = pass Time went by/passed slowly 时间慢慢逝去_______________________ 随着年龄的增长,我们的阅历也益加丰富。 _____________, As we grow older our experiences become________________. richer and richer 在秋天,白天越来越短。 In autumn, the days get shorter and shorter. _____________________________

7. But I was always so lonely standing there by myself, until in the early 1960s, they gave me a family connected by a network.

lonely adj 孤独的

alone adj 单独,独自

Great changes took place in China in the 1980s/ in the 1980’s 在二十世纪八十年 ______________________. 代 The old man went to college ____________. in his sixties 在他六十几岁时

? Lonely &alone lonely ? He livesalone _____but he doesn’t feel_____. ? At heart, I’m alonely _____man---yes, a lonely ______man. ? In some gardens in Germany there are special paths for children and “________ladies.” alone lonely ? Robinson Crusoe spent many______ days on the deserted island(荒芜的岛上) before the man Friday appeared.

8.Since then, my family and I have been used by billions of people to deal with information and communicate with each other around the world by the internet.

deal with/do with处理 处置 How are you going to deal with the money? What are you going to do with the money?

9. Anyway, let’s go back to my history. Anyway=anyhow 无论如何;不管怎样;总之 I don’t know if it was lost or stolen; Anyway, it’s gone. 无论如何,我今天必须完成工作. Anyway(=anyhow) I must finish the work today.
--Would you like me to help you with those heavy bags? --I can manage it myself. Thank you ____. A. though B. someway C. anyway D. the same way

Language Points
on one’s way 在某人去...的路上 in a way 在某种程度上…. in the way 挡道,造成障碍

in this way 用这种方法
Fill in the blank: 1. 2. 3. 4. In a way was one of our biggest mistakes. ________it You can finish your work in this way . Your bike is in the way.Move it away. I came across an old friend__________ on my way home.

? The owner of the shop is said to be a ___man. adj 精明的 ? A. calculate B. calculating ? C. calculated D. calculation ? English can help____ people and make them stay in a foreign country easy and comfortable. ? A. agree with B. communicate to ? C. communicate with D. write to

Being able to speak another language fluently (流利的) is a great ____ when you’re looking for a job. ? A. advantage B. chance ? C. assistant D. importance ? Take advantage of 利用 ? To one’s advantage 对某人有利/用 ? Have an advantage over 胜过,优于
? His hard-working gives him certain over advantage ___other students in the class.

? All human beings are much more ____ than animals. ? The test can show what is your _____. ? you should take the medicine according to the ____ on the bottle. ? A. instructions B. orders ? C. advices D. description

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