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高一年级下学期英语第七次半月考试题 第一部分: 阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Getting around in Canada is fairly easy. Most cities have urban transportation systems, including buses, streetcars, and trains, and some of the larger cities also have subways. You can board these systems at regular stops along their routes. Some let you pay with cash while others require tickets. If you don’t have a ticket for the bus, you must pay with the correct amount of money. This is because the driver does not carry any change. If you plan to stay in a city for a long time, you may want to buy a monthly pass or a package of tickets to save money. You can buy subway tickets at any subway station. If you have to take several buses or subways for a single trip, you do not need to pay money each time. Simply ask the driver for a transfer (换乘) ticket, or take one from the machines on the subway platform. If you are not sure where to board the bus or the streetcar, just ask someone or follow the crowd. People can usually only board at the front of the bus where you show your pass to the driver. When using public transportation, Canadians line up. First come, first serve, is a common approach (方法) to many activities in Canada, and it is considered to be extremely rude to cut in any line. Maps of routes and schedules are usually available from the public transit (运输) company in your area, and there is also a telephone information line. You may ask someone for the name of the transit company in your area, and then look it up in the telephone book. 1. What is this passage mainly about? A. How to use public transportation in Canada. B. How to save money when traveling. C. Where to find subways in larger cities. D. How public transit companies work. 2. If you pay the bus fare in cash, _____.

A. you may be given some change B. you can exchange money with the driver C. it might cost you a little more D. you must have the exact amount of money 3. By buying a monthly pass or a package of tickets, you can ______. A. take a bus whenever you want C. save money A. you have to pay each time B. you should buy another ticket from the machine C. you must ask for the driver’s permission D. you just need to pay once B When Cathleen Gardiner’s twins were born 17 years ago, doctors told her that they were a pair in a million. One had Down syndrome(低能综合症), while the other did not. Here, Cathleen tells their touching story. Since Sean was born 17 years ago, I have always thought that he is just as wonderful as his brother and sister. Though he had a disability(残疾), we have never viewed him as a burden. He has always been a blessing. The doctors explained that though they were twins, they came from two different eggs. Lisa could walk at 11 months old, while Sean didn’t take his first steps till he was three. By two, Lisa was talking a lot, but Sean wasn’t able to speak until he was nearly four. For the first five years of his life, Sean needed a great deal of care. Looking after him was my full-time job, though I also worked as a technical adviser in a computing company. We never treated them differently. We gave them the same toys and spoke to them in the same way. We encouraged Sean to keep up with Lisa, even though he never could, and we would help him develop his abilities. We sent them to the same primary school even after doctors advised us that Sean should go to a school for the disabled. We had to explain to Lisa that he wouldn’t learn as quickly as she would. She told us that she’d help him with his school work. Having a non-disabled twin has really B. go wherever you like D. find comfortable seats

4. If you have to change subway lines on a single trip, _____.

helped Sean develop. The love they share has given him a great deal of support. Now Sean and Lisa are both about to finish high school. I don’t think he would have done nearly as well today without Lisa’s help. 5. At least how many children does Mrs. Gardiner have? A. Two. B. Three. C. Five D. One. 6. Mrs. Gardiner and her husband regarded Sean as _______. A. a boy making others touched C. a special gift B. a normal child without disabilities D. a burden of their family

inch(缓慢移动) off the pad(垫子). It was so slow at first, but gradually it left the ground, picked up speed, and roared(吼叫)into the sky at over 17,000 mph. It was all over within two minutes. 9. The underlined word "witness" in the first paragraph probably means"_________". A. take a trip somewhere B. take part in an activity C. pay a visit to something D. be present and see something happening 10. From the passage we learn that the space shuttle _________. A. looks like a 15-story building B. weighs 4.5 million kilograms C. was lifted 200 miles off the ground D. inched its way into space 11. When the countdown began the author was ______. A. happy B. excited C. curious D Many people think only old ladies enjoy knitting( 编织 ). They imagine their white-haired grandmothers creating sweaters and scarves(围巾)in their rocking chairs. D. anxious

7. The third paragraph mainly tells us that _______. A. the couple treated the twins equally B. Cathleen did all she could to look after Sean C. the couple didn’t follow the doctor’s advice D. the couple encouraged Sean to grow up 8. This passage tells us that _________. A. love can do wonders B. nobody is foolish or clever C. being stupid doesn’t matter D. all men are born equal C My dream was coming true. My brother and I were in Orlando Florida to witness the space shuttle launch. It was scheduled for 10:14 am on a blue September day. I had seen this happen on television, but at that time I was seeing it with my own eyes and hearing it with my own ears. Seeing a live launch was unforgettable. It’s a great example of our control of nature. The shuttle is as high as a 15-story building, weighs 4.5 million pounds, and here NASA was trying to lift it 200 miles off the ground. We were part of a crowd watching the launch. The countdown(倒计时)began, and my heart seemed ready to come out of my chest. At the words "Lift off," I saw huge white clouds coming from the rocket, and through them I saw the fire-brilliant reds, oranges, and blinding yellows. The shuttle began to

It seems that young adults would rather go out and buy sweaters than make them. People also think that their grandmothers have more time to knit, and that there is simply less time to take up this old-fashioned pastime today. But these days, in fact, the lost art of knitting has turned into one of the hottest hobbies in the USA. Television and movie stars like Julia Roberts, along with millions of average Americans, are taking it up. In addition to making the traditional scarves and sweaters, they are making trendy gloves, hats, and pocketbooks. Everyone from famous fashion designers to my teenage sister Eva finds knitting to be a satisfying creative outlet (出路) , a way to make personalized gifts, and a fun thing to do while watching television. "You lose track of time, and then you realize, “I’ve been knitting for two hours,” says fifteen-year-old Eva, with a laugh. All My Children soap opera star Rebecca Budig has helped to popularize knitting.

She came onto the talk show The View to give a knitting lesson. She says, "Knitting is a great hobby for all ages. It helps people make use of their creativity to make personalized gifts for themselves, their friends, and their family. Knitting gives you a sense of achievement, and even helps you save money. No matter how full your schedule is, you can still find time to knit! " 12. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Knitting: A New Trend B. How to Master Knitting C. Knitting and Famous Stars D. TV Programs About Knitting 13. What do we learn from Eva’s words? A. Knitting wastes time. C. Knitting is fun. B. Knitting is tiring. D. Knitting is more interesting than watching TV.

command “Attack!”, your dog will understand that it needs to fight the thing you are pointing at. While you are training the dog to attack, you must also train it to stop the attack. Encourage socializing(交际). It is very important to introduce your puppy to other people and let it interact(互动) with them. 17 This exercise is very important because it will help the dog distinguish (辨别)between good people and bad people. People who are good will be those who are allowed to come close to it and pat it. 18 Teach your dog to keep a check on the house by taking it around the house and making it sniff(嗅)the area. You will need to do this a couple of times so that the dog understands that it needs to keep a check every night. After a few days, the dog will begin to do this exercise on its own. It will check the house and return back indoors. 19 Giving rewards such as a pat, a hug, verbal praise “Good dog!” or treats is an excellent way of letting the dog know that you are happy with its behavior. Since you are the master, it is your duty to make sure your dog is rewarded for its good behavior and punished for its bad behavior. Punishment involves scolding the dog by using the command “Bad dog!” or “No, very bad!” 20 A.Teach night guarding. B.Reward it for its good behavior. C.Command the dog to attack by saying the word “attack” loudly. D.An older dog can also be trained to protect its master. E.A good guard dog is friendly to the people around it. F.This will help the dog learn that it mustn’t do certain things. G.If your dog does not come inside, you will need to command it to get back. 第二部分:完形填空(每题 1.5 分,共 30 分)

14. We can infer from the passage that ___________. A. grandmothers are trend-setters B. old-fashioned pastimes are what teenagers prefer C. knitting lessons will probably become popular on TV D. knitting is a good way to exhibit one’s creative power 15. What do we learn from the passage? A. Knitting is popular only with girls or women. B. The View’s hosts made knitting popular. C. All My Children is a TV show about knitting. D. Rebecca Budig taught TV audiences how to knit. 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项 为多余选项。(注意:E=AB F=BC G=CD ) It is important to teach your dog to guard you and the other members of your family against danger. Here are some tips on how to train your dog to protect you. Use proper commands. A dog acts according to how it has been trained. The only way to do this is through commands and your own body actions and sounds. 16 Soon, whenever you use the

One evening, long after most people had gone to bed, one of my friends and I 21

happily home through the

22 street. We had been to a musical concert and


about the people we had seen and heard in it. “The show 24 him a star overnight,” said my friend about one of them. “He was completely 25 before. And now thousands of people 26 him gifts and letters.” “I thought him quite good,” I said, “but not 27 thousands of letters. As a matter of 28 , one of his songs gave me a shock. It was too noisy.” “What was that?” my friend asked me, “ 29 it to me.” I began to sing. “Do be quiet. You will give everybody a shock and 30 them up for miles 31 , besides, there will be a policeman 32 us.” My friend gave me an astonished look. “Never mind. I don’t care. What is the matter?” I said and went on singing 33 the top of my voice. Presently there came a policeman, 34 in front of me, his notebook 35 . “ 36 , sir,” he said, “You have a very good voice, if I 37 say so. Who taught you singing? I’d 38 to find someone who can give my daughter singing lessons. Would you be 39 to tell me your name and address? Then my wife and I would 40 you and we could discuss it.” 21. A. went B. was coming C. would come D. had lost our way 22. A. calm B. crowded C. silent D. quiet 23. A. were thinking B. were talking C. knew D. were discussing 24. A. called B. considered C. named D. made 25. A. famous B. forgotten C. stranger D. unknown 26. A. show B. write C. send D. brought 27. A. worthy B. worth C. received D. accepted 28. A. fact B. facts C. a fact D. the fact 29. A. Read B. Sing C. Say D. Tell 30. A. explain B. pick C. wake D. join 31. A. long B. small C. around D. high 32. A. observing B. after C. besides D. in front of 33. A. with B. on C. in D. at 34. A. stood B. going C. standing D. walking 35. A. closing B. closed C. open D. opened 36. A. Wait a minute B. Stop dancing C. I’m afraid D. Excuse me 37. A. may B. will C. dare D. don’t 38. A. liked B. wanted C. like D. eager

39. A. brave 40. A. try

B. kind enough C. willing B. guess C. invite

D. honest D. visit

第三部分:语篇填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) Yuan Longping is the father of super hybrid rice. Dr. Yuan 1.___________ (born) in Beijing in 1930. 2._________ he graduated from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953, he has devoted his life to 3.__________ (find) ways to grow more and more rice. He searched 4.________ a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. Thanks 5._______ his research, the UN is trying to rid the world 6._______ hunger. Dr Yuan regards 7.________ (him) as a farmer, 8._______ cares little 9._______ spending the money on himself or 10._______ ( lead) a comfortable life. 第四部分:短文改错: (共 10 小题,每小题一分,满分 10 分) The first place I suggest you would visit is the Great Wall, that is said to be one of the wonder in the world. It has history of more than twenty centuries. It is amazed to see such a huge wall that was made entire by hand. Another place worth visiting is the Palace Museum which was built in 1406. Twenty-four different emperors had once lived there. You can learn a lot about Chinese history by visit this palace. What a pity when you can’t stay longer, or you could visit many other place such as the Summer Palace and Beihai Park. 第五部分:书面表达(满分 25 分) 1. 姚明:1980 年 9 月 12 出生于上海,身高 2.26 米,父母都曾是篮球运动员。 2. 爱好:打篮球; 玩电脑游戏。

3. 他 9 岁开始打篮球,18 岁进入国家队, 是最棒的篮球运动员之一。22 岁加入 NB 打球。 4.他对人礼貌友好;号召保护野生动物。他是青少年的偶像(idol), 是中国人的骄傲 (pride)。

高一年级下学期英语第七次半月考试题答题卡 语篇填空: 1._______________2.______________3._____________4._____________ 5.______________6.________________7.______________8._____________ 9.________________ 10._______________ 短文改错: The first place I suggest you would visit is the Great Wall, that is said to be one of the wonder in the world. It has history of more than twenty centuries. It is amazed to see such a huge wall that was made entire by hand. Another place worth visiting is the Palace Museum which was built in 1406. Twenty-four different emperors had once lived there. You can learn a lot about Chinese history by visit this palace. What a pity when you can’t stay longer, or you could visit many other place such as the Summer Palace and Beihai Park. 书面表达(满分 25 分) 1.姚明:1980 年 9 月 12 出生于上海,身高 2.26 米,父母都曾是篮球运动员。 2. 爱好:打篮球; 玩电脑游戏。

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

3. 他 9 岁开始打篮球,18 岁进入国家队, 是最棒的篮球运动员之一。22 岁加入 NB 打球。 4. 他对人礼貌友好;号召保护野生动物。他是青少年的偶像(idol), 是中国人的骄傲 (pride)。 注意:内容可适当增减,但不可逐字翻译。



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