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Module 8-Unit 1 The written world -literature(answers)(Face to face)

模块 8
Unit 1 The written world - literature
基础回顾 小说;虚构的事 fiction 慷慨的;宽厚的 generous 主题;主题音乐 theme 转折;蜿蜒 twist 快速旋转;纺纱 spin 名誉,名声 reputation 债务,欠款 debt 纪念碑;古迹 monument 章;时期 chapter 故事情节;密谋 plot 改革;改造 reform 虚荣的;徒劳的 vain 重逢;再结合 reunite 段落 paragraph 吐唾沫 spit 信封 envelope 虐待;辱骂 abuse 弯曲的;天赋 bent 古董,文物 antique 反抗,抵制 resist 救援,营救 rescue 至高无上的 supreme 热爱,爱慕 adore 死板的;坚硬的 rigid

高 频 单 词

词 汇 拓 展

1. poetry n. 诗歌,诗(总称) → poem n.(诗)→ poet n. 诗人 2. novelist n. 小说家 → novel n. 小说 3. desperate adj. 不顾一切;很渴望的 → desperately adv.绝望地;不顾一切地 4. criminal n.犯人 / adj. 犯罪的 → crime n. 犯罪 5. violent adj. 剧烈的;厉害的 → violence n. 暴力,暴行;剧烈 → violently 激烈地;粗暴地 6. characteristic adj. 独特的/ n. 特征 → character n. 性格;人物 7. intend vt. 打算,意图 → intended adj. 有意的;故意的→ intention n.意图 8. civil adj. 市民的,国民的 → civilization 文明;文明国家 → civilize vt. 使开化,教化 1. 向某人推荐?? recommend sth. to sb. 2. 在??有一席之地 have a place in 3. 从??改编 adapt sth. from 4. 每次, 一次 at a time 5. 出版;发行 come out 6. 以??为背景 be set in 7. 为??感到羞耻 be ashamed of 8. 查出?? find out 9. 很重要 be of great significance 10. 举办艺术展 put on an art exhibition 11.下定决心要做某事 be bent on doing 12. 迎合 appeal to 13. 被送上法庭 be taken to court 14. 躲避;忙碌 on the run 15. 救援某人 come to one’s rescue 16. 精疲力竭的;废旧的 worn out 17. 谈及,涉及 touch on 18. 把??比作 compare…to… 19. 打算做某事 be intended to do sth. 20. 发出悲叹 let out a sad sigh 21. 远非??;决不 far from … 22. 越??越好 can’t…too… 23. 无法描述 beyond description 24. 有做某事的倾向 tend to do sth. 25. 靠做??维持生计 earn one’s income by doing 26. 不辜负某人的期望 live up to one’s expectations 27. 和??没有联系 have nothing to do with … 28. 对??有更好的了解 have a better understanding of …

重 要 词 组 及 表 达 方 式

句式活用 1. Pip’s sister often abuses him, but Joe is a kind and simple man who would rather die than see any harm come to Pip. 【句型重点】 句中 would rather do sth. than do sth.意为“宁愿做某事而不愿做某事” 。 【当堂操练】 作为一位母亲,她情愿自己挨饿也不愿孩子 受到任何的伤害。

As a mother, she would rather starve than see any harm come to her child. 2. They have not disappeared and still have a place in the world. 【句型重点】句中词组 have a place in 意为“在??有一席之地” 。 【当堂操练】如果你想在 IT 业获得一席之地,就得加倍努力。 If you want to have a place in the IT world, you will have to double your efforts. 3. English literature, especially English fiction, is of great significance in the literary world. 【句型重点】 句中 be of great + n. 结构等同于 be very + adj.。 【当堂操练】 运河的出现对许多行业具有重大的意义。 The arrival of canals was of great value to many industries. = The arrival of canals was very valuable to many industries. 4. You can’t be too careful when collecting these statistics. 【句型重点】 句中 can’t …too…意为“越??越好;再??也不为过” 。 【当堂操练】 你越注意你的阅读技巧越好,因为这是非常重要的。 You can’t pay too much attention to your reading skill, as it is so important. 要点梳理 重点单词 1. resist v. 抵制;阻挡;抵抗 vt. 抵挡;忍住 【常见搭配】 resist (doing) sth. can’t resist doing sth.

抵抗?? 抵挡不住做某事的诱惑

It’s hard to resist an invitation like that. 很难拒绝那样的邀请。 ◆ Nowadays some students can’t resist playing computer games during the weekdays. 现今一些学生抵挡不住在学习期间玩电脑游戏的诱惑。 【即时演练】 (湖北省武汉武昌区 2013 届高三期末调研联考) One way to species under threat of extinction — whatever the cause — is to remove them to zoos and parks and breed them there. A. betray B. resist C. preserve D. dispute 【解析】句意:保护受到灭绝威胁的物种的一种方法,无论什么原因,就是把他们移到 动物园或公园,并且在那儿饲养它们。preserve“保存;保护” ;betray “背叛” ;resist“抵制” ; dispute“争论” 。 【答案】C 2. debt n. 债务,欠款 【常见搭配】 in debt 欠债 be in debt to sb.= be in one’s debt 欠某人人情 get/ run/ fall into debt 借债,负债 be/ get out of debt 还请债务 【即时演练】 A: 用常见搭配中的词组填空 1. Although my family was poor at that time, we never _________________. 2. When he was young he was always _______________. 3. I _________________ him for all his assistance to me. 【答案】 1. got/ran/ fell into debt 2. in debt 3. am in debt to B: 单选 He did not look forward to being _________ because his restaurant was no longer popular.

A. out of debt B. in debt C. into debt D. run into debt 【解析】句意:他可不希望由于餐馆不再受欢迎而负债。be in debt“欠债” 。 【答案】 B 3. reputation n. 名声;信誉 【常见搭配】 have a good/ bad reputation have a reputation for live up to one’s reputation earn/ establish/ build a reputation damage/ ruin one’s reputation 有好/坏名声 以??而出名 不负盛名,名副其实 赢得/确立/树立声誉 有损/毁坏某人的名声

【即时演练】 A: 用常见搭配中的词组填空 1. The weather in England is _____________________. 2. He _____________________ as a doctor. 3. What he said at the meeting yesterday ____________________. 【答案】 1. living up to its reputation 2. has a good reputation 3. damaged his reputation B: 单选 (江苏泰州市 2014 届高三模考) The main cause of differences in intelligence is not intelligence itself, but non-intelligence factors including ________, confidence and willpower. A. occupation B. reputation C. motivation D. contribution 【解析】句意:智力上的差异的主要原因不是智力本身,而是非智力因素包括动机、自信 和意志力。 motivation“动机”; occupation“职业; 占据”; reputation“名声”; contribution“贡献”。 【答案】C 4. desperate adj. 不顾一切的;很渴望的 desperately adv. 绝望地;不顾一切地;极度地 【常见搭配】 be desperate to do be desperate for sth. in desperate need of sth. 渴望做某事 非常需要某物 极其需要某物

【即时演练】 A: 用常见搭配中的词组填空 1. He _______________ a job so that he would have done anything. 2. The children are _______________ love and attention. 3. He _______________ pass the entrance exam, so that he can apply for scholarship. 【答案】 1. was desperate for 2. in desperate need of 3. is desperate to B: 单选 (杭州外国语学校 2014 届高三 3 月模考) Nothing can be more fascinating than a smile, which can produce hope in even __ situations. A. embarrassing B. confident C. desperate D. secure 【解析】句意:没有什么事物比微笑更迷人,即使在绝望的情况下它也能产生希望。 desperate“绝望的;不顾一切的”;embarrassing“令人害羞的”;confident“自信的”;secure“安 全的”。 【答案】C 5. generous adj. 慷慨的,大方的;宽容的;豁达的 【常见搭配】 be generous to sb. 对某人慷慨/ 大方

It’s generous of sb. to do sth. be generous with sth.

某人做某事很慷慨。 不吝惜某物

【即时演练】 A: 完成下列句子 1. ______________________________ see the good qualities in someone or something. 一个宽容豁达的人是友好的,乐于助人的,并愿意看到一些人或事物的好的品质。 2. To help the poor persons in his hometown, he ____________________. 为了帮助他家乡的贫苦人民,他总是慷慨解囊。 3. ___________________________ to pay for us both. 他主动为我们俩付钱,真是大方。 4. He ________________________ — he often buys food and fruit for them. 他对这些老人非常慷慨,经常买食物和水果给他们。 【答案】 1. A generous person is friendly, helpful, and willing to 2. is always generous with money 3. It’s so generous of him to offer 4. is very generous to the elderly B: 单选 (浙江温州市十校联合体 2014 届高三第一学期期中考试) It was really __ of your brother not to play the guitar while you were preparing your lessons. A. typical B. generous C. considerate D. determined 【解析】句意:你的兄弟真体贴,当你准备功课时没有弹吉他。considerate“体贴的”; typical“典型的”;generous“慷慨的,大方的”;determined“已下决心的”。 【答案】C 6. twist v. (使)弯曲;转动;蜿蜒 n. 转折,转变;转动;急转弯 ◆ He grabbed me and twisted my arm behind my back. 他抓住我,把我的胳膊扭到背后。 ◆ He twisted head around to look at her. 他扭过头去看她。 ◆ The road twisted and turns along the coast. 道路沿着海滨蜿蜒曲折。 ◆ The disappearance of a vital witness added a new twist to the case. 一名重要证人失踪,令诉讼出现了新的变数。 ◆ The car followed the twists and turns of the mountain road. 汽车沿着弯弯曲曲的山路行驶。 【即时演练】 Standing on the top of the hill, you can see a river __ through the narrow wooded valley below. A. extends B. pours C. expands D. twists 【解析】句意:站在山顶上,你可以看到一条河沿着下面树木丛生的狭窄的山谷弯弯曲 曲地流过。twist“蜿蜒;弯曲” ;extend“延伸” ;pour“倾泻” ;expand“扩大,扩展” 。 【答案】 D 重要短语 1. live up to 达到,符合,不辜负(某人的期望) ;履行,信守(诺言) ;遵守,坚持(原则 等) ◆ It is clear that the boy will never live up to his parents’ expectations. 很明显,这男孩一直会辜负他家长的期望。 ◆ As a partner of your company’s, we will continue to live up to our promises. 作为你们公司的一个合作伙伴,我们继续履行我们的诺言。 ◆ Students should live up to certain standards of behavior. 学生应该遵守一定的行为准则。 【即时演练】 (2015 福建省泉州五中高三英语高考模拟试题)

We have no doubt that if the students’ interest in the subject is motivated, they will ________ the challenge and commit more of their time and energy to their studies. A. face up to B. keep pace with. C. put up with D. live up to

【解析】face up to“面对” ; keep pace with“并驾齐驱,保持同步” ; put up with“忍 受,容忍; 容受; 忍得住” ; live up to“不辜负” 【答案】 A 2. compare to / with 与??相比 ◆ However, nothing can compare with/ to what I found today. 但是,没有什么能与我今天的发现相比。 【相关拓展】 compare … to/ with … compare … to … compared to/with 把??与??相比较 把??比作?? 与??相比 (用作状语)

【名师点拨】 compare 作“与??比较”解时,后介词可用 to,也可用 with;但作“把??比喻”解 时,介词只能用 to。 【即时演练】 A: 完成下列句子 1. ______________________________, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. 与整个地球的尺寸来比,最大的海洋看起来一点也不大。 2. ________________________________. 可以把书比喻成朋友。 【答案】1. Compared with/ to the size of the whole earth 2. Books can be compared to friends B: 单选 (2015· 温州模拟) Apparently, due to the new policy, _____years before, food waste has much decreased since last year. A. to compare with B. comparing with C. being compared with D. compared with 【解析】 选 D。 句意: 很显然, 由于新政策, 和多年前相比, 自从去年以来食物浪费大大减少 了。compared with 与……相比。 3. come out 出版,发行;出现; (消息,真相等)被获知 ◆ When new albums come out, the stars are marketed like consumer products. 新专辑发行后,明星们像消费品一样被投入市场。 ◆ The rain stopped and the sun came out. 雨停后太阳出来了。 ◆ It came out that he’d been telling lies. 后来才知道他一直在说谎。 【相关拓展】 come about come across come back come on come to come true come up come up with 产生,发生 偶然遇到 回来;旧事等在记忆中重现 快;进展 苏醒;共计 实现 长出,发芽;升起 追上,赶上;想出(主意) ,找出(答案)

【即时演练】 —It is said that he is focusing on another book on space exploration. When will it_______? —It is due to be published next year. A. come about B. come out C. come true D. come up 【解析】 come about“发生”; come out“出来;上市”; come true“实现”;come up “长出,发芽;升起”; 【答案】B 4. at a time 每次;逐一;连续地 ◆ We had to go and see the principal one at a time. 我们得逐一见校长。 ◆ She ran up the stairs two at a time. 她一步两阶地跑上楼梯。 【相关拓展】 at all times at the same time at times at one time for the time being from time to time in no time in time on time 随时;永远 同时 有时;偶尔 曾有一时;同时 暂时,目前 不时地 立刻,很快 及时;总有一天 准时

【即时演练】 (江苏省清江中学 2013 届高三英语 12 月调研) ________ we will become healthy and fit if we do as the doctor has said. A. At a time B. At one time C. In no time D. In time 【解析】 句意: 如果我们按医生说的去做, 我们很快就会健康的。 in no time “很快” ; at a time “每次” ;at one time“同时” ;in time“及时” 。 【答案】 C (南师大附中——四校联考) Fame and wealth can be attractive, but ______ will they give you permanent happiness. A. in no time B. at a time C. at all times D. at no time 【解析】 句意: 名誉和财富有吸引力, 不会给你永久的幸福。 in no time 马上, 立即 at a time 依次,逐一,每次 at all times 随时每时每刻总是,一直 at no time 决不。 【答案】 C 5. pick up 拾起,拿起;无意地(偶然)买到;染上; (非正规)学会;接(某人)上车; 收听到; (身体)逐渐恢复, (情绪等)好转;继续(讲故事,谈话等) ◆ I picked up the loved old vase on a show. 在一次展览会上我无意买到了那只可爱的旧花瓶。 ◆ He has picked up some bad habits at that club. 他在那俱乐部已染上了一些坏习惯。 ◆ He picked up the knowledge of radio just while working at the radio station. 当他在广播站工作时,学到了一些无线电方面的知识。 ◆ My radio can pick up VOA very clearly. 我的收音机可以清晰地收听到 VOA。 ◆ The patient is not feeling very well at the moment, but he’ll soon pick up. 这病人目前状况不是很好,但不久就会逐渐恢复。

【相关拓展】 pick out 找出,分辨出;选择 【即时演练】 (2012 四川卷)It’s surprising that your brother ________ Russian so quickly—he hasn’t lived there very long. A. picked up B. looked up C. put up D. made up 【解析】 句意: 令人吃惊的你的兄弟这么快就学会了俄语— 他并没有在那里住很久。 pick up“学会; (偶然)获得” ;look up“向上看” ;put up“举起;建立;张贴” ;make up“编造; 弥补” 。 【答案】 A (2016?泰州一模)Over 80 people were killed by gunmen inside the Bataclan Music Venue in Paris,which urged all the nations to ________ anti﹣terrorism movement. ( ) A.pick up B.follow up C.keep up D.hold up 【分析】超过 80 人在巴黎 Bataclan 音乐场馆被武装分子杀害,这件事敦促所有国家继续对 反恐运动采取进一步行动. 【解答】答案 B.pick up“捡起,接载,学会” ;follow up“把?贯彻到底,对?采取进一 步行动,继续” ;keep up“保持, (天气)持续不变” ;hold up“举起” .本题 B 和 C 两项意 思相近,需要区分.keep up 有“保持”的意思,意思是“维持某种状态使不消失或减弱” , 而 follow up 意思是“ “把?贯彻到底,对?采取进一步行动,继续” .根据句意可知:在“超 过 80 人在巴黎 Bataclan 音乐场馆被武装分子杀害”这件事之前,所有国家对反恐运动已采 取一些措施, 这件事情的发生敦促所有国家继续对反恐运动采取进一步行动, 所以答案选 B。 6. be lost to (已)不是(某人)的;已无法到手;感觉不到??,已失去?? ◆ Unluckily, the opportunity was lost to him. 不幸的是,他已经没有机会了。 ◆ He was reading so attentively that he was lost to the world. 他看书如此的专心,以致根本没注意周围的事情。 ◆ Because of the limitation of the company, a considerable amount of talent is lost to it every year. 由于这公司的有关限制,它每年都与相当数量的天才失之交臂。 【相关拓展】 be lost 不知如何是好 be lost in sth. 全神贯注于??;沉浸于?? be lost for words 不知说什么才好 be lost on sb. 未被某人理解(注意到) get lost 迷路 【即时演练】 Unluckily, the opportunity ________ him at last, which was unexpected. A. was lost B. was lost to C. was lost in D. was lost on 【解析】 句意: 不幸的是, 他失去了那机会, 这是出乎我们意料的。 be lost to “感觉不到??, 已失去??” ;be lost“不知如何是好” ;be lost in“全神贯注于??” ;be lost on“未被某人 理解” 。 【答案】 B 句型解剖 1. Because a lot of classics were written so long ago, their language characteristics are quite different from those of modern works.

因为许多经典文学作品创作如此久远, 它们的语言特色与现代文学作品的语言特色有相当 大的区别。 句中代词 those 指 their language characteristics。 常见作指代用的代词有:one, the one, it, that, these, those。其用法如下: 1)one 与 it one 指名称相同的另一物,或是同类中的一个;it 指名称相同的同一物。 ◆ — Are you still using your old car? — No, I sold it last week. “你是否还在开着你的旧车?” “不,我上星期把它卖了。 ” ◆ — I’ve just bought a new car. — I’m going to buy one next week. “我刚买了一辆新车。 ” “下星期我打算也买一辆。 ” 2)that,the one,one 与(the) ones that,the one,one 替代前面提到的可数的单数名词,that 还可替代不可数名词。 其中 that 与 the one(s) 是特指,而 one(s) 是泛指。 ◆ She preferred the seat here to the one/ that near the window. 她更喜欢这里的位置而不喜欢靠近窗户的那张位置。 ◆ I prefer the weather of Shanghai to that of Beijing. 我更喜欢上海的天气而不喜欢北京的天气。 ◆ My shoes are similar to the ones you had on yesterday. 我的鞋与你昨天穿的相似。 ◆ There are one long writing-table and two small ones. 那里有一张长的书桌和两张小的书桌。 3)it 与 that 两者都为特指,it 所指的名词与前面所提到的名词为同一物,that 所指的名词与前面 所提到的名词为同一类,但并非同一物。 ◆ The climate of my home town is mild; I like it very much. 我家乡的气候很温和,我非常喜欢。 ◆ The climate of my home town is not so warm as that of Fujian. 我家乡的气候不如福建的气候那么暖和。 4)this,that,these 和 those this (these)一般指后面要讲到的事物;而 that (those)常指前面提到过的事物。 ◆ What he told me is this: he wanted to go to Beijing. 他告诉我的是这个:他想要去北京。 ◆ Our rules are quite different from those of other organizations. 我们的规章制度和别的机关大为不同。 【即时演练】 1) The quality of education in this small school is better than ______ in some larger schools. A. that B. one C. it D. This 2) (2011 北京卷) The employment rate has continued to rise in big cities thanks to the efforts of the local governments to increase_______ . A. then B. those C. it D. that 3) (2011 重庆卷)— Silly me! I forget what my luggage looks like. — What do you think of over there? A. the one B. this C. it D. that

【解析】1. 句意:这所小学校的教育质量要好于一些大学校。句中代词代指不可数名词 the quality of education,故用代词 that。 2. 句意:由于当地政府的努力,大城市的就业率在上升。根据句意可知,这里政府努 力想要增长的是就业率,是上文已提到的,故用 it。 3. 句意: “我忘了我的行李箱是什么样子的了。 ” “那边那只是你的吗?”提醒对方看那 边的行李箱,所以用 that。luggage 是不可数名词,故排除 A;it 是特指上文已提到过的同一 物,故也排除。 【答案】 1. A 2. C 3. D 2. Burns was by then a famous poet, but was not any richer and had to earn his income by farming. 彭斯是当时有名的诗人,但他并没有比以前富裕多少,不得不靠做农活维持生计。 句中 any 修饰比较级 richer。 常见修饰比较级的词还有:even, much, far, a lot, a little, a bit, by far。 ◆ After the vacation, he worked even harder than before. 假期过后,他比以前工作得更努力了。 ◆ The hot dog is a bit cheaper than the hamburger. 热狗比汉堡要便宜得多了。 【相关拓展】 用于修饰最高级的词 much, by far, nearly, almost, by no means, not quite, not really 【名师点拨】 by far 通常用于修饰最高级。用于比较级时,一般放在比较级的后面,如放在前面,应 在中间加“the” 。 ◆ He is taller by far than his brother. 他远比他的哥哥高。 ◆ He is by far the taller of the two brothers. 他是兄弟俩中较高的那个。 【即时演练】 You’re driving too fast. Can you drive _______? A. more slowly a bit B. slowly a bit more C. a bit more slowly D. slowly more a bit 【解析】句意:你开车太快了,能否开慢点?slowly 的比较级应在其前面加 more,故先 排除 B、D;而 a little/ a bit/ even/ much 等词修饰比较级时要置于比较级结构的前面。 【答案】 C

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