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一、什么叫状语从句?状语从句有哪些种类?引导词是什么? 1.时间状语从句:when,while,as,before,after,since,till(until),as soos as,hardly--when,no sooner--than, once, each/every time, the first time, the last time, next time,the moment, the minute, the instant, immediately, directly, instantly 2.地点状语从句:where,wherever 3.原因状语从句:because,since,as, now that, in that, considering (that) 4.目的状语从句:so that---,in order that---,in case---,for fear that---(以防、以免、生怕)=lest 5.结果状语从句:so that---,so/such---that--6.条件状语从句:if,unless,as/so long as----,on condition that---,providing(provided) that, assuming that, suppose that, supposing that, given that, when 7.方式状语从句:just as---,as if, the way--8.让步状语从句:(al)though,ever if,whether,no matter who/what/where---, as(虽然),while 9.比较状语从句:as---as, not as/so---as, more---than, the more----the more, less---than 例如:1.She treated the child the way his mother did. 2.Child as he is, he knows a lot. 3.Much as I like it, I will not buy it. 4.Try as you will, you won't manage it. 5.Lose money as I did, I got a lot of experience. 4.You may borrow this book,on condition that you don't lend it to anyone else. 5.I'll come on condition that John is invited,too. 6.No sooner had I reached the bus stop than the bus started. 7.Hardly had he closed the door when there came a knock on it. 8.Take your umbrella,in case it rains. 9.We hadn't met for 20 years but I recognized him the moment I saw him. 10.Now that you are well again, you can work with them. 11.When you read the book,you'd better make a mark where you have a question. 12.However late he is, Mother will wait for him to have dinner together. 13.When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 14.Jack and Tom had to wait 2 more weeks before the manager came back. 15.For all (that) he has lots of money, he's far from being happy.(虽然、尽管) 16.With all his roughness, he has a heart of gold.(虽然他粗俗,但他有一颗金子般的心) 17.Air is to us what water is to fish. 18.Reading is to mind what food is to the body.
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19.I thought conditions would get better, but as it is they are getting worse.(事实上,实际情况是) 20.Leave it as it is.别动它(让它保持原来的样子) 21.State the facts as they are.按照实际情况把事实摆出来。 22.He is, as it were, a walking dictionary.(仿佛、好像可以说是)(=/=as it is/was) 23.The sky is covered, as it were, with a black curtain.(仿佛) 二、注意:特殊的引导词(连词): the moment----=as soon as----=immediately----=directly---=hardly---when=no sooner---than as/so long as---,on condition that---,in case---,now that---,provided that---=supposing that---,every time---, the first time---,the last time---, next time--例如:(1).On arriving at the station, the thief was arrested. 比较: On his arrival at classroom, the came and the bell rang. (2).The first time I climbed onto the wall, I felt nervous.

(3).The last time she saw James, he was lying in bed. 三、并列连词 when=and just then(就在这时,突然---)的三种句型: 1.I was doing sth. when sth. happened. 2.Iwas (just) about to do sth. when sth. happened. 3.I had just done sth.when sth. happened. 例如:1.I was just about to go out when the telehphone rang. 2.I had just fallen asleep when the baby started to cry. 3.I was thinking of this when I heard my name called. 四、状语从句中的省略: 有些时间、地点、条件、方式或让步状语从句中,如果从句中的主语与主句中的主语一致或 主语为 it 时,且从句谓语又包含 Be 动词,就可以省略从句中的“主语+Be”部分。 1.If asked, you may come in. 2.While walking in the street, I met an old friend of mine. 3.If possible, send me word tomorrow. 4.He won't attend the meeting unless invited. 5.He got much taller than expected. 7.He looked through the newspaper while having his supper. 8.Once recovered,she threw herself into her study. 9.When still a boy of 10,he had to work day and night.he 10.She tried her best though rather pool in health. 11.He was fond of swimming when yet a child. 12.The boy looked as if afraid of nothing. 五、如何区别不同的从句:(1)据连词。(2)据句子结构和句意: 1.You are to find it where you left it. 2.Tell me the address where he lives. 3.I don't know where he came from.
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4.Where he has gone is not known yet. 5.This place is where they once hid. 6.Make a mark where you have a question when reading.

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