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2014高考英语二轮复习 完形填空+词汇真题30


【完形填空+词汇真题】天天练 【第 30 天】

【做题目记单词,练技能抓基础】 ? ? ? ? 综合技能完形训练......................................................... 完形单词单选巩固......................................................... 高频词汇集中速记......................................................... 参考答案:............................................................... 1 2 4 6



【2012 广东】 We all know that some things are obviously right. For example, it is right to be 1 to other people. It is also right to look after the environment. Some things are 2 wrong, too. For instance, we should not hurt or bully (欺负) others, nor should we litter. Rules often tell us what is right or wrong. Rules can help the public make the right 3 , and remain safe. Car drivers have to obey traffic regulations that tell them the right things to do on the road to avoid crashes. Cyclists who give signals before turning or stopping help prevent 4 . If people follow rules without taking other matters into consideration, it will be 5 for them to form what is sometimes called a “black and white” view. For example, they may believe that people should always tell the truth, and that lying is 6 acceptable. Such people always stick to their views, even if it means that they may get into 7 . Sometimes it may not be so easy to know 8 what is right or wrong. Some people choose not to eat meat because they believe that it is 9 to eat animals, but others argue that they can eat meat and 10 be kind to animals; some insist that stealing is always wrong, but others think that one does not need to feel so 11 when stealing some food to eat, if he lives in a really poor area and he is 12 . Rules help us live together in harmony, because they show us the right way to 13 others. However, some people arg ue that rules may be 14 , having observed that rules change all the time, and that some schools have some regulations and others have different ones – so who is to 15 what is right? 1. A. kind B. sensitive C. fair D. generous 2. A. equally B. slightly C. clearly D. increasingly 3. A. suggestions B. conclusions C. turns D. choices 4. A. accidents B. mistakes C. falls D. deaths 5. A. interesting B. vital C. easy D. valuable


6. A. seldom 7. A. trouble 8. A. roughly 9. A. awful 10. A. still 11. A. nervous 12. A. begging 13. A. follow 14. A. disgusting 15. A. predict

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

rarely power eventually cruel even anxious starving instruct confusing explain

C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.

merely prison deliberately unhealthy later afraid growing treat unsafe decide

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

never con trol exactly unnecessary somehow guilty wandering protect unimportant consider

? ?

完形单词单选巩固 1. [2005 安徽,34] I really can't understand _____ her like that.

A)you treat B)you to treat C)why treat D)you treating 2. [2005 湖南,34] I send you 100 dollars today, the rest _____ in a year. A)follows B)followed C)to follow D)being followed 3. [2005 上海,41] There was such a long queue for coffee at the interval that we _____ gave up. A)eventually B)unfortunately C)generously D)purposefully 4. [2005 浙江,10] —People should stop using their cars and star t using public transport.— _____. The roads are too crowded as it is. A)All right B)Exactly C)Go ahead D)Fine 5. [2005 浙江,13] My mother always gets a bit _____ if we don't arrive when we say we will. A)anxious B)ashamed C)weak D)patient 6. [2005 四川, 16] Mary never does any reading in the evening, _____. A)so does John B)John does too C)John doesn't too D)nor does John 7. [2006 全国 I,27] Mike didn't play yesterday because he had _____ his leg. A)damaged B)hurt C)hit D)struck 8. [2006 上海,40] China has promised to revise its existing regulations and _____ new policies according to WTO requirements. A)forming B)to form C)to be forming D)have formed 9. [2007 山东,31]It is not socially _____ for parents to leave children unattended at that age. A)accessible B)adorable C)adaptable D)acceptable 10. [2008 湖北 23]Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still _____ the traditional customs. A)perform B)possess C)observe D)support 11. [2009 湖北,26] In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a _____ for everyone to stand up. A)signal B)chance C)mark D)measure 12. [2009 湖北 ,29] You'd sound a lot more polite if you make a request _____ a question.


A)in search of B)in the form of C)in need of D)in the direction of 13. [2009 北京,27] The way the guests _____ in the hotel influenced their evaluation of the service. A)treated B)were treated C)would treat D)would be treated 14. [2009 江苏,27. ]Compared wi th his sister, Jerry is even more _____ to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. A)sceptical B)addicted C)available D)sensitive 15. [2010 安徽, 24]—Do you know if Linda is w illing to take charge of the program? — _____, does it? A)It takes no time B)It counts for nothing C)It doesn't hurt to ask D)It doesn't make sense 16. [2010 福建, 34]In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained _____ abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud. A)sticking B)stuck C)to be stuck D)to have stuck 17. [2010 湖北, 26]I wasn't blaming anyone; I _____ said errors like this could be avoided . A)merely B)mostly C)rarely D)nearly 18. [2010 湖南, 29]If he _____ my advice, he wouldn't have lost his job. A)followed B)should follow C)had followed D)would follow 19. [2010 全国 II, 13]The island is _____ attractive in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A)partly B)merely C)nearly D)equally 20. [2011 全国 II 20]—So you gave her your phone?— _____ she said she'd return it to me when she could afford her own. A)My pleasure B)Not exactly C)No doubt D)All right 21. [2011 四川, 9]All visitors to this village _____ with kindness. A)t reat B)are treated C)are treating D)had been treated 22. [2012 安徽, 23]Interest is as _____ to learning as the ability to understand, even more so. A)vital B)available C)specific D)Similar 23. [2012 北京, 29]—Have you heard about that fire in the market?—Yes, fortunately no one _____. A)hurt B)was hurt C)has hurt D)had been hurt 24. [2012 福建, 27] Anyone, whether he is an official or a bus driver, should be _____ respected. A)especially B)equally C)naturally. D)normally 25. [2012 辽宁, 25]The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog _____ them. A)to follow B)following C)followed D)follows 26. [2012 辽宁,32]Not until he retired from teaching three years ago _____ having a holiday abroad. A)he had considered B)had he considered C)he considered D)did he consider 27. [2012 重庆, 31]Before you quit your job, _____ how your family would feel about your decision.


A)consider B)considering C)to consider D)considered 28. [2013 大纲卷,32] Only by increasing the number of doctors by 50 percent _____ properly in this hospital. A)can be the patients B)can the patients be treated C)the patients can be treated D)treated can be the patients 29. [2013 湖北,28] He didn't selfishly keep for himself the money in herited from his uncle. Instead, he made a _____ contribution to help the community. A)commercial B)generous C)comparable D)profitable 30. [2013 湖北,29] Don't defend him any more. It's obvious that he _____ destroyed the fence of the garden even without apology. A)accidentally B)carelessly C)deliberately D)clumsily 31. [2013 浙江,19]There are some health problems that, when _____ in time, can become bigger ones later on. A)not treated B)not being treated C)not to be treated D)not have been treated 32. [2004 北京,25] Now that she is out of a job, Lucy _____ going back to school, but she hasn't decided yet. A)had considered B)has been considering C)considered D)is going to consider 33. [2004 湖北,32] Once a decision has been made, all of us should _____ it. A)direct to B)stick to C)lead to D)refer to 34. [2004 江苏,26] More patients _____ in hospital this year than last year. A)treated B)have treated C)had been treated D)have been treated 35. [2004 全国 III,31] Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures _____ in your mind instead of before your eyes. A)to form B)form C)forming D)having formed 36. [2004 上海,51] Most people on this island are recreational fishers, and _____, fishing forms an actual part of their leisure time. A)accidentally B)purposefully C)obviously D)formally 37. [2003 上海]We were in _____ when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A)a rush so anxious B)a such anxious rush C)so an anxious rush D)such an anxious rush ? 高频词汇集中速记 [?k'sept?bl] ['?ks?d?nt] ['?? k??s] ['ɑ:gju:] [?'v??d] ['?:fl] [beg] ['b?l?] a. 可接受的,合意的,合适的 n. 意外事件,机遇,事故 a. 忧虑的,热心的,渴望的 vi. 争论,辩论 vt. 辩论,证明,说服 vt. 避免,消除 a. 可怕的,庄严的 vt.vi. 请求,乞求,乞讨 n. 欺凌弱小者 , 土霸 vt. 威胁 , 恐吓 , 欺负 vi. 欺 负 a. 好的,第一流的

acceptable accident anxious argue avoid awful beg bully


conclusion confuse consider consideratio n control crash cruel cyclist deliberately disgust environment equally eventually exactly fair fo llow form generous guilty harmony hurt insist instance instruct litter merely nervous nor observe obviously power predict

[k?n'klu:?n] [k?n'fju:z] [k?n's?d?(r)] [k?n?s?d?'re???n ] [k?n'tr??l] [kr??] ['kru:?l] ['sa?kl?st] [d?'l?b?r?tl?] [d?s'g?st] [?n'va?r?nm?nt] ['i:kw?l?] [?'vent???l?] [?g'z?ktl?] [fe?(r)] ['f?l??] [f?:m] ['d?en?r?s] ['g?lt?] ['hɑ:m?n?] [h?:t] [?n's?st] ['?nst?ns] [?n'str?kt] ['l?t?(r)] ['m??l?] ['n?:v?s] [n?:(r)] [?b'z?:v] ['?bv??sl?] ['pa??(r)] [pr?'d?kt]

n. 结论,结尾,断案 vt. 使混乱,使狼狈,使困惑 vt.vi. 考虑,思考,认为 n. 考虑,原因 n. 控制,管理,调节装置,控制器,克制 vt. 控制,操 纵,抑制 n. 轰隆声 , 猛撞 , 崩溃 , 粗布 vi.vt. 撞碎 , 破碎 , 迫 降 a. 速成的 a. 残酷的,悲惨的 n. 骑脚踏车的 ad. 故意地 n. 厌恶,嫌恶 vi. 令人厌恶 vt. 使作呕 n. 环境,外界,围绕 ad. 相等地,同样地,平等地 ad. 最后,终于 adv. 1> 正确地,精确地 级)整,正好,恰好,刚好 2> (无比较级、最高

n. 展览会,市集,美好的事物 a. 公平的,晴朗的,美 丽的 ad. 公平地,清楚地 vi. 转晴 vt. 跟随 , 沿行 , 遵循 , 追求 vi. 跟随 , 接着 n. 跟 随,追随 n. 形状 , 表格 , 形式 vt.vi. 形成 , 排列 ,( 使 ) 组成 n. 表单 a. 有雅量的,量大的,慷慨的,丰富的,大量的 a. 犯罪的,心虚的 n. 协调,和睦,调和 n. 伤害 , 创伤 , 损害 vt.vi. 伤害 ,( 使 ) 伤心 , 危害 , 刺痛 vbl. hurt 的过去式和过去分词 vi.vt. 坚持,强调 n. 例证,建议,场合,例子,情况 vt. 引以为例,获得 例证 vt. 教,教育,命令,指导 n. 垃圾 , 杂乱 , 轿 , 担架 vt. 乱丢 , 铺草 , 弄乱 vi. 产仔,乱丢垃圾 ad. 只 a. 神经紧张的,不安的,神经的 conj. 也不,也没有 vt. 观察,遵守,注意到,纪念 vi. 注意,评论 adv. (无比较级、最高级)[修饰整句]显然 n. 能 力 , 体 力 , 力 量 , 势力 , 动 力 , 权 力 , 功 率 vt. 使...有力量,供以动力,激励 n. 乘幂 vt.vi. 预知,预言,预报


prevent prison protect public rarely regulation roughly sensitive signal slightly somehow starve stick suggestion treat unhealthy unimportant unnecessary unsafe valuable view vital wander

[pr?'vent] ['pr?z?n] [pr?'tekt] ['p?bl?k] ['re?l?] [?regj?'le???n] ['r?fl?] ['sens?t?v] ['s?gn?l] ['sla?tl?] ['s?mha?] [stɑ:v] [st?k] [s?'d?est??n] [tri:t] [?n'helθ ?] [??n?m'p?:tnt] [?n'nes?s?r?] [?n'se?f] ['v?lj??bl] [vju:] ['va?tl] ['w?nd?(r)]

vt.vi. 预防,防止,妨碍,阻止,避免 n. 监狱,监禁,拘留所 vt. 监禁 vt. 防卫,保护,警戒 n. 公众,民众 a. 公众的,公共的,公立的,公用的 ad. 很少地,罕有地 n. 规则,管理,调整 ad. 概略地,粗糙地 a. 敏感的,易感的,灵敏的,感 光的 n. 信号 , 暗号 , 动机 , 导火线 vt. 向 ... 作信号 , 标 志,用信号通知 vi. 发信号 ad. 些微地,苗条地 ad. 不知何故 vt. 使饿死 vi. 饿得要死 n. 棍 , 棒 , 刺 , 条状物 , 茎 , 枯枝 vt. 插于 , 刺入 , 钉 住,使停止,粘贴 n. 提议,意见 n. 宴请,款待 vt. 视为,对待,款待,治疗,论述 vi. 交涉,谈判,作东 a. 不健康的 a. 不重要的 a. 不必要的,无用的,无益的 a. 不安全的,不安稳的,危险的 a. 有价值的,贵重的,宝贵的,可估价的 n. 视野,风景,见解,视力,眺望,视图,梗概 vt. 看, 考虑,展望,检查,视察 n. 视图 a. 重要的,生命的,致命的,生死攸关的 vi. 游荡,漫步,徘徊,蜿蜒,离题,迷路 vt. 漫游


参考答案: 11-15 DBCBC

完形填空 1-5 ACDAC 6-10 DADBA 词汇真题 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.B 9.D 10.C 11.A 12.B 13.B 14.D 15.C 16.B 17.A 18.C 19.D 20.B 21.B 22.A 23.B 24.B 25.B 26.D 27.A 28.B 29.B 30.C 31.A 32.B 33.B 34.D 35.C 36.C 37.D


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