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1. I wonder if +句子 “我想知道是否….” 我想知道 Mary 是不是对这场事故感到心烦。 I wonder if Mary is upset about the accident. 2. it is because +句子+ that+句子,原因强调句,“正是因为…, 才…” 正是因为他挂念母亲,他才返回家乡。 It is because he is concerned about his mother that he returned to his hometown. 正是因为他经历了很多困难,他才能在这场事故中使自己镇定下来。 It is because he went through many difficulties that he can calm himself down in the accident. 3. there was a time when+句子 “曾经有段时间…” 曾经有段时间我很厌烦弹钢琴。 There was a time when I was tired of playing piano. 4. it is the first time that sb have/has done sth it was the first time that sb had done sth 这是某人第一次做某事 这是我第一次在考试中作弊。 It is the first time that I have cheated in the exam. It was the first time that I had cheated in the exam. 5. it’s no pleasure doing sth 做某事没有乐趣 在日记里记下一系列的事实没什么乐趣。 It is no pleasure setting down a series of facts in the diary. 6. She found it difficult to settle… I still find it hard to make friends with them. 结构:find it +adj. +to do sth 发现做某事 adj. 她发现和同学们相处很容易。 She finds it easy to get along with her classmates. 7. there is no such thing as standard English. 句型:there is no such thing as… 没有像…一样的事 没有像免费午餐一样的事。 There is no such thing as a free lunch. 8. Today the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly.

句型:The number of people doing sth is increasing rapidly.


9. 强调句结构:(不能强调谓语动词) it is/was + 被强调部分+ that/who + 其余部分 It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 10. insist that sb (should) do sth 坚持… Jack 坚持要我接受他的邀请。 Jack insisted that I (should) accept his invitation. 11. Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. once 连词,引导状语从句, “一旦…” 一旦你理解了规则,数学就不难学了。 Once you understand the rules, math becomes easy to learn. 12. 句型: so + adj. / adv. + that… 如此…以至于… 他太固执了,没有人能劝他改变主意。 He is so stubborn that no one can persuade him to change his mind. 13. it seems/looks as if + 句子 “似乎…” It seemed as if the world was at an end. 14. I would like to express my thanks to…who… 我想感谢那些…的人 No words are strong enough to express our… 没有语言能够表达我们的… 我想感谢那些勇敢的士兵,他们放弃自己的生命保卫国家。 I would like to express my thanks to the brave soldiers who gave up their lives to protect our country. 15. He was the first man to land on the moon in July 1969. 结构:序数词+ n. + to do sth 他是村子里第一个上大学的孩子。 He is the first child in our village to enter college. 16. The last thirty years have seen sth The last thirty years have seen that… 过去的三十年见证了……

过去的十年见证了中山的巨大进步。 The last ten years have seen Zhongshan’s huge progress. The last ten years have seen that Zhongshan made huge progress. 17. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. Only +副词, Only + 介词短语,Only + 状语从句 位于句首时,句子发生部分倒装。 1) Only after the war did he learn the sad news. 2) Only when she came back was I able to fall asleep. 3) Only at home can I feel love and warmth. 4) Only then did I know how important friendship is. 18. There is no doubt that… 毫无疑问…… 毫无疑问,旅行是一种丰富人生经历的方式。 There is now doubt that traveling is a way to enrich experience. 19. It can be proved that… …可以得到证实 中国人口比世界上其它国家的人口都多,这是可以得到证实的。 It can be proved that China has more people than any other country in the world. 20. nor “也不” ,位于句首,句子部分倒装 He is not in the classroom, nor is he on the playground. 我不同意你把宝藏还给主人,也不认为你应该把它交给政府。 I don’t agree that you return the treasure to its owner, nor do I think you should give it to government. 21. That’s why… 那就是为什么…… 22. It is one’s responsibility to do sth 23. It is one’s honor to do sth 做某事是某人的责任


24. There was a man called Hippomenes. 有三位运动员被选出去参加冠军。 There are three athletes selected to compete for the championship. 有 83%的学生认为早读能够提高英语口语。 There are 83% students thinking that reading English in the morning can improve their spoken English. 25. it is/takes + 时间+ before… 过了(多久)才…… 过了差不多两百年,查尔斯.巴比奇才把我制成了一台分析机。

It took nearly two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine. 26. it is a pity that… 很可惜/很遗憾… 27. …so that… 以便…;因此… He moved to the front row so that he could listen to the teacher clearly. Nothing more was heard from him so that we began to wonder if he was dead.

Unit 9 1 Decrease to 减少到 decrease by 减少了 2 Die out 灭亡,逐渐消失 3 hunt for 寻找 4 in peace 和平地,和睦地 5 in danger of 在危险中,垂危 6 respond to 对……做出回应 7 in relief 如释重负,松了口气 8 burst into laughter 突然笑起来 9 without mercy 毫不仁慈的 10 be certain to do sth 一定会做某事 11 be of importance 有重要性 12 protect… from 保护……不受…… 13 pay attention to 注意 Attract one’s attention 吸引某人注意力 14 appreciate doing sth 感激做某事 15 succeed in doing sth 成功做某事 Succeed sb as 继承,接替 16 do harm to = be harmful to 对……有害 17 come into being 形成,产生 18 according to 按照。根据……所说 19 so that 以至于, 结果 20 long to do sth 渴望做某事 long for sth 渴望得到某事 21 Suggest sth / doing sth 建议做某事 22 long before 很久以前 23 be surprised to do sth 惊讶地做某事 24 for sure 确切地,肯定 25 in the last 500 years 在过去的 500 年 Unit 10 1 dream of 梦想,设想 2 pretend to do sth 假装做某事 3 to be honest = to tell you the truth 说实在的, 实话说 be honest with sb 对某人诚实 4 attach importance to …认为……有重要性 5 in the form of 以……的形式 6 earn one’s living by doing sth 通过做某事谋生 7 in cash 用现金 8 play jokes on 戏弄 9 rely on = depend on 依赖,依靠 10 be / get familiar with 熟悉 11 or so 大约 12 break up 打碎,分裂,解体 13 in addition 另外,除此以外 14 sort out 分类 15 above all 最重要;首先 16 be confident about 对……有信心,自信 17 in brief 总之 18 go wrong 出现问题, (机器)出故障


2012-2013 学年第学期期末 15 选 10 填空练习
M1U1 upset outdoors entirely went through joined in ignoring suffering exactly set down are concerned about to settle recover power on purpose were tired of 1 He ________ all kinds of hardships in the old society. 2 James was _________ because he had lost his ticket. 3 Sometimes a patient ________ from cancer begins, for no obvious reason, to improve. 4 These old people _________ the growth of the younger generation. 5 “If I were you,” went on Drouet, ___________ her last words,” I wouldn’t have anything to do with him.” 6 Farm workers spend most of their time __________. 7 Was it a mistake or did you kick him_________? 8 Then the six others suddenly __________ the conversation. They all talked at once. 9 For programmers, it is important to know _________ what is happening in a program. 10 She interviewed six women who have reached positions of great _______ and influence. M1 U2 a great number of are requested played an important part came up were commanded because of recognized disagreed apartment straight at present broke up make use of are trapped such as

41. Though they hadn’t met for many years, they ___________ each other at first sight. 42. I’m going to see the doctor anyway _____________ my sleeplessness. 43. Before the rain, ____________ ants are moving their homes from a lower place to higher one. 44. The question _________________ at the meeting was whether we had enough money. 45. Wild animals ______________ tigers and pandas are becoming rare. 46. Visitors _____________ not to touch the exhibits. 47. He _______________ the chance and got rid of the misunderstanding between them. 48. What are you busy doing _________________? 49. Jenny _____________ in winning the match. 50. Children in France _______________ to learn German when France was conquered by Prussian soldiers. M1U3 change your mind give up transported attitude organizing make up their mind determined prefer graduate ever since is fond of persuaded instead of care about fare 1, The salesman ____________ us into buying his products yesterday 2, The goods will be ___________ to by air. 3, All of us want to go to Guangzhou. You’d better _____________ 4, The boy _________ playing music while his brother likes playing football 5, Milu often says “________ is everything.” To encourage the players to devote more

6, She gave me a __________ look, which suggested that she would never make any changes 7,Which kind of sports do you _________, football or basketball? 8, The young men can’t _______ which subject they should take 9, We’ve been good friends ________ we left college 10, Who is responsible for _________ this activity. M1U4 nation steamed sincerely frighten as if suffering are shocked rescuing extreme in ruins cyclist trap destroy useless mine

1. If you go on at that rate, you will ________________________your health. 2. Since then the city has been much ____________________and thousands are without homes. 3. Every year on the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day, let us _____________________say: “Father, I love you!” 4. Do you believe that we can use crackers to ______________________away evil spirits? 5. I know little about Chinese food. Do you have the “___________________red fish”? 6. What can you do if you see an animal _________________________? 7. Standing in front of the entrance, those two travelers ________________________by the mystery of the palace. 8. I had spent much time on the work but they told me it was ____________________________. 9. Nearly all the homes in the town had been burnt down. We were busy with ________________people who are trapped. 10. A motor ________________________ passed us, and next came a truck.

quality equal active in trouble beg come to power devoted lose heart out of work reward vote set up turn to attacked as a matter of fact 1. The enemy __________ us at night. 2. She divided the food into four ______ shares. 3. Factories were ___________ everywhere. 4. He failed many times, but he did not __________. 5. He _________ himself entirely to music. 6. He has been ___________ for a month and ahs to look for a job. 7. Do as you are told, otherwise you’ll be ___________. 8. The __________ of service in this restaurant has been improved a lot. 9. Today women have the right to ______________. 10. He is an _____________ member of the school’s stamp club. Module2 unit1 Survived decorated worth belonging to in search of selected doubt at war thought highly of fancy removing sank in return took apart 1. The president _______________________ the friendship between the two countries. 2. China is still a nation __________________ the third world.


3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Fortunately he ____________ the accident. What do you advise for______________ the ink dots from clothes? Every bit of Huangshan Mountain scenery is _______________ painting. I am sure he will come. I have no ___________ about it. I raise my hat to her and she bowed _____________. Can you _____________ her saying such rude things? His heart ________________ when he saw the huge number of people in queue in front of him. They came here _______________ new markets for their products. bargain volunteer one after another in charge replacing to be admitted to compete took

M2 Unit 2
to advertise athlete nowadays medals hosted part as well stands for

1. The yellow ring on the Olympic flag ______________ Asia. 2. Women _____________ for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games, including women’s events in tennis and golf. 3. We attended a dinner party ______________ by the president of the company. 4. In the Beijing Olympic Games China won 51 gold _____________ in total, which ranked top in the world. 5. The stair carpet gets a lot of wear and tear and will soon need ____________. 6. His dream was ______________ to a good university. 7. _______________, children often prefer watching TV to reading, which worries parents and teachers a lot. 8. The students are designing a web page _______________ the event. 9. He has been training hard, hoping ________________ in the Xiamen International Marathon. 10. He was left ________________ of the shop while the manager was away. 必修二 unit 3 totally personally goal In a way solve Human race make full use of making up watch over With the help of went by deal with Universal as a result anyway

41. He chose Germany, but _______________________, I’d prefer to go to Spain. 42. Their father is good at _________________________stories. 43. Time _________________quickly; it was time to say goodbye. 44. The android should also _________________ my naughty niece, who comes to my house very often. 45. You should learn to ________________ the dictionaries. Which are of great help in your English studies. 46. ____________________, her English has improved but there for her is still a long way to go. 47. ______________________the specialists from Shanghai, the project was finished ahead of time. 48. Whenever she has difficulty with the troublemakers, her father will come and help to __________________them. 49. Bob is short, _____________________________ different from his father, who is very tall.

50. I was caught in the rain on my way home; __________________, I had a bad cold. M2U4 incident secure powerful 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. appreciate succeed certain come into being pay attention to protected form harm affect in peace employed die out decrease

Look, the shark is swimming with the fish __________________. I constantly tell my dad how much I ________ what he did for me. You should make the windows _______ before leaving the house. Wild woods should be well _______ being cut. For ___________ reasons I will be unable to attend the meeting. Scientists want to learn how the planets _________________. We hope this unfortunate ______________ will not affect the relationship between us. Our company _________ about one hundred people to weed the garden the other day. These are the things we should ____________ in order to stay healthy. The English of today is very different from that of 500 years ago. And some even _________ completely. Book 2 Unit 5 dream of To be honest attach to rely on played jokes on roll or so earn performing am familiar with broken up in addition sort out Above all broadcast 1. The doctor is ___________________ an operation now. 2. I __________________ this type of machine, so I think I can help you. 3. ___________________ make sure you keep in touch. 4. It is the kind of trip that most of us can only ________________. 5. ________________, I don’t believe what you said just now. 6. Mary likes her job, though she doesn’t _______________ a high salary. 7. The boys ________________ Tom. They hid his shoes and he couldn’t find them. 8. Sentences can be ________________ into phrases and words. 9. Please ________________ the things you want to keep and throw everything else away. 10. Many people now ___________________ the Internet for news. 期末考试 ordinary arrival rude 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. gain advanced considerate defend consult benefit fault traditions project buildup pick out watch out

Futuroscope, one of the largest space-age parks in the work, uses the most _________ technology. The old farmer picked up a stick to ___________ himself when the bear tried to attack him. It is reported that the local government is working on a long-term ________ to help the homeless. Shortly after our_______ in Beijing, we went to the Great Wall for a visit. It is known to all that people ____________ greatly form the rapid development of modern science and technology.

46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

You have to ____________ for the fast traffic when crossing the street. I didn’t mean to be _______________, but I really had to leave your birthday party early. My English teacher had a heart-to- heart talk with me yesterday and tried to _________ my confidence in my English study. Most of the people in Montreal speak both English and French, but the city has French culture and __________. He says he’s just an ordinary man form an ordinary family with _______ hopes and fears.

2012-2013 学年第学期期末语法填空练习
This June, many parts of Britain experienced much more rain than they had ever seen before. Torrential downpours (暴雨) ___1__ (create) floods, which caused rivers to burst their banks, roads were closed and many people had to leave _2___ homes. The worst hit area was the north of England. There were even deaths as people got stuck in the rain or __3__ (wash) away by the floodwaters. Flood warnings had been given in many parts of the UK and ___4__ was said that there had been over a month’s rainfall in just the last couple of days. The rain also ___5___ (cause) problems at some of Britain’s famous June events like the Glastonbury festival, which is a four-day-long outdoor music festival. While it is traditionally quite __6__ (rain) and muddy there, this year was __7___(particular) bad. Everyone was wearing high boot and there were many pictures of people___8__ (cover) from head to toe in mud in the newspapers. It rained throughout __9__ festival and with more than 170,000 revelers(狂欢者) walking around and camping ___10__ the grounds, it didn’t take long for the site to turn into a mud bath.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Friendship Club of our school! You will meet many new people here ___1___ make friends with each other.We have some ___2___ (advise) for you.It will help you a lot. First, be friendly and polite ___3___ everybody in the cluB.This will make people ___4___ (comfort) when they talk to you.Rude people are not welcome here and we usually ask ___5___ to leave. Second, be honest and truthful.We hope that our members can trust each other and will not be hurt by each other.___6___ we find you are telling lies to other club members, we will ask you to leave the cluB. Third, be ___7___ good listener and keep your friends’ secrets.This will make your friends trust you and it will also help you know more about your friends.If you share your friends’ secrets ___8___ anyone else, you will hurt their feelings. The last, be generous and helpful to your friends.__9___ (share) thoughts, ideas and opinions will help you know more about each other and become friends. Please remember our suggestions ___10___ you come to the cluB.I hope to see you here soon!


Praise can change a person. It is true that 1 _______ (inspire) words turn our lives around. Praise is really magical. Perhaps many of us had such experiences. Take myself 2 _______ an example. I was very naughty in the primary school. Most of the teachers and even my parents felt headache of me. But 3 _______ happened that I once got a very high mark in 4 _______ examination and the headteacher 5 _______ (report) this to my parents. My parents praised me 6 _______ (crazy) for this for quite a long time and told neighbours about that. I felt really happy 7_______ became polite to others. Every time 8 _______ I heard others talk to me about my excellent examination result, I thought 9 _______ myself that I would work even harder and make 10 _______ (great) progress. Just as Shakespeare said, “Our praises are our wages”.

Mogao Grottoes, also called Thousand Buddha Caves, is situated in the city of Dun Huang in Gansu Province. ___1___ is the pearl of the Silk Road. Since the Han Dynasty, it ___2____ (be) an important gateway to the West and a culture bridge ___3___ China and the Western countries. There was such an old story about it. When a monk traveled here in 366 AD, he saw golden light ___4___ (shine) on Mingsha Mountain and there were thousands of Buddhas under showers of golden rays. Then he cut the first cave here. Through later dynasties, the work continued, ____5______ (result) in the fantastic group of caves ___ 6____can be seen today. Mogao Grottoes is a wonderful art palace with many ancient ___7____(build), sculptures, murals(壁 画), particularly famous for the colorful murals to the world. ___8___ thousands of years have passed, the murals are still brightly colored with clear lines. Mogao Grottoes is one of the largest and ___9__ (rich) ancient art treasures in the world. In 1987, it __10___ (list) as World Cultural relics and regarded as an important source of studying Chinese culture today.

Although English is not as old as Chinese, 1 is spoken by many people around the world every day. English speakers are always making new words and we should be able to know where most words come from. Sometimes, 2 , no one may really know where a word comes from. Did you ever think about why hamburgers are called hamburgers, 3 (especial)when they are not made of ham? About a hundred years ago, some men went to America 4 Europe. They came from a big city in Germany called Hamburg. They did not speak good English, but they ate good food. Some Americans saw them eating round pieces of beef. Never had they seen such 5 strange way. They couldn’t help 6 (ask) the Germans what it was. The Germans did not understand the question and answered, “We came from Hamburg. ” One of these Americans owned a restaurant, and had an idea. He made up 7 mind to do something new. He cooked some round pieces of the beef like 8 the men from Hamburg ate and 9 (sell)it to quite a few countries around the world. Whether this story is true or not, it certainly is 10 (interest).

Ballpoint pens have made life easier for millions of people. At one time schools did not like their students to write with pen. Perhaps it was And 2 1 pens can leak(漏) and it is easy to spill (溢出) the ink.

is hard to write on thin or cheap paper with them.

Ladislao Biro


(work) for a newspaper in Budapest. He spent all day at his desk. Day in and 4 a pen and ink. He often had to stop to fill his pen

day out, he corrected pages of thin, cheap paper and it did not write They wanted a pen end? 5 6

(good) on the thin paper. He and his brother George began some experiments. did not leak, with ink that did not spill. Why not use a little ball 7 the

Two Englishmen, Henry Martin and Frederick Miles, liked


idea. It was the time of the Second 9 (write) with on planes.

World War. The Air Force needed a non-leak, non-spill pen for the men Martin and Miles made 10

sold many thousands of Biro “writing-sticks” to the Air Force.

So why has English changed over time? Actually all languages change and develop 1 cultures meet and communicate with each other. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different 2 the English spoken today. 3 was based more on German than the

English we speak at present. Then 4 German because those 5

(gradual) between about AD 800 and 1150 English became less like 6

ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. These new

(settle) enriched the English language and especially its vocabulary. So by the 1600’s Shakespeare was able to make use of


wider vocabulary than ever before. In 1620 some British settlers moved to America. 8 (take) to Australia too. English began to be spoken in

Later in the 18 century some British people both countries. Today the number of people 9

(learn) English in China is increasing rapidly.


fact, China

may have the largest number of English learners. Will Chinese English develop its own identity? Only time will tell.

Besides their daily routine, Easter(复活节) gives teachers and students something to look forward to, such as school plays. Children enjoy dressing up __1__ performing on the stage. Some of them even enjoy getting the play set up, learning their part and practicing again and again __2__ going on stage. Another thing children enjoy about Easter is the classroom activities. Have you ever colored in __3__ beautiful Easter picture? Didn’t it give you a special feeling knowing your picture was one of many __4__ (hang) on the classroom walls? Children love to see __5__ pictures around the classroom for people to see. Laying out Easter eggs and other Easter candies around the house is a lot of fun for adults. However, the moment with __6__ fun than that for children is when they go hunting for them. They love walking around the yard and looking behind plants and trees __7__ Easter candies are usually hidden. Easter means the __8__ (begin) of spring for many of us. Children get to start playing outside. Easter is a great time to invite some family members over to have a huge dinner. Children usually exchange their Easter presents and show each other __9__ they have got for Easter. In my childhood, on this day, my parents usually __10__ (chat) with my aunts and uncles while I played with my cousins.

Just now, I entered the website “Topic for Today”. I feel


(interest) in the report on middle

school students’ using cell-phones on campus. In fact, more students now come to school 2 cell-phones. My schoolmates have different opinions. Some think 3 is convenient to get in touch with others with the cell-phone, which also makes you feel safe especially in time of trouble. 4 , it is nice to enjoy various functions of different cell-phones. 5 think differently. First, the cell-phone is not 6 must in school, as 7 are some IC phones there, 8 (make) it easy to call others. Second, many students often play e-games and send e-massages with their cell-phones, even in class, 9 will surely have bad effects on their study. What’s more, it will result in a great waste of time and money. In my opinion, the cell-phone is a 10 (use) tool in our daily life. But it doesn’t mean we can use freely in school.

The train was wonderful and the food was great. We ate great meals 1.________ (cook) by experts! For the first few hundred kilometres 2.________ the journey, the scenery was very colourful. The sun 3.________ (shine), there was no wind 4.________ there were no clouds in the sky. Suddenly, it looked like 5.______ place from another time. We saw abandoned farms 6._______ were built more than a hundred years ago. The train was 7. __________ (comfort) and the people were nice. 8.________ the day, I sat and looked out of the window, and sometimes talked to 9.________ passengers. I read books and listened to 10.______ Chinese cassettes as I am studying Chinese at school.

Strange things happened in Tangshan several days ____1______ July 28, 1976. They were signs of the earthquake. ____2_____, people of the city thought little of ____3______ in the early morning that day, the earth began to shake, ___4_______ destroyed the city. Many people, _____5_______(include) workers and doctors, came to rescue those trapped under the ruins. Later that afternoon, _____6_____ big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were injured or killed and more buildings ___7_____(fall) down. Soldiers were called ___8_____ to help the rescue workers. Teams were organized to dig out the trapped and bury ___9______ dead. With the help from all over the country, Tangshan began to recover ___10______ (slow).

When you happened to meet a fire, don’t be panic. Here are the surviving skills for 1_____to learn. Firstly, you should 2_______yourself down facing a fire. Don’t waste time saving your property, instead, make an effort to find the way out.. Secondly, you should keep it in mind 3_____ you shouldn’t take a lift, 4____you will be caught in the fire, And next if you have some trouble 5 _____ (breath), try to find a wet towe 6_____(cover) your mouth in this way 7 ____that you can’t get choked. Finally, remember a thing, that is , 8 ______you are out , just stay out , Never go back into a building for 9 ______reason. Call 10 ____ fire department using the 119 system or proper local emergency number in your area.


2012-2013 学年第学期期末 15 选 10 填空练习答案 必修一·Unit 1
单词填空:41. went through 42. upset 43. suffering 44. are concerned about 45. ignoring outdoors 47. on purpose 48. joined in 49. exactly 50. power 46.

必修一·Unit 2
单词填空:41. recognized 42. because of 43. a great number of 44. came up 45. such as 46. are requested 47. made use of 48. at present49. played an important part 50. were commanded

必修一·Unit 3
单词填空:41.persuaded 42.transported 43. change your mind 44. is fond of 45.Attitude 46.determined 47.prefer 48.make up their minds 49. ever since 50.organizing

必修一·Unit 4
单词填空:41. destroy 46. suffering 42. in ruins 43. sincerely 47. are shocked 48. useless 44. frighten 49.rescuing 45. steamed 50. cyclist

必修一·Unit 5
单词填空:41.attacked 42. equal 43. set up 46. out of work 47. in trouble 48. quality 44. lose heart 45. devoted 49. vote 50. active

必修二·Unit 1
单词填空: 41. thought highly of 42. belonging to 46. doubt 47. in return 48. fancy 43. survived 49. sank 44. removing 50. in search of 45. worth

必修二·Unit 2
单词填空:41. stands for 46. to be admitted 50. in charge 42. took part 43. hosted 44. medals 45. replacing 47. Nowadays 48. to advertise 49. to compete

必修二·Unit 3
单词填空:41. personally 42.making up 43.went by 44.watch over 45.make full use of 46.In a way 47.With the help of 48.deal with 49.totally 50.as a result

必修二·Unit 4
单词填空:41. in peace 42. appreciate 43. secure 44. protected from 45. certain 46. come into being 47. incident 48. employed 49. pay attention to 50. die out

必修二·Unit 5
单词填空:41. performing 42. am familiar with 43. Above all 44. dream of 45. To be honest 46. earn 47. played jokes on 48. broken up 49. sort out 50. rely on

中山市高一级 2011—2012 学年度第二学期期末统一考试
单词填空:41. advanced 46. watch out 42. defend 47. rude 43. project 48. build up 44. arrival 49. traditions 45. benefit 50. ordinary

2012-2013 学年第学期期末语法填空练习答案
1 1. created 2. their 3. were washed/washed 34. it 5. caused 6. rainy 7. particularly 8. covered 9. the 10. on 2 1. and 2. advice 3. to 4. comfortable 5. them 6. If / Once 7. a 8. with 9. Sharing 10. when 3 1.inspiring 2. as 3. it 4. an 5. reported 6. crazily 7. and 8. when 9. to 10. greater 4 1. It 2. has been 3. between 4. shining 5. resulting 6. that/which

7. buildings 8. Although/Though 9. richest 10. was listed 5 1. it 2. however 3. especially 4. from 5. a 6. asking 7. his 8. what 9. sold 10. interesting 6 1. because 2.it 3. worked 4.with 5.well 6.that / which 7.at 8.the / this 9.to write 10.and 7 1.when 2. from 3. It 4. gradually 5. who 10. In 5. their 6. more 7. where 8. beginning

6.settlers 7. a

8. were taken 9. learning

8 1. and 2. before 3. a 9. what 10. chatted 9 1. interested 2. with 3. it 6. a 7. there 8. making

4. hanging

4. Besides 9. which

5. Others 10. useful

10 1. cooked 2. of 3. shone 4. and 5. a 6. which/that 7. comfortable 8. During 9. other 10. my 11 1. before 2.however 3.them 4.which 5.including 6. another 7. fell 8.on 9. the 10.slowly 12 1 you 2 calm 3. that 4. or/otherwise 5. breathing 6. to cover 7 so 8. if/when 9. any 10.the

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