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期中复习(UNIT1-UNIT5) 词性转换: 1. plan(v.&n.)计划-planning(注意双写 n) 2. invite(v.)邀请-invitation(n)请柬;邀请 3. photo(s)=photograph(s)照片 4. brochure=booklet 宣传手册;小册子 5. travel agent(n.)旅行社职员-travel agency 旅行社 (p.s.与 travel agent’s 旅行社职员办公室 区分) 6. begin(v.)开始-beginning(n.注意双写 n) 7. arrive(v.)到达-arrival(n.)到达 8. build(v.)建造-building(n.)建筑物,大楼 9. tour(v.)旅游-tourist(n.)游客 10. nation(n.) 国 家 -national(adj.) 国 家 的 -nationality(n.) 国籍 -international(adj.) 国际 化的,国际的 11. interest(n.) 兴趣 (places of interest 名 胜 )-interesting(adj.) 有 趣的 -interested(adj.) 令人感兴趣的 13. prevention(n.)预防;阻止 14. puppy-puppies(复数)小狗 15. hard(adj.)困难的;硬的-hard(adv.)努力 地;艰苦地 16. save(v.) 拯 救 -safe(adj.) 安 全 的


ambulance(n.) 救 护 车 -ambulance

man(n.)急救人员 28. neighbour(n.)邻居-neighbourhood(n.)小 区 29. meet(v.)约会-meeting(n.)会议 30. motorcycle(n.) 摩托车 -motorcyclist(n.) 摩托车手 31. hurt(v.)受伤-be hurt(adj.)受伤的 32. break-broke-broken 破坏 be broken(adj.) 破碎的;骨折的 33. different(adj.)不同的-difference(n.)不同 点 34. mmediate(adj.)立刻的-immediately(adv.) 立刻,马上 35. quick(adj.)快速的-quickly(adv.)快速地 36. tidy(v.使整洁;adj.整洁的)-untidy(adj.) 不整洁的 37. help(v.)帮助-helper(n.)帮手-helpful(adj.) 有用的 38. sun(n.)太阳-sunshine(n.)阳光 39. home(n.)家-homeless(adj.)无家可归的 40.sincere(adj.) 真诚的 -sincerely(adv.) 真诚 地 词组 plan a trip to… get a letter from… live in… invite sb. to do… stay with… haven’t seen…before send sb. sth. travel to 表示时间: in+月份/年份/the morning/the afternoon on+ 星 期 几 / 几 月 几 日 ( 某 一 天 )/Sunday morning at+几点钟

-safely(adv.)安全地 17. danger(n.)危险-dangerous(adj.)危险的 18. miss(v.)错过; 想念-missing(adj.)迷失的 19. cross(v.)穿过-across(prep.)穿过 20. hunt(v.)狩猎-hunter(n.)猎人 21. foreign(adj.) 外国的 -foreigner(n.) 外国 人 22. crowd(n.人群;v.挤)-crowded(adj.)拥挤 的 23. male(n.)男-female(n.)女 24. farm(n.)农场-farmer(n.)农夫,农场主 25. type(v.)打字-typist(n.)打字员 26. move(v.) 移 动 -remove(v.) 再 移 动 -removal(n.)搬运

send to

be going to/will do(将来式)

by plane/car/train air

fly to=by plane=by

find out look for 寻找(过程) take care of=look after (be )in danger promise to do/not to do for example most of/some of (be)far(away)from/near read about sth.( 内 容 信 息 ) magazines/newspapers write to in another country call people from… know about write a letter to… a list of… a photo of write soon 尽快回复(用于信最后) tell about in Class 2 Grade 7(注意大写) in the same…as sb. the same as… a construction in other countries read the find(结果)

by ship=by sea

talk to/talk about/talk with get some brochures from the travel agency ask sb. some questions about at would like to do=want to do *visit=call

数字表示方法:eg:150:one hundred and fifty 百位与十位间要加”the” 数 字 +hundred/thousand/million( 不 加 of)hundreds of/thousands of/millions of over/more than/less than+具体数字 at the end of 在最后 at the beginning of 在开始 in the end(后没有 of)最后(表示时间的副词 短语) thank you for your+名词(eg:letter) 动 名词(eg:inviting) arrive 到达某地 in+大范围 at+小范围 take there 越来越远 bring here 越来越近 in the north/south/east/west of/ north/south/east/west of in the centre of/ in the suburbs see…doing… at the palace on the lake open area more than=over build sth. with sth. Chinese national flag places of interest not any=no keep…as… work as a/an… prefer…to+do/sth. give sb. sth. to do go for a walk play with

work for…(company) company make sb. better draw plans of buildings

a piece of/much/a little furniture(uc.) move sth. to sw. put out help do deliver letters and parcels answer the phone take notes type letters come towards knock sb. down catch fire both…and…两者都 all the…三者以上都 run away be afraid of a removal company

stop…to do 停下来去做某事 stop doing 停 止做某事 on one’s way let do a balcony, a bedroom a kitchen(听力有可能 会考) a flat with a living room, a sitting room would rather do make sb./sth. do carry into …later…以后 collect stamps empty rubbish bin sweep the floor sell newspapers need sth. for sth./doing too…for 对…来说太… tidy up talk to next to 国家国籍: Country Canada American(s) the UK/Britain British India Australia Japan Indian(s) Japanese British Indian(s) Japanese People Canadian(s) Nationality Canadian(s) buy…for… make sb./sth.+adj.

nineteen-nineteenth forty-fortieth ninety-ninetieth 语法: 1 、系动词归纳:①look ②smell ③taste ④sound ⑤feel ⑥seem ⑦keep ⑧grow ⑨turn ⑩become 系动词后+adj. 2、cost、pay、spend、take 的区别 cost:花费金钱 pay:花费金钱 spend : 花 费 时 间 Sb. spend sometime (on)doing sth. take:花费时间 It takes sb. sometime to do sth. 3、时间状语:将来式:soon,in+一段时 间,this weekend/next weekend 4 、 need : Sb. need sth. to do. need sth. for 行为动词 否 定 句 : Sb. don’t/doesn’t need to do. need to buy sth. 情态动词 5、be kind to sb. 6、be far away from… keep…from… be unkind to sb. 离…远

the USA/America American(s)


8、sex 性别 male 男性 female 女性 9、like/enjoy/keep/finish doing sth. 10、反身代词:myself,yourself,herself, himself , itself , ourselves , themselves , yourselves enjoy oneself/do it by oneself 11、look for、find、find out 的区别 look for:寻找,重过程 find:找到,重结果 find out:弄清(问题) 12、arrive at/in=get to=reach 到达 13、the Lis=the Li’s family 姓李的一家

Australian(s) Australian(s)

规律:人结尾是 an 的可以加 s 复数特殊变化: 规律:以 y 结尾前是辅音,要去 y 加 ies eg:library-libraries,secretary-secretaries, factory-factories 序数词: one-first three-third nine-ninth fourteen-fourteenth

two-second four-fourth eight-eighth

总结:可以在姓氏前加定冠词 the,将姓 氏变复数的方式来指一家人。 eg:the Wangs 姓王的一家 14、介词:

next to 与 near 的区别 next to:紧靠,在…旁边(很近) near:靠近,在…附近 opposite:在…对面,与…面对面 between A and B:在 A 和 B 之间 15、look forward to doing(动名词) sth.(事物) 16、在拼音开头的地点前不加 the,eg: Yu Garden Shanghai Zoo 不是拼音开头的地点前加 the , eg : the Bund the Oriental Pearl TV Tower 17、make sb.+adj. sth. for sb. sb.+do 18、rise 和 raise 的区别 rise:sth. rise raise:raise sth. 33、介词 on 和 at on:on…day at:at…festival 19、everyday 和 every day 的区别 everyday:形容词,每天的,日常的,eg: everyday work every day:副词短语,每天,通常用于句 末或句首 句型: 1、Where does Uncle Weiming live? *此处“live”后不加任何介词 2、Can I help you? -May I help you? What can I do for you? 3、--How long does it take to travel from A to B by plane? --It takes about (sometime). 4、 How much does it cost?=How much is it? 5、Let’s talk about doing sth. *let 后加 do about 后加 doing

7、Have a wonderful time.=Enjoy yourself. 8、--What do we call people from_____国 家? --We call them_____国籍. 9、 疑问词 Which country、 What nationality 10、--Which one do you like best/better? --I prefer the __ one. 11、--What would you like to know about your penfriend? --I’d like to know… 12、Who wears a uniform at work? *who 作第三人称单数 13、问职业:What does/do XX do?=What’s XX job?=What job is XX’s? 14、When I was walking in the street, I saw my friend, Ben. *前后时态一致 was walking、saw was walking 是一个状态,短暂动词(过去 进行时) When I lived in the city centre, I walked to school. lived 是长期的居住(用过去式) 15 、What’s the matter with you?=What’s wrong with you? 16、疑问词:What kind of flat would you like? I’d like…with…


I’d like…/No,thanks.

6、See you soon.常用语信件最后

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