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1. ,you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. 遛狗时你不小心把狗松开了,狗被汽车撞了。 2. You will tell him/her that he/she , so you don’ t let him/her look at your paper. 你将告诉他/她说他/她过去本该学习,因此你不许他/她看你的卷子。 3.I wonder if for so long everything to do with nature. 我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故, 我变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂 热。 4....it was the first time in a year and a half that the night face to face... ??这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚?? 5 . It ’ s_ because nature is one thing that really must be experienced. 透过(窗帘)观看这些已经不再是乐趣,因为大自然是你必须亲身体验的。 1.All children like to play (outdoor) instead of staying indoors when the weather is fine. 2.Not having been cleaned for months,the books on the shelf were 3.The big earthquake that happened in Yushu destroyed the town of Yushu 4. Our parents are our health and future. As far as I’ m with them.(concern) (dust). (entire). , we should talk

5.Never before has our country been so (power) as it is today. 6.He stood up suddenly, (upset) a cup of tea. 7.The doctor had given her up but she made an excellent (recover). 8.Some people say that man is naturally a hunter. I express (disagree) with this view. 9.This race,which went on for (exact) four months,was the last of its kind. 10.European (settle) began in 1840 when the British arrived. go through get along with add up face to face fall in love with

1.I’ve always found him a bit difficult to 2.I him the first time I saw the young man. 3.He’s amazingly cheerful considering all he’s had to 4.If you want to know the total,you’d better the numbers. 5.I am going to have an interview with your manager. I mean that I’m going to interview him .教材活用——根据课文内容完成下面的短文 A best friend is someone 1. you can tell everything to,even your most 2. (person) feelings and thoughts. Anne Frank treated her diary 3. her best friend. The German Nazis were in search of Anne and her family. The family had to hide away from the chase. They 4. not dare) to go out even in the evenings.5. had to stay indoors day and night. Not 6. (be) able to go out for such a long time,Anne missed the beauty of nature so much that she grew crazy about everything to do with 7. .She stayed up until eleven thirty one evening on purpose just to see 8. .She said, “This is the first time I have seen the moonlight 9. I came here.” 10. (unfortunate), the family were discovered at last and taken away from the hiding place.

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 一 David:1. would you live if you could choose? Jane:2 is very difficult to say. If I were very rich,I’d certainly choose Paris. David:3. would you do if you lived in Paris? Jane:Oh,I’d have a house by the Seine,and I could enjoy the scenery. David:You’d soon get 4. (tire) of it. And what about the United States? Jane:I wouldn’t live in New York.It is too 5. (noise). David:How 6. Los Angeles? Jane:Los Angeles wouldn’t be 7. bad idea. David:It is 8. say) that the sun shines every day in Los Angeles. I’d like to live there. Jane:As a matter of fact,I’d live in any city 9. I had friends. David:I 10. also like to live in a city with a lot of good friends. 二 —Honey,what would you say if we have a Christmas party at home this year? —But I thought you were planning to go to the 1. (Turner).2. could you have it? The house is rather small. —We might have a small 3. We could put food 4. the dining room table. —Then 5. should we invite? —Let me see, the Turners, the Manders, and a few boys, and some girls 6. my office. We may have music or... —We’ve got only three weeks to go. —That’ s plenty of time. We’ ll get some 7. (invite) ready and 8. (send) out soon. We’ ll call to get 9. small Christmas tree. And if we should fix food ourselves, it would cost less. —You mean you fix food? —Well,I can do some easy things. Maybe I can do some shopping—or,at 10. wash dishes. 完形填空 (little),

If you’ve ever been to a foreign country,you will know that fitting in isn’t easy. Chances are they will have a 1 language and way of life. Here’s how to get a basic grasp on things 2

going to a different country. 3 their 4 about the country. Get a base of knowledge. Where is the country located?What are foods?If you know someone who has been to the country, 5 them to tell you a bit

about the country. Attempt basic phrases. If you do not know how to master the 7 6 their language,it will be hard to

language in a short time. Remember you will not have time to learn the whole things like:asking for directions and ordering in restaurants. Learn these 9

language,so 8

along with the basic please,thank you,hello,and goodbye. Try to meet someone who knows about or has been to the country. country,you may be out of 10 it is a less known

11 .In this case,search the Internet and the library.

Have a basic understanding of customs. If you do end up in a trouble 12

your lack of

customs,calmly explain you are 13 .Basic English customs are not the same around the world, 14 as you get into Asia and Africa, but will 15 a base for most European countries.

Handle your money well. Money can be 16 ,but cover all your bases. Understand the name of the monetary(货币的) 17 (i.e.dollars) and know the names of the coins or bills 18 the unit. Do this in your own country before you go and practice 20 19 .Exchange your bills a couple of weeks before

them. Know the basic conversion(兑换)(i.e.one pound is about two

dollars).Recognize fair prices and know how to make basic money transactions(交易). 1.A. difficult 2.A. until 3.A. Tell 4.A. delicious 5 A. argue 6.A. ignore 7.A. entire 8.A. focus on 9.A. phrases 10.A. If 11.A. practice 12.A. because of 13.A. wrong 14.A .rarely 15.A. provide 16.A. shocking 17.A .unit 18.A. above 19.A. setting off B.native B.after B.Wonder B wonderful B.ask C.different C.before C.Realize C.strange C.discuss D.terrible D.since D.Learn D.traditional D.send D.speak D.general D.settle down D.adjustments D.When D.luck D.instead of D.local D.hardly D.refuse D.surprising D.power D.below D.turning off

B.practice C.accept B.normal C.average B.knock into C.calm down B.names B.Though B.mind C.books C.As C.sight

B.thanks to C.as for B.innocent C.foreign

B.especially C.usually B.inspire C.support

B.amazing C.confusing B.number C.amount B.within C.behind B.putting off C.cutting off

20.A. paying B.recognizing C.answering D.charging .写作素材(关于友谊) 1.要想拥有朋友,你必须做一个诚实的人。 2.首先最好加入些俱乐部并多参加活动以结识陌生人。 3.其次,一旦你有了朋友,要学会去关心他们。 4.在任何时候不要忽视他们。 5.最后但同样重要的是,要和他们好好相处,并经常和他们交流。 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用 first, second,last but not least 等连接词。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文)

第二单元 经典原句默写与背诵 1. by Underground?为什么不坐地铁去呢? 以英语 2.Native English speakers can understand each other 作为母语的人,即使他们所讲的语言不尽相同,也可以相互理解。 3.Believe it or not, 信不信由你,(世界上)没有什么标准英语。 4. were expected to speak excellent English. 播报新闻的人应该说出色的英语。 1.After the war,a new 2.I will give him a present as an 3.As the weather soon. 4.As a matter of fact,illness and age changed him beyond 5.This tree looks tall and strong but 6.We all admire her for her speaking English 7.She received several 8.His income only meets 9.The coming. make use of come up 1.No new suggestion and Tokyo. 3. the people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. the interesting storybook. he is very busy. (你猜) he will come? (即使你给他解释),he can’t understand it. (与其说生气了还不如说伤心了)。 没有这样的运气). (今天或明天). 4.I was thinking of how to 5.He likes to help us 1.When 2. 3.She was 5.You may come to my office e 把下列直接引语变为间接引语 (1)He said, “I’m going to Beijing.” →He said he going to Beijing. the number of even though, such as at the meeting yesterday. Chicago 10.The mother looks at the door (fluent). (base) living expenses. (command) and some of the soldiers had been released. (frequent),expecting the children’s (recognize). (actual) its trunk is hollow. (office) letters this morning. (govern) was set up for that country. (express) of gratitude. (gradual) becomes warmer and warmer,he will pick up as standard English.

2.Earthquakes are more likely to happen in the cities along the coastlines,

4.He was admitted to a very famous university. But I have

(2)He asked, “Are you a teacher?” →He asked me I a teacher. in the east and (3)The geography teacher said, “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” →The geography teacher told us that the sun in the west. (4)She says, “I’ll never forget the days in the country.” →She says that →He asked me (1)The teacher said to me,“Come in.” →The teacher (2)The teacher said to me,“Don’t be late again.” →The teacher →The teacher (4)He said,“What a fine day it is!” →He said (5)All the people cried,“What magnificent clothes these are!” →All the people cried Ⅰ.教材活用——根据课文内容完成下面的短文 At the end of the 16th century,English was only spoken by people from England. They were native speakers. Today, the largest number of people 1. A lot of Chinese people speak English as 2. 3. English language 4 (speak) English may be in China. be late again. smoke there. (3)The teacher said to me,“Will you please not smoke here?” the days in the country. . (5)He said to me, “What’s your name?”

foreign language. (change) quite a lot over the last four less like German for it was based on German,but England was

centuries. Old English sounded more 5 modern English sounds 6. once ruled by the French. Two people had great effects 8.

(much) like French than German 7.

the English changes.9.

was Shakespeare,who

enlarged the English vocabulary;the other was Noah Webster,who wrote a dictionary 10 gave American English its own identity. Ⅱ.语法填空 —Young people are given too much 1 (free) nowadays,and as 2 result they have lost respect for their parents and elders in general. —I don’t think 3. .My parents gave me advice 4. never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I respect and love them for this. —Are you quite independent 5 them now? —Oh, yes. After I left school and started to work as a nurse, I became 6. independent. (economical)

—You seem very close to your parents. —I am. Many young people today say they have nothing 7. But I’m very lucky because I get along very well 8.

common with their parents. them. What about you?

—Well,we value family life very much in my country. I am also very fond of my family. But I don’ t always get along very well with my parents. They seldom allow me to do I want to. —But they allowed you to come to study in England on 10. own. —Yes,but that’s after many times of request. Ⅲ.写作素材(关于英语) 提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用 so that 引导的目的状语从句和 if 引导的条 件状语从句。 1.目前,英语在我们的生活中起重要作用。 ,English our daily life.

2. 我们应充分利用每一次机会来练习英语, 这样我们就能逐渐扩大词汇量和流利地讲英语。 We should can our every opportunity to practise English so that we and speak English .

3.如果你掌握好英语,对你将来的发展是有好处的。 If you English,it is good for your future development.

Ⅰ.教材活用——根据课文内容完成下面的短文 Wang Kun and Wang Wei are brother and sister.They have dreamed about 1.taking (take) a great bike trip.It was Wang Wei who first had the idea to cycle 2.along the entire Mekong River.They 3.rode (ride) bicycles to travel along the Mekong River,4.whose source is in Qinghai Province.When it enters Southeast Asia, it travels slowly through low valleys to the plains 5.where rice grows.Despite the difficulties, Wang Kun and Wang Wei were 6.determined (determination) to begin their journey at an altitude of 7.more(much) than 5,000 metres in Qinghai Province.During their journey,they enjoyed the continuous change of the weather.8.Finally(final),they reached Dali in Yunnan Province, where Dao Wei and Yu Hang joined 9.them.10.The four of them went on with their great bike trip. A:The time has come to say goodbye. B:So soon.It 1.seems(seem) as if you just got here. A:I feel that way,2.too. B:It certainly has been a pleasure 3.seeing(see) you again and talking about old days. A: I’ll be 4.expecting(expect) you.And I really want to thank you for 5.spending(spend) so much time showing me the sights. B:Oh,it was fun for me,too.6.It gave me a chance to get away from my everyday work and do something 7.a little different. A:Will you be out to see me next year 8.as you promised? B: Oh, yes.That’s our present plan 9.unless something bad comes up.I 10.should be there in early September. A:I’ll be expecting you.

1 . Mr.Smith , who is a very international .(organize)

person , works as the president of a large

2.Li Hua is a young man with great 3.My brother went to his 4.If a person always behaves 5.We are looking for someone who is 6.A teacher should not show 7.My glasses are 8.What decision did you


from Beijing University in 2008.I still remember the day when we .(graduate) (proper),he will find it hard to realize his dream. (rely) and hardworking. (prefer) for any one of his pupils. (bend) because I left them on my bed and then sat on them. (final) arrive at? (transportation) to the flooded area.

9.After the flood,many things have been

10.His poor eyesight was a as usual change one’s mind

(advantage) to him. put up give in make up one’s mind about going on smoking.

1.For the sake of his health,finally he 2.He had to 3.They 4. 5.We can 1.He

to her strong determination. to buy a new house once they got married. ,there are quite a few old people in the parks on Sunday. ten people for the night. (宁愿死) rather than steal. (从那以后便一直住在这里).

2. He came to England three years ago and 3. 4.The doctor insisted that 5.I think the plan Ⅴ.写作素材(关于旅游) 1.我们的邻居老王,喜欢旅游而不愿意呆在家里。 2.上个月他说服我们和他一起去旅游。 3.他很可靠,关注准备工作的每个细节。 4.他选择了路线,找了交通工具并且制定了日程表。 5.他组织的这次旅游使我们很快乐。

(一旦你养成了坏习惯),it’s very difficult to get rid of it. (她好好休息). (很难实施).

提示:黑体部分用本单元词汇表达,并且请使用过去分词短语作定语。 连句成篇 (将以上句子连成一篇 50 词左右的英语短文) Our neighbor Mr.Wang,prefers travelling to staying at home.Last month,he persuaded us to join in his journey.He was quite reliable and cared about details of the preparation work.He chose the route, found the transport and made the schedule.The journey organized by him made us happy.

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