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2015 高三二模英语翻译
82. 昨晚我很累,没做完作业就睡了。(without)

83. 无论多忙,我们都应该经常花时间与父母说说话。(spend)

84. 学生是否必须穿校服,校方和家长各执一词。(opinion)

85. 虽然这种产品有利环保,但因其价格昂贵,几乎无人问津。(in favor of)

86. 骑车不仅能让我们体格强健,还有助于我们免受日益严重的交通拥堵之苦。(suffer)

82. I was so tired last night that I went to bed without finishing my homework. 83. However busy we are, we should regularly spend some time talking with our parents. 84. The school (authority) and parents have / hold different opinions on whether students must wear school uniforms. 85. Although this product is in favor of environmental protection, few people show interest in / would like to buy it because of its high price. 86. Cycling can not only make us physically strong, but also help us avoid suffering from the serious traffic jams. increasingly


众所周知,大量砍树对自然平衡有灾难性的影响。 (As)


她的父母忙于工作,因此她在年幼时就学会了照顾自己。 (age)


这部滑稽的电影的确分散了我注意力,让我暂时忘记了这些难题。 (which)


考官在面试时问了他很多问题,为的是了解他是否能胜任科学研究工作。 ( in order to)


正因为是他被任命为经理,该公司在过去的十年中迅速发展为广告业巨头。 (It)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

As we all know/ As is known to all, cutting down a large number of trees has disastrous effects on the balance of nature. Her parents were busy with work, so she learned to take care of/look after herself at an early age. This funny movie did distract my attention, which made me forget these tough problems for the time being. The interviewer asked him many questions during the interview in order to see if /whether he was capable of doing scientific research. It was because he was appointed as manager that the company has developed into a giant in the advertising business in the past ten years.

1.这个协议将为两国的合作铺平道路。 (pave)





1. This agreement will pave the way for the cooperation between the two countries. 2. It was said that the young professor objected to the headmaster’s proposal in public. 3. Nobody can persuade the engineer to change his original decision once he has made up his mind. 4. Yesterday I returned the useless air-conditioner to the shop where it was sold /I bought it and got a/the refund. 5. So excited was David that he failed to fall asleep the whole night when/after he learned that he would participate in the final competition to be held in Beijing.

1. 我们学习英语不是为了参加考试,而是为了掌握一种交际工具。(tool)


2. 我们应怀感恩之心善待那些爱我们并关心我们的人。(grateful)

3. 只要你懂得如何反思自己的过错,就能从中吸取教训。(reflect)

4. 尽管家境贫寒,但那个男孩志存高远并梦想着有朝一日能获诺贝尔奖。(Despite)

5. 那个刚被批评的女孩哭着跑了出去,根本不知道这样其实让她的父母更伤心。(Out)

1. We learn Englishnot to take examsbut to develop a tool for communication. (1+1+2) 2. We should kindly treatthose who love and care for uswith a grateful heart. (1+2+1) 3. As long as you knowhow to reflect on your mistakes,you can learn lessons from them. (1+1+2) 4. Despite his poor family, the boy is ambitiousand dreams of getting the Nobel Prizeone/some day. (1+1+2+1) 5. Out rushed the girlwho had just been criticized,crying and not knowing at allthat in fact it made her parents sadder. (1+1+2+1)

1、我们渴望一个没有污染的星球。( free )

2、微风吹拂着她的头发,那小女孩注视着彩蝶在花海中飞舞。 (With… )

3、这部最近出品的电影旨在唤起人们对贫困山区儿童的关注。 (mean )

4、他向朋友保证在任何情况下他都不会违背做一个诚实守信人的承诺( under nocircumstances )

5 、正是高三的学习经历使我们相信无论过程多么艰难,我们的努力终将会得到回报。 ( convince, pay off )

1. We long for a planet free of pollution. 3

2. With the breeze blowing through her hair, the little girl watched the colorful butterflies dancing in the sea of flowers. 3. The film released newly is meant to arouse people’s concern about/attention to the children in poor mountainous areas. 4. He assured his friends that under no circumstances would he break the promise that he should/would be faithful/trustworthy and honest. 5. It was the learning experiences in Senior Three that convinced us that however hard the process was, our efforts would eventually pay off.

1. 据我所知,他们学校的面积是我们的两倍。(size)

2. 如果你忘记通知他面试时间了该怎么办?(what if)

3. 在现代社会中,手机不仅是通讯工具,也是一种娱乐工具。(Not only…)

4. 这位经济学家在调查中发现,有些人赚得越多,消费的欲望也更强烈。(the more …)

5. 既然选手们已投入比赛,即使结果不尽如人意,你也别对其吹毛求疵了。(devote)

1. As far as I know, the size of their school is twice that of ours. 2. What if you forget to inform him of the time for the interview? 3. Not only are mobile phones a means of communication in modern society but also a means of entertainment. 4. The economist has found in the survey that the more some people earn, the more they want to buy. 5. Since the participants/candidates have devoted themselves to the match, you had better not find fault with the result even if it is far from satisfactory.

82. 在美国和加拿大,用餐后不付小费是很失礼的事。 (tip)

83. 据报道,政府已经下定决心要解决环境污染问题。(determine)

84. 令他惊讶的是,他的春考成绩比他期望的要好得多。(expect)


85. 汉语是世界上最难的语言之一,学习这种语言的人很快就会发现自己遇到了挑战。 (challenge)

86. 直到真要出国了,这个年轻人才意识到自立的重要性。(Not)

82. In the U.S./ USA/ America and Canada, not tipping/not giving a tip(tips)/not paying a tip(tips)/failing to tip/failing to pay a tip(tips)/give a tip(tips) after a mealisvery/quite rude/impolite/ill-mannered/bad-mannered/insulting. 83.It is reported thatthe government has been determined to solve/settle the problem(s) of environmental pollution. The government is reported to have been determined to solve/settlethe problem(s) ofenvironmental pollution. According to the report,the government has been determinedto solve/settle the problem(s) of environment(al) pollution. 84. To his surprise,the result of his Spring College Entrance Examinationis much/a lot/(by) far betterthan (what was) expected/than (he) expected/than what he expected. 85. Chinese/The Chinese language isone of the most difficult/hardest languages in the world, and/so people (who are) learning it /who learn it/quickly/soon find themselveschallenged/that they soon meet with a/the challenge. 86. Not until the young person/man/youngsteractually went abroaddid he realize/was he aware/conscious of the importance/significanceof independence / being independent /living on his own /how important independence /being independent/living on his own was.


2、事实证明,你尝试的越多,就越有可能提前取得成功。(the more…)



Around half of the students in school are keen on playing games in cell phones. 评分标准:满分 4 分 5

Around half of the students(1) in school(0.5) are keen on(1) playing games(1) in cell phones(0.5). It is proved that the more you try, the more likely you are to achieve success in advance. 评分标准:满分 4 分 It is proved that(1) the more you try(0.5), the more likely you are(1) to achieve success(1) in advance(0.5). Never before has he been so eager to receive parents’ understanding and support as he is now. 评分标准:满分 4 分 Never before(0.5) has he been(1) so eager to(0.5) receive parents’ understanding and support(1) as he is now(1). Since there came the Internet, customers have had easy access to various goods they like at home. 评分标准:满分 5 分 Since there came the Internet(1), customers(0.5) have had easy access to(2) various goods(0.5) they like(0.5) at home(0.5). In terms of the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the government is appealing to citizens to deal with the used batteries properly. 评分标准:满分 5 分 In terms of / Owing to/ Because of(1) the increasingly serious environmental pollution(1), the government(0.5) is appealing to citizens(1) to deal with the used batteries(1) properly(0.5).






李光耀(Lee Kuang Yew)去世的消息使全国陷入深深的悲痛之中。(pass)




养成每天看天气预报的习惯, 这样你就能够应付上海变幻莫测、 变化多端的天气了。 (so that)

1. 2.

Many spelling mistakes can be avoided if you check your composition carefully. The gardener told him that this kind of trees was difficult to transplant. /The gardener told him that it was difficult to transplant this kind of trees.


The whole nation was in deep grief at the news that Lee Kuang Yew had passed away. 6


Not until a series of air crash happened recently did people begin to pay attention to pilots’ psychological health.


Make a habit of watching weather forecast every day, so that you can cope with the unpredictable and changeable weather in Shanghai.

1. 人们越来越依赖互联网。 (dependent)

2. 他有远大抱负,要成为一名宇航员。(ambition)

3. 这款手机一上市就吸引了世界各地的年轻人。 (Hardly)

4. 你是不是就在这家新开的饭店里看见疑犯实施犯罪? (it)

5. 她一直犹豫是否要做手术,直到医生确切地告诉她到目前为止手术没有失败过时,才下 决心做手术。 (assure)

1. People have become /been more and more dependent on the Internet. … are becoming… 2. He has a great ambition to be / of being / of becoming an astronaut. 3. Hardly had this kind of cell phone been put / been launched on the market when it attracted/drew/appealed to young people all over/across / throughout the world. 4. Was it in the newly opened restaurant that you witnessed / saw (that) the suspect committed the crime? …saw the suspect commit / committing the crime… 5. She hesitated (whether)to take / have / receive the operation (or not), so she didn’t decide to take it/didn’t make up her mind(to take it)until her doctor assured her that this kind of operation had never failed/ had no case of the operation had ever failed.

1. 我很难在这份菜单上找到素食。(difficulty)

2. 希望人人都能各抒己见,因为没有沟通就会产生误解。(expect)

3. 除了改善公共交通之外,拓宽道路也是缓解交通压力的有效方法。(relieve)

4. 显而易见,现代社会正在步入一个使机机对话变得十分便利的新时代。(when)

5. 公司在录用新人时,应考虑其能力和工作经验等内在因素,而不应考虑其外貌及家庭背 景。(independent)

1. I have / had (great)difficulty (in)finding vegetarian food / dishes on this menu. 2. Everyone is expected to express / voice his / her own opinions, as lack of communications may lead to / give rise to / bring about / cause misunderstandings. 3. In addition to / Besides improving the public transport, widening roads is another effective way to relieve traffic pressure. 4. It is obvious that our modern society is stepping into a new era when robot-to-robot communications are made very easy. 5. When employing a new staff member, a company should take into consideration / account his or her ability and work experience, independent of his or her appearance or family background.

1. 语言运用需要足够的词汇量为基础。(base)

2. 世界豪华汽车至少 50%的销售依赖于快速崛起的亚洲市场。 (depend)

3. 无论他编造了多少借口,他都得为因自己失误而造成的后果买单。 (no matter)

4. 必须清楚地意识到自己的长处和短处之后,才能合理地制定人生目标,无怨无悔地为之 奋斗。(before)

5. 参与本次工业展览会的观众无不对一家参展商所推广的家庭自动报警系统赞不绝口。 (who)

1. Language practice needs to be based on enough vocabulary. 2. At least 50% of the sale of the world’s luxury cars depends on the fast-rising Asian market. 3. No matter how many excuses he made up, he had to pay the price for the consequences caused by his errors. 4. A person must realize his strong and weak points before he can reasonably set up the goal for life and struggle for it without regrets or complaints. 5. Audience who attended the industrial exhibition all sang the praises of the family automatic alarm system promoted by one exhibitor. 8

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