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高中英语 Unit 5 Music Period Two课时作业 新人教版必修2

Unit 5 Music Period Two

Period Two

Learning about Language

Ⅰ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选 项。 Thank your friends for the following priceless things ?Thank you for being completely honest with me—even when I don’t want to hear it. __1__ There’s something different about hearing the truth from your best friend that makes it a little more bearable.Your best friend knows that always being honest with you will make you trust them, and that’s what friendship is about. ?Thank you for always bringing my mood up. __2__ You know you are with someone who knows you inside and out, and you can be your true self around them.How can that not put you in a better mood instantly? ?Thank you for being selfless. You have truly made this world a better place by caring more for others than for yourself.You are an inspiration.__3__Through their daily life they show you how to put others above yourself, and how to enjoy doing so.It takes a special person to be selfless, if you are lucky enough to have this type of person as a best friend, cherish them. ?Thank you for knowing when something is wrong with me, and what to do to make it better. You can’t fool your best friend.They know when something isn’t right with you, even when you try to lie through your teeth.__4__ If you are going through a breakup, they bring you your favorite type of ice cream and help you eat the whole thing. ?Thank you for thinking about me. A simple text asking how you’re doing, or how your day was can instantly change your day around.Your best friend checks in with you just to say hi because they are


thinking about you.__5__ You both take time out of your day just to check in. A.Distance can hurt a lot of relationships. B.You share more memories with your friends. C.Your best friend inspires you to be a better person. D.They help you instead of getting disappointed with you. E.It’s not easy to hear the truth when you don’t want to hear it. F.It’s a great feeling to know someone cares about you that much. G.Anytime you’re around your best friend your mood automatically gets better. 答案 1.E [本段标题为“谢谢你对我坦诚相待——即使在我不想听的时候”。选项 E 的意 思为“当你不想听的时候,很难认真听别人说出事实”。空格后面一句内容为“然而,从 朋友口中听到事实真相则有所不同,会更加容易接受一些。”这两个句子内容形成对比。 故选 E。] 2.G [本段标题为“谢谢你总是让我心情变好”,选项 G 的意思为“每当在朋友身边,你的 心情都会自动变好”,与标题内容相一致。故选 G。] 3.C [根据空格后面的句子内容“通过他们的日常生活他们向你展示如何把他人放在自己之 前,如何以此为乐”可知,好朋友教会你应该把别人放在自己之前,即你最好的朋友激励 你成为更好的人。故选 C。] 4.D [本段标题为“谢谢你,每当我出了什么事的时候你都知道,而且知道怎样做来弥补”。 选项 D 的意思为“他们不会对你感到沮丧,反而会想方设法帮助你”,指朋友在你出错的 时候不对你失望而是帮助你。选项 D 与标题内容相符合。故选 D。] 5.F [本段标题为“谢谢你想到我”,结合空格前面一句 because they are thinking about you 可知,朋友因为想你而想到了你,这种被关心的感觉是非常好的。故选 F。] Ⅱ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 My youngest son and I bought a children’s book __1__ (title) You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest.In the story a small bear and his mother bake cakes and then deliver them to their neighbors. After __2__ (read) this book to my 7-year-old son, he told me that he __3__ (want) to do the same thing for Christmas Eve.He even picked out a special baking tin in the store that he asked me to buy. On the morning of Christmas Eve, I mixed up the chocolate cake batter,__4__help

from my son.We ended up baking 18 small heart __5__ (cake).We frosted each cake, before we put it into a box.We added a sticker and a little gift tag __6__ said “from your neighbors”. We walked around the neighborhood __7__ (hand) these cakes out.And one neighbor recognized my son as one of the __8__ (kind) boys in the world. I was standing in the yard, cake in hand, getting ready to walk with my son, __9__I saw the mailman pull up.What perfect timing! I ran straight over to him and presented the cake to him with a “Merry Christmas!” He was so__10__(move)! 答案 1.titled [根据空格后面的 by 一词可知用动词的过去分词表被动。] 2.reading [after 为介词,后用动词的现在分词形式。] 3.wanted [主句 he told me 中的谓语动词用了过去式,宾语从句中的谓语动词应该一致。] 4.with [with help from sb 相当于 with the help of sb。] 5.cakes [空格前面有具体的数字 18,故名词用复数形式。] 6.that/which [缺少定语从句的引导词。] 7.handing [现在分词短语作伴随状语。] 8.kindest [空格前面有 one of the 修饰,故应该用所给词的最高级形式。] 9.when [when 引导时间状语从句,表示“当??的时候”。] 10.moved [moved 为形容词,表示“感动的”。] Ⅲ.阅读理解 When I was in college, I was always very passionate about music and I was proud to be a member of our band.However, I almost quitted because of my fear of playing solos(独奏). One day two years ago my director informed me that he wanted me to be the featured soloist in a piece of music.Of course I was terrified, but he assured me that everything would be OK, and that he had faith in me and knew that I could do it.Up until four days before the concert, I could not make it through the solo.I would always seem to get discouraged before I played it. I decided to ask my director for help thinking that he would tell me that I didn’t have to do it and that he was still proud of me.Instead, all he said was “You just have to have faith in yourself.” But, I figured trying his advice wouldn’t hurt,

so I started the next morning different.Instead of me wondering how I could mess up, I imagined myself playing through my solo with confidence and I kept on telling myself that I could do it. The strange thing was...it worked! Every single day after that I played the solo without any mistake.When the big concert came, although I’m a little nervous, I knew that I could do this.I didn’t know what’s going to happen, but I realized that after all this time the only person that was holding me back from being my best, was myself.I had faith in myself, I thought things would go a little differently than they had in the past.Of course, I played the solo wonderfully and I gained cheering from all the audience. Always do the thing that you fear the most, and don’t get discouraged if you fail, just keep on trying harder. 1.It can be known from the passage that when in college the author ________. A.took pride in his college band B.was fond of music very much C.loved playing solos in the band D.was told to stop playing solos 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第一段 I was always very passionate about music 可知,

作者在上大学期间非常喜爱音乐,故 B 项正确;根据 and I was proud to be a member of our band 可知 A 项不正确;由 I almost quitted because of my fear of playing solos 可知 C 项不对;D 项文章没有提及。] 2.Why did the author feel terrified when the director told him to play a solo in the concert? A.Because he had never played solos in concerts before. B.Because he almost had no experience in playing solos. C.Because he once failed in playing a solo in a concert. D.Because he was lack of confidence and fear of playing it. 答案 D [细节理解题。 由文章第二段中的 I would always seem to get discouraged before

I played it 可知作者缺乏演奏独奏的信心,再根据第一段中的 because of my fear of playing solos 可知作者害怕演奏独奏,故 D 项正确;A、B 项文章没有提及;C 项不符合文

章内容。] 3.The purpose of the passage is to ________. A.tell us to have faith in ourselves and don’t fear what we can’t do B.explain how difficult it is to play solos in front of a lot of people C.introduce a good director the author met in college to the readers D.encourage college students to keep on studying hard in their lessons 答案 A [推理判断题。通读全文可知,这篇文章通过“我”害怕独奏而在指导教师的鼓

励下最终获得了演出的成功,其主要目的是告诉我们要充满信心不要害怕我们以前没有做 过的事情。故 A 项正确。] 4.The author played the solo wonderfully in the concert because ________. A.the director directed him personally on the stage of the concert B.he had played the solo many times in other concerts C.he became confident with the encouragement of the director D.the director played the solo together with him on the stage 答案 C [推理判断题。作者终于演出成功获得观众的喝彩,这一切都是因为在指导教师

的鼓励下有了信心的缘故。故选项 C 正确。I had faith in myself, I thought things would go a little differently than they had in the past.给出了答案提示。] Ⅳ.完形填空 My father died when I was five.It was hard on us all.My brother, who is eight years older than me, began to__1__ my mother and me. Taking on many more__2__ than was expected of him, I remember he made sure the rubbish was__3__, and the yard mowed(修剪).He did on his__4__, without being told to do so. Because of my father’s death, my mother was__5__ to get a full time job.My brother took it upon himself, to get up early every morning.He would__6__ me up for school, and make me__7__.While I was eating he would__8__ my school uniform, make my bed, and gather my school__9__ up. When I arrived home from school, he had already__10__ cookies and a glass of milk for me.If I had homework, this was time for me to do it.Although my brother couldn’t cook himself, he would find something for supper, and have__11__ready for mom, so

she could start__12__. It was a Saturday in June.My mother and I were at the__13__.There were all kinds of Father’s Day cards on the counter.I asked my mother “Why don’t they have__14__ Day cards?” She smiled and said, “Your brother has__15__ been a father to you.Go and__16__ a card.” __17__ I did, and on Father’s Day morning, my mother and I gave my brother the__18__ as a Father’s Day present. As he read it, I saw the tears__19__ in his eyes.I heard the crackling in mom’s voice as she said, “Son, your father is__20__ of you.We love you, and thank you.” 1.A.watch over C.hunt for 答案 A B.deal with D.watch out

[watch over“守护;看护”,父亲死后,作者的哥哥照料妈妈和作者。 deal

with“处理;对付”;hunt for“寻找”;watch out“当心;注意”。] 2.A.experiences C.adventures 答案 D B.equipment D.responsibilities

[通过下文对哥哥所做事情的描述,可以判断作者的哥哥承担了太多的责任。] B.taken out D.left out

3.A.made out C.held out 答案 B

[make out“看出;辨认出”;take out“拿出;把??拿出去”;hold out“维

持;坚守”;leave out“遗漏”。句子意思是“将垃圾带出去”。故选 B。] 4.A.purpose 答案 D B.mind C.dream D.own

[on one’s own“单独地;独自地”,根据下句 without being told to do so

可知哥哥是自己主动做这些事情的。] 5.A.forbidden C.forced 答案 C B.prevented D.depended

[根据 Because of my father’s death 可知,父亲死后,妈妈不得不(被迫)做

专职工作(养家糊口)。] 6.A.stand 答案 B B.wake C.make D.take

[哥哥早起叫醒我去上学。stand up“起立” ;make up“化装”;take up“占


7.A.breakfast C.lunch 答案 A 8.A.look 答案 B

B.dinner D.tea

[由于是早晨再结合 While I was eating 可知,哥哥给我做的是早餐。] B.iron C.wash D.wear

[我吃早饭时,哥哥在熨烫我的衣服。look 后应该加 for 表示寻找;哥哥不可

能在洗(wash)我的校服,更不可能在穿(wear)我的校服。] 9.A.classes 答案 D B.affairs C.events D.books

[哥哥将我的学校用书聚集在一起。] B.prepared D.expected

10.A.reminded C.borrowed 答案 B

[根据后面的 for me 可知此处应该填 prepared。] B.something D.anything

11.A.nothing C.everything 答案 C

[哥哥为妈妈做晚饭准备好所有的东西。anything 用于疑问句或否定句。 ] B.cooking D.measuring

12.A.eating C.acting 答案 B

[根据上面一句 Although my brother couldn’t cook himself 可知,哥哥将所

有做饭的材料准备好,等妈妈回来开始做饭。] 13.A.store 答案 里。] 14.A.Father’s C.Brother’s 答案 C B.Mother’s D.Sister’s A B.school C.church D.factory



亲节的卡片了。根据下句妈妈的话可知,作者问的是“为什么没有’哥哥’节的卡片?” 他想买一张卡片送给哥哥。] 15.A.definitely C.traditionally 答案 A B.attractively D.completely

[ 妈妈的意思是“你的哥哥无疑 ( 确实 ) 就像你的父亲,他照顾你,关心你”。


16.A.pick up C.make of 答案 D

B.come across D.pick out

[pick out“挑选” ;pick up“拾起”;come across“偶然遇见”。根据句子意

思,可知选 D。] 17.A.Neither C.Otherwise 答案 D 18.A.book 答案 B B.However D.So

[so I did“我就这样做了”,作者去挑选了一张卡片。] B.card C.cookie D.chance


作为礼物送给了哥哥。] 19.A.gaining C.boiling 答案 B 20.A.proud C.anxious 答案 A B.forming D.lighting

[眼泪在眼中形成。指作者的哥哥受到感动,热泪盈眶。] B.curious D.regretful

[后面的 We love you, and thank you 提示出该空格的答案。“父亲为你骄傲”。]


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