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Lesson35 China’s Most Famous “Farmer”
Listen and fill in the blanks ? Yuan Longping is a greatscientist _____ in China.He childhooddream—to grow a new type of has a _____ rice which grain is as big as a peanut. Since the devoted himself to making his dream 1960s,he _____ succeeded come true. In 1973,he ________ in the development of hybrid rice. This made China a worldwide ______ leader in rice production and he was horoned ____ with “Father” of Hybrid Rice.

Lesson35 China’s Most Famous “Farmer”
Read the text and find the sentences including the following phases or words. 1.So that 2.Graduate from 3.Com up with 4.Devote oneself/sth. to sth./doing sth. 5.Be honored with 6.Because of 7.Besides 8.It is said that… 9.Nothing but

So that
The grain of this new type of rice would be as big as a peanut so that farmers could rest in the cool shadows of big rice plants. 这种新型水稻的米粒会象花生一样 大以便农民们能在很大的稻秧 的阴凉里休息。 So that引导目的状语从句,意思是 “为了,以便”,句中常有情 态动词can, could, may, might等, so that还可表示结果,意为“因 此,结果”,so that前常有逗号 隔开。 1.We all study hard so that we can pass the exam. 我们都努力学习以便能通过考试。 2.He got up early,so that he caught the first bus. 他早早起床,因此赶上了第一班车。


Graduate from
He graduated from the Southwest Agricultural University in 1953. 他1953 年毕业于西南农业大学。 Graduate from毕业于… What are you going to do after you graduate from junior high school? 你中学毕业后打算干什么? 返回

Come up with
He came up with an idea for a hybrid rice in the 1960s.他在二十世纪六十年代产生了发 明一种杂交水稻的想法。 Come up with意思是“找到或提出(答案或 办法等) He couldn’t come up with an idea. 他想不出办法来。(此处可用think of代替)

Devote… to…
Since then,he has devoted himself to research and the development of new varieties.从那时起,他就一直 致力于这项研究以及新品种的开发。 Devote oneself/sth. To sth./doing sth.献身于,致力于 He devoted all his spare time to the study of history. 他把他所有业余时间都用来研究历史。 They devoted themselves to helping the disabled people. 他们致力于帮助残疾人。 返回

Be honored with
He was honored with the name “Father” of Hybrid Rice.他被誉为杂交水稻之父的美名。 Be honored with…被誉为… Mao Zedong was honored with the “sun” of China. 毛泽东被誉为中国的太阳。 返回

Because of
Because of Professor’s hard work, China now produces enough rice to feed her people every year.由于袁教 授的辛勤工作,现在中国每年生产足够全国人民 食用的水稻。 because of:因为,由于。相当于with或thanks to Because of (With/Thanks to) your help, I finished the work.

Besides many other countries including the U.S., have benefitted from his work.其他许多国家包括美国, 也从他的工作中受益。 Besides除了…之外(还有) except除了…之外(不再有)(多用于疑问句和否定 句) Five students have passed the exam besides Li Ming.除 了李明之外还有五个同学通过了这次考试。 Everyone laughed except the teacher.除老师之外大家 都笑了。 返回

It is said that…
It is said that Professor Yuan is one of the richest people in China.据说袁教授是中国最富的人 之一。 It is said that…据说… 类似说法还有It is reported that…据报道… It is thought / believed that…人们认为/相信… It is said that he was a great singer before. return

Nothing but
But he cares nothing but his research.但他除了 他的研究之外什么也不关心。 Nothing but仅仅,只。相当于only There is nothing but a card in the box. 这个盒子里只有一张卡片。

1.爱因斯坦荣获了“科学之父”的称号。 was honored with Einstein ____ _____ ____Father of Sicence” 2。许多新药品被白求恩介绍到了中国。 Many kinds of new medicinewere ___ introduced _______into China by Bethune. 3。据说袁龙平喜欢拉小提琴。 It is said __ ___ ___ that Yuan Longping likes playing the violin. 4。在他的业余时间,他喜欢游泳。 In his spare ___ time ___,he likes swimming ______. 5。他只关心他的工作。 but his work He cares about nothing ____ ___

Fill in the blanks
(B )1.He graduate __ Tsinghua University in 1953. A.To B.from C.in D.into (A )2.He devoted himself to__ Chinese people in war. A.helping B.help C.helped D.helps (C )3.__ a man teacher,there are five women teachers in the office. A.Except B.Except for C.Besides D.Maybe (C )4.He got a good mark___ his hard work. A.so B.because C.because of D.if (C )5.He came up with an idea for a hybrid rice____. A.in 1960s B.in the 1960 C.in the 1960s D.in the 1960s’

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