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Lesson 11 & 12

Lesson 11

One good turn deserves another

(6) 【New words and expressions】 】 turn n. 行为,举止 deserve v. 应得到,值得 lawyer n. 律师 bank n. 银行 salary n. 工资 immediately adv. 立刻 ★turn n. 行为, 举止 turn n.(帮助或损害他人的)举动、行为 Yesterday George did me a good/an ill turn. 乔治昨天做了一件对我有 利/不利的事。 He is always ready to do a turn for others. 他总是乐于为他人做好事。 behavior n. 行为, 举止 Pay attention to your behavior.

★deserve v. 应得到, 值得 ① deserve + n. 应该得到……,值得……,应得(奖赏、惩罚等) He deserves praise. 他应该得到表扬 你应该得到最好的 Yor deserve the best. He deserved a promotion. (promotion n. 提升) ② deserve sth./to do sth. 应该…… She deserved to be punished. Good work deserves good pay. 多劳多得 他的话值得注意。 His words deserve attention. ★lawyer n. 律师 lawyer's office 律师事务所 ★bank n. 银行 rob the bank 抢银行 ★salary n. 工资 pay n. 工资(salary+wage,通用) salary n. 薪金,薪水(月薪, 年薪,通常指职员、脑力劳动者(如律师、 教师、医生等)有固定工作或管理阶层的收入,数额比较固定,一般按月支付) My salary is paid on the 28th of the month. wage n. 工资,工钱(按小时, 周计算的,通常指技工或一般体力劳动者, 不稳定的工作人的收入,按周或天支付。一般用复数形式 wages)。 When I worked as a waiter, the wages were low, but the tips were good. 我当侍者时工资不高,但小费可观。

bonus n. 奖金, 分红 collet v. 搜集, 领取 collect salary/wage 领工资 ★immediately adv. 立刻 right away =at once =immediately 立刻, 马上 right now 现在 【Text】 】 I was having dinner at a restaurant when Tony Steele came in. Tony worked in a lawyer's office years ago, but he is now working at a bank. He gets a good salary, but he always borrows money from his friends and never pays it back. Tony saw me and came and sat at the same table. He has never borrowed money from me. While he was eating, I asked him to lend me twenty pounds. To my surprise, he gave me the money immediately. 'I have never borrowed any money from you,' Tony said, 'so now you can pay for my dinner!' 参考译文 我正在一家饭馆吃饭, 托尼.斯蒂尔走了进来. 托尼曾在一家律师事务所工作, 而现在正在一家银行上班. 他的薪水很高, 但他却总是向朋友借钱, 并且从来不 还. 托尼看见了我, 就走过来和我坐到一张桌子前. 他从未向我借过钱. 当他吃 饭时, 我提出向他借 20 英镑. 令我惊奇的是, 他立刻把钱给了我. “我还从未向你 借过钱, “托尼说道, “所以现在你可以替我付饭钱了!” 课文讲解】 【课文讲解】 1、One good turn deserves another 礼尚往来, 善有善报 one bad turn deserves another 恶有恶报 2、Tony worked in a lawyer's office years ago, but he is now working at a bank. 强调工作 work for… work in… 强调 in 后面的地点 working at a bank (some/several) years ago 名词-s,前面省略了 some 3、 gets a good salary, but he always borrows money from his friends and never He pays it back. The teachers in the New Oriental school can get a good salary. borrow sth. from sb. 从……借…… never=not 前面不需要加助动词 pay 在这里的意思是“偿还(债务等)”,还可解释为“付,支付(价款、账单) 等”。Pay 既是及物动词也可以是不及物动词。 How much did you pay for that dress? I paid the bill. 还钱 pay back never pays it back 从不归还

4、Tony saw me and came and sat at the same table. and 连接三个并列的动词 at the same table 坐在同一张桌子旁边 吃饭 at table at the table 坐在桌子旁边 Would you like to join us? 5、'I have never borrowed any money from you,' Tony said, 'so now you can pay for my dinner!' pay for 为……而付钱 I have paid for you a dinner. I have paid 20 dollars for the book. ask (sb.) for sth. 问……要…… It's my treat. 我请客 This time is your treat. Next time is my turn. Let's go dutch. AA 制 【Key structures】 】 复习动词时态: The Taj Mahal ______ (build) in the seventeenth century for the emperor Shah Jehan. A few years after he ______ (become) ruler, his wife, Mumtaz-i-Mahal, ______ (die). The Taj Mahal ______ (build) in her honour. Experts ______ (call) in from many parts of the world to construct the domes and to decorate the walls. The Taj Mahal which ______ (begin) in 1632 and ______ (complete) in 1654 ______ (cost) a fortune. Up to the present day, it ______ (visit) by millions of people. The Taj Mahal 泰姬陵 为了纪念某人 in one's honour up to the present day=up to now was built;became;died;was built;were called (call in:召集);was begun; was completed;costhas been visited 【Special Difficulties】 】 动词+名词 代词+带 名词/代词 动词 名词 代词 带 to 的不定式 某些动词之后的带 to 的不定式之前可以有一个名词或代词。 有些动词后的名 词/代词可有可无,但有和没有经常影响影响整个句子的意义。 I asked him to lend me twenty pounds. I want to speak to John. I want you to speak to John. Would you like to do sth.? I’d like sb. to do sth. I’d like to do sth. 还有一些动词后面用不定式作宾语时,其后通常必须有一名词或代词。这类 动词有 allow,advise,help,teach,tell,request 等,这类动词不但可用于主动

语态,也可用于被动语态: We were not allowed to see the picture. hope 一定不能说 hope sb. to do sth., 正确用法是 hope to do (希望自己)或 hope that(希望别人) 【Multiple choice questions】 】 4 Tony is working at a bank ___a___ . a. at the moment b. a year ago c. since last year year at the moment 用现在进行时 since(+点时间) 自从……,用现在完成时 since yesterday for(+段时间) 一段……,用现在完成时 for three hours;for a day;for three days since three days ago 用一般过去时 8 He gets a good salary. His salary is very ___a___ . a. good b. well c. fine d. beautiful good salary 不错的薪水 well 表示好的时候一般用作副词 fine 用来形容天气好, 质量好 beautiful 美丽,漂亮的 10 Tony must pay the money back. He must ___c___ . a. pay it again b. pay it c. repay it d. pay it once more pay back 还钱;pay something 付钱;pay again 再次付钱;pay it 付钱 once more=again repay it =pay back 11 There aren't enough chairs here for us all. Please bring ___b___ one. a.other b.another c.extra d.a different one 在这里是代词,指代上文的名词,指代单数可数名词,可数名词单数前 一定要加’a/an’ Lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck (6) 【New words and expressions】 】 luck n. 运气,幸运 captain n. 船长 sail v. 航行 harbour n. 港口 proud adj. 自豪 important adj. 重要的




★luck n. 运气, 幸运 good luck =break your leg 祝你好运 bless you 保重(比如在别人打喷嚏时说的话) lucky adj. 幸运的 lucky dog 幸运儿 lucky day 幸运日 It’s my lucky day. 今天我真幸运 luckily adv. 幸运地 unlucky adj. 不幸的 ★sail v. 航行 ① vi. (船)航行,扬帆行驶 The ship is sailing for New York. ② vi. (人)乘船航行 I want to sail around the world. ③ n. 帆,篷 This boat has white salis. ★harbour n. 港口 port n. 港口 air port 航空港 ★proud adj. 自豪,自满 be proud of 以……为自豪,为(某人)感到自豪 Parents are proud of their children. pride n. 自豪 take pride in 以……为自豪 ★important importance adj. 重要的 n. 重大

【Text】 】 Our neighbour, Captain Charles Alison, will sail from Portsmouth tomorrow. We'll meet him at the harbour early in the morning. He will be in his small boat, Topsail. Topsail is a famous little boat. It has sailed across the Atlantic many times. Captain Alison will set out at eight o'clock, so we'll have plenty of time. We'll see his boat and then we'll say goodbye to him. He will be away for two months. We are very proud of him. He will take part in an important race across the Atlantic. 参考译文 我们的邻居查尔斯.艾利森船长明天就要从朴次茅斯(英国港市)启航了. 明天 一大早我们将在码头为他送行. 他将乘坐他的 “涛波赛” 号小艇. “涛波赛” 号是 艘有名的小艇, 它已经多次横渡大西洋. 艾利森船长将于 8 点钟启航, 因此我们 有充裕的时间. 我们将参观他的船, 然后和他告别. 他要离开两个月, 我们真为

他感到自豪, 他将参加一次重大的横渡大西洋的比赛. 【课文讲解】 课文讲解】 1、We'll meet him at the harbour early in the morning. 在表示时间的短语 in the morning,in the afternoon 等前面可以再加上 early, late 等副词,以便确切地表示时间 early in the morning 一大早 late in the afternoon 傍晚 2、It has sailed across the Atlantic many times. across 是对某个细长物“横切、横断、横渡”等,尤指河流、马路、海洋等; 过桥用 over the Atlantic =the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 once,twice,three times… 表示次数的时候, for 一定不能加 I do something twice. 3、Captain Alison will set out at eight o'clock, so we'll have plenty of time. set out/set off/begin something 出发,动身 plenty =enough 相对多,充足的,足够的 足够多的…… plenty of I have plenty of money. a lot of 指客观上的多 4、We'll see his boat and then we'll say goodbye to him. see = visit 参观 Can I see it? say goodbye (to sb.);say hello to (to sb.);say sorry to (to sb.) I said hello to him this morning. You must say sorry to somebody. 5、He will be away for two months. 瞬间动词不是不能用完成时态, 而是指不能与段时间连用, 一旦要用段时间 就要将其变为 “系表结构” 即 “be + 形容词或介词短语构成” He has been away for two hours. =He left two hours ago.点时间 有的动词可用 be+形容词系表结构表状态来代替 arrive= be here/there ;leave= be away ;die = be dead ; join(也是瞬间动词) = be a soldier/in the army

6、He will take part in an important race across the Atlantic. take part (in) 参加,参与(某项活动) 报名参加 enter for

I have entered for the meeting,but now I don't want to take part in the meeting. an important race across the Atlantic 横渡大西洋的比赛(介词短语做定语 放在被修饰词的后面) the person at the door 参加比赛 be in the race = take part in the race at the race 在比赛场地观看比赛 【Key structures】 】 一般将来时 1、一般将来时表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态 2、将来时的结构 ① 基本结构: shall/will + 动词原形 shall 常用在第一人称 I 或 we 的后面,而 will 可用于所有人称,缩略为’ll, 否定式中,will not 可缩略为’ll not 或 won’t,shall not 缩略 shan’t(在美语中很少 用 shall) ② be going to do sth./ be gonna do sth.(美语) 打算做某事; be going to 与 will 一般可以互换,但与打算无关含义的句子, will 与 be going to do 不能互换 I’ll miss you. (不能用 be going to) (不能用 be going to) He'll lose. 他要输了。 I'll be sixteen years old next year. (不能用 be going to) ③ be + to do sth. 表示计划安排在某事或用来征求意见 I am to have a holiday. ④ be about to do sth. 即将做某事. ⑤ will be doing 表示将要做某事 ⑥ be doing (瞬间动词) 用现在进行时表示将来时态 用现在进行时表示将来的动词有:go,come,arrive,leave,die,land,join ⑦ be 一般现在时表示将要发生 If it rains, … 【Special Difficulties】 】 be+副词构成的表语 副词构成的表语 动词 be 如与不同的副词连用意义不同,意思主要由副词的意义决定: be in 在家;be out 出去;be away 离开;be on 上映;be back 回来; be over 结束;be up to sth.胜任某件事情, 能够做某件事 set+副词构成的短语动词 副词构成的短语动词 set out 出发,动身 When’ll you set out for London? set off 出发,启程 I’ll set off for home the day after tomorrow. set up 创立,建立; record)创造……记录 (a Mr. Jackson has set up a school in the village. Has Tom set up a new world record?

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