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(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 增分精品专题复习试题 说明文(含2013调研,真题,含解析)

Test 1


(2013·湖北省鄂西示范校高中毕业班质量检查) Would you dare to put your shoes on the table ? If so , then you may face death.Putting a hat on the bed could cause__31__spirits to slip into your clean sheets!And opening an umbrella indoors might bring punishments. Most superstitions (迷信) are__32__to something negative,or the thought that something will bring bad luck.For example,the number thirteen is__33__by many to be unlucky,especially Friday falls on the 13th of the month.In many cultures, twelve is a number of__34__—there are twelve months of the year and 12 animal zodiacs ( 黄 道 十 二 宫图 ) in Chinese culture.__35__ , thirteen is considered incomplete, unusual and therefore unlucky. Walking under a ladder is also__36__that many people believe will bring bad luck.Some think that walking under a ladder is not polite to God,so they don’t take the__37__.Others,perhaps,are afraid that something will__38__on their head from a great height! One of the most famous superstitions is that__39__a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck.In ancient Greek culture , many people held the__40__that a mirror reflected a person’s soul.The soul would be__41__too,if the mirror was broken. __42__cats have long been linked to luck.If one crosses your path,it is__43__to bring you ill fortune__44__even death.However, in the UK and Ireland, it’s generally considered to be a sign of future__45__if a black cat crosses your path. Superstitions have been__46__in many cultures for thousands of years,and many of these beliefs can still be found in__47__societies.Dr.Kevin Foster,from Harvard University,believes it is an example of humans interpreting (诠释) and__48__to threats. Most people know these threats are__49__.But why are people still so superstitious?Well,it seems that many people would prefer to be better__50__than sorry. 语篇解读 本文为说明文,介绍了世界各地的一些迷信观念。 31.A.high C.good B.evil D.smart

解析: 根据本段的内容以及后文说到大部分迷信通常是消极的。 故此处应为表示负面 意思的词,evil 意为“邪恶的”,符合语境。 答案: B

32.A.related C.addicted

B.devoted D.returned

解析: 大多数迷信与消极的东西相关。be related to 意为“与??相关的”,符合 语境。 答案: A 33.A.reported C.designed B.announced D.thought

解析: 数字 13 被很多人“认为”是不吉利的, 尤其是当一个月的 13 号又是星期五的 话就更不吉利了。 答案: D 34.A.business C.completeness B.sadness D.weakness

解析: 根据破折号后的内容以及与后文的“thirteen is considered incomplete” 对比可知,此处应为 completeness,意为“完整”。 答案: C 35.A.In contrast C.In addition B.In time D.In particular

解析: 空处前后是 12 和 13 的对比,故应选 In contrast 表示“相比之下,相反”。 in time 及时;in addition 除此以外;in particular 尤其。 答案: A 36.A.nothing C.anything B.something D.everything

解析: 在梯子下走也被很多人认为会带来厄运。 答案: B 37.A.time C.risk B.luck D.trouble

解析: 一些人认为在梯子下走对上帝不礼貌,所以他们不会去冒这个险;take a risk 意为“冒险(做某事)”,符合语境。 答案: C 38.A.fall C.move B.explode D.change

解析: 另外一些人也许担心从很高的地方“掉落”什么东西砸到他们头上。 答案: A 39.A.buying C.cleaning B.watching D.breaking

解析: 根据后文的“if the mirror was broken”可知,此处指“打碎”镜子。 答案: D 40.A.fact C.hope B.belief D.comment

解析: 在古希腊文化中,许多人有这样的信念,认为镜子反映人的灵魂。belief 意 为“信念”,符合语境。 答案: B 41.A.saved C.harmed B.repaired D.protected

解析: 人们认为镜子反映人的灵魂,如果镜子碎了,灵魂也会“受损”。 答案: C 42.A.White C.Brown B.Black D.Yellow

解析: 黑猫一直与运气相关联。后面“a black cat crosses your path”是提示。 答案: B 43.A.certain C.glad B.impossible D.free

解析: 如果一只黑猫从你面前走过的话,“肯定”会给你带来厄运或者甚至死亡。 答案: A 44.A.then C.so B.but D.or

解析: 参见上题解析。or 意为“或者”,表示选择关系。 答案: D 45.A.disaster C.loss B.mistake D.prosperity

解析: 根据 However 可知,此处与前文为转折关系,故此处指的是在英国和爱尔兰, 人们认为遇见黑猫是未来繁荣的预兆。prosperity 意为“繁荣,兴旺”,符合语境。 答案: D 46.A.found C.ignored B.missed D.explained

解析: 根据后半句“and many of these beliefs can still be found 可知,应选 found。 答案: A 47.A.local C.modern B.old D.ancient

解析: 许多这些信念在现代社会中也能找到。 答案: C 48.A.contributing C.leading B.reacting D.adapting

解析: 哈佛大学的 Dr.Kevin Foster 认为这是人类对威胁的诠释和反应的例子。 react to 意为“对??作出反应”,符合语境。 答案: B 49.A.incorrect C.interesting B.meaningful D.strange

解析: 很多人知道这种威胁是不正确的。 答案: A 50.A.easy C.safe B.successful D.helpful

解析: 似乎许多人宁愿更安全也不愿感到遗憾。 答案: C Test 2 (2013·安徽省蚌埠市高三第一次教学质量检查) Years ago,if a teenager had some problems in his life,he might go home and write in his diary;now,a teenager with__36__problems might go onto the Internet and write about them in a blog ( 博 客 ) . In many ways , a diary and a blog are very__37__.But what makes blogging different from writing in a(n) __38__diary? The biggest difference is that a blog is much more__39__than a diary.Usually, a teenager treats his diary like a book full of__40__that he does not want to__41__with others. It’s__42__that someone who writes in a blog will probably write nearly the same information as someone who writes in a diary. I have a little sister,and sometimes I go online to read her__43__.She writes about things like waking up early for swimming practice and not studying enough for her chemistry test.__44__I was her age,I wrote about the same things,but__45__in my diary.Then,after I had finished writing,I would hide my diary in a secret place because I was__46__that my sister might read it.

The biggest__47__with blogging is that anyone can read what you write.If I was angry with a friend during high school and wrote something__48__about him in my diary,he would never know.__49__,if my sister ever wrote something bad about a friend,that friend might__50__her blog and get angry.

There are also__51__to blogging,of course.If I was feeling sad one day and wrote in my diary, “nobody cares about me”, no one would come to comfort me because no one would__52__about it.However,if my sister wrote the same sentence in her blog , her best friends would quickly__53__and tell her how much

they__54__her.Blogs help people__55__in contact with their friends and know what the people around them are doing. 语篇解读 人们喜欢把自己的感觉写在日记里或博客上, 本文主要介绍了日记和博客的 差别:日记具有保密性,而博客是一个开放的信息平台。 36.A.daily C.difficult B.interesting D.the same

解析: 现在,有同样问题的青少年会上网,把碰到的问题写在博客上。前一句已提到 这些问题,故选 D 项。 答案: D 37.A.similar C.simple 解析: B.special D.different

日 记 和 博 客 在 很 多 方 面 相 同 。 根 据 下 一 句 “But what makes blogging

different”可知答案。 答案: A 38.A.personal C.traditional B.ordinary D.meaningful

解析: 根据文章第一句可知,以前的青少年通常把问题写在日记里,这是传统做法。 答案: C 39.A.attractive C.public B.exciting D.quick

解析: 由下文可知,两者最大的差别在于博客比日记更公开。 答案: C 40.A.thoughts C.ideas 解析: B.secrets D.puzzles 通常青少年把日记当做一本充满秘密的书。根据后面的“he does not want

to__41__with others”可推出答案。 答案: B 41.A.share C.publish B.tell D.solve

解析: 这是不愿和别人分享的秘密。与前半句相互呼应。 答案: A

42.A.confusing C.boring

B.interesting D.disappointing

解析: 有趣的是人们写入博客和写入日记的内容可能相同。根据下一段的例子可知, 妹妹写入博客的内容与我写入日记的内容相同。 答案: B 43.A.diary C.report B.blog D.web

解析: 我有一个小妹妹,我有时上网去看她写的博客。根据“online”可知,我是去 看她写的博客。 答案: B 44.A.When C.Although B.Since D.Because

解析: 我在她这个年纪通常写同样的内容。这是把以前的我与现在的她作对比。 答案: A 45.A.already C.still B.only D.never

解析: 那个时候的我,只能写在日记里。 答案: B 46.A.angry C.worried B.sad D.glad

解析: 那个时候,我常常把我的日记藏起来,因为我担心妹妹会看到。 答案: C 47.A.doubt C.question B.problem D.mistake

解析: 博客最大的问题在于任何人都有可能会看到你写的内容。 根据本段最后一句可 知,此处是讲博客存在的问题。 答案: B 48.A.boring C.funny B.wrong D.unkind

解析: 如果我在读高中时生某个朋友的气,我在日记中写一些关于他的不好的话,他 可能永远都不会知道。根据下一句中的“something bad”可知答案。 答案: D 49.A.So C.However B.Therefore D.Then

解析: 然而,如果我的妹妹在博客中写了一些关于朋友的坏话,情况就不一样了。由

“get angry”可知,此处表转折。 答案: C 50.A.read C.write B.break D.steal

解析: 结合上文内容可知,此处是说(妹妹的)这位朋友就有可能看到妹妹写的博客, 可能会生气。 答案: A 51.A.reasons C.shortcomings B.advantages D.wishes

解析: 当然,博客也有优点。由下文可知,本段与上一段形成对比,主要讲述博客的 优势。 答案: B 52.A.care C.know B.think D.ask

解析: 如果我把感受写在日记里,没有人会关心我,因为没有人会知道。know about 知道,了解。 答案: C 53.A.respond C.prepare B.begin D.feel

解析: 如果妹妹在博客里写同样的内容,她的好朋友们就会很快作出回复。 答案: A 54.A.need C.like B.suit D.stand

解析: 并告诉她,他们是多么喜欢她。 答案: C 55.A.lose C.leave B.find D.stay

解析: 博客帮助人们与他们的朋友们保持联系。 答案: D Test 3 (2013·安徽省合肥市高三第二次教学质量检测) Youth sports teach kids to develop a winning state of mind as well as the ability to become team leaders.Although having__36__is a major part of athletics,the only purpose of sports is to compete and create the__37__mentality (心态) people need in sports.

__38__have the extremely hard task of getting their young athletes to learn how to play the sport and become disciplined and ready to play the sport to the best of their ability.__39__,I was at my younger brother’s baseball game the other night and his team was__40__by five runs in the last part of the game.While most teams in this situation would be desperately trying to regain their__41__for bravery and will to fight , his team just seemed to slowly walk around , __42__the shell of

sunflower seeds,and laugh at jokes made by teammates.I asked my brother after the game why everybody was so__43__about the loss and he said it was because some kids’ moms brought really good snacks. Some parents have a __44__with coaches shouting at their children,as they hold the view that if a children makes a mistake,it is the coach’s __45__to correct the problem.When parents get involved in telling the coach how to __46__the team, problems __47__.Some parents feel if they pay their money , they should have an equal__48__on how to coach the team.In order to have a successful teaching experience,the coach needs to feel like he can control his team and__49__the parents from having the last say.Without that,the coach feels as if he needs to__50__the parents by giving more playtime to their kids who actually don’t__51__ it. With youth sport programs becoming less competitive , club teams are on the__52__.More teens can get an easier access to them.Club teams __53__more of what high school and junior high coaches are looking for—the competitive edge that is absolutely necessary in__54__.While having fun is important , skills and a__55__mentality is worth more in the world of sports. 语篇解读 本文主要讲述了目前年轻人的体育运动由于一些家长的干预不再那么有竞

争力。文中作者强调了技能和赢的心态在体育运动中的重要性。 36.A.fun C.courage B.dignity D.patience

解析: 年轻人的体育运动教孩子们培养一种赢的心态和成为团队领导者的能力。 尽管 玩得高兴 (having fun) 是体育运动的一个主要部分。 55 空前的“While having fun is important”是线索提示。 答案: A 37.A.social C.healthy 解析: B.competitive D.responsible


(competitive)心态。52 空前的“With youth sport programs becoming less competitive” 是线索提示。

答案: B 38.A.Coaches C.Experts B.Parents D.Headmasters

解析: 教练(Coaches)有非常繁重的任务让年轻的运动员学习怎样运动。 答案: A 39.A.As a result C.For example 解析: B.In addition D.On the contrary

从下文的内容可知这里是举例说明,故选 For example。

答案: C 40.A.up C.above B.below D.down

解析: 前两天的晚上,“我”去观看“我”弟弟的棒球比赛,他的队在后半场落后了 5 分。down(以某一比分)落后(的),符合语境。 答案: D 41.A.score C.spirit B.goal D.dream

解析: 尽管大部分队在这种情形下会竭力重新获得勇敢的精神(spirit)去抗争。 答案: C 42.A.chew C.count B.spit D.swallow

解析: 但他的队只是慢慢地走来走去,吐(spit)葵花子皮,嘲笑队员们开的玩笑。 答案: B 43.A.worried C.serious B.happy D.casual

解析: “我”问“我”弟弟为什么大家对丢分这么不在意。casual“漫不经心的,随 随便便的”,符合语境。 答案: D 44.A.joke C.contact 解析: B.problem D.compromise

一些家长反对教练冲他们的孩子大喊大叫。 have a problem with... 表示

“对??有异议,反对??”。 答案: B 45.A.duty C.awareness B.experience D.turn

解析: 因为家长们认为,如果一个孩子犯了错,改正问题是教练的职责(duty)。

答案: A 46.A.dismiss C.handle B.unite D.assess

解析: 当家长们卷入告诉教练怎样应付(handle)球队的时候,问题就出现(come out) 了。 答案: C 47.A.stand out C.work out 答案: D 48.A.say C.response B.guidance D.reward B.break out D.come out

解析: 一些家长认为如果他们付了钱, 他们在如何训练球队上就应该有平等的发言权 (say)。49 空后的“having the last say”是线索提示。 答案: A 49.A.protect C.excuse 解析: B.defend D.discourage


(discourage)家长作最后的决定权。discourage sb.from doing sth.劝阻某人不要做某事。 答案: D 50.A.assist C.please 解析: B.motivate D.blame


家长满意。please 使??满意,符合语境。 答案: C 51.A.want C.value 解析: 境。 答案: B 52.A.way C.go B.decline D.rise B.deserve D.appreciate 给那些不应该拥有这些娱乐时间的孩子们。deserve 应得,应受到,符合语

解析: 随着年轻人的体育运动项目越来越没有竞争力, 俱乐部团队(的数量)正在上升 (rise)。 答案: D 53.A.offer B.require



解析: 俱乐部团队提供(offer)了高中和初中教练所寻找的更多的东西——在体育运 动(sports)中完全有必要的竞争优势。 答案: A 54.A.academics C.exams 答案: B 55.A.risking C.winning B.controlling D.cooperating B.sports D.competitions

解析: 尽管玩得高兴非常重要,但技能和一种赢(winning)的心态在体育运动中更重 要。此处和第一段第一句中的“develop a winning state of mind”相呼应。 答案: C


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(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 增分精品专题复习试题 动词和动词短语(2)(含2013调研,真题,含解析) - 第四讲 Ⅰ.多项选择 动词和动词短语 1.(2013湖北武汉...
(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 专题复习试题 深奥难懂....doc
(湖北专版)2014高考英语大二轮 专题复习试题 深奥难懂的词义猜测题(含2013调研,真题,含解析) - 第七讲 “深奥难懂”的词义猜测题 Test 1 (2013湖北省武汉...
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