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全国卷高考英语阅读填空专项练习 5

How to save time
We all wish we had just a bit more time. Just think what you could do with an extra hour or two each day: you could finally stick to an exercise routine, or springclean the house, or write your novel, or learn the guitar and so on. __1__ But I can help you find more hours in your day for the things that really matter. 1. Get Out of Bed Earlier If you normally get up at 7: 30 a. m., try getting up at 7: 00 a. m. That halfhour might not sound like much, but it could be time that you use to exercise, to read that book you've been meaning to finish. __2__ 2. Do the Important Tasks First Once you get to work, get the important ones done first (not the easy ones, or even the urgent ones). You can afford to spend at least an hour working on big, important tasks rather than on all those little urgent ones. __3__ The urgent tasks will still get done, and you won't miss the important ones. 3. Reduce Interruptions If colleagues have a habit of hanging around your desk to chat, or if the phone is constantly ringing, you might find that it takes you half the day to finish a simple task like writing a letter. Constant interruptions don't just eat up time, they also break your concentration. When you've got a big task to focus on, let your calls go to voicemail. __4__ Wearing headphones makes it less likely that people will try to strike up a conversation. 4. __5__ A few minutes' chatting, browsing the web, and so on, can easily turn into hours of wasted time over the course of a day. When you're working, work. If your concentration is slipping, take a proper break: go and get a glass of water, or stretch your legs a bit. And if you're facing a difficult task, try breaking it into small steps or stages so that it's easier to deal with. A.Stay Focused on Your Work B.Take Breaks When Necessary C.If you have an office door, close it. D.If you work like this, you'll usually save time. E.Would you want me to make your day longer? F.I can't magically make all your days 25 hours long. G.Or simply to get your day off to a calm and organized start.

Your Teen Is Falling Asleep in Class
Teens have a busy morning schedule as they need to wake up and get moving very early in order to catch a bus and get to school by the required time. This means teens need to get their rest the night before or they will be too tired to learn anything at school. __1__ When a teen falls asleep in class, two things happen: he/she misses what is being taught and he/she loses the respect of the teacher. He/She may also receive a consequence from the school, depending on the classroom discipline policy. __2__ To prevent your teen from being sleepy in class, try these three tips: *Set a time for “lights out” on school nights. This is never be any later than 10 p.m. and preferably 9 p.m. __3__ Soft music can be on and used to help calm your teen. *Help your teen develop a nighttime routine that involves activities that slow them down for the end of the day. __4__ Turning off the computer and disconnecting from friends and the excitement of the day an hour before bedtime will also help your teen relax. *__5__ This will reinforce (增强) what it feels like to be rested and capable of accomplishing what he/she wants. A.What's worse, they may even fall asleep in class. B.Taking a bath and reading are two activities that work well. C.Set a good example and show him/her your love for learning. D.Point out the positives after your teen has had a good night's rest. E.“Lights out” means the computer, television, lights and cell phone should be off. F.All of these things affect your teen's academic success and can be avoided. G.While your teen keeps his/her goals in line with your expectations, he/she may have his/her own goals.

If you think you've gained too much weight or are too skinny, you can talk to a doctor. Your doctor will tell you __1__ If it is concerned about your height, weight, or BMI (体重指数), your doctor may ask questions __2__. Your doctor may also ask about your family background to find out if you've received something from your parents that might make you taller, shorter, or a late bloomer (someone who develops later than other people of the same age). The doctor can then put all the information together to decide __3__. If your weight isn't in a healthy range, you will probably get specific diet and exercise recommendations based on your individual needs. Following a doctor's or dietitian's plan designed especially for you will work much better than following fad (时尚) diets. For teens, fad diets or starvation plans can actually slow down growth, and the weight loss usually doesn't last. What __4__? Most teens who weigh less than other teens of their age are just fine. They may be going through puberty on a different schedule than kids of the same age, and their bodies may be growing and changing at a different rate. Most underweight teens catch up in weight as they finish puberty during their later teen years so there's rarely a need to try to gain weight. In a few cases, teenagers can be underweight because of a health problem that needs treatment. If you feel tired or ill a lot, or __5__, or other problems that have lasted for more than a week or two, be sure to let your parents or your doctor know. A. whether you might have a weight or growth problem B. if you have symptoms like a cough, stomachache C. about your health, physical activity, and eating habits D. if you're worried about being too skinny E. if you take care of it F. whether you're growing normally G. about your dieting

Traditional teen bullying tends to decline with age, peaking during middle school and decreasing during high school. Cyber (网络) bullying might be an exception, however. More research is needed to determine whether this form of teen bullying becomes less common as children grow up. ?Respond to teen bullying. If your child admits being bullied, take action. Start by reassuring (安抚) your child. __1__ Don't take cell phones away or cut Internet connections as a consequence of being bullied. Never imply (暗示) that getting bullied is your child's fault. ?Record the details. Write down the details—the date, who was involved and what specifically happened. Record the facts as objectively as possible. ?__2__ Start with a teacher who knows your child well. Ask whether your child's classroom behavior has changed or if there are any other warning signs. You might also consult a school dean, counselor or other school contact. __3__ Ask for help to solve the bullying problem. Keep notes on these meetings. Remember that it can take time for teachers and administrators to look into bullying in a fair and factual way. ?Ask for a copy of the school's policy on bullying. Find out how bullying is addressed in the school's curriculum, as well as how staff members are supposed to respond to known or suspected bullying. If these steps don't seem to help or your child has been hurt by continued bullying, consult a mental health provider. __4__ Taking legal action to break bullying can make your community safer for all teens. __5__ Even if your child doesn't confess (承认) to being bullied, offer specific suggestions to stop bullying. A.Explain your concerns in a matteroffact way. B.Talk to your child about teen bullying. C.Report dangerous situations. D.Tell your child that you'll do everything in your power to help. E.You might also consider talking to a lawyer. F.Just say “stop” or walk away from the bully. G.Meet with school authorities.

答案与解析 本文介绍了节省时间的方法。要从早起、先完成最重要的任务、减少中断以及集中注意力方面 做起,这样可帮你日常生活中节省出更多的时间。 1. F 从空格后的 But I can help you find more hours in your day for the things that really matter. 可 知,本句与前一句为转折关系,空格处应表示不可能使实际时间变长的句子,故选 F 项。 2.G 空前的 to exercise, to read that book you've been meaning to finish 与 G 项并列,都是讲利 用多出的半小时可以做的事情。 3.D 此空处刚好需要一个对前面段意的小结。D 项表示“如果这样做下去的话,会达到节省 时间的效果”,与前文衔接。后面说紧急的事情和重要的事情也都可以做完,也是节省时间的结 果。 4.C 从空前后看是进行事例的说明,都是讲如何不被打扰,选项中只有 C 项符合。 5.A A 项中的 focus on 与 concentration 相符合。 答案与解析 本文为说明文,主要提出了让孩子们上课不瞌睡的几点建议。 1.A 根据第一段的内容以及第二段的第一句 When a teen falls asleep in class... 可知答案为 A 项。 2. F 根据上文内容及下文的 To prevent your teen from being sleepy in class... 可知, 该句的作用 是承上启下。 3.E 根据上文的 Set a time for “light out”...可知,该句进一步解释 lights out 的含义。 4.B 根据上文的...a nighttime routine that involves activities that slow them down... 可知后文 应开始举例说明哪些活动有益。故 B 项正确。 5.D 根据下文可知此句是建议家长要给孩子指出睡个好觉的益处。

答案与解析 本文主要介绍了应该让医生判定你是否有体重或发育问题。 1.F 根据上文的...you've gained too much weight or are too skinny 以及...talk to a doctor. 可 知此处意为:让医生评判你是否发育正常。 2.C 根据 height, weight, or BMI 以及...ask questions... 可知答案。 3.A 根据上文可知此处意为:医生判定你是否有体重或发育问题。 4.D 根据下文的...who weigh less than other teens of their age... 可知答案。 5.B 根据上文的...feel tired or ill a lot... 以及 or 可知此处要填疾病或症状。

答案与解析 孩子在学校受欺凌怎么办?本文作者提出了几条应对措施。 1.D 由上句内容(先安抚孩子),可知选 D 项。 2.G 由下文作者建议家长去见学校老师或校领导等可知答案。 3.A 由上文内容可知,见到学校的管理者后,要切合实际地谈谈你的担心,并向他们寻求帮 助。 4.E 由下文内容(采取法律手段)可知答案为 E 项。 5.B 由本段内容可知,作者建议家长与孩子谈谈青少年欺凌这方面的事,即使孩子不承认自 己受到欺凌。

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