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1 . He was ________ in London, and came to America for further education. 2.It wasn't a good thing; ________ it was a huge mistake. 3.Success in business is simply a matter of knowing when to ________. 4.I found a woman ________ trembling with cold at the corner of the street. 5.They found the cave quite ________ when they were walking across the field. 6.Don't worry about your accommodation. I'll ________ it. 7.________,I don't quite agree to this plan. 8.We had a wonderful time in the country. ________ the traffic, we had no difficulty. 9.—Shall I go on with the talk? —Sure. ________. They're all listening. 10 . How do you ________ the sudden disappearance of the murder weapon? 答案 1.brought up 2.on the contrary 3.take a chance 4.in rags 5.by accident 6.take care of 7.To be honest 8.As for 9.Go ahead 10.account for Ⅱ.完成句子 1 . They see a penniless young man ______________________( 在 人 行 道 上 游 荡 ) outside their house. (wander) 答案 wandering on the pavement 2.And it was the ship ______________________(把你带到了英 国). (bring) 答案 that brought you to England 3.The fact is ______________________(我挣路费) by working as an unpaid hand. (earn) 答案 that I earned my passage

Ⅲ.模仿造句 1 . I wonder , Mr Adams , if you'd mind_us_asking a few questions. [翻译]希望你不要介意我把狗带在身边。 答案 I hope you don't mind me bringing the dog with me. 2.His eyes stare at what_is_left_of the brothers' dinner on the table. [翻译]她看了看剩下的那点可怜的头发,落下泪来。 答案 She looked at what was left of her poor hair and started to weep. 3.Well,towards nightfall I found_myself_carried out to sea by a strong wind. [翻译]他醒来后,发现自己被绑在了一个树上。 答案 When he came to,he found himself tied to a tree. 4. The next morning I'd_just_about_given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. [翻译]劳累了一天后我刚刚就寝,电话铃就响了。 答案 I had just gone to bed after a very hard day when the phone rang. 5.Anyway,I don't think it can be a lake. [翻译]这孩子刚吃了很多面包,我想他不可能饿了。 答案 The child has just had a lot of bread. I don't think he can be hungry. 二、阅读理解 (2015· 湖南卷) Have your parents ever inspected your room to see if you cleaned it properly? Imagine having your entire house, garage, and yard inspected at any time—with no warning. Inspections were a regular part of lighthouse (灯塔) living, and a keeper's reputation depended on the results. A few times each year, an inspector arrived to look over the entire light station. The inspections were supposed to be a surprise, but keepers sometimes had advance notice. Once lighthouses had telephones, keepers would call each other to warn that the inspector was approaching. After boats began flying special flags noting the inspector was aboard, the keeper's family made it a game to see who could notice the boat first. As soon as someone spotted the boat, everyone would do lastminute tidying and

change into fancy clothes. The keeper then scurried to put on his dress uniform and cap. Children of keepers remember inspectors wearing white gloves to run their fingers over door frames and windowsills looking for dust. Despite the serious nature of inspections, they resulted in some funny moments. Betty Byrnes remembered when her mother did not have time to wash all the dishes before an inspection. At the time, people did not have dishwashers in their homes. In an effort to clean up quickly, Mrs. Byrnes tossed all the dishes into a big bread pan, covered them with a cloth, and stuck them in the oven. If the inspector opened the oven door, it would look like bread was baking. He never did. One day, Glenn Furst's mother put oil on the kitchen floor just before the inspector entered their house. Like floor wax, the oil made the floors shiny and helped protect the wood. This time, though, she used a little too much oil. When the inspector extended his hand to greet Glenn's mother, he slipped on the freshly oiled surface. “He came across that floor waving his arms like a young bird attempting its first flight , ” Glenn later wrote. After he steadied himself, he shook Glenn's mother's hand, and the inspection continued as though nothing had happened. 语篇解读 本文主要讲述了灯塔巡视员对灯塔的巡视,以及灯塔 看守人一家应对巡视的几种搞笑手段。 1.What does Paragraph 1 tell us about the inspection at the light station? A. It was carried out once a year. B. It was often announced in advance. C. It was important for the keeper's fame. D. It was focused on the garage and yard. 答案与解析 C 考查细节理解。根据文章第一段第三句 “Inspections were a regular part of lighthouse (灯塔) living, and a keeper's reputation depended on the results”可知,巡视员的检查结 果与灯塔看守人的名誉有关。 2 . The family began making preparations immediately after ________. A. one of the members saw the boat B. a warning call reached the lighthouse C. the keeper put on the dress uniform and cap

D. the inspector flew special flags in the distance 答案与解析 A 考查细节理解。根据文章第二段第三句 “ As soon as someone spotted the boat, everyone would do lastminute tidying and change into fancy clothes”可得出答案。 3.Mrs. Byrnes put the dishes in the oven because this would ________. A. result in some fun B. speed up washing them C. make her home look tidy D. be a demand from the inspector 答案与解析 C 考查细节理解。根据文章第三段第四句 “In an effort to clean up quickly, Mrs. Byrnes tossed all the dishes into a big bread pan, covered them with a cloth, and stuck them in the oven”可 知,Byrnes 太太将盘子放到烤炉中的目的是让她的房子看起来整洁。 4.If the inspector had opened the oven door, he would have seen ________. A. an empty pan B. many clean dishes C. pieces of baked bread D. a cloth covering something 答 案 与 解 析 D 考 查 细 节 理 解 。 根 据 文 章 第 三 段 中 的 “Mrs. Byrnes tossed all the dishes into a big bread pan, covered them with a cloth, and stuck them in the oven”和 “If the inspector opened the oven door, it would look like bread was baking”可得出答案。 5.The inspector waved his arms ________. A. to try his best to keep steady B. to show his satisfaction with the floor C. to extend a warm greeting to Glenn's mother D. to express his intention to continue the inspection 答案与解析 A 考查推理判断。根据文章最后一段最后三句的内 容可知,巡视员挥舞手臂是为了保持平衡。 三、完形填空 (2016· 云南师范大学高考应考) Visitors to the dry, hot Sonoran Desert of the southern Arizona and Northern Mexico are amazed at the manyarmed giants. They are the saguaro cacti (树形仙人掌), a giant which gives the landscape its __1__ appearance. In the dry desert the saguaro cacti can live for

more than 200 years,grow to a __2__ of 20 feet, and have as many as 10 arms. More __3__ , the saguaro cacti still persist despite the unbearable desert climate. Those that have grown to old age have __4__ droughts, freezes, flash floods, and bush fires as well as the __5__ caused by groups of rats that eat their seedlings (幼苗). Like all other desert __6__, these leafless giants can store water for use during the desert's long dry seasons by __7__ water through their long roots. Naturally,the great saguaro cacti are a(n) __8__ part of the desert life. Actually the giants may be __9__ to many animals, including woodpeckers, owls, doves, bats and insects. In addition, after a saguaro __10__ the age of 10 or so, coldresistant flowers __11__ at the top of the plants once a year. These flowers __12__ birds, bats and bees, which come for the honey and for the tasty flowers with their black seeds. __13__ the splendid saguaros are plentiful in the Southwest, they are unfortunately __14__. These giant cacti have great value in landscape gardening, and the thieves can earn thousands of dollars by uprooting and __15__ them to nurseries (苗圃). To protect these southwestern __16__ , agents for the Arizona Department of Agriculture go around and __17__ the desert. It's a most important job though a hard one. But without the saguaro cacti, many desert animals would suffer a lack of __18__ and loss of nesting sites. The Southwest, too, would __19__ something of unique importance, since these desert giants have become a __20__ of the dry region. 1.A. general B. basic C. unique D. lovely 2.A. length B. height C. size D. width 3.A. pleasingly B. inspiringly C. interestingly D. amazingly 4.A. lived through B. broken through C. cut through D. got through 5.A. crisis B. damage C. destruction D. load 6.A. plants B. lives C. animals D. creatures

7.A. pouring B. squeezing C. pumping D. absorbing 8.A. independent B. vital C. original D. mysterious 9.A. spot B. field C. home D. camp 10.A. turns B. takes C. meets D. gains 11.A. come up B. come out C. show off D. show up 12.A. call B. trap C. fascinate D. stick 13.A. As B. But C. Although D. Yet 14.A. in danger B. in demand C. in need D. in control 15.A. exchanging B. trading C. offering D. selling 16.A. treasures B. decorations C. possessions D. creations 17.A. look over B. hand over C. watch over D. turn over 18.A. food B. scenery C. water D. flavor 19.A. affect B. abandon C. increase D. lose 20.A. signal B. sign C. mark D. symbol 答案与解析 语篇解读 本文是一篇环境类的说明文。文章从奇特的形状、生 活特性、经济价值等方面介绍了 Sonoran Desert(索诺兰沙漠)的标志 性植物——树形仙人掌。 1.C 根据下文可知,树形仙人掌有多达 10 个手形分支,所以 形状 “ 独特 ” ,故选 unique “ 独特的 ” 。 general “ 普通的 ” ; basic “基本的” ;lovely“可爱的” 。 2. B 根据前面的 “giant”及后面的 “20 feet”可知,此处表示的

是 “ 高度 ” ,因此选 height 。 length “ 长度 ” ; size “ 尺寸 ” ; width “宽度” 。 3. D 根据上文可知,游客对树形仙人掌的形状惊讶不已,现 在更令人惊讶的是它们的适应能力,因此选 amazingly。pleasingly “令人愉快地” ;inspiringly“鼓舞人心地” ;interestingly“有趣地” 。 4. A 根据上下文可知,树形仙人掌 “ 经历 ”了恶劣环境的考 验, live through “ 经历 ” 符合语境。 break through “ 突破 ” ; cut through“抄近路穿过,走近路” ; get through“接通电话,通过考 试” 。 5.B 除了恶劣的气候外,树形仙人掌还要遭受老鼠的 “破坏” , 因此选 damage。crisis“危机” ;destruction“毁灭” ;load“负担” 。 6. A 像沙漠里其他所有的 “植物”一样,因此选 plants。life “生命” ;animal“动物” ;creature“生物” 。 7.D 树形仙人掌通过它们的长根茎吸收水。absorb“吸收” , 符合语境。pour“倒,灌” ;squeeze“挤压” ;pump“抽出” 。 8. B 根据下文可知,作为许多动物赖以生存的食物和家园, 树形仙人掌是沙漠“极为重要的”部分,因此选 vital“极重要的 ” 。 independent “ 独立的 ” ; original “ 原始的 ” ; mysterious “ 神秘的 ” 。 9 . C 根据最后一段的倒数第二句 “But without the saguaro cacti...loss of nesting sites”可知,树形仙人掌可能是许多动物的栖息 地。因此选 home“家园” 。spot“地点” ;field“田地” ;camp“营 地” 。 10.A 树形仙人掌长到 10 岁左右。此处选 turn 意为“到(某年 龄或某个时间 ) ” ,其后可以直接跟数字。 take “ 带走 ” ; meet “ 遇 到” ;gain“获得” 。 11 . B 根据上下文可知,这里指树形仙人掌开花了,因此选 come out“(花朵)开放” 。come up“走近,被提到” ;show off“炫 耀” ;show up“露面,到达” 。 12.C 根据下文中的“which come for the honey”可知,树形仙 人掌的花吸引了一些动物,因此此处选 fascinate“迷住,深深吸引” 。 call“召集” ;trap“困住” ;stick“粘” 。 13.C 尽管在西南这壮丽的树形仙人掌很多,但它们却面临着 危险。逗号前后表示让步关系, although “ 尽管 ” ,符合语境。 as “因为” ;but“但是” ;yet“然而” 。 14. A 根据上题解析可知,此处应选 in danger“处于危险之

中” 。 in demand“ 需求大,受欢迎 ” ; in need “ 需要 ” ; in control “掌管” 。 15 . D 根据空格前的 “These giant cacti have great value in landscape gardening, and the thieves can earn thousands of dollars” 可知,树形仙人掌被偷去卖钱, sell “ 卖 ” ,符合语境。 exchange “交换” ;trade“从事贸易,以物易物” ;offer“提供” 。 16.A 根据全文可知,树形仙人掌是应该受到保护的沙漠珍宝, treasure“珍宝” ,符合语境。decoration“装饰” ;possession“拥有 物” ;creation“发明,创造” 。 17. C 为了保护这些珍宝, Arizona 农业部派代理人保护沙漠。 因此选 watch over“监督,保护” 。look over“浏览,迅速地检查” ; hand over“移交” ;turn over“翻转” 。 18.A 根据第三段的最后一句可知,树形仙人掌还是动物们的 食物。没有了它们,就意味着“食物”的短缺,因此此处选 food。 scenery“风景” ;water“水” ;flavor“味道” 。 19 . D 西南部也将失去这些极具重要性的东西,因此此处选 lose。affect“影响” ;abandon“遗弃,放弃” ;increase“增加” 。 20.D 这些沙漠巨型植物已经变成了这个干燥区域的标志。根 据句意可知,此处选 symbol“标志” 。signal“信号” ;sign“征兆” ; mark“记号” 。

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