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高考英语大二轮总复习 专题三 完形填空练习(B)

专题三 完形填空(B)


Ⅱ.变式训练——语法填空 My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team.They did very 1.

(good) this season and so entered a tournament,2. was only for more skilled club teams.This led 3.

normally some

painful experiences on Saturday as they played against teams better trained.Through the first two games,her team did not get one serious shot on goal.As a parent, I hated seeing my daughter playing her best , but still 4.

(defeat). 5. seemed that something clicked with the girls between

Saturday and Sunday.When they showed up for their Sunday game , they were 6. (complete) different.They had begun to integrate the kinds of play and teamwork they 7. game.They played aggressively and even scored 8. It struck me that 9. great learning moment for all the 10. (see) the day before into their goal.

(play) against the other team was a (girl) on the team.I

think it is a general principle.Experience is the best teacher. Ⅲ.突破文章的长难句 1.But it may well be that the learning you really want lies somewhere else instead. 翻译:

难句分析:it 作

,真正的主语为后面的 that 从句。在 that 从

句 中 , 句 子 主 语 the learning 后 接 一 个 省 略 了 关 系 代 词 that 或 which 的 从句 you really want。 2.As a parent,I hated seeing my daughter playing her best,but still defeated. 翻译:

难句分析:hate 后面常常接动名词作宾语。seeing 的宾语为 my daughter,在该宾语后, 有 语 一个是 宾语补足语,一个是现在分词短 , 含有 defeated,含有 的含义; 另外 的含义。

3.It struck me that playing against the other team was a great learning moment for all the girls on the team. 翻译:

难句分析:It 作形式主语,真正主语为后面的 that 从句。在 that 引导的主语从句中,动 名词短语


,谓语动词用第三人称单数。 提醒:完成作业 强化练(十四)(十五)

二轮专题强化练 强化练(十四)强化练(十四) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(1) (建议用时:45 分钟) 1 [2015·甘肃天水一中高三高考信息卷(一)] I approached my father,determined to get a small bike for my birthday.“Daddy, my birthday is coming up and I want a “OK,then you’ll have to This is what I was large 4 3 2 1 ”.

me to pay some bills,” Dad said.

of.I knew that my father was not going to let such a 5 ran through 7

go without using it to teach me a life lesson.Wild 6

my head.How could I pay bills? I had what he meant.He wanted me to from what he and my mother 9 8

done it before.Luckily,soon my dad

all of the household expenses and subtract them each month. 10 ,he explained that bills had to be paid

After nervously handing Dad my 11

he could spend money on “fun stuff”;bills always had to be paid.He then told 12 of my bike had to be less than the money that was left.My dad 13 was for savings. 14 out of it by

me that the

said it was because some of the

I realized that if I got a bike that was my size now,I’d

next year and may even have to give it to one of my little sisters.So at 11 years old, I made my very first, 15 was money choice.The bike that I asked my dad to purchase

16 .The bike was so non?11?year?old?girl,that even my father asked if I was 18 me,I was proud of myself for

17 .Although my bike made some kids at school making a choice.

Even though I no longer ride my bike,my dad now rides this bike for exercise.I’m 19 my bike story with you to show that there is no such thing as a small financial

20 .Your current financial choice will have a great effect on your life. 1.A.holiday C.award B.present D.job

2.A.advise 3.A.afraid C.tired 4.A.command C.comment 5.A.messages C.challenges

B.leave C.help


B.ashamed D.fond B.promise D.request B.thoughts D.feelings

6.A.often B.never C.ever D.just 7.A.clarified C.recognized 8.A.pick up C.add up 9.A.carried C.borrowed 10.A.offer C.calculations 11.A.once C.unless 12.A.size B.cost B.admitted D.forgot B.get up D.turn up B.made D.raised B.story D.exhibitions B.while D.before C.weight D.shape

13.A.energy B.money C.time D.food 14.A.grow B.run C.fall D.look 15.A.anxious C.conscious 16.A.big C.beautiful 17.A.sure C.proud 18.A.amuse C.admire 19.A.believing B.generous D.curious B.new D.strong B.interested D.confident B.tease D.encourage B.receiving

C.collecting 20.A.ambition C.choice

D.sharing B.effort D.explanation 2

(2015·河南郑州市高三 3 月模拟) I used to abandon myself to despair.Last year my mother 21 from a stroke(中

风) and had an operation on her brain.I felt my whole world turn upside down and I had no 22 what I could do to help her to relieve her 23 .Tears welled up

in my eyes whenever I was alone. Last month I 24 a precious watch,which was an 18?year?old birthday gift 25

from my father.I could not fall asleep for a couple of nights because I felt about the loss. There have been many 26

like these in my life.I could never figure out how 27 I read “If You Have a Lemon,Make a Lemonade”

to deal with such tough things

by American writer Dale Carnegic. 21.A.resulted C.survived 22.A.hope C.idea 23.A.pain C.fear 24.A.received C.fixed 25.A.unbelievable C.angry 26.A.disease C.incidents 27.A.when C.though B.suffered D.escaped B.wonder D.doubt B.anxiety D.pressure B.sold D.lost B.shameful D.terrible B.memories D.difficulties B.until D.since

“When the wise man is handed a lemon,he says,‘What this?How can I he wrote. I suddenly 30 29


can I get from

my situation?How can I turn this lemon into a lemonade?’”

that life is full of ups and downs,so I need to stay


all the time.Now when I think of my past, I wish I could have handle things my mother was fighting for

32 .When

33 ,I should have held her hands in mine,telling 34 and crying. 35 37

her things would get better instead of

Several weeks ago,I took part in a campus singing competition.I didn’t a prize.If I had not 36 this article , I would definitely have felt

again.But instead,I smiled after the competition.I was happy that at least I had got some stage 38 .

Life is not a bed of roses.There are throns(刺) as well,but these thorns help us become lemonade. 28.A.lesson C.decision 29.A.control B.accept 30.A.realized C.discovered 31.A.healthy C.serious 32.A.exactly C.easily 33.A.recovery C.freedom 34.A.shouting C.quarreling B.lemonade D.challenge C.improve D.avoid B.thought D.predicted B.independent D.positive B.differently D.practically B.life D.happiness B.hiding D.regretting 39 and strong.When life 40 us a lemon ,let’s try to make a

35.A.expect B.miss C.win D.refuse 36.A.figured out C.found out B.written down D.come across

37.A.embarrassed C.excited 38.A.performance C.progress 39.A.brave 40.A.shows

B.discouraged D.concerned B.experience D.effect

B.calm C.great


B.makes C.gives D.sends 3

In a recent airing of “Unsolved Mysteries”,there was a young boy who was the victim of the Holocaust(大屠杀).He’d been and somehow had managed to survive the 42 41 in a work camp for several years

of his imprisonment.

The story was of a boy—now in his sixties—and his quest to find an American soldier who had 43 a kindness to him by 46 44 some food.It might seem and inhumanity for 47 45 , he could

but to this child, who had seen nothing but remember,it was a 48

that marked a turning point in his life,for he had lost needed

hope.When he was liberated by the American forces,he was dying.He, 49 food.As he was staggering along the road,a young soldier and gave him some of his supplies. 51 50

down from his tank

this one act of generosity , the kind American had aroused the 53


again that there really was some good in the world.And the boy never


boy later went to America,raised a family,became successful and worked hard to repay the 54 he had received with his own.

Actually there were so many similar acts of generosity that it would be almost impossible to know 55 who the soldier was. 56 57 over the

We all have a choice:to create more light in the world.As Confucius 2,500 years ago ,“It is better to light one small candle than to darkness.” The story above so nicely 59 .If we’re constantly 60 58

small gestures can often generate huge

and doing kind acts,we will no doubt bring more

joy into the world around us as well as into our own world! 41.A.stationed B.placed

C.distributed 42.A.horror C.relief 43.A.held on C.focused on 44.A.guaranteeing C.presenting 45.A.unbelievable C.insignificant 46.A.difficulty C.sympathy 47.A.as long as C.as well as 48.A.wave B.fate 49.A.highly C.hopefully 50.A.moved

D.treated B.embarrassment D.annoyance B.agreed on D.passed on B.offering D.contributing B.troublesome D.convenient B.curiosity D.cruelty B.as good as D.as much as C.gesture D.duty B.mostly D.badly

B.jumped C.turned D.dashed

51.A.Upon B.Besides C.With D.Beyond 52.A.honesty C.trust 53.A.forgot C.delivered 54.A.food C.kindness 55.A.for example C.for free 56.A.made it C.took it 57.A.curse C.swear B.loyalty D.belief B.remembered D.reflected B.mercy D.credit B.for ever D.for sure B.put it D.got it B.pray D.appreciate

58.A.declares C.illustrates 59.A.congratulations C.belongings 60.A.looking for C.meeting with

B.argues D.expands B.blessings D.consequences B.adapting to D.bringing up

二轮专题强化练 强化练(十五)强化练(十五) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(2) (建议用时:45 分钟) 1 (2015·河北衡水中学二模) The tourist bus winded its way into a mountainous area.When it was a turn,two passengers—a scenery that they 3 2 1 to make

of young lovers—were so attracted by the beautiful

a stop to get down.They were left behind and the bus went 5 of the road.It was a huge rock rolling

4 .Suddenly they heard a loud boom

down in the landslide that hit the bus and fell with it into a deep valley.The lovers were greatly down they 8 6 by the news that no passengers on board 7 .When they calmed

and expressed their feelings in a few words. 9 to a

The above story was told by a guide when we were riding a tourist scenic mountain.He asked us to guess what the lovers said that they had narrowly escaped. 10

after the disaster

Often we read reports about traffic accidents, among which there were ones who missed the bus and sigh of 12


the disaster.Those people usually said with a 14

13 .“Fortunately I was not on board.”On our bus the passengers’

to the guide were various. But the answer was quite out of our expectation.“If we hadn’t got down and 15 the bus,it would have 16 the dangerous spot and all the passengers would

have survived.” The story passed from person to person as a sort of wit test, but I think actually serves as a(n) 18 17 .It

of a person’s mind.I pay my heartfelt respect to the 19 themselves for causing the loss of

couple who,instead of feeling lucky, lives.People all have heart for

20 ,but it is often a flashing thought across

one’s mind that decides whether it is good or evil(邪恶的). 1.A.ready B.time C.asked D.about

2.A.couple 3.A.got to

B.group C.party D.row B.called for D.looked for B.in D.by B.ahead D.opposite B.scared D.confused B.saved D.witnessed B.screamed D.sighed B.bike D.bus B.even D.ever B.selfish D.strange B.avoided D.remarked B.innocence D.regret B.expressions D.attitudes B.delayed D.took B.passed D.overlooked B.more

C.caught sight of 4.A.away C.on 5.A.along C.across 6.A.shocked C.moved 7.A.died C.survived 8.A.shouted C.fought 9.A.car C.road 10.A.immediately C.only 11.A.lazy C.lucky 12.A.missed C.caused 13.A.sorrow C.relief 14.A.emotions C.replies 15.A.caught C.missed 16.A.seen C.jumped 17.A.otherwise

C.whatever 18.A.examination C.quality 19.A.thought C.enjoyed 20.A.happiness C.honor

D.seriously B.change D.state B.blamed D.helped B.excuse D.mercy

2 [2015·甘肃天水一中高三高考信息卷(二)] Since my childhood,I always dreamed of becoming a full?time writer.Two years after my graduation,I No one could tell me 21 23 my job and made up my mind to realize my 22 .

I would succeed or not.I rented a cold storage room 24 to write.I had too many things to write

in a building,set up a used desk and and I had to write because the 25

was full of my heart. 26 to earn

After a year or so,however,I began to doubt myself.I found it

my living by selling what I wrote.I can’t remember how many times my novels were 27 during that year.But I 28 to put my dream to the test—even though it meant

living with uncertainty and fear 21.A.attained C.paused 22.A.project C.dream 23.A.whether C.that 24.A.gave away C.put down 25.A.principle C.career 26.A.difficult B.quit D.seized B.glory D.liberty B.what D.when B.settled down D.took over B.justice D.enthusiasm B.changeable

C.permanent 27.A.adjusted C.registered 28.A.pretended C.waited

D.skeptical B.attacked D.rejected B.determined D.agreed


29 .I believed anyone with a dream must learn to struggle for the



During the most difficult period of my life,one of my classmates came to see me and tried to 31 me,“Yun,come to our company,and we will 33 32 you 2,000

yuan a month.” 2,000 yuan was really a big
to live 34

at that time.It would enable me 35 , something cleared my

.As the money was dancing in my

senses.Hadn’t I dreamed of being a writer? A full?time writer. “Thanks,but no,” I said 36 ,“I’m going to stick to writing.” 37 .People will love my

Again and again , I said to myself ,“I will be novels.” Finally my first novel was that few writers ever 39 . 38

in 1991.I had the kind of fame and success

Twenty years have passed,but the effect it had on my life has lasted.Now I often 40 the time working in that cold storage room.I will say,“Anyone with a dream,

courage and persistence will be successful.” 29.A.anxiety C.failure 30.A.intelligence C.reputation 31.A.persuade C.inform 32.A.sponsor B.assist B.prejudice D.opportunity B.fantasy D.goal B.donate D.require C.pay D.earn

33.A.account B.money C.scale D.fortune 34.A.steadier C.better 35.A.hand B.head 36.A.doubtfully C.firmly 37.A.successful C.creative 38.A.sold B.handier D.happier C.table D.wallet

B.eagerly D.consciously B.lucky D.confident B.advocated

C.published 39.A.experienced C.associated 40.A.understood C.reminded 3

D.allocated B.adopted D.deposited B.recalled D.assumed

One day I was taking a bus.The driver didn’t because it was not yet her story 44


to start the bus soon

42 .A middle?aged woman got on.Tired and sad,she told

43 ,not to anyone particular.On her way to the station,half of her 45 still had 46 .

was stolen.The other half was hidden under her blouse,so she

some left.A few minutes later,she stopped crying,but still looked

When all the seats were taken,the driver started the engine.The conductor began to collect the fares.When she came to an old man in worn?out clothes,he 47 that

he had spent all his money as he accidentally got on a wrong bus and now was trying to go home.On hearing this,she ordered the old man to was almost in tears as he 49 48 the bus.The old man

her to let him take the bus home.The driver took 50 .

the conductor’s side and repeated the conductor’s The woman was watching the incident. 51

the driver and the conductor raised

their voices at the old man,she interfered. “Stop 52 him! Can’t you see he’s only trying to get home!” 53 .

“He doesn’t have any money!” the driver “Well,that’s no 54

to throw him off the bus,”she insisted. 55 money,and handed it 56 time.”

Then she reached inside her blouse,took out her

to the conductor.“Here’s his fare and mine.Just stop giving him a

All heads turned to the woman.“It’s only money,” she shrugged. She rode the rest of her way home lost earlier 58 . 59 our loads and lift our 57 a happy smile,with the money she’d

On the road of life,the help of strangers can spirits.How much sweeter the others! 60

will be when we make it a little smoother for

41.A.try 42.A.empty C.crowded

B.intend C.decide D.care B.ready D.full B.seriously D.calmly B.possession D.wealth B.happily D.secretly B.weak D.unhappy B.declared D.found B.get over D.get into B.scolded D.begged B.action D.request B.When D.Although B.wronging D.bothering B.whispered D.shouted B.need D.matter B.lost D.borrowed C.cold D.fearful

43.A.carefully C.tearfully 44.A.money C.fare 45.A.strangely C.fortunately 46.A.unsatisfied C.excited 47.A.explained C.admitted 48.A.get off C.get on 49.A.thanked C.praised 50.A.command C.suggestion 51.A.Unless C.Until 52.A.attacking C.blaming 53.A.warned C.repeated 54.A.problem C.reason 55.A.spending C.remaining 56.A.busy B.hard

57.A.giving C.wearing 58.A.forgotten C.earned

B.taking D.forcing B.used D.returned

59.A.move B.increase C.lighten D.carry 60.A.world C.smile B.journey D.friendship

学生用书答案精析 B 深度阅读 Ⅰ.1.Where 2.painful 3.into 4.the best Ⅱ.1.well 2.which 3.to 4.defeated 5.It 6.completely 7.had seen 10.girls Ⅲ.1.但或许事情就是这样:你真正想要的学习恰恰在其他地方。 形式主语;定语 2.作为父母,我不喜欢看到我女儿尽力踢球,但还是被打败的情景。 两个;playing her best;主动;过去分词;被动 3.我突然想起,对于球队所有的女孩来说,和另外一个队进行比赛也是一个很好的学习机 会。 playing against the other team;主语 8.a 9.playing

二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(十四) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(1) 1 1.B [从文章第一句的“I approached my father,determined to get a small bike for my birthday.” 可知,作者的生日快到了,她想向父亲要礼物。] 2.C [根据本段及下段的描述可推测,父亲想让作者帮助他付账单。] 3.A [根据后文“I knew that my father was not going to let such a large ________ go without using it to teach me a life lesson.”可知,这是作者担心的事情。] 4.D [向父亲要自行车作礼物是一个请求,作者知道父亲是不会轻易地就满足自己的请求

而不给自己上一课的。] 5.B [后两句“How could I pay bills...before.”是作者当时心里的想法。] 6.B [作者不知道怎么付账单,是因为作者从来没有付过账单。] 7.A [父亲自然知道作者没有付账单的经历,所以他解释清楚他要作者做什么。] 8.C [根据生活常识我们不难知道,父亲要作者把家里所有的开支都加起来。] 9.B [承接上文,然后从父母所赚的钱中减去那些费用。] 10.C [既然是在加减家里的开支,作者自然是给父亲看她最后的计算结果。] 11.D [付账单是必须的,而买好玩的东西则是可有可无的,所以付账单要在买好玩的东西 之前。] 12.B [买自行车的费用要少于刚才计算所剩的钱。] 13.B [这是因为有些钱是用来储蓄的。] 14.A [从后面的 “may even have to give it to one of my little sisters”可知,

作者有可能不得不把自行车送给小妹妹们是因为自己长大后, 自行车对于自己就会显得太小 了。] 15.C [作者是经过深思熟虑才得出要买什么样的自行车的,所以此处要用 conscious。] 16. A [作者意识到如果买适合自己现在骑的自行车是不明智的, 所以决定买辆大的自行车。

由下文最后一段第一句的描述也可知是买了一辆大的自行车。] 17.A [因为这辆自行车不太适合 11 岁的女生,就连父亲也问作者是否确定。] 18.B [根据 although 的口气可推测,作者骑了一辆很大的自行车,因此其他孩子都嘲笑

作者。] 19.D [本空后的“to show that there is no such thing as...” 正是作者跟大家分享 自己这个故事的目的。] 20.C [本文作者讲了关于财务方面的一个选择。] 2 21.B [result 源于;suffer 遭受;survive 生存下去;escape 逃脱。根据下文母亲得的 脑中风,应是 suffer from。故选 B。] 22.C [hope 希望;wonder 奇迹;idea 主意;doubt 怀疑。have no idea...不知道??。 故选 C。] 23.A [pain 痛苦;anxiety 焦急;fear 害怕;pressure 压力。根据上文母亲生病,应是 不能减轻母亲的痛苦。故选 A。] 24.D [receive 收到;sell 出售;fix 修理;lose 失去。与下文的 loss 对应,应是“丢 失”。故选 D。] 25.D [unbelievable 不相信的;shameful 可耻的;angry 生气的;terrible 可怕的,极 不舒服的。丢了宝贵的东西应是极不舒服的。故选 D。] 26.C [disease 疾病;memory 记忆力;incident 小事;difficulty 困难。句意为:我的 一生中有许多这样的小事。故选 C。] 27.B [when 何时;until 直到;though 虽然;since 自从。此处表示“直到读了‘如果你 有柠檬,就要制成柠檬汁’才知道如何处理这样棘手的事情。”故选 B。] 28. A [lesson 教训; lemonade 柠檬汁; decision 决定; challenge 挑战。 get a lesson from 从??中得到教训。故选 A。] 29.C [control 控制;accept 接受;improve 提高,改善;avoid 避免。作者在思考如何 改善状况。故选 C。] 30.A [realize 意识到;think 认为;discover 发现;predict 预计。suddenly realize 突然间意识到。故选 A。] 31.D [healthy 健康的;independent 独立的;serious 严肃的,认真的;positive 积极 的。与下文一致,应是保持积极的思想状态。故选 D。] 32.B [exactly 准确地;differently 不同地;easily 容易地;practically 实际上。这 时作者在回想过去,但愿自己采取不同的方式处理以前的事情。故选 B。] 33.A [recovery 恢复;life 生活;freedom 自由;happiness 幸福。 与上文母亲生病对应。

当母亲努力康复时。故选 A。] 34.B [shout 叫喊;hide 躲避;quarrel 争吵;regret 遗憾。句意为:我应该握住她的手, 告诉她事情会好起来的, 而不是躲起来哭。 与上文的“Tears welled up in my eyes whenever I was alone.”对应。故选 B。] 35.C [expect 期望;miss 错过;win 赢得;refuse 拒绝。与空后的 prize 对应。故选 C。] 36.D [figure out 算出;write down 写下;find out 查明真相;come across 偶然碰到, 遇到。此处是作者遇到这篇文章。故选 D。] 37. B [embarrassed 感到尴尬的; discouraged 感到泄气的; excited 感到兴奋的; concerned 担心的。 此处是与过去相反的假设, 如果没有读到这篇文章, 可能还会感到泄气的。 故选 B。 ] 38.B [performance 表演;experience 经验,经历;progress 进步;effect 影响。虽然 没有取得名次, 但作者依旧很开心, 因为至少这次比赛让她有了舞台经验。 与上文的 singing competition 对应。故选 B。] 39.A [brave 勇敢的;calm 平静的;great 伟大的;clever 聪明的。与下文的 strong 对 应。故选 A。] 40.C [show 展示;make 制造,使;give 给予;send 寄送,派遣。与上文的 have a lemon 对应,此处是生活给我们一个柠檬。故选 C。] 3 41.B [上一句说这个男孩子是大屠杀的受害者,所以说他被关在集中营好多年。station

安置,派往;distribute 分布,分发;treat 对待,招待。place 放入,符合题意,故选 B 项。] 42 . A [ 关在 集中营中应该是 很恐怖的,但是他设法 在监禁的恐惧中存活了 下来。

embarrassment 尴尬;relief 安慰,轻松;annoyance 烦恼,生气。horror 恐惧,符合语境, 故选 A 项。] 43.D [这个故事中的小男孩现在已经六十多岁了,他想要找到一位美国士兵,就是这位士 兵当时给小男孩传递了爱心, 因为他主动给他提供了一些食物。 hold on 坚持下去; agree on 同意;focus on 聚焦,集中。pass on 传递,符合题意。故选 D 项。] 44.B [这位士兵主动提供食物。guarantee 保证;present 呈现,给予;contribute 贡献。 offer 主动提供,符合题意。故选 B 项。] 45.C [这件事情也许看起来微不足道, 但是当时对于一个记忆中只有残忍、 不人道的孩子来说,

这个行为是他生活的一个转折点。 unbelievable 不可思议的; troublesome 麻烦的; convenient 方便的; insignificant 微不足道的。 根据空格后的 but 可知前后分句为转折关 系,故选 C 项。] 46.D [孩子被关在集中营里,看到的就是残忍和不人道。difficulty 困难;curiosity

好奇;sympathy 同情。cruelty 残酷,残忍,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 47.A [对一个孩子来说在集中营里面待了好多年,他能记得的只有残忍和不人道,这是从 记事以来那么长时间给他留下的记忆。故选 A 项。] 48. C [主动给孩子提供食物这个善意的表示是孩子人生的转折点, 因为他当时已经失去了 希望。wave 波浪,起伏,挥手;fate 命运;duty 责任。gesture 姿态,手势,表示,对应 最后一段第一句话“...small gestures can often generate huge...”,故选 C 项。] 49. D [当孩子被美国军队解救出来的时候, 他已经奄奄一息, 所以他急切需要食物。 highly 高度地;mostly 主要地,一般地;hopefully 有希望地。badly 急切地,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 50.B [当孩子在街上一路蹒跚时,一个年轻的士兵从坦克上面跳下来,分给了他一些自己 的食物补给。故选 B 项。] 51.C [用这样的一个慷慨之举,好心的美国士兵又一次唤起了男孩??的信念。with 在

此处表示“用,以”的意思。故选 C 项。] 52.D [男孩又一次相信了这个世界上真的还是有美好的东西。honesty 诚实;loyalty 忠 诚;trust 信任。belief 信念,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 53.A [男孩从来没有忘记过去这件事情。remember 记得;deliver 递送;reflect 反省; forget 忘记。 从后句可知, 男孩一直记得这件事, 到美国后用自己的方式报恩。 故选 A 项。 ] 54.C [后来男孩去了美国,组建了家庭,很成功,也很努力地用他自己的善举来报答他曾 经接受到的爱心。food 食物;mercy 同情;credit 信用。kindness 友好,好意,符合题意, 故选 C 项。] 55.D [事实上,有如此多的类似的慷慨行为,而我们几乎都无法确定那个帮助男孩的士兵 到底是谁。for example 比如;for ever 永远;for free 免费地。for sure 确定地,毫无 疑问地,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 56.B [正如 2 500 年前孔子所说的那样??。as sb.puts it 正如某人说的那样,为固定 结构。] 57.A [与其诅咒黑暗,不如点燃灯火。pray 祈祷;swear 发誓;appreciate 欣赏。curse

诅咒,咒骂,符合题意,故选 A 项。] 58. C [上面的故事很好地说明了一个道理: 小小的举动经常能够激发巨大的祝福。 declare 宣告;argue 争论;expand 扩张。illustrate 举例说明,阐明,符合题意,故选 C 项。] 59.B [小小的举动经常能够激发大大的好事。congratulation 祝贺;belongings 财产; consequence 影响,后果。blessing 好事,有益之事,符合题意,故选 B 项。] 60.A [如果我们不断地去发现世界上的善举,并且自己也能去实施善举,那么我们无疑会 给别人的世界和自己的世界带来更多的快乐。adapt to 适应;meet with 遇到;bring up 提出,养育。look for 寻找,发现,符合题意,故选 A 项。]

二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(十五) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(2) 1 1.D [be about to do sth.意为“正要做某事”。] 2.A [由下文可知这里指一对年轻情侣,故选 A 项。] 3.B [当旅游大巴进入山区的一个拐弯处时,车上的一对情侣被窗外的美景所吸引,便要

求司机停车。call for 要求;get to 到达;catch sight of 看到;look for 寻找。] 4.C [他们下车后,巴士继续前行。go on 继续。] 5.B [根据上下文可知,他们下了车后大巴继续朝前方行驶,故他们听到路前方轰隆一声

巨响。] 6.A [此处指他们得知车上乘客无一生还的消息后感到非常震惊。be shocked by 对??

感到震惊。] 7.C [由下文内容可知选 C 项。] 8.D [根据下文中的“Those people usually said with a sigh...”可知此处表示这对

情侣平静下来之后叹了口气。] 9. D [根据设空前的 a guide 和 tourist 及设空后的 a scenic mountain 可知答案为 bus。 ] 10.A [immediately after...在??后立刻。此处指导游让大家猜测那对情侣幸免于难后 所说的话。] 11.C [此处指交通事故中的幸存者。] 12.B [由设空前的错过(missed)了大巴可知设空处指避免(avoided)了灾难。] 13.C [a sigh of relief 松了一口气。] 14. C [由第二段导游让大家猜测那对情侣在幸免于难后所说的话可知此处指游客对导游的 回答。] 15.B [由于那对情侣下车而导致了大巴行驶时间的延误。] 16.B [设空处指大巴经过(passed)那个危险的地方。] 17.A [由 but 可知作者的观点与前文所述不同。otherwise=differently。] 18.A [由上文的 wit test 可知传播这个段子的人都把这件事看作是对智力的测试。而我 则认为这是对人的心灵的考验,故选择 A 项。]

19.B [blame...for...因??而责备??。] 20.D [慈悲之心,虽然人皆有之,但善恶往往在一念之间。] 2 21.B [attain 获得;quit 离开,停止,放弃;pause 暂停;seize 抓住。根据下文准备实 现梦想,这里应是辞职。] 22.C [project 工程;glory 荣誉;dream 梦想;liberty 解放。realize one’s dream 实现梦想。] 23.A [whether...or not 是否,根据下文的 or not 判断。] 24.B [give away 赠送;settle down 安置,安定下来;put down 放下;take over 接管。 上文提到租房子,现在开始安下心来写作。故选 B 项。] 25.D [principle 原则;justice 正义;career 职业;enthusiasm 热情。根据下文的 full of my heart 判断此处作者豪情满怀,激情万分。] 26.A [difficult 困难的;changeable 可改变的;permanent 永久的;skeptical 怀疑的。 根据上文的 doubt 和下文的 earn my living,应是作者靠卖作品为生的日子很困难。] 27.D [adjust 调整;attack 袭击;register 登记;reject 拒绝。根据上文的靠写作难以 为生,此处应是多次被退稿。故选 D 项。] 28.B [pretend 假装;determine 决心;wait 等待;agree 同意。与下文的 test 对应,应 填“决定”。] 29 . C [anxiety 焦急; prejudice 偏见; failure 失败; opportunity 机会。与上文

uncertainty 相对应,故选 C 项。] 30.D [intelligence 智力;fantasy 幻想,幻觉;reputation 荣誉;goal 目标。D 项符 合语境。] 31.A [persuade 劝说;donate 捐献;inform 通知;require 需要。此时作者正处于困难 时期,朋友来劝说他加入自己的公司。] 32.C [sponsor 赞助;assist 帮助;pay 付钱,付给报酬;earn 挣,赢得。根据下文的 2 000 元判断是付给作者的报酬。] 33. D [account 叙述, 说明; money 金钱; scale 规模; fortune 运气, 财富。 a big fortune 一大笔财富。] 34.C [steadier 更稳步的;handier 更便利的;better 更好的;happier 更幸福的。因为 这笔工作的报酬,自己的生活能好一些。]

35.B [句意为:当这些钱在我头脑中跳跃时,某些东西清除了我的感觉。] 36.C [doubtfully 怀疑地;eagerly 急切地;firmly 确定地;consciously 有意识地。根 据下文的 stick to writing 判断作者很确定地拒绝了对方。] 37.A [successful 成功的;lucky 幸运的;creative 有创造力的;confident 有信心的。 根据上文的 stick to writing 可知,此时作者坚信自己将来会成功的。] 38.C [sell 卖;advocate 主张,拥护;publish 出版;allocate 分派。novel 应是被出 版。] 39.A [experience 经历;adopt 采取;associate 联系;deposit 储存。句意为:我拥有 了只有几名作者曾经经历过的荣誉和成功。] 40.B [understand 理解;recall 回想;remind 提醒;assume 假定。句意为:现在我经常 回想起在那个寒冷的储藏室写作的日子。] 3 41. B [根据下文“因为车子上没有坐满乘客, 所以司机还没有打算启动汽车”, intend to

do sth.打算做某事。] 42.D [从下文“When all the seats were taken,the driver started the engine.”

可知,此时车上还没有坐满乘客。] 43.C [从下文“she stopped crying”可知答案。] 44.A [从下文“Then she reached inside her blouse,took out her ________ money, and handed it to the conductor.”可以得出“她的一半的钱被人偷了”。] 45.C [不过幸运的是她还有藏在衬衣下的另一半。] 46.D [她的钱被偷了,她自然会不高兴。] 47.A [由下文可知老人在向售票员解释他为什么没有钱买票。] 48.A [售票员一听,就要求老人下车。get off the bus 下车。] 49.D [老人没钱想坐车回家而售票员却要求他下车,于是老人恳请她让他坐车回家。beg

sb.to do sth.(恳求某人做某事)。] 50.A [司机此时也在重复售票员的命令。command 等同于 order。] 51.B [就在此时,一半钱被偷了的女士插话了。when 意为“当??时”。] 52.D [stop doing sth.停止做某事;bother 使??烦恼,找??麻烦。] 53.D [此处说明司机的不耐烦,一种怒气。shout 正说明了他的心情。] 54.C [女士继续坚持“那不是把老人赶下车的理由”。]


[拿出剩下的另一半没有被偷去的钱来买她和老人的车票。remain 不及物动词,作

定语表示“剩下的??”,remaining 等同于“left”。] 56.B [她帮老人买车票是为了司机和售票员不要再难为老人了。give sb.a hard time 为 难某人。] 57.C [然后一路上面带(wearing) 微笑。] 58.A [忘记了(forgotten)先前被偷走的钱。] 59.C [在人生旅程中,来自陌生人的帮助能减轻(lighten)负担,改善心情。] 60.B [假如我们都能为别人做一点善事,那么人生的旅程(journey)就会美好得多。]

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2015高考英语大二轮总复习定时训练12 - 定时训练(12) Ⅰ.专题特训(完形填空) A 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:学校生活 时间:13 分钟 The First Day of School ...
【创新设计】2015高考英语(湖南专用)大二轮总复习定时训练 11 - 定时训练(11) 专题特训(完形填空记叙文) Section A I was driving home from a ...
2015高考英语大二轮总复习定时训练11 - 定时训练(11) Ⅰ.专题特训(完形填空) A 体裁:记叙文 话题:人生经历 时间:15 分钟 Once upon a time,two brot...
2015高考英语大二轮总复习定时训练13 - 定时训练(13) Ⅰ.专题特训(完形填空) A 体裁:夹叙夹议文 话题:人生态度 时间:15 分钟 As my husband,Mark and ...