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高考英语大二轮总复习 专题三 完形填空练习(C)

专题三 完形填空(C)


Ⅱ.掌握文章的主旨大意 请用约 50 个词概括本文。

Ⅲ.变式训练——语法填空 Since 1. (finish) my studies at Harvard and Oxford,I’ve

watched one friend after another land high?ranking,high?paying Wall Street jobs.As executives with banks , consulting firms , established law firms , 2.

major corporations,many are now 3. impressive made. On the surface,these people seem to be very 5. careers.By society’s standards , they

(good) on their way to seem to have 4.

(luck) in

life.As they left student life behind,many had a last drink at their cheap but 6.

(friend) local bar,shook hands 7.

longtime roommates,

and moved out of small apartments into high buildings.They made reservations at restaurants 8. college year’s monthly rent.They 9. beloved old cars with expensive new sports cars. The thing is,10. their success,they aren’t happy. Ⅳ.突破文章的长难句 1.They made reservations at restaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine equaled a college year’s monthly rent. 翻译: number of them have admitted that despite the cost of a bottle of wine equaled a (replace) their

难句分析:该句是一个含有定语从句的复合句。定语从句的先行词为 where 在定语从句中作 。


2 .Some complain of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight?hour workweeks devoted to tasks they hate. 翻译:

难句分析:该句是由 and 连接的并列句。在第二个分句中,they hate 是一个省略了关系代 词 which 或 that 的定语从句,修饰 作 devote 之间存在着 ,修饰 关系。 ;过去分词短语 devoted to ;在逻辑上,workweeks 与

3.They recognize there’s something missing in their lives,but it’s hard to step off the track. 翻译:

难句分析: 谓语 recognize 后是一个省略了引导词 that 的 形 容 词 missing 修 饰 不 定 代 词 要 主语,代替后面的 作主语。

从句。 ; it 为

提醒:完成作业 强化练(十六)(十七)

二轮专题强化练 强化练(十六)强化练(十六) 完形填空——说明文和议论文(1) (建议用时:50 分钟) 1 (2015·江西南昌一模) Reading and learning new words is about finding their meaning and use within a passage.The meaning of unknown words which you can be known by their 2 1 in your reading sometimes

,that is,their contexts.The context of the sentence 3 4 word.Using the context of the .

can tell us the part of speech(词性) of the paragraph to define unknown words can also be

Readers often have trouble because they understand the sentence word by word but 5 meaning of a word,when they should identify the way it has been used in

the passage. One consideration in using the context is to determine the unknown word’s part of speech.The words around the unknown word can give you 6 .Once you know if the 7 reading without

word is a noun or an adjective,it is often enough for you to

having to stop to look up the meaning of the word.After coming across the word a few more times,you will know its meaning more it up. Comparison clues indicate that two or more things are possible because the known and unknown words have that comparisons can be made. 11 are usually clues tell you that an example of an unknown word follows.Example clues 12 by the following words and phrases:such as,such,other,for 9 .A comparison is 8 than if you had just looked

10 .Words likewise show you

example,and like. To find meanings from text?based clues , you should look for clues in the sentence.A second kind of clue does not 13 on specific words to indicate

meaning.This kind of context clue is called framework?based clue.Your knowledge of

the meanings of surrounding words sentence.Common 15


you discover the meaning of a word or

and your knowledge of the parts of speech also help in

defining unknown words.For example:The angry driver shouted vehemently during his fight with the other driver.What does vehemently means,and you know how people 18 16 ? You know what 19 17 out

when they argue.From this,you can 20

that vehemently has something to do with strong 1.A.take down C.come across 2.A.sentences C.topics 3.A.unknown C.familiar 4.A.unique C.helpful 5.A.incorrect C.different 6.A.cases C.effects 7.A.translate C.continue 8.A.strangely C.potentially 9.A.alike C.proper 10.A.properties C.possibilities 11.A.Popularity C.Example 12.A.affected C.changed B.look up D.pick out B.words D.surroundings B.abnormal D.negative B.natural D.common B.inconvenient D.satisfactory B.reasons D.clues B.interview D.examine B.uncertainly D.firmly B.meaningful D.great B.similarities D.personalities B.Consideration D.Comparison B.adjusted D.introduced

or intense feeling.

13.A.focus C.carry 14.A.prevents C.tells 15.A.point C.awareness 16.A.mean C.contain 17.A.angry C.happy 18.A.take C.act 19.A.come C.feel 20.A.demand C.attitude 2 (2015·河南开封市高三二模)

B.spend D.rely B.helps D.displays B.taste D.sense B.use D.complete B.grateful D.anxious B.say D.think B.figure D.set B.ambition D.emotion

It is hard to decide which food to buy in an American grocery store these days.The information on many products makes 22 21 claims.The label “organic(有机的)”

that the United States Department of Agriculture recognizes the product is 23 ,it shows the words “USDA

grown under special conditions.If the food is grown organic” on it.This is an official label.

The food is grown without chemical treatment against insects or

24 .It is

grown without chemical fertilizers.Before a product is labeled “organic”,a(n) 25 visits the farm where the food is produced to make sure the farm 27 26 SDA

standards.Organic meat,eggs and dairy products come from 21.A.unbelievable C.different 22.A.predicts B.false D.flexible B.proves

C.proposes 23.A.on the contrary C.in turn 24.A.diseases C.activities 25.A.protector C.inspector 26.A.presents C.protects 27.A.plants C.animals

D.doubts B.in any case D.in this way B.operations D.services B.reminder D.volunteer B.opposes D.meets B.villages D.farms

that are given no antibiotics(抗生素),must be fed organic food and have to the outdoors. No conclusive 29


shows that organic food is more nutritious than

traditionally grown food.And the USDA—even if it proves organic food—doesn’t 30 declare that these products are safer or more nutritious.Organic foods meet 31 and safety standards as traditional foods.The difference 32

the same

how the food is produced,processed and handled.Some people buy organic food for 33 reasons.Organic food is produced by 34 who emphasize the use of renewable 35 food products vary.Higher

resources.The prices between most organic food and prices are due to more expensive farm

36 .A lot of work must be done every day. 37 to enabling 39 of

The new USDA’s national organic programme for labeling is consumers to make a(n) 38

choice among the foods they buy and have the

the safeguard of being cheated.People who sell or label a product “organic” when they know it does not meet USDA standards can be 28.A.solution C.entrance 29.A.agreement C.expectation 30.A.publicly C.secretly 31.A.shape C.quality 32.A.lies in C.knows bout 33.A.financial C.cultural 34.A.sellers C.drivers 35.A.fresh C.traditional B.access D.direction B.concept D.evidence B.soon D.anxiously B.fashion D.size B.consists of D.puzzles out B.social D.environmental B.farmers D.buyers B.delicious D.new 40 up to 11,000.

36.A.practices C.chemicals 37.A.surprised C.aimed 38.A.active C.wrong 39.A.dream C.opinion 40.A.awarded C.fined

B.tools D.machines B.laughed D.delighted B.potential D.sensible B.right D.adventure B.given D.spared 3

(2015·河北保定 5 月模拟) The world is filled with smart,talented and educated people.We meet them every day.A few days ago,my the young mechanic had it 43 41 42 was not running well.I pulled it into a garage and in just a few minutes.He knew what was wrong by 44 .But the sad truth is,great 45 is not

listening to the engine.I was

enough. I am constantly(不断地) shocked at how little talented people told me many people 48 . An old saying goes,“Job means ‘just over broke(破产)’”.And unfortunately, I would say that the saying 50 49 millions of people.Because schools do not think 47 46 .A friend

financially and they were one skill away from great

intelligence is intelligence,most workers “live within their means”.They 51 for

work and they pay the bills.Instead,I recommend young people to seek what they will learn rather than what they will earn. When I ask my students “How many of you can cook a McDonald’s?” almost all students raise their you 54 52

hamburger than

53 .I then ask,“So if most of

cook a better hamburger,how come McDonald’s makes more money than 55 :McDonald’s is excellent at business 57 56 . on building

you?”The answer is

The reason why so many talented people are poor is that they

a better hamburger and know


or nothing about business systems.The world is 59 their skills at building a

filled with talented poor people.They focus on better hamburger 41.A.bike C.car 42.A.run C.sold 43.A.simply C.silently 44.A.happy C.amazed 45.A.patience C.care 46.A.earn C.know 47.A.achieved C.struggled 48.A.health C.effort 49.A.applies to C.turns to 50.A.cooking C.financial 51.A.money C.friendship 52.A.bigger C.cheaper 53.A.hands C.eyes 54.A.will 60

the skills of selling and delivering the hamburger. B.computer D.watch B.gone D.fixed B.slightly D.seriously B.lucky D.disappointed B.talent D.number B.learn D.rest B.chose D.rushed B.wealth D.confidence B.agrees with D.meets with B.learning D.potential B.wealth D.work B.better D.smaller B.heads D.arms B.dare

C.must 55.A.obvious C.right 56.A.plans C.controls 57.A.go C.focus 58.A.little C.well 59.A.choosing C.recognizing 60.A.apart from C.in spite of

D.can B.surprising D.short B.systems D.talks B.keep D.try B.much D.possibly B.perfecting D.approving B.except for D.rather than

二轮专题强化练 强化练(十七)强化练(十七) 完形填空——说明文和议论文(2) (建议用时:50 分钟) 1 (2014·河南中原名校) All the definitions(定义) and facts in a dictionary or book do not convey what friendship is really about.It cannot be understood through understand friendship is through experience,which 2 1 .The only way to

all the senses.

Friendship can be seen.It is seen in an old couple sitting in the park holding hands.It is seen in a child freely 3 the last cookie.It is not 4 to see

friendship;it is always there for eyes that can see. Friendship can be heard.It is heard in the words of two friends squeezing in lunch together on an extremely is the way they 6 5 day although they have a lot of things to do.It

each other,not the words.Friendship can be heard by those

willing to listen. Friendship is 7 in a touch.It is a pat on the back from a teammate,a high 8 more than

five between classes,and the wet kiss from the family dog.The touch words or gestures.It is 9

understood and clearly shows the feelings.

Friendship has a taste.It tastes like homemade bread : the ingredients all measured and planned,then carefully 10 ,then the quiet 11 as the dough(生

面团) rises.Hot from the oven,the bread tastes more than the sum of its ingredients 12 there are the thoughts of the baker as her hands mix the flour or her 13 as

she waits for the dough to rise. 14

and unmeasured,this is the ingredient that 16 .

15 .Warm,fresh from the oven,the difference you taste is

Friendship has a smell.It smells like the slightly burnt cookies your brother made especially for you.It smells like your home when for a long time.Friendship has 18 smells. 19 of the heart.It 17 it after being away

Finally,more than the other senses,friendship is a(n)

is the language of the heart—a language that,whether seen,felt,heard,or tasted, is understood by the 20 .Like air fills the lungs,friendship fills the heart,

allowing us to experience the best life has to offer:a friend. 1.A.reading C.words 2.A.expects C.affects 3.A.eating C.choosing 4.A.common C.difficult 5.A.busy C.bad 6.A.look at C.care for 7.A.felt C.discovered 8.A.understands C.communicates 9.A.perfectly C.hopefully 10.A.tasted C.supplied 11.A.waiting C.change 12.A.and C.until 13.A.patience C.tolerance 14.A.Unfinished B.studying D.gestures B.expresses D.involves B.sharing D.holding B.formal D.private B.tough D.important B.talk to D.play with B.given D.remembered B.explains D.knows B.instantly D.thankfully B.prepared D.mixed B.working D.competition B.because D.unless B.confidence D.dependence B.Uncovered

C.Unseen 15.A.comes to life C.makes sense 16.A.happiness C.comfort 17.A.winning back C.stepping into 18.A.strong C.natural 19.A.experience C.reward 20.A.partners C.family

D.Unmoved B.takes effect D.makes the difference B.friendship D.hardship B.helping out D.carrying on B.strange D.various B.thought D.result B.senses D.heart 2

For a long time I saw happiness as a huge banner(横幅) across the finish line of a long race.I felt that only when I 21 certain things could I finally be happy

in my life.Most of the time I felt like a tortoise believing that being slow and 22 would win the race.At other times I would 24 23 like a rabbit trying different 25 ,

side roads at a dangerous

hoping to reach that banner a little faster.

I began to see that no matter how long I raced 21.A.forgot C.overcame 22.A.safe C.calm 23.A.act C.jump 24.A.place C.speed 25.A.Generally C.Unfortunately B.missed D.accomplished B.steady D.quiet B.run D.walk B.height D.time B.Gradually D.Firstly

towards it,the banner was never any and take a break.It was then that I saw my It had been with me as I children and heard their 30 29

26 .I finally decided one day to 28 sitting beside me.


hard to support my family,as I played with my 31 with my wife at my side

and even when I was

looking after me.It had been with me as I raced towards that stupid banner.I just didn’t have the 32 to see it.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says,“Tension is what you think you should be. 33 is who you are.” Perhaps we all should stop our race towards the 35 34

life we think we should have and

the life we have now.Happiness will never 36 your own heart,soul

be found under some banner far away.It will be found and mind.It will be found when you 37

that others love you just as you do.

Don’t be a tortoise or a rabbit when it comes to your happiness.Be a playful puppy and carry your stick of 38 with you everywhere you go. 39 yourself out 40 there.

of the race and realize that when it comes to love and happiness you are 26.A.clearer C.closer 27.A.settle in C.stop by 28.A.happiness C.success 29.A.studied C.exercised 30.A.laughter C.stories B.lower D.smaller B.start off D.sit down B.goal D.friendship B.fought D.worked B.complaints D.breathing

31.A.lonely B.tired C.sick D.hungry 32.A.courage C.wisdom 33.A.Stress C.Failure 34.A.real B.chance D.strength B.Relaxation D.Pain B.perfect

C.common 35.A.enjoy C.improve 36.A.from B.on C.over 37.A.realize C.hope 38.A.sorrow C.fortune 39.A.Carry 40.A.never

D.colorful B.change D.create D.in B.believe D.admit B.responsibility D.joy B.Make C.Push D.Take B.still C.already D.ever 3

There are many different ways of seeing a town for the first time.One of them is to walk around it , guidebook guidebooks the history and 43 41 hand.Of course , we may 42 with our

developments of a town and get to know them. 44 45 in a town for a while,we may get to know it 47 ,which even the this,this shape,this

then,if we take out time and better.When we 46

it as a whole,we begin to have some 48

best guidebooks do not answer.Why is the town just plan,this size?Why do its streets 50 way.Why? Here even the best guidebook 51 49

in this particular way,and not in any

us.One can’t find in it the information 52 appearance.It may not describe the 54

about how a town has developed to the original(最初的) 53

of a town.However,one may get some idea of what it 55

look like by walking around the town.One can also imagine

the town was first 56 to

planned and built.Then one can learn more about in what direction the town develop. What is the 57 of studying towns in the way?For me,it is 58

that one

gets a greater depth of pleasure by visiting and seeing a town with one’s own eyes.A 59 visit to a town may help one better understand why it is attractive 60 just

reading about it in a guidebook. 41.A.in B.at

C.by 42.A.write C.tell 43.A.strange C.separate

D.on B.study D.remember B.similar D.special D.Until

44.A.But B.Before C.Since 45.A.march 46.A.look at C.look for 47.A.ideas C.feelings 48.A.of B.for C.like

B.work C.stay D.wait B.look after D.look up B.opinions D.questions D.as

49.A.open B.run C.begin D.move 50.A.one B.more C.other D.such 51.A.helps B.tricks C.fails D.satisfies D.present

52.A.old B.normal C.first 53.A.capital C.design 54.A.used to C.had to

B.meaning D.change B.seemed to D.happened to

55.A.what B.how C.when D.where 56.A.stops C.starts 57.A.point C.problem 58.A.nearly C.generally 59.A.costly C.group 60.A.from B.appears D.continues B.view D.difficulty B.simply D.hardly B.formal D.personal B.than



学生用书答案精析 C 深度阅读 Ⅰ.1.high?paying 2.unhappy 3.workweeks 4.respect 5.their lives Ⅱ. The author told us through the experiences and feelings after they graduated that we should not pursue money to build a high?quality life.In fact,the personal and social costs are the ones we need to consider most. Ⅲ.1.finishing 2.and 3.well 4.it 5.lucky 6.friendly 7.with 8.where 9.replaced 10.a 6.personal and social

Ⅳ.1.他们预订了昂贵的餐馆,在那里一瓶葡萄酒的价格相当于他们大学里一个月的租金。 restaurants;地点状语 2.一些人抱怨他们的同事不友好,对于八小时的工作时间都用在他们讨厌的工作任务上感 到悲伤。 tasks;后置定语;workweeks;被动 3.他们意识到在他们的生活中少了点什么,但离开这种既定的生活轨道却很难。 宾语;后置;形式;不定式短语

二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(十六) 完形填空——说明文和议论文(1) 1 1.C [你在阅读中遇到(come across)的生词的词义有时可以通过上下文语境猜测出来。

take down 记下;look up 查阅;pick out 挑选出。] 2.D [下文中的 that is 说明此处应选 contexts(上下文语境)的近义词。] 3.A [句子的上下文可以告诉我们这个生词(unknown word)的词性。] 4.C [语篇语境对于定义生词也是有帮助的(helpful)。] 5.A [当读者应该在语篇中通过单词的用法来确定单词词义时,他们却只看单个单词的意

思,不能准确理解某个单词的意思,从而导致了理解上的困扰。] 6.D [生词周围的那些词可以给你提供线索(clues)。] 7.C [根据下文 without having to stop 可知,如果你知道这个生词是名词还是形容词, 你就可以继续读下去,不必停下来查找单词词义。continue doing sth.继续做某事。] 8.D [在遇到这个单词几次之后,你对它的意思的掌握会比查词典更牢固。] 9.A [对比线索暗示两个或多个事物是相似的(alike)。] 10.B [认识的和不认识的词之间有相似之处(similarities),所以就可能存在比较。] 11.C [下文 Example clues 给出了提示。] 12.D [举例线索通常由 such as,such,other,for example 和 like 这样的单词或词组 引出(introduced)。] 13.D [另一种线索并不依靠(rely on)特定的词暗示词义。] 14.B [你对周围单词意思的了解有助于你发现一个词或句子的意思。help sb.do sth.帮

助某人做某事。] 15.D [在定义生词的过程中,常识(common sense)以及你对词性的了解也会有所帮助。] 16.A [表示“??是什么意思”时,常用句型 What does...mean?] 17.A [上文 The angry driver 给出了提示。] 18.C [你知道 angry 是什么意思,并且你知道当人们争吵时,他们是如何表现的。act 这 里意为“举止,表现”。] 19.B [根据这些,你就可以弄清楚(figure out)“vehemently”与强烈的情感有关。]

20.D [空后的 or intense feeling 给出了提示,选项中只有 emotion(情感)与 feeling 的意思接近。] 2 21.C [unbelievable 不相信的;false 错误的;different 不同的;flexible 可变化的。 与前文的 hard to decide 对应,故选 C。] 22.B [predict 预计;prove 证明;propose 提议;doubt 怀疑。与前文的 claim 对应。故 选 B。] 23.D [on the contrary 相反;in any case 在任何情况下;in turn 依次;in this way 用这种方法。与前文的 grown under special conditions 相对应。故选 D。] 24.A [disease 疾病;operation 手术;activity 活动;service 服务。与 insects 对应, 故选 A。] 25.C [protector 保护者;reminder 提醒人;inspector 检查员;volunteer 志愿者。美 国农业部门的检查员检查后才会给予有机食品标签。故选 C。] 26. D [present 呈现; oppose 反对; protect 保护; meet 遇见, 满足, 符合。 meet standards 符合标准。故选 D。] 27.C [plant 植物;village 村庄;animal 动物;farm 农场。肉、鸡蛋、奶产品肯定来自 动物。故选 C。] 28.B [solution 解决;access 使用权,进入;entrance 入口;direction 说明,指导。 have access to 使用,接近,可以利用。故选 B。] 29.D [agreement 协议;concept 概念;expectation 期待;evidence 证据,证明。没有 确定性的证据表明有机食品比传统种植的食物更有营养。故选 D。] 30. A [publicly 公共地; soon 不久; secretly 秘密地; anxiously 焦急地。 publicly declare 公开声明。故选 A。] 31.C [shape 形状;fashion 流行;quality 品质;size 大小。与下文的 safety standards 对应,应是“质量”。故选 C。] 32.A [lie in 在于;consist of 由??组成;know about 了解;puzzle out 仔细琢磨。 句意为:这种不同在于食品的生产、加工和处理方式。故选 A。] 33.D [financial 金融的;social 社交的;cultural 文化的;environmental 环境的。与 前文对应:人们购买有机食品是由于环境原因。与下文的 the use of renewable resources 对应。故选 D。]

34.B [seller 售货者;farmer 农民;driver 司机;buyer 购物者。食品的生产由重视再 利用资源的农民种植。故选 B。] 35.C [fresh 新鲜的;delicious 味道鲜美的;traditional 传统的;new 新的。此处是有 机食品和传统食品不同。故选 C。] 36. A [practice 练习, 实践; tool 工具; chemical 化学药品; machine 机器。 farm practice 农场劳动。故选 A。] 37.C [surprise 使??吃惊;laugh 嘲笑;aim 瞄准,把??定为目标;delight 使?? 高兴。be aimed to doing sth.以??为目标,旨在??。故选 C。] 38. D [active 活跃的; potential 潜在的; wrong 错误的; sensible 理性的。 make a sensible choice 做出理性选择。故选 D。] 39.B [dream 梦想;right 权利;opinion 意见;adventure 冒险。have the right of 有 权??。故选 B。] 40.C [award 酬劳,酬谢;give 给予;fine 罚款;spare 抽出。根据空后的 up to 11,000 判断选 C。] 3 41.C [根据下文中的“pulled it into a garage”“mechanic”及“engine”可推出本

空应为 car。] 42.D [那个年轻的汽车修理工几分钟就把它修好了。fix 修理。] 43.A [他只是通过听发动机的声音就知道故障所在。] 44.C [对此我感到很惊奇。] 45.B [但让人难以接受的是有极高的天赋还不够。根据下一段中的 talented people 可知 答案。] 46.A [由上下文语境可知此处表示“有天赋的人挣的钱少得可怜”。] 47.C [此处表示“很多人经济拮据”。] 48.B [此处表示“他们离财富只差一项技能”。此处借用了表示距离的句型,即 be+距

离+away from...离??有多远。] 49. A [俗话说“上班比破产强一点儿”。 不幸的是, 我认为这种说法适用于很多人。 apply to 对??适用;agree with 同意;turn to 求助于;meet with 偶遇。] 50.C [根据后两段的内容可知,此处作者指出了当前教育的弊端,即学校认为理财的智慧 不是智慧。]

51.D [作者建议年轻人找工作时要看能学到什么技能而不是看能挣多少钱。] 52.B [根据下文中的 a better hamburger 可知本题答案为 better。] 53.A [老师提问时,学生要举手回答,故答案为 hands。] 54.D [本空表示“能力”,故答案为 can。] 55.A [根据上句学生回答问题的表现可推知本题答案为 obvious。] 56.B [根据下文中 business systems 可知答案。] 57. C [作者指出许多有天赋的人之所以很贫穷是因为他们注重的是将汉堡包做得更好而对 商业体系知之甚少或一无所知。] 58.A [由后面的 or nothing 可知选 A。] 59.B [他们专注的是完善做汉堡包的技术而不是卖汉堡包和配送汉堡包的技能。] 60.D [apart from 除??之外(还有);except for 除??之外(不再有);in spite of

尽管;rather than 而不是。]

二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(十七) 完形填空——说明文和议论文(2) 1 1. C [理解友谊的意义不能靠印在词典和书中的文字, 而是要通过亲身感受。 through words 与下文 through experience 相对应。] 2.D [理解友谊的唯一方法是通过亲身感受,这包含所有的感官。 expect 预计,预料;

express 表达;affect 影响;involve 包含。] 3.B [在慷慨分享自己最后一块饼干的孩子身上,可以看到友谊。] 4.C [根据下文“it is always there...”可知,友谊并不难(difficult)看见,它一直

在那里等待着能发现它的眼睛。] 5.A [根据本句中的 squeezing in(挤出时间)和“they have a lot of things to do”

可知,设空处应为 busy(忙碌的)。] 6.B [该段讲述友谊是能够被听到的,故选项中只有 talk to(交谈)符合语境。友谊体现

在彼此之间的谈话方式上,而不是内容上,友谊就是愿意去倾听对方。] 7.A [通过触觉感知,只能用动词 feel。] 8.C [ 通过接触传递出的信息远胜于语言或手势。 understand 懂得; explain 解释;

communicate 传达(信息);know 知道。] 9.B [它可以立即被理解,还可以清楚地表达情感。perfectly 完美地;instantly 立即; hopefully 有希望地;thankfully 感激地。] 10.D [由下文中的“her hands mix the flour”可知。] 11.A [由下文中的“as she waits for”可知。] 12.B [前后句之间为因果关系,故答案为 B 项。] 13.A [等待生面团发酵需要耐心,故答案为 A 项。tolerance(容忍)往往表示对自己不喜 欢、不赞成的事情的容忍,不符合语境,故排除。] 14.C [由语境可知“制作面包的人所花的心思与耐心”是看不到也没法测量的。] 15.D [come to life 苏醒过来,变得逼真;take effect 生效;make sense 有意义;make the difference 起关键作用,有作用,有影响。] 16.B [本段作者通过介绍制作面包的过程来解释友谊,故答案为 B 项。]

17.C [设空处后的 it 指 your home,故答案为 C 项(迈进)。友谊的味道就是你远离故乡 很长时间后迈进家门时家的味道。win back 赢回;help out 帮助??摆脱困境;carry on 继续。] 18.D [根据上面两句可知友谊有各种味道。] 19.A [根据第一段最后一句中的 experience 可知本题答案为 A 项。] 20.D [破折号是对“the language of the heart”的进一步解释,故答案为 D 项。该句 也是文章的中心所在。] 2 21.D [作者在谈论自己最初对幸福的理解。他认为只有先成就了事业,才能最终获得自己 想要的幸福。上句中的“...across the finish line of a long race”暗示本空答案为 accomplish(完成,实现)。overcome 战胜,克服;forget 遗忘;miss 思念,错过。] 22.B [本句中作者把自己比作乌龟。首先,C、D 两项意思相近,同比排除;其次,根据

英语叠词的修辞手段,不难看出 A、B 两项中,与 slow 意思相近的词是 steady。slow and steady 的意思是“稳扎稳打的”。] 23.A [本句中作者把自己比作兔子。在通往幸福的道路上,作者有时表现得像(act like) 一只急功近利的兔子。] 24.C [由空后“hoping to reach that banner a little faster”的提示可知这里指的

是速度。] 25.B [在漫长的追求幸福的过程中,作者逐渐地(gradually)明白了一个道理。generally 一般地,通常;unfortunately 不幸地,遗憾地;firstly 首先。] 26.C [作者渐渐明白,无论向着那条横幅跑多久,它都不会离你更近。] 27.D [根据下文的 and take a break 及 sitting beside me 可判断出选 D 项。sit down 坐下;settle in 定居;start off 动身;stop by 顺路拜访。] 28.A [当作者停下追逐的脚步,坐下来休息时,他发现幸福原来就在身边。] 29.D [根据下文的“to support my family”(养家)可知,这里指努力工作。] 30.A [和孩子们一起玩耍,听到的自然是他们的欢笑声。] 31.C [根据下文的“with my wife at my side looking after me(妻子陪在我身边照顾

我)”可判断,这里指作者生病的时候。] 32.C [幸福就在身边,发现它需要的是智慧(wisdom)。] 33.B [由语境可知,这两句话是相对而言的。tension(紧张)的反义词是 relaxation(放

松)。stress 压力;failure 失败;pain 痛苦。] 34.B [人们不应该一味地去追求所谓的完美的生活,从而错过了身边的幸福。] 35.A [追求完美的生活不会带来幸福,幸福在当下,享受在当下。] 36.D [幸福在你的内心和灵魂里。] 37.A [幸福是一种内心的感受,所以只有当你意识到(realize)别人爱你正如你爱他们一

样的时候,你才会发现幸福。] 38.D [无论走到哪里都要快乐。选项中只有 D 项与文章中心词 happiness 相符合。sorrow 悲伤;responsibility 责任;fortune 命运。] 39.D [由语境可知此处表示使自己从那场无休止的长跑中解脱出来。take sb.out of sth. 使某人从??中解脱出来。] 40.C [要明白在提到爱与幸福的时候,你就已经身处其中了。] 3 41.A [guidebook in hand 是独立主格结构,作状语,表示方式。] 42.B [了解一座城市的方式很多,其中之一就是环城徒步旅行,当然,我们还可以借助

guidebook 来研究(study)其历史和特有的(special)发展并了解他们。] 43.D [special 是指这个城市所特有的。] 44.A [上文讲我们可以借助导游手册研究其历史和发展,下文讲如果我们从容一点,在一 个城市小住几天,则对其了解更多。此处有转折的意思。] 45.C [参考上题解析。] 46.A [look at 在本题中有“考虑,判断”的意思,look at...as a whole 意思是“从整 体上看”。 ] 47. D [下文有动词 answer, 此处是先行词, 在定语从句中作 answer 的宾语, 只有 questions 才能构成动宾关系。] 48.C [介词 like 意思是“像”。] 49.B [run 在这里意思是“延伸;延续;继续”。] 50.C [in any other way 以其它方式。] 51.C [fail 在这里的意思是“使??失望”。从上下文看出,导游手册也不能回答以上

这些问题。] 52.D [present adj.现在的,当前的。] 53.C [the original design of a town 一座城市最初的设计。]

54.A [what it used to look like 城市过去的样子,与上文的 the original design of a town 相呼应。] 55.B [选项 A 是疑问代词,用在此处语法结构错误;选项 C 和 D 分别指这座城市首次建造 的时间和地点,与上文“the original design of a town”和“what it used to like”没有联系;选项 B 表示这座城市的设计建造方式。] 56.D [与上句一致,意思是人们还能更多地了解这座城市未来继续发展的方向。] 57.A [point 在本句的意思是“用途,目的”。] 58.B [nearly 几乎;generally 一般地;hardly 几乎不,都不符合题意。simply 仅仅, 只是。作者以这种方式去了解一座城市的原因很简单,仅仅是通过亲眼去看,去感受,一个 人就能获得更大的快乐。] 59. D [personal 亲自的, 亲身的, 与上一句里的“visiting and seeing a town with one’s own eyes”意思相一致。] 60.B [前面有比较级 better,这里当然用介词 than。] look

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