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2014 高考英语阅读理解精英定时训练题(5)及答案
【甘肃省张掖中学 2013 模拟】E Down-to-earth means being honest, open, and easy to d eal with. It is a pleasure to find someone who is down-to-earth. A person who is down-to-earth is easy to talk to. He or she accepts others as equals. A down-to-earth person may be an important member of society, of course, but they do not let their importance go to their heads, and they do not consider themselves to be better than others who are less important. Someone who is filled with self-importance and pride, often without cause, is said to have his nose in the air. There is no way a person with his nose in the air can be down-to-earth. Americans use another expression that is similar in some way to down-to-earth. The expression is both feet on the ground. Someone with both feet on the ground is a person with a good understanding of reality. He has what is called common sense. He may have dreams but he does not allow them to block his knowledge of what is real. The opposite kind of person is one who has his head in the clouds. A m an with his head in the clouds is a dreamer whose mind is not in the world. Sometimes such a dreamer can be brought back to reality; sharp words from the teacher, for example, can usually get a daydreaming student to put both feet back on the ground. The person who is down-to-earth usually has both feet on the ground. But the opposite is not always true. Someone with both feet on the ground may not be as open and easy to deal with as someone who is down-to-earth. When we have both our feet firmly on the ground, we are realistic and we act honestly and openly toward others, and our lives are like the ground below us, solid and strong. 58. If a person has his nose in the air, he ____. A. is down to the earth B. is easy to deal with
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C. always thinks he is more important than others D. is confident 59. If a person has both feet on the ground, he ____. A. is in touch with reality, and doesn’t have any dreams B. has some dreams but he is realistic

C. is honest, open and easy to deal with D. is honest, open but hard to deal with 60. The underlined sentence “But the opposite is not always true.” most probably means that ______. A. the person who has his nose in the air is not true B. a man with his head in the clouds is often not intelligent C. the opposite direction is always wrong D. a person who has both feet on the ground may not be down-to-earth 【参考答案】58-60 CBD

阅读理解 Japanese students work very bard but many are unhappy. They feel heavy pressures(压 力) from their parents. Most students are always told by their parents to study harder and better so that they can have a wonderful life in the future. Though this may be a good idea for those very bright students, it can have terrible results for many students who are not gifted(有天赋的) enough. Many of them have tried very hard at school but have failed in the exams and have their parents lose hope. Such students felt that they are hated by everyone else they meet and they don’t want to go to school any longer. They become dropouts. It is surprising that though most Japanese parents are worried about their children, they do not help them in any way. Many parents feel that they are not able to help their children and that it is the teachers’ work to help their children. To make matters worse, a lot of parents serif their children to those schools opening in the evenings and on weekends — they only help the students to pass the exams and never teach them any real sense of the world. Many Japanese schools usually have rules about everything from the students’ hair to their clothes and things in their school bags. Child psychologists(心理学家) now think that such strict rules are harmful to the feelings of the students. Almost 40% of the students said that no one had taught them how to get on with others, how to

tell right from wrong and how to show love and care for others, even for their parents. 1. “Dropouts” are those who _______. A. make troubles in and out of schools B. go about or stay home instead of being at school C. try hard but always fails in the exams D. lose hope and give up some of their subje cts 2. According to the passage, it’s necessary to teach students _______. A. how to study well B. how to get on with others C. to show love and care for others D. All above 3. Which of the following can be the best title of the passage? A. The Trouble in Japanese Schools B. The Problems of Japanese Students C. Education in Japan D. The Pressures on the Students in Japan 【答案与解析】这是一篇关于日本学生所受到的沉重的压力的文章。家长的过高期望,日本 学校严格的制度都使得一些学生丧失了上学的兴趣,甚至不懂得如何和他人相处。 1. B。词义锖测题。根据 Such students felt that they are hated by everyone else they meet and they don’t want to go to school any longer(这样的学生觉得他们被所有认识 的人讨厌,他们不想再去学校)可推知答案为 B。

2. D。细节题。由第 2 段的最后一句我们知道:They only help the students to pass the exam,所以 ? teach students how to study well 是必要的,而第 3 段最后一句也说 no one taught them how to get on with others,即 A、B、C 皆是正确的,故选 D。 3. D。主旨题。这是文章主旨题。由全文看来,每一段都脱离不了“学生所受到的压力”这 个中心,所以“日本学生的压力”是最适合的标题。

第三部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分)

第一节(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。 【甘肃省武威三中 2013 模拟(5) 】 A What will power your house in the future?Nuclear,wind,or solar power?According to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)in the US,it might be leaves—but artificial(人造的)ones. Natural leaves are able to change sunlight and water into energy. It is known as photosynthesis(光合作用).Now researchers have found a way to imitate this seemingly simple process.

The artificial leaf developed by Daniel Nocera and his colleagues at MIT can be seen as a special silicon chip with catalysts(催化剂).Similar to natural leaves,it can split water into hydrogen and oxygen when put into a bucket of water. The hydrogen and oxygen gases are then stored in a fuel cell,which uses those two materials to produce electricity,located either on top of a house or beside the house. Though the leaf is only about the shape of a poker card,scientists claimed that it is promising to be an inexpensive source of electricity in developing countries.“ One can imagine villages in India and Africa not long from now purchasing an affordable basic power system based on this technology,”said Nocera at a conference of the American Chemical Society. The artificial leaf is not a new idea. The first artificial leaf was invented in 1997 but was too expensive and unstable for practical use. The new leaf,by contrast, is made of cheap materials,easy to use and highly stable.In laboratory studies, Nocera showed that an artificial leaf prototype(原型)could operate continuously for at least 45 hours without a drop in activity. The wonderful improvem ents come from Nocera's recent discovery of several powerful, new and inexpensive catalysts. These catalysts make the energy transformation inside the leaf more efficient with water and sunlight. Right now,the new leaf is about 10 times more efficient at carrying out photosynthesis than a natural one. Besides, the device can run in whatever water is available;that is,it doesn't need pure water. This is important for some countries that don't have access to pure water. With the goal to “make each home its own power station” and “give energy to the poor”,scientists believe that the new technology could be widely used in developing countries,especially in India and rural China. 56.Which of the following orders correctly shows how the artificial leaf is used

to produce electricity? a.artificial leaves split water into hydrogen and oxygen b.the hydrogen and oxygen gases are stored in a fuel cell c.the artificial leaves are put in water d.the fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity A.c,b,a,d C.b,c,a,d B.c,a,b,d D.c,a,d,b

57.The purpose of the scientists at MIT in developing the new artificial leaf is to________. A.build up more power stations in the world B.provide cheaper energy for developing countries C.offer people in developing countries access to pure water D.gain a deeper understanding of the photosynthesis process 58.The main idea of this passage is ________. A.an introduction to the history of artificial leaves B.an invention copying photosynthesis C.giving energy to the poor D.a mixture of water power and solar energy 59.The underlined word “imitate” in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by “________”. A.produce B.hold C.prevent D.copy

【答案】56-59 BBBD 【解析】 试题分析: 本文是一篇科普文。文章介绍了科学家利用人造树叶仿效光合作用进行发 电这一新发明。
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56. 细节排序题。文章的第三段提到人造树叶发电的过程:先把它放在一桶水里,然后 树叶将水分解为氢气和氧气,而氢气和氧气被存储于燃料电池里,随后电池利用氢气和氧气 的反应发电。 57. 推理判断题。根据最后一段可知,人造树叶发电这一技术可以帮助发展中国家获得 便宜的能源。 58. 主旨大意题。综观全文可知,本文主要讲述了人造树叶模拟光合作用发电这一新发 明。 59. 词义猜测题。画线部分的前文介绍了什么是光合作用,后文介绍了利用人造树叶效 仿这种光合作用进行发电的内容,所以该词的含义应该是“仿效”,故 D 项是最佳答案。

阅读理解 If you wish to become a better reader, here are four important things to remember about reading rate: ● Knowing why you are reading or what you are reading to find out will often help you to know whether to read rapidly or slowly. ● Some things should be read slowly throughout. Examples are directions for making or doing something, arithmetic problems, science and history books, which are full of important information. You must read such things slowly to remember each important step and understand each important ideas. ● Some things should be read rapidly throughout. Examples are simple stories meant for enjoyment, news letters from friends, pieces of news from local, or home-town, papers, telling what is happening to f riends and neighbors. ● In some of your reading, you must change your speed from fast to slow and slow to fast, as you go along. You will need to read certain pages rapidly and then slow down and do more careful reading when you come to important ideas which must be remembered. 1. The underlined word "rate" in the first sentence means _______. A. fast B. slow C. speed D. skill

2. Which should be read slowly according to the passage? A. Stories for enjoyment C. Letters from friends 3. How fast should we read? A. The faster, the better. B. The more slowly, the better. D. It depends on what we are reading. B. Arithmetic problems D. News from hometown newspapers

C. Neither too fast nor too slow.

4. According to the passage which of the following is NOT true? A. Read slowly when you are reading something important to you. B. Read fast when you are reading something unimportant to you. C. Read the materials that you are interested in slowly. D. Read the materials that you are interested in fast. 【答案与解析】本文说明读书时要注意效率,有的东西要仔细阅读,而有的只要快速浏览一

下。 1. C。推断题。文中各点讲的都是读书的速度问题,所以 reading rate 意为“读书的速度”, 即是 rate 是“速度”的意思,因此答案为 C。 2. B。细节题。根据 Examples are directions for making or doing something, arithmetic problems? 可知此题答案为 B。 3. D。判断题。通过阅读全文可知:有的东西需要仔细读,而有的快速浏览一下就行,是慢 读还是快读取决于所读的内容,所以此题答案为 D。 4. D。推断题。通过阅读全文和平时的常识可知对于你感兴趣的材料一定会读得仔细,所以 D 的说法是错误的,因此此题答案为 D。

One hot night last August, I tried everything I could think of — a warm bottle, songs etc. to make him fall into sleep, but he just couldn’t do it. Since I believed that a long night was waiting for me ahead, I had no choice but to bring a TV into his room to kill off the hours until dawn. I was surprised that the moment I turned on the TV the baby became quiet right away and fixed his littl e eyes brightly on the screen. Not willing to waste an opportunity for sleep, I then tiptoed out of the room, leaving him to watch the boring TV programs. I heard no more of the baby’s crying that night and the next morning when I went into his room, I found him still watching TV by himself. I found there was a metaphor(暗 喻) in my baby’s behavior(行为) for the new generation. When I gave my boy some books to go over, he only spit upon them; when I read to him, he did not feel comfortable. And so it is in the schools with my students. I find that our students don’t read and they look down upon reading and make light of those of us who teach it. All they want to do is watch TV. After this experience with the baby, however, I have drawn a conclusion: “Let them watch it!” If television is that much more attractive to children than books, why should we fight against it? Let them watch what they want! 1. Why did the father bring a TV set into his son’s room? A. To enjoy some interesting programs together with his son.

B. To help himself pass the long hours ahead of him. C. To help his son fall asleep sooner. D. To keep his son from making nois es. 2. The baby seemed to be ______ at the sight of the TV set. A. excited B. surprised C. bored D. pleased

3. This experience with his baby helped the father ______. A. to know his baby better B. to know better how to educate his students C. to change his opinions towards TV D. to know better about the new generation 【答案与解析】本文记述了通过孩子看电视一事,作者反思了对孩子们的教育问题。 1. B。细节题。根据文章第 1 段第 2 句 to bring a TV into his room to kill off the hours 可推知此题答案为 B。 2. A。推断题。根据文章第 1 段倒数第 2 句 fixed his little eyes brightly on the screen 及第 2 段第 1 句 I found him still watching TV by himself 可推知此题答案为 A。 3. D。推断题。根据文章第 2 段第 2 句 I found there was a metaphor(暗喻) in my baby’s behavior(行为) for the new generation 可推知此题答案为 D。

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