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英语专业 英美文学试卷及答案 期末

英美文学试卷 A
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I. Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F). (10 x 1’=10’)

1. (

) Chaucer is the first English short-story teller and the founder of English poetry as well as the founder of English realism. His masterpiece The Canterbury tales contains 26 stories.

2. ( 3. (

) English Renaissance is an age of essay and drama. ) The rise of the modern novel is closely related to the rise of the middle class and an urban life.

4. (

) The French Revolution and the American War of Independence were two big influences that brought about the English Romantic Movement.

5. (

) Charlotte’s novels are all about lonely and neglected young women with a fierce longing for life and love. Her novels are more or less based on her own experience and feelings and the life as she sees around.

6. (

) The leading figures of the naturalism at the turn of 19th century are Thomas Hardy, John Galsworthy and Bernard Shaw.

7. ( 8. ( 9. (

) Emily Dickinson is remembered as the “All American Writer”. )The Civil War divides the American literature into romantic literature and realist literature. ) Mark Twain is the first American writer to discover an American language and American consciousness.

10. (

) In the decade of the 1910s, American literature achieved a new diversity and reached its greatest heights.

II. Fill in the blanks. (20 x 1’=20’)

11. The most enduring shaping influence in American thought and American literature was ___________. 12. The War of Independence lasted eight years till__________. 13. Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay__________ has been regarded as "America's Declaration of Intellectual Independence". peculiarly American. 14. The American ___________ writers paid a great interest in the realities of life and described the integrity of human character reacting under various circumstances and pictured the pioneers of the Far West, the new immigrants and the struggles of the working class. The leading figures were ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, etc. 15. No period in American history is more eventful than that between the two world wars. The literary features of the time can be seen in the writings of those ________ writers as Ezra Pound, and the writers of the Lost Generation as ___________. 16. Two features of English Renaissance are the curiosity for ___________ and the interest in the activities of _____________________. 17. Shakespeare’s earliest great success in tragedy is ____________, a play of youth and love, with the famous balcony scene. 18. There are three types of poets in 17th century English literature. They are Puritan poets, ___________ poets and ______________ poets. 19. Pope’s An Essay on Criticism is a didactic poem written in ___________________. 20. ___________ has been regarded by some as “Father of the English Novel” for his contribution to the establishment of the form of the modern novel. 21. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” is an epigrammatic line by _______________. 22. Lawrence’s most controversial novel is ___________, the best probably _________. It called on American writers to write about America in a way

III. Multiple choice. (20 x 1’=20’) 23. Among the three major works by John Milton ________ is indeed the only generally acknowledged epic in English literature since Beowulf. A. Paradise Regained C. Lycidas B. Samson Agonistes D. Paradise Lost


Francis Bacon’s essays are famous for their brevity, compactness and __________. B. complexity C. powerfulness D. mildness

A. complicity

25. As one of the greatest masters of English prose, _______ defined a good style as “proper words in proper places”. A. Henry Fielding C. Samuel Johnson B. Jonathan Swift D. Alexander Pope

26. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is often said to be concerned with the search for _________. A. material wealth C. universal truth B. spiritual salvation D. self-fulfillment

27. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” The quoted part is taken from _________. A. Jane Eyre C. Pride and Prejudice B. Wuthering Heights D. Sense and Sensibility

28. Which of the following poems is a landmark in English poetry? A. Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge B. “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth C. “Remorse” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge D. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman 29. The most distinguishing feature of Charles Dickens’ works is his _________. A. simple vocabulary C. character-portrayal B. bitter and sharp criticism D. pictures of happiness

30. “My Last Duchess” is a poem that best exemplifies Robert Browning’s ________. A. sensitive ear for the sounds of the English language B. excellent choice of words C. mastering of the metrical devices D. use of the dramatic monologue 31. ________ is the most outstanding stream of consciousness novelist, with ______as his encyclopedia-like masterpiece. A James Joyce, Ulysses B. E.M. Foster, A Passage to India C. D. H. Lawrence, Sons and lovers

D. Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway 32. Which of the following comments on Charles Dickens is wrong? A. Dickens is one of the greatest critical realist writers of the Modern Period B. His serious intention is to expose and criticize all the poverty, injustice, hypocrisy and corruptness he sees all around him. C. The later works show the development of Dickens towards a highly conscious artist of the modern type. D. A Tale of Two Cities is one of his late works. 33. _____was known as “the poets’ poet”. A. William Shakespeare C. John Donne B. Edmund Spenser D. John Milton

34. Which of the following poet belongs to the active Romantic poet? A. Keats B. Southey C. Wordsworth D. Coleridge

35. ______ is regarded today as the national epic of the Anglo-Saxons. A. Beowulf C. Don Juan B. The Canterbury Tales D. Paradise Lost

36. ___________ is the first modern American novel. A. Tom Sawyer C. The Sketch Book B. Huckleberry Finn D. The Leatherstocking Tales

37. Which of the following statements is NOT true of American Transcendentalism? A. It can be clearly defined as a part of American Romantic literary movement. B. It can be defined philosophically as “the recognition in man of the capacity of knowing truth intuitively”. C. Ralph Waldo Emerson was the chief advocate of this spiritual movement. D. It sprang from South America in the late l9th century. 38. The theme of Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle is _________. A. the conflict of human psyche C. the familial conflict B. the fight against racial discrimination D. the nostalgia for the unrecoverable past

39. The Nobel Prize Committee highly praised ________ for “his powerful style-forming mastery of the art” of creating modern diction. A. Ezra Pound C. Robert Frost B. Ernest Hemingway D. Theodore Dreiser

40. Who exerts the single most important influence on literary naturalism? A. Emerson B. Jack London C. Theodore Dreiser D. Darwin

41. ________ is NOT true in describing American naturalists. A. they were deeply influenced by Darwinism B. they were identified with French novelist and theorist Emile Zola C. they chose their subjects for the lower ranks or society D. they used more serious and more sympathetic tone in writing than realists 42. Henry James’s fame generally rests upon his novels and stories with ________. A. international theme C. European theme B. national theme D. regional theme

IV. Explain the following literary items.(4x 5’=20’)

43. Spenserian Stanza 44. Lake Poets 45. Humanism 46. Ballad

V. Questions. (3x 10’=30’)

47. “Robinson Crusoe” is usually considered as Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece. Discuss why it became so successful when it was published?

48. What is "Byronic hero"?

49. Mark Twain and Henry James are two representatives of the realistic writers in American literature. How is Twain’s realism different form James’s realism?


I. Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F). (本题共 10 空,每空 1 分,共
10 分)

1-5: FFTTT

6-10: FFTTF

II. Fill in the blanks. (本题共 20 小题,每题 1 分,共 20 分)
11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. (American) Puritanism 1783 The American Scholar realistic; Mark Twain; Henry James; Jack London; Theodore Dreiser. Imagist; Hemingway. the classical literature; humanity. Romeo and Juliet Cavalier; Metaphysical heroic couplet Henry Fielding John Keats Lady Chatterley’s lover; The Rainbow

III. Multiple choice. (本题共 20 小题,每题 1 分,共 20 分)
题 号 答 案 D C B B C A C D A A B A A B D D B D D A
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

IV. Explain the following literary items.

(本题 4 小题,每小题 5 分,共 20 分 )

43. Spenserian Stanza: it refers to a verse form created by Edmund Spenser for his poems. Each stanza has nine lines. Each of the first eight lines is in iambic pentameter, and the ninth line is an iambic hexameter line. The rhythm scheme is ababbcbcc 44. Lake Poets: it refers to those English romantic poets at the beginning of th e19th century, William Wordsworth, for example, who lived in the heart of the Lake District in the north-western part of England and enjoyed the experience of living close to nature, and these poets were the older generation of Romantic poets who had been deeply influenced by the French Revolution of 1789 and its effects. In their writings, they described the beautiful scenes and the country people of the area.

45. Humanism refers to the literary culture in the Renaissance. Humanists emphasize the capacities of the human mind and the achievements of human culture. Humanism became the central theme of English Renaissance. Thomas More and William Shakespeare are the best representatives of the English humanists. 46. Ballad: a story told in songs, usually in 4-line stanzas, with the second and fourth rhymed.

V. Questions.(本题 3 小题,每小题 10 分,共 30 分

47. A: Robinson Crusoe is supposedly based on the real adventure of an Alexander Selkirk who once stayed alone on the uninhabited island for five year4s. Actually, the story is an imagination. B: In Robinson Crusoe, Defoe traces the growth of Robinson from a na? and artless youth into ve a shrewd and hardened man, tempered by numerous trials in his eventful life. C. In the novel, Robinson is a real hero and he is an embodiment of the rising middle-class virtues in the mid-eighteenth century England. Robinson is a true empire-builder, a colonizer and a foreign trader, who has the courage and will to face hardships and who has determination to preserve himself and improve his livelihood by struggling against nature. D. Robinson Crusoe is an adventure story very much in the spirit of the time. Because of the above reasons, when it was published, people all liked that story, and it became an immediate success. 48. Byronic hero is a proud, mysterious rebel figure of noble origin. With immense superiority in his passions and powers, this Byronic hero would carry on his shoulders the burden of righting all the wrongs in a corrupt society, and would rise single-handedly against any kind of tyrannical rules wither in government, in religion, or in moral principles with unconquerable wills and inexhaustible energies. The conflict is usually one of rebellious individuals against outworn social systems and conventions. Such a hero appeared in many of his works, for example, "Don Juan". The figure is somewhat modeled on the life and personality of Byron himself, and makes Byron famous both at home and abroad. 49. A. Mark Twain’s realism is tainted with local color, preferring to have his won region and people at the forefront of his stories. B. James’s realism is concerned with the “inner world” of man and the international theme. C. Twain’s language is simple and colloquial and he employs humor in his writing. D. James’s language is elaborate and refined with lengthy psychological analyses.

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