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高考英语 阅读理解(5月)训练(02)

高考英语阅读理解(5 月)训练(02)及答案

C Today, there’s hardly an aspect of our life that isn’t being upended by the tons of information available on the hundreds of millions of sites crowding the Internet, not to mention its ability to keep us in constant touch with each other via electronic mail. “If the automobile and aerospace technology had exploded at the same pace as computer and information technology,” says Microsoft, “a new car would cost about $ 2 and go 600 miles on a small quantity of gas. And you could buy a Boeing 747 for the cost of a pizza.” Probably the biggest payoff, however, is the billions of dollars the Internet is saving companies in producing goods and serving for the needs of their customers. Nothing like it has been seen since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when power-driven machines began producing more in a day than men could turn out in nearly a year. “We view the growth of the Internet and e-commerce as a global trend,” says Merrill Lynch, “along the lines of printing press, the telephone, the computer, and electricity.” You would be hard pressed to name something that isn’t available on the Internet. Consider: books, health care, movie tickets, construction materials, baby clothes, stocks, cattle feed, music, electronics, antiques, tools, real estate, toys, autographs of famous people, wine and airline tickets. And even after you’ve moved on to your final resting place, there’s no reason those you love can’t keep in touch. A company called FinalThoughts.com offers a place for you to store “afterlife e-mails” you can send to Heaven with the help of a “guardian angel”. Kids today are so computer literate that it in fact ensures the United States will remain the unchallenged leader in cyberspace for the foreseeable( 能预测的 ) future. Nearly all children in families with incomes of more than $75,000 a year have home computers, according to a study by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Youngsters from ages 2 to 17 at all income levels have computers, with 52% of those


connected to the Internet. Most kids use computers to play games (some for 30 hours or more a week), and many teenage girls think nothing of rushing home from school to have e-mail chats with friends they have just left. What’s clear is that, whether we like it or not, the Internet is an ever growing part of our lives and there is no turning back. “The Internet is just 20% invented,” says cyber pioneer Jake Winebaum. “The last 80% is happening now.” 10. What can we learn from the Microsoft’s remark? A. Today’s cars and airplanes are extremely overpriced. B. Information technology has reached the point where improvement is difficult. C. Information technology is developing at an amazing speed. D. There’s more competition in information technology industry than in car industry. 11. According to the author, the biggest benefit of the Internet is that___. A. it saves companies huge amounts of money B. it speeds up profit making C. it provides easy access to information D. it brings people incredible convenience 12. The author gives the example of FinalThoughts.com to make the point that____. A. there are some genius ideas on the Internet B. some websites provide novel services to increase hits] C. people can find good bargains on the Internet D. almost anything is available on the Internet 13. What can we learn from the fourth paragraph? A. Many American children don’t put computers to good use. B. The U.S. will stay ahead in the information technology in years. C. Studies show that boys are more computer literate than girls. D. There is a link between income and computer ownership. 14. What is the message the author intends to convey? A. We should have a positive attitude towards the changes the Internet brings. B. The Internet is going to get firm hold of our lives some day.

C. The Internet is going to influence our lives even more greatly. D. Children should be well prepared for the challenges in the information age. 15 Which sentence has the phrase that possesses the same meaning as the one underlined in the fifth paragraph? A. Think nothing of it. It was my pleasure. B. He thinks nothing of the pain in his back for the moment. C. Some can tell you that he has changed their lives, while others think nothing of him D. He thinks nothing of staying up all night in the Café bar.

参考答案 10-15: CADBCD ***********************************************************结束

(2011·福建卷)B For five days,Edmonton's Downtown Park is transformed into one huge stage where artists are able to share their talents, and where people are able to celebrate and enjoy themselves .Since is beginning in 1980,the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has been commemorating(念)the ture feeling of what folk music is all about and that's the traditional togetherness(友爱)that is felt when people gather to share stories and feelings through song. This year will be the sixth year when volunteer Riedel will be offering up her time to the festival. "People coming off a busy spring and summer have a moment of relaxation ," Riedel said. "It's really east to relax, and it's great seeing family and friends have fun together." These families and friends come from all different kinds of musical tastes. People who take pleasure in Blues are there, so are people who love Bluegrass. This festival does its best to develop everyone's musical interests. With so many years of expenence .the festival has become a well-oiled machine, and does whatever it can to make attendees feel as possible. There are free water

stations throughout the venue(举办地)for people to fill up their travel cups. When people buy food, reusable ashes are given a $2 plate fee, but that is returned when the plate is brought back. The festival has completely sold out of tickets, and in record time. But with big names such as Van Morrison and Jakob Dylan, it’s easy to see how that was going to happen. There is no parking area during the festival, so using the Park & Ride system or Edmonton Transit is highly recommended. A bike lock-up area is provided and will be available Thursday until Sunday one hour before the gates open until 45 minutes after the gates close. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival begins on Wednesday, Aug.4 with Van Morrison playing the special donation fund (基金)concert, and will finish up on Sunday, Aug.8. 60. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is held mainly to ___________. A. gather people with different musical tastes B. remind people of the real sense of folk music C. exhibitive good voices of great talents in folk music D. collect old stories of folk music 61. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Riedel has volunteered for the festival for at least 5years. B. It’s hard for people to appreciate Blues. C. It costs people a little to fill up their cups from water stations. D. People have to pay ﹩2 for a plate of food. 62. We can learn from the passenger that____. A. people can get tickets easily for the festival B. the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is highly recommended. C. driving one’s own car to the festival is highly recommended D. bikes are available at the festival from Wednesday to Sunday 63. What would the best title for the passenger? A. Folk Music of Blues B. One Festival Family Gathering C. Festival for family Gathering

D. Edmonton’s Downtown Park

【答案】60---63BABB ***********************************************************结束

D Hans was an honest fellow with a funny round good-humored face. Living alone, every day he worked in his garden. In all the countryside there was no garden so lovely as his. All sorts of flowers grew there, blooming in their proper order as the months went by, one flower taking another flower’s place, so that there were always beautiful things to see, and pleasant odors to smell. Hans had many friends, the most devoted being the Miller. So devoted was the rich Miller to Hans that he’d never go by his garden without plucking a large bunch of flowers or a handful of sweet herbs, or filling his pockets with fruits. The Miller used to talk about noble ideas, and Hans nodded and smiled, feeling proud of having such a friend. The neighbors thought it strange that the rich Miller never gave Hans anything in return, though he had hundreds of sacks of flour, many cows and sheep, but Hans never troubled his head about these, and nothing gave him greater pleasure than to listen to all the wonderful things about the unselfishness of true friendship. In spring, summer, and autumn Hans was very happy, but when winter came, and he had no fruit or flowers to sell, he suffered from cold and hunger. Though extremely lonely, the Miller never came to see him then. “There’s no good in going to see Hans while the snow lasts.” The Miller said to his wife, “When people are in trouble they shouldn’t be bothered. So I’ll wait till the spring comes when he’s happy to give me flowers.” “You’re certainly very thoughtful,” answered his wife, “It’s quite a treat to hear you talk about friendship.” “Couldn’t we ask Hans up here?” said their son. “I’ll give him half my meal, and show him my white rabbits.”

“How silly you are!” cried the Miller. “I really don’t know what’s the use of sending you to school. If Hans came up here, and saw our warm fire, our good supper, and our red wine, he might get envious, and envy is a most terrible thing, and would spoil anybody’s nature. I am his best friend, and I’ll always watch over him, and see that he’s not led into any temptation. Besides, if Hans came here, he might ask me for some flour. Flour is one thing, and friendship is another, and they shouldn’t be confused. The words are spelt differently, and mean quite different things. Everybody can see that.” He looked seriously at his son, who felt so ashamed that he hung his head down, and grew quite scared, and began to cry into his tea. Spring coming, the Miller went down to see Hans. Again he talked about friendship. “Hans, friendship never forgets. I’m afraid you don’t understand the poetry of life. See, how lovely your roses are!” Hans said he wanted to sell them in the market to buy back his things which were sold during the hard time of the winter. “I’ll give you many good things. I think being generous is the base of friendship.” said the Miller. “And now, as I’ll give you many good things, I’m sure you’d like to give me some flowers in return. Here’s the basket, and fill it quite full.” Poor Hans was afraid to say anything. He ran and plucked all his pretty roses, and filled the Miller’s basket, imagining the many good things promised by the Miller. The next day he heard the Miller calling: “Hans, would you mind carrying this sack of flour for me to market?” “I’m sorry, but I am really very busy today.” “Well,” said the Miller, “considering that I’m going to give you my things, it’s rather unfriendly of you to refuse. Upon my word, you mustn’t mind my speaking quite plainly to you.” Poor Hans was driven by his friendship theory to work hard for his best friend, leaving his garden dry and wasted. One evening Hans was sitting by fire when the Miller came. “Hans,” cried the Miller, “My little boy has fallen off a ladder and hurt

himself, and I’m going for the Doctor. But he lives so far away, and it’s such a bad windy night. It has just occurred to me that you can go instead of me. You know I’m going to give you my good things, so you should do something for me in return.” “Certainly,” cried Hans. He struggled into the stormy night, and got the doctor to ride a horse to the Miller’s house in time to save the boy. However, Hans got lost in the darkness, and wandered off into a deep pool, drowned. At Hans’ funeral, the Miller said, “I was his best friend. I should walk at the head of the procession.” Every now and then he wiped his eyes with a handkerchief. 16. “Flour is one thing, and friendship is another” can be understood as ___________. A. “Different words may mean quite different things.” B. “Interest is permanent while friendship is flexible.” C. “I’m afraid you don’t understand the poetry of life.” D. “I think being generous is the base of friendship.” 17. From the passage, we can learn that Hans ___________. A. was extremely wise and noble C. admired the Miller very much B. was highly valued by the Miller D. had a strong desire for fortune

18. The author described the Miller’s behavior in order to ___________. A. warn the readers about the danger of a false friend B. show the friendship between Hans and the Miller C. entertain the readers with an incredible joking tale D. persuade people to be as intelligent as the Mille 19. What’s the main cause of Hans’ tragedy? A. True friendship between them. C. A sudden change of weather. B. A lack of formal education. D. Blind devotion to a friend.

20. From the Miller’s talk at home, we can see he was ___________. A. serious but kind C. caring but strict B. selfish and cold-hearted D. helpful and generous

参考答案 16-20:BCADB



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