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I.课文语法填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分)
1. 阅读所学课文, 在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Jane Goodall has studied the chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans. Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behaviour. 1._____her childhood she had wanted to work with animals in their own environment. However, this was not easy. When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, 2._____was unusual for a woman to live in the forest. Only after her mother came to help her for the 3._____(one) few months was she allowed to begin her project. She spent many years 4._____(observe) and recording their daily activities. She also discovered 5.______ chimps communicate with each other. She 6.____( argue) that wild animals 7._____(leave) in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. She has helped to set up special places 8. _____ they can live safely. She has achieved everything she wanted to do, and she 9._____(respect) by many people in the world. And now she inspires those who want to cheer the 10._____ (achieve) of women. 2. 阅读所学课文, 在空白处填人适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Famous scientist as he is, Yuan Longping considers 1._____(he) a farmer. As a young man, Yuan Longping saw the great need for increasing the rice output. At that time, hunger was a 2._____(disturb) problem in many parts of the countryside. He wanted to increase rice harvests 3.______ expanding the area of the fields. In 1973,a special strain of rice made 4. ______ possible to produce 20% more of the crop in the same fields. Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world 5._______ hunger. He is now circulating his knowledge in less 6. ______(develop) countries to increase their rice harvests and he wants to export his rice so that it can 7._____ ( grow) around the globe. Though he 8.______( struggle) for the past five decades, Yuan Longping is quite 9. ______(satisfy) with his life. 10.______his spare time, he enjoys listening to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming and reading. 3. 阅读所学课文,在空白处填人适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 As an outstanding humorous actor, Charlie Chaplin 1._____(bright) the lives of Americans and British during the period of silent films. He made people laugh at a time when they felt 2. _____( depress ), so they could feel more content 3._____ their lives. His charming character, the little tramp, was well-known all over the world. It was a poor and homeless person with a moustache, 4. _____(wear) large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round black hat, and carrying a walking stick. Social 5.____ (fail) as the little tramp was, he was loved by all the people 6.____his optimism and determination 7.______( overcome ) all difficulties and being kind to others even when they were unkind to him. In the famous film The Gold Rush, Chaplin managed to make the sad situation---eating a boiled shoe 8._____(entertain) by using nonverbal humour. Such is Charlie Chaplin, loved and remembered a great actor 10._____ could inspire people with great confidence. 4. 阅读所学课文,在空白处填人适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Yesterday, another student and I, 1.______ (represent) our university S student association, went to the Capital International Airport 2. ____(meet) this year ’s international students to Beijing University. After half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive, I saw several young people enter the waiting area 3._____(look) around 4. _____(curious). The first person 5._____(arrive) was Tony Garcia from Colombia, closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain. Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed her 6._____ the cheek! She stepped back as if in 7._____ (defend). I guessed there was probably 8. ______ major misunderstanding. 9. ______ more students arriving, I saw more different ways to greet each other. As I get to know more international friends, I learn that people communicate with spoken language and they also express their feelings using unspoken “language”. In general, studying international customs can certainly help avoid 10. _____(difficult) in today's world of cultural crossroad. 5. 阅读所学课文,在空白处填人适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 There are various kinds of theme parks. Some parks are famous for 1.____(have) the biggest or longest roller coasters, 2._____for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park 3._____you! Disneyland, a fantasy 4._______ (amuse) park, which offers

5.______(vary) of attractions for tourists, 6._______ (bring) you into a magical world. Dollywood, one of the most unique theme 7._____(park) in the world, shows and celebrates America's 8._______ (tradition) southeastern culture. 9.______you want to experience the ancient days and great deeds of English knights and ladies, princes and queens, then England's Camelot Park 10.______(be) the place for you.

II. 书面表达
一、请你根据以下要点、向你的美国笔友介绍一下春节。要点:最重要的节日,阴历新年庆祝, 新年从除夕开始,纪念祖先,庆祝美好生活的传统节日;家人相聚,穿新衣、放烟花、吃饺子、压岁 钱;吃、喝、玩;告别冬天,迎接春天,享受生活,为习俗自豪、暂时忘掉工作的烦恼。 The Spring Festival is the most energetic and important festival for Chinese people, which takes place in lunar New Year. It is also a traditional festival in China, which is held in memory of the ancestors and celebrates the coming of spring and new life. At the Spring Festival, family members will get together and hold a variety of celebrations. The festival starts from lunar New Year's Eve. On this important feast day, people will dress up in colorful clothing, admire fireworks and enjoy dumplings. Adults may give children lucky money in red paper. The Spring Festival is a time when people eat, drink, and have fun with each other looking forward to the end of winter and to the arrival of spring. Indeed, festivals let us enjoy life, be proud of our customs and forget our work for a while. 二、请以“The Ways to Keep Healthy”为题, 写一篇短文 。 提示: 1.人人都想保持健康; 2.饮食要健康; 3.有良好的生活习惯。 The Ways to Keep Healthy In my opinion, everyone hopes to be in good health. But how? Now, I'll share what I've learnt about it with you. First, you’d better eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, because they have a lot of fiber and vitamins. You should eat less butter, cheese, coffee or chocolate, for they contain too much sugar and fat, which will make you put on weight quickly. Second, we should form a good habit of life, such as doing exercise regularly and having enough sleep. Besides, don't be too tired and don't smoke. As we all know, smoking is bad for our health. In a word, if you want to keep healthy, you should have a balanced diet and good living habits. 三、请结合自己的经历,谈谈你对下面引语(quotation)的理解。 “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” ----Sir Winston Churchill This quotation from Winston Churchill tells us that we shouldn't get discouraged right after failures. Rather, we should keep trying with enthusiasm. Success consists in the ability to continue efforts through failures. At the age of twelve, I got a nice bike as a birthday gift. So excited was I that I couldn't wait to try my hand at riding it. However, it was harder than expected. The bike seemed too heavy and difficult to control. Worse still, I took many falls off the bike. I was about to give up when my father came and encouraged me to keep going. With more practice, I did better and better. Looking back, I feel I wouldn't be able to ride a bike had I lost heart. Actually, we can't succeed in everything we try. What's important is that we should stick at it. 四、长期以来,中国人一直梦想进人太空。 1999--2002 年, 中国发射了三艘无人飞船; 2002 年 12 月 31 日,“神舟”四号成功发射并于 2003 年 1 月 5 日安全返回地面。它完成了七项科学试验并为下一 次载人飞船的发射做了准备。2003 年,第一艘载人飞船“神舟”五号进人太空,中国人的梦想变成了 现实。2013 年 6 月 11 日,在湛蓝的天空中,“神舟”十号和三名宇航员从甘肃酒泉卫星发射中心升空, 这是中国在 2020 年前建立起自己的空间站迈出的坚实一步。 Chinese people have been dreaming of going into outer space ever since before. China had launched three unmanned spacecrafts successfully from 1999 to 2002. On Dec. 31, 2002, the launch of the fourth spacecraft Shenzhou IV was another big success and the spacecraft returned to the earth safely on January 5, 2003. During its flight, seven scientific experiments were carried out. The purpose of the flight was to

make preparations for the launch of a manned spacecraft next time. The successful launch and return show that China is able to send a person into space soon. In 2003. the first manned spacecraft Shenzhou V was sent into space successfully. And the Chinese dream has come true. Shenzhou X and three astronauts blasted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Gansu province, into a clear blue sky on June 11, 2013, bringing the nation one step closer to setting up its own space station before 2020. 五、 假如你是某工厂的工人, 请你按以下提示给外商作工厂的简单介绍。 该工厂有 15 年的历史; 位 于长江北岸,靠近京广线, 交通便利; 有 2 000 多工人,占地 4.5 平方千米; 主营女式服装,销往全国 及东南亚; 发展迅速,前景广阔,是投资的明智选择。 Our factory, with a history of 15 years and an area of 4.5 square kilometers, is located on the north bank of Changjiang River and near the railway line from Beijing to Guangzhou. As a result, the transportation is very convenient both by water and by railway. In our factory, there are over 2,000 workers, who mainly produce women's clothing. The products are of very good quality and are sold everywhere in China and in some Southeast Asian areas. Our factory has been developing rapidly and has a very bright future, so it's a wise choice to invest here. 六、某英文杂志正在举办以 "Fancy your sell as an interviewer" 为主题的征文活动,请你以 “A Famous Chinese I Would Like to Interview"为题,写一篇英语短文。 A Famous Chinese I Would Like to Interview The person I would like to interview is Yang Liwei. I would really like to interview him because he is not only the first Chinese to go to space but also one of the greatest astronauts in the world. I have long been interested in space exploration and I believe I could learn a great deal from him about it. If I could interview him, I would ask him what made him an astronaut and how he was trained. I would also like to know how he felt in space and whether space travel is such great fun as I have read. Finally, I would like to ask a few questions about his personal life, which must be very interesting. 七、澳大利亚的农业给我留下了深刻印象。它采用了许多先进技术; 农民很注重自己的外表。追 求农业现代化的中国可以向澳大利亚学习。 While I traveled to Australia, the agriculture there impressed me a lot. Firstly, agriculture in Australia uses lots of modern technologies. For example, they use computers to control the modern agricultural machines. Furthermore, they use satellite to manage the farm work. Secondly, the farmers in Australia are very tidy. They look after their appearance carefully. Though they need to work hard in the field, while they have visitors they wear clean clothes. I think China can learn a lot from Australia about agriculture modernization, I hope agriculture in our country can be at the same level as Australia soon. 八、幽默在人们的生活中起着重要的作用,请你就这话题写一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。 A sense of humour is universally considered a most valuable personality. A person without humour is just like a spring without flowers. Humour can improve physical as well as mental well-being. It helps us bear our burdens, lessen our tension, and overcome our frustration. With a piece of joke, all our worries and sadness disappear like smoke, and we are full of energy once again. Humour helps us live in harmony with others. It is unavoidable to have misunderstanding with others during work and study, but humour can ease these problems. quicker than angry words or quarrels. With it you can always keep on good terms with others. A sense of humour is really the source of happiness. It gives fun to life to make it worth living. 九、请根据下表中的内容写篇短文,题目自拟。 Body language 跺脚(stamp one's foot) 讲话人鼓掌(clap hands) Meaning in China Anger Thank you Meaning m America Impatience immodest(傲慢的;不合礼仪的)

盯着人看(stare at people



Same Body Language with Different Meanings Body language is part of the ways in which we communicate. But not all body language means the same in different countries. Take China and America for example. “Stamping one's foot”, in China, may show one’s anger, while in America it means impatience. “Clapping hands” never happens to an American speaker, because it is considered immodest in his/her own country. In China, however, it means "thank you". "Staring at people" too long is thought as impoliteness in America. It may make people feel uneasy or uncomfortable. But Chinese people may think it is nothing more than curiosity. All these examples tell the differences of the same body language in different countries. 十、你们班打算出去游玩,请你根据以下提示,写一篇关于主题公园的短文, 使同学们对主题公 园有更多的了解。词数 100 左右。 关键词语 : 种类多样 ; 最大或者最长的过山车 ; 使用了最先进的技术 ; 接触到世界的每个角落 ; 迪士尼乐园,白雪公主,巨大吊船; 旅游业的发展,多菜坞、木匠制作木器; 卡默洛特,亚瑟王时代, 感受英国骑士; 全班出游,团体票; 舒适的运动鞋。 There are various kinds of theme parks. Some are famous for having the longest roller coasters, others for providing new experiences using the most advanced technology, where visitors can get close to any part of the world. Whichever you like, there is a theme park for you. Disneyland is a good fantasy amusement park, where you may see Snow White or experience giant swinging ships. With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disney land. Dollywood is one of the most unique theme parks, where you can see carpenters make objects in the old-fashioned way. Camelot Park is modelled after life in the days of King Arthur, where you can experience the great deeds of English knights. Most theme parks are good for class outings. You can let them know your plan and can get the group admission rate. Remember to wear some comfortable sneakers or other walking shoes.

1. Since 2. it 3. first 4. observing 5. how respected 10. achievements 1. himself 2. disturbing 3. without satisfied 10. in 1. brightened 2. depressed 3. with as 10. who 1. representing 2. to meet difficulties 4. it

6. has argued

7. (should) be left

8. where 9. is

5. of 6. developed 7. be grown 8. has struggled 9.

4. wearing 5. failure 6. for 7. to overcome 8. entertaining 9. 7. defence 8. a 9. With 10. 10.

3. looking 4. curiously 5. to arrive 6. on

1. having 2. others 3. for 4. amusement is

5. variety 6. will bring 7. parks 8. traditional 9. If