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广州版英语 七年级 下册课文 Unit 1 People around us
My grandma My grandma was a short woman with grey hair. She was always cheerful. She was a very good cook. Her dishes were probably the best in the world! I will never forget the taste, and the smell as well. Grandma took care of my family. She was really kind and patient. She died two years ago and I miss her very much. — Ben Alice Alice is my best friend. She is a tall girl with glasses. She often tells me jokes to make me laugh, but she never makes fun of others. Alice is a smart girl. She is good at Maths. We often study and play table tennis together.I hope we will always remain friends. — Joyce Mr Li Mr Li is my Maths teacher. He is tall and thin. His classes are always full of fun. He uses lots of games in his teaching. Mr Li is strict about our studies, but he always encourages us and gives us support. He often says, “Never give up and you?ll be successful.” — Amy
我的奶奶 我的奶奶是一个有着灰色头发的矮个子女人。她总是很快乐的。她是一个很好的厨师,她的菜可能是全世界最好 的。我将从不会忘记那个味道,还有那个气味。奶奶照顾我的家庭。她真的是和蔼和耐心的。她两年前死了并且 我非常想念她。 爱丽丝 爱丽丝是我最好的朋友,她是一个戴着眼镜的高个女孩。她经常给我讲笑话让我笑,但是她从不嘲笑别人。 爱丽丝是一个聪明的女孩,她擅长数学。我们经常一起学习和打乒乓球。我希望我们将总是朋友。 李老师 李老师是我的数学老师,他是又高又瘦。他的课总是充满乐趣,他在教学中使用许多游戏。李老师对我们的学习 是严格的,但是他总是鼓励我们并且给我们支持。他总是说, “从不放弃,你就会成功。 ”

Unit 2

France is calling

France is in Western Europe. It is a country with many beautiful places. Paris is the capital of France. Here you will find many famous places of interest such as the Eiffel Tower. You can go to the Louvre Museum if you like art. The most famous street in Paris is the Champs-Elysees. This is the place to go if you want to visit some shops and department stores. France is very famous for its wine. There are many vineyards in the centre of France and farmers grow

grapes to make excellent French wine. The south of France lies on the coast, and it is famous for its wonderful beaches. A French tower by the sea is the perfect place for a summer holiday, but if you prefer to visit France in winter, you can try skiing on the mountains in the French Alps. France has something for everyone, so why not visit France this year?
法国在召唤 法国在西欧。它是一个拥有许多美丽地方的国家。 巴黎是法国的首都。在这你将找到许多著名 的名胜古迹像埃菲尔铁塔。如果你喜欢艺术,你能去卢浮宫博物馆。 在巴黎最著名的大街是香榭丽舍大街。如果你想去参观商店和百货商场的话,这就是可去的地方。 法国以它的果酒非常著名。在法国中心有许多葡萄园,农民种植葡 萄,为了制作好的法国果酒。 法国南部位于海岸线上,它以它精彩的海滩著名。在海边的一个法国的塔是度暑假的完美的地方,但是如果你更 喜欢在冬天参观法国的话,你可以试试在法国的阿尔卑斯山脉上滑雪。 法国有为每个人的东西,因此为什么不今年就参观法国呢?

Unit 3

A blind man and his “eyes” in a fire

One day, John Dancer and Charlie arrived at a hotel. “Good evening, sir,” said the receptionist. ?You?re welcome to stay, but I?m sorry that we don?t allow pets here.” “Charlie isn?t a pet,” said John. “He?s my eyes. I?m blind and I can?t go anywhere by myself .” The receptionist apologized and led John and Charlie to their room. John was very tired. He soon fell asleep. Some time later, Charlie started barking. John woke up and smelt smoke. A fire! Smoke started to come in from under the door. With Charlie?s help, John put some wet towels along the bottom of the door. Then he got down on the floor next to Charlie and waited. Soon he heard the sound of a fire engine. A fireman arrived and got him out of the building, but the fireman did not want to take Charlie. John would not go without his “eyes”. Finally, the fireman got Charlie out of the building too and they were both safe.
盲人和他“火”中的眼睛 一天,约翰丹瑟到达一家旅馆。 “晚上好,先生, ”接待员说。 “欢迎入住,但是我很抱歉我们不允许宠物在这。 ” “查理不是一个宠物, ”约翰说。 “他是我的眼睛。我是盲人,我不能独自到任何地方。 ” 接待员道歉了,带着约翰和查理去他们的房间。 约翰是非常累的。他不久就睡着了。过了一些时间,查理开始叫。 约翰醒来,闻到了烟。一场火!烟开始从门下进来。 在查理的帮助下,约翰沿着门的底部放了一些毛巾。 然后他紧挨着查理趴在地上,等着。

不久他听见了消防车的声音。一名消防员到了,把他弄出了大楼,但是消防员不想带走查理。 约翰没有他的“眼睛”不会走的。 最后,这个消防员也把查理弄出了大楼,他们都是安全了。

Unit 4

Trees in our daily lives

Rebecca wants to know more about trees and how they help us. She is interviewing Dr Jones about trees. Rebecca: How do trees help us, Dr Jones? Dr Jones: They help us in many ways. They keep the air cool and clean. They take in harmful gases from the air and produce oxygen for us to breathe. They?re major fighters against air pollution. Rebecca: I know trees also make our lives more convenient. Many of the things in our daily lives come from trees. For example, paper and pencils. Dr Jones: You?re right, Rebecca. In fact, we get a lot more from trees. We get fruit and oil from them. Tea also comes from the leaves of trees. Look around this room. A lot of the furniture is made of wood. Trees are really important in our daily lives. Rebecca:I can?t imagine a world without trees. Dr Jones:But we cut down millions of trees every year. We should stop doing this if we don?t want a world without trees.
在我们日常生活中的树木 丽贝卡想要知道关于树木更多的和他们怎么帮助我们的。她正在采访琼斯博士关于树木。 丽贝卡:树木怎么帮助我们的,琼斯博士? 琼斯博士:他们在许多方面帮助我们,他们使空气凉爽和干净。他们吸入来自空气的有害气体,产生为我们呼 吸的氧气。它们是对抗空气污染的主要战士。 丽贝卡:我知道树木也使我们的生活更方便。在我们日常生活中许多东西来自于树木。例如,纸和铅笔。 琼斯博士:你是对的,丽贝卡。确切地说,我们从树木得到的更多。我们从它们中得到水果和油。茶叶也是来 自树木的叶子。环顾这个房间。许多及家具由木头制成。树木在我们日常生活中真的是重要的。 丽贝卡:我很难想象没有树木的世界。 琼斯博士:但是我们每年砍伐数以百万计的树木。我们应该停止做这个,如果我们不想要一个没有树木的世界 的话。

Unit 5

Water talks

Dora was in the bathroom. The tap was on. “Turn that tap off,” said an angry voice. “ You?re wasting water.” Dora looked around, but there was no one there. “Who are you?” “I?m a drop of water. Do you know where I come from? ” “From the tap?” asked Dora.

“A few days ago, I was in a cloud,” said the drop of water. “Then I dropped into a river and ran into a reservoir. Then it was time for people to clean me.” “Clean you?” Dora asked. “Yes. I was dirty. They cleaned me and added some chemicals to me. Then I travelled through the pipes under the streets and now I?m here.” Dora asked, “So is this the end of your journey?” “No. People will make me clean again. I?ll go into a river and then into the sea again.” “Again?” “Yes. My journey starts there. Remember not to waste or pollute me. I?m valuable.” Dora turned the tap off and came out of the bathroom.
水讲话 朵拉在浴室里。水龙头打开着。 “关掉水龙头, ”一个生气的声音说。 “你在浪费水。 ” 朵拉环顾四周,但是没有一个人在那里。 “你是谁” “我是一滴水。你知道我来自哪里吗?” “来自水龙头?“朵拉问。 “几天前,我在一朵云彩里, ”这滴水说。 “然后我掉进河里,流进一个水库。然后到了人们清洁我的时候了。 ” “清洁你?”朵拉问。 “是的。我是脏的。他们清洁我,并且给我添加一些化学物质。 然后我通过街道下面的管子旅行,现在我在这里。 朵拉问, “因此这是你旅行的终点了?” “不。人们将再次使我干净。我将流进一条河里,然后再次进入大海。 ” “再次? ” “是的。我的旅行在那里开始。记得不要浪费或污染我。我是宝贵的。 ” 朵拉关掉水龙头,出了浴室。

Unit 6

Electricity all around

One evening, Daisy said, “ I?m going to buy a packet of sweets. Does anyone want anything? ” Benny, Daisy?s brother replied, “Can you get me a packet of electricity?” “Yes, I can,” said Daisy. Then she went out. Benny laughed, “She can?t buy electricity in packets like sweets! She?ll look foolish.” Mum said, “You mustn?t say that, Benny!” “What do you know about electricity, Benny?” Dad asked. “Electricity gives us power. It flows through wires. It?s like water, in a way,” said Benny. “You?re right! Electricity comes into our flat through thin wires. These are connected to cables under the street,” Dad added. “What are the cables connected to?” asked Benny. “They?re connected to a power station,” answered Dad. A moment later, Daisy came back.

“May I have my packet of electricity?” Benny asked. “Here you are!” said Daisy. “But...these are batteries!” said Benny. “Daisy?s right,” said Dad. “The chemicals inside batteries produce electricity.” Mum said, “Who looks foolish now, Benny?”
周围的所有电 一天晚上,黛西说, “我打算去买一袋糖。有人想要任何东西吗?” 本尼,黛西的哥哥回答, “你能给我买一袋电吗?” “是的,我能, “黛西说。然后她出去了。 本尼笑了, “她不能像糖果一样用袋的形式买电!她会看起来愚 蠢的。 ” 妈妈说, “你不要说哪个,本尼 ! ” “关于电你知道什么,本尼?爸爸问。 ” “电给我们能量。它通过电线流动。它像水,在某种程度上, ”本尼说。 “你是对的!电通过细电线来到我们公寓。 ” 这些与街道下面的电缆相连接, “爸爸补充道。 电缆与什么相连接呢?“本尼问。 “它们与一个发 电站相连接, ”爸爸回答。 一会后,黛西回来了。 “我可以拿我那袋电 吗?”本尼问。 “给你!”黛西说。 “但是?这些是电池! ”本尼说。 “黛西是对的, ”爸爸说。 “电池里的化学物质生产电。 ” 妈妈说, “谁现在看起来愚蠢的,本尼?”

Unit 7 Poems 1. Dad
He comes home, has a shower, And eats dinner, every day. Now, he?s sitting in his favourite chair Too tired to laugh or play. He reads his book or newspaper To learn what?s new today. Soon he?ll go to bed. He?s a boring man, my dad. Then I see him working, On the building site. He?s high up in the clouds Higher than a kite. He?s walking on a narrow piece of wood Not worried about the height,

他回家,洗个淋浴 和每天吃晚餐 现在,他正坐在他最爱的椅子上 太累了,不能笑和玩。 他读书和看报 为了知道今天有什么新鲜事 不久他将去睡觉 他是一个无聊的人,我的爸爸。 然后我看见他工作 在大楼建筑工地上。 他高高的在云朵里 比一个风筝还高。 他正走在一根狭窄的木头上 不担心高度,

Not afraid, not afraid like me. He?s a superman, my dad.

不害怕,不像我一样害怕。 他是一个超人,我的爸爸。

2. The old newspaper seller
He?s sitting at the newspaper stand Near the bus stop, And he?s smiling. It?s very hot. But he?s smiling. A bus stops, and the people rush out. They?re hurrying to work. They don?t have much time to smile. They take their papers quickly, And put down some money. But he?s a patient man, And he?s still smiling. A crowd of people, All very busy, with tired faces, And just one smile. Is there just one smile in this city? Or will you make it two? Let?s make a million smiles!

他正坐在报纸摊 在公交站附近, 并且他在微笑。 天气是很热的。 但是他在微笑。 一辆公交车停了,和人们快速出来 他们在急着去上班。 他们没有许多时间微笑。 他们快速地拿他们的报纸, 和放下一些钱。 但是他是一个耐心的人, 和他仍然在微笑。 一群人, 都很忙,有着疲倦的脸, 和刚刚一个微笑。 在这个城市里刚刚只有一个微笑吗? 或者你会使它成为两个吗? 让我们制作一百万个微笑吧!

Unit 8

My lifetime hobby—studying stars
By Patrick Moore

When I was eight, I got a book about stars. That was the beginning of lifetime hobby. I used to go outside with my mum on clear nights and look velvet with a million diamonds on it. In different seasons, we saw different groups of stars. Sometimes we saw stars shooting brightly across the sky. How beautiful they were! Studying the stars was great fun for me. Once I learnt a little about them, I soon wanted to find out more and more. Now it is my career. I host a TV programme called The Sky at Night. I use my knowledge to tell people about the stars in a lively way. I am proud of my TV programme---it has lasted for more than 50 years! Actually, you can turn your hobby into your career too. Anybody can achieve their dreams. You just have to enjoy what you do!

我一生的爱好—研究星星 -----帕特克.摩尔 当我 8 岁的时候,我得到一本关于星星的书,那是我一生爱好的开始。 我曾经在晴朗的夜晚和妈妈外出,看上面有着一百 万颗钻石的天鹅绒。在不同的季节,我们看了不同组别的星 星,有时我们看见星星明亮地射过天空,他们是多漂亮呀! 研究星星对我来说太好玩了。曾经我学会了关于它们的一点,我不就想要找到越来越多的。现在它是我的职业。 我主持了一个叫‘夜晚星空’的电视节目,我使用我的知识用一种活泼的方法去告诉人们关于星星。我以我的电 视节目自豪—它已经持续 50 多年了。 事实上,你也可以把你的爱好转化成你的事业。任何人都可以实现他们的梦想,但你必须喜欢你所做的事!

More Practice
Unit 1 Mother’s Day 母亲节

Mums do a lot of hard work. They cook and clean for us. They also encourage us and give us support. Mother ?s Day is the time for us to say “Thank you” to our mums.
母亲们做着许多辛苦的工作, 她们为我们做饭和搞卫生, 她们还鼓励给我们支持。 母亲节正是我们向妈妈说声 “谢 谢您”的时机。

In most countries, people celebrate Mother ?s Day on the second Sunday in May every year. On this day, people like to buy flowers and make special Mother ?s Day cards for their mums.
在大多数国家,人们在每年五月份的第二个星期日庆祝母亲节。在这一天,人们喜欢为他们的母亲买鲜花、制作 特别的母亲节贺卡。

Mother ?s Day is not only about gifts. We can help our mums do the housework. We can take them to the park or the cinema. Sometimes a simple hug or saying “I love you, Mum” is the perfect gift for our mums.
母亲节不仅仅跟礼物有关。我们可以帮助我们的妈妈做家务,我们可以带她们去公园或去电影院。有的时候,一 个简单的拥抱或说句“我爱你,妈妈”就是送给我们母亲的最完美的礼物。

Mother ?s Day is about love. If you love your mum, why not plan a special Mother ?s Day for her?

Unit 2

The Leaning Tower of Pisa


The Tower of Pisa is one of the most beautiful bell towers in Italy. It is not only beautiful, but also strange----it leans to one side. Today it is known as “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”.
比萨塔是意大利最美丽的钟楼之一。它不仅美丽,而且奇怪----它向一边倾斜。今天,它作为“比萨斜塔”而被 世人所知。

The building of the tower began in 1173. It took nearly 200 years to complete. In 1178, when the building got to third floor, it started to lean. The builders tried to make the tower straight again when they built the upper floors, but failed.
该塔的建筑始于 1173 年,花费近 200 年的时间完工。在 1178 年,当建到第三层时,它开始倾斜。当建筑工人往


Over the years, the tower has continued to lean further. Experts have done a lot of studies and tried to “rescue” the tower. In 1990, it was closed to the public for safety reasons. After a lot of effort, it reopened in 2001. Hopefully it will be safe for at least the next 300 years.
多年来,比萨塔继续进一步倾斜。专家们进行了大量研究,并试图“拯救”该塔。在 1990 年,为安全起见他向 公众关闭。经过一番努力后,它于 2001 年重新开放。希望至少在未来 300 年它是安全的。

Unit 3

A friendly dolphin


Last month, I went to swim in the sea. I swam really far, past the rocks and out to sea.

Then I saw something moving towards me. It was huge and grey, with a large fin. It was a shark! I began to swim back, but the beach was too far away. The shark started to swim around me.
然后我看到什么东西向我游来。它长得巨大,身体灰色,有个大鳍。它是一条鲨鱼!我开始往回游,但是海滩离 得太远,鲨鱼开始在我的周围游来游去。

I was really scared. Suddenly another creature appeared next to me in the water. It was a dolphin! It pushed me away from the shark. I sat on its back as it swam towards the beach.
我真的很恐惧。突然另一个生物出现在我身旁的水中,它是一只海豚!它把我推离鲨鱼。我坐在它的背上,他带 我游向海边。

Soon we were near the beach. The shark did not follow us. As soon as I stepped onto the beach, the dolphin swam away. I will always remember how this friendly animal saved my life.
很快我们接近了海滩,鲨鱼没有跟着我们。当我一踏上海滩,海豚就游走了。我会永远记住这个友好的动物是怎 样救我一命的。

Unit 4

The Amazon rainforest


The Amazon rainforest in South America is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers five and a half million square kilometers of the Amazon Basin and spreads across nine countries.

The Amazon rainforest is very important because it is home to thousands of animals, birds and insects. However, people are destroying the area by cutting down many of the trees. This is called ―deforestation. Many living things lose their homes because of deforestation. As a result, the number of kinds of animals, birds, insects and trees in the world is decreasing.
亚马逊雨林非常重要因为它是成千上万的动物、鸟类和昆虫的家园。然而,人们大量砍伐树木的行为正在毁坏这 个地区,这就是所谓的“毁林” 。因为毁林,许多生物失去了它们的家园。结果,世界上动物、鸟、昆虫和树木 的种类都在减少。

We must do our best to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Unit 5

Facts about water


Here are some interesting facts about water: About 70% of the human body is water.
人体大约 30%是水。

Oceans cover about 75% of the Earth, but ocean water is salty.
海洋覆盖了大约 75%的地球,但海水是咸的。

Therefore most of the water in the world is not drinkable.

Groundwater may be drinkable, but it is not easy to find groundwater that is clean and safe to drink.

If water drips from your tap every 10 seconds, you will waster about 315 litres of water a year----enough to fill two baths!
如果你的水龙头每十秒钟滴一滴水,你每年就会浪费 315 升水----足以填满两个浴缸。

Having a bath uses about twice as much water as taking a shower. Having a shower instead of a bath can save up to 400 litres a week.
盆浴的用水量是淋浴的两倍。淋浴代替盆浴可以每周节省 400 升的水。

Unit 6

Electricity safety tips


Electricity makes our lives easier. We use a lot of electrical appliances in our homes every day. Here are three of them. How can we use them safely?
电使我们生活更舒适,在我们家里,我们每天都使用很多电器。 这里有其中的三种电器,我们怎样能安全地使用它们呢?

Rice cooker

保持电饭煲的外壳是干燥的。 如果锅是空的,不要开启电源。

Keep the outside of the pot dry. Washing machine 洗衣机

Do not switch the rice cooker on if the pot is empty.

Do not put your hand in the washing machine when it is on. Unplug it when you are not using it. Microwave




Do not turn it on when it is empty, because might start a fire. Stand at least one metre away from the microwave when it is on.

当微波炉工作时, 我们要站在至少一米

Before you put an object in a microwave, make sure it is microwave safe.


Unit 7 The Sun comes up, I start my day. I get my broom and I?m on my way. I clean up things that people drop, From dawn to dusk, I never stop. And help keep our city green. Night is falling, the sky is dark. We drive along the streets all night To stop thieves and those who fight. It?s a dangerous job, but we?re brave. We help keep our city safe.

Helping hands


太阳升起,我的一天开始。 拿着我的扫帚,工作在我的路上。 我扫起人们扔掉的东西, 从黎明到黄昏,从不止息。 我打扫街道,使它们洁净如洗。

I sweep the streets, and make them clean,

帮助保持我们的城市碧绿。 夜幕降临,天色暗沉。 犬吠是唯一的声音。 我们整夜沿街行驶 阻止小偷和打架斗殴的人。 它是危险的工作,但是我们勇敢。

The only sounds are dogs that bark.


Unit 8

Never give up 永不放弃

Jane was not very interested in animals when she was a child. Then, one day, her father gave her a toy chimpanzee. From that day on, she became really interested in animals.
当简还是个孩子的时候,她对动物不是很感兴趣。然后,有一天,她的父亲给了她一个玩具黑猩猩。从那天起, 她变得对动物非常感兴趣。

When she was a 16-year-old schoolgirl, Jane dreamt of a career studying wild animals in Africa.

Jane?s mother said, “If you really want something, work hard and never give up. Then you?ll find a way.”
简的妈妈说, “如果你真想得到什么东西,努力工作并永不放弃。然后你会找到一条途径。 ”

Jane?s mother was right. When she was 26, Jane travelled from Britain to the mountains of East Africa. She studied chimpanzees. She watched the animals for a long time and they became her friends. Jane discovered that these animals greet one another with a kiss or a hug, and make and use tools----just like humans do.
简的母亲说的对。当简 26 岁的时候她专程从英国到东非的山区‘她研究黑猩猩。她观察这些动物很长时间,而 且黑猩猩成了她的朋友。 简发现这些动物是以一个吻或一个拥抱的方式互相问候, 并制使用工具—就像人类一样。

Jane Goodall is now well known all over the world. She made her dreams come true because she never gave up!

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