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A The TV English has an important part in our city though it began only several years ago. During the __1__ years of operation, there was only __2__ programmes for ___3__ who wanted to___4_ English. Those English language programmes of __5__ and learning were not __6__ at all _7___ the teachers on TV talked too __8__ in Chinese on grammar or just gave some translations or __9__. Watching English on TV was __10__ as listening to the teacher in the __11__. But now the TV English has greatly __12__. There are lots of new good programmes , __13__ English on Sunday, American English, Follow Me to Science, Animal World, English News, English TV Show, Business English, Sports, MTV. Those programmes are usually so __14__ and easy to understand that more and more people enjoy watching them. They are becoming widely __15__ not only with all English learners but with the public. ( ) 1. A. first ( ) 2. A. little ( ) 3. A. teachers ( ) 4. A. speak ( ) 5. A. speaking ( ) 6 .A. useful ( ) 7. A. when ( ) 8. A. much ( ) 9. A. words ( ) 10. A. as good ( ) 11. A. classroom ( ) 12. A. stayed up ( ) 13. A. expect ( ) 14. A. lively ( ) 15. A. shaken B. many B. few B. people B. teach B. working B. interesting B. if B. slowly B. explanations B. as much B. house B. gone up B. such as B. long B. lovely C. past C. a little C. children C. learn C. broadcasting C. important C. unless C. badly C. texts C. the same C. park C. improved C. thanks to C. wise C. rich B "Everything happens for the best, "my mother said whenever I faced disappointment, "If you __ on, something good will happen some day." Mother was right, as I discovered after graduating from college. I had 2 myself for a sports _3_ every time. In

D. last D. a few D. students D. be D. teaching D. necessary D. because D. quietly D. lessons D. as helpful D. theatre D. appeared D. and D. strange D. popular


announcer. So I went to Chicago to knock on the door of every station and was

one station, a kind lady told me that


stations wouldn't employ a person without



I had just graduated. "Go out in the town and find a small station that might give you a chance, "she said. I returned to Dixon, where I had finished my high school education and had 6 in the school

football team. My father said that our town had built a store and wanted a man to manage its sports department. The job sounded just _7_ My disappointment had for me but I wasn't hired.

_8_ as if by design. "Everything happens for the best," Mum _9_

me. Dad lent me his car to look for a job. I tried WOC Radio Davenport. The program director told me they had already hired an announcer. _10_ I left his office, I asked aloud," _11_ can a fellow

get to be a sports announcer if he can't get a job in a radio station?" Suddenly, I heard the director 12 . "Do you know anything about football? " Then he asked me to 14 13_ an imaginary game. It

was easy, and I did it without difficulty. The director was a game on the ( )1 ( )2 ( )3 ( )4 ( )5 ( )6 ( )7 ( )8 ( )9 ( ) 10 ( ) 11 ( ) 12 ( ) 13 ( ) 14 ( ) 15 15 A put A devoted A invited A large A experience A played A possible A shown A woke A While A What A calling A make A moved A future Saturday. B take B designed B promised B all B examination B joined B successful B disappeared B advised B After B How B answering B act B sorry B coming

and told me I would be broadcasting

C move C found C refused C no C agreement C taken C right C resulted C demanded C Before C Whenever C broadcasting C broadcast C thankful C last

D carry D enjoyed D accepted D small D college D fought D important D turned D reminded D So D Wherever D announcing D play D satisfied D later

―Everything happens for the best,‖ my mother said whenever I faced disappointment. "If you can carry on, one day something good will happen. And you'll rea1ize that it wouldn't have happened if not for that previous disappointment." 每当我遇到挫折时,母亲就会说:"一切都会好的。 如果你坚持下


Mother was right, as I discovered after graduating from co11ege in 1932.I had decided to try for a job in radio, then work my way up to sports amouncer. I hitchhiked to Chicago and knocked on the door of every station-and got turned down every time. 母亲是对的,发现这个是在 1932 年,我刚从大学

毕业。我已决定试着在电台找个事儿做,然后争取做体育节目的播音员。我搭便车到了芝加哥, 挨个电台地敲门推销自己一一一但每次都被拒绝了。 In one studio, a kind lady told me that

big stations couldn't risk hiring inexperienced person-"Go out in the sticks and find a small station that ?ll give you a chance,‖she said. 在一个播音室里,一位好心的女士告诉我,大的广播电台是不 I thumbed home to

会冒险雇用没经验的新手的。 "去乡下找一家给你机会的小电台吧,"她说。

Dixon, Illinois. While them was no radio-announcing jobs in Dixon, my father sad Montgomery Ward had opened a store and wanted a loca1 athlete to manage its sports department. Since Dixon was where I had played high school football, I applied. The job sounded just right for me. But I wasn't hired. 我搭车来到我的家乡,那是伊利诺斯州的迪克森。在迪克森当时还没有电台播音员这样的工作, 父亲说,蒙哥马利· 沃德开了一家新商店,想雇请一个本地的运动员管理店里的体育部。 我中学时曾 在迪克森打过橄榄球,出于这个原因我去申请了这份工作。 工作听起来挺适合我的,但是我没被聘 用。 My disappointment must have shown. "Everything happens for the best," Mom reminded me.

Dad offered me the car to job hunt. I tried WOC Radio in Davenport, Iowa. The program director, a wonderful Scotsman named Peter MacArthur, told me they had already hired an announcer. 我的

沮丧心情一定表现出来了。"一切总会好的,"母亲提醒我说。爸爸给我买了一辆汽车找工作用。 我试着到爱荷华州达文波特的 woc 电台去求职。那里的电台节目总监是一个很棒的苏格兰人,名 叫彼得· 麦克阿瑟,他告诉我他们已经雇到播音员了。 As I left his office, my frustration boiled

over. I asked a1oud,"How can a fellow get to be a sport announcer if he can't get a job in a radio station?" 离开他办公室时,我的挫折感达到了极点。我大声地说:"一个连在电台都找不到工 I was waiting for the elevator when I heard


MacArthur calling, "What was that you said about sports? Do you know anything about footba11?"Then he stood me before a microphone and asked me to broadcast an imaginary game. 等电梯时,我听到麦克阿瑟喊道:―你说什么体育?你懂橄榄球吗?‖接着他让我站到麦克风前 面,请我解说一场想象中的比赛。 On my way home, as I have many times since, I thought of

my mother's words: "if you carry on, one day something good will happen. Something wouldn't have happened if not for that previous disappointment" I often wonder what direction my life might have taken if I‘d gotten the job at Montgomery Ward. 在回家的路上——以后也有很多次的, 我思考

着母亲的那句话:―如果你坚持下去,总要一天会有好事发生。如果没有以前的挫折,就不会有 现在的一切。 ‖我常想, 如果当年我得到蒙哥马利· 沃德的那份工作, 我的人生之路又会怎样走呢? C

My ears are recently full of joyous remarks from my friends such as, ―Oh, Beckham is so handsome, so cool that I can‘t help falling in love with him!‖ or ―What perfect skills he has!‖ Yeah, I _1 to some degree,though I sometimes do want to _3 _2_ them for how much they know about Beckham, apart from his appearance and how much they know about football apart from goals. It seems funny that we are _ 4_ _5 . 6 to craziness or 7 8 not judge and great 9 things, with which we are unfamiliar or about which we are uncertain, but we all, my friends as well as I, consider this one of life‘s We need these pleasures to bright up our lives. But that doesn‘t

nonsense. As an old saying goes: ―Don‘t judge a book by its cover.‖ We anything from its appearance. We should all know, it is one‘s good about Beckham‘s good looks. If we close our eyes, falling in deep with 10

contribution that makes one a star and unforgettable. Therefore we‘d better say

, we can find that the things that move us

to be really happy or sad have a clear meaning. If we don‘t go deeper and are just satisfied 11 things, sooner or later we will find that we have not really gained anything 12 has blinded and misled(误导) us, and we‘ll remain ignorant(无 we realize that and make some changes. 14 us, we because our first 知的) 13

It is believed that thinking and going deeper than before is sign of great progress. If one day we are willing to go deeper into everything, no matter how much it will finally prove how much we have
( )1 ( )2 ( )3 ( )4 ( )5 ( )6 ( )7 ( )8 ( )9


up, how much more sensible, mature(成熟 C hope C teach C scoring C curious C pleasures C amount C could C looks C less C sense C surface C lesson D think D doubt D controlling D anxious D truths D rise D should D ability D nothing D thought D pleasant D impression

的), and intelligent(智慧的) we have become. A like A ask A kicking A thankful A aims A come A dared A thinking A more B agree B tell B hitting B crazy B qualities B increase B would B character B something B sleep B deep B experience

( ) 10 A love ( ) 11 A material ( ) 12 A conclusion

( ) 13 A since ( ) 14 A worries ( ) 15 A given

B although B pains B sent

C unless C satisfies C built

D before D offers D grown

A Increasingly, over the past 10 years, people––especially young people––have become aware of the need __1____ (change) their eating habits. ___2___ some of the food they eat, particularly ___3___ (process) foods, is not good for health. Therefore, there has been a growing interest in ___4___ (nature) foods: foods ___5___ chemical additives and unaffected by chemical fertilizers, widely used in ___6___ (farm) today. It is significant ___7___ nowadays fiber is considered to be an important part of ___8___ healthy diet. In white bread, for example, the fiber has been removed. But it is present in unrefined flour and of course in vegetables. It is interesting to note that in countries ___9___ the national diet contains large quantities of unrefined flour and vegetables, certain diseases are comparatively rare. Hence the emphasis ___10___ (place) on the eating of wholemeal bread and more vegetables by modern experts on ―health eating‖.

B I was on my way to the Taiyetos Mountains. The sun was setting when my car 1_ (break)

down near a remote and poor village. Cursing my misfortune, I was wondering where I was going to spend the night when I realized that the villagers who had gathered around me were arguing as to _2 _ should have the honor of receiving me _3 a guest in their house. Finally, I accepted the _4 (settle) _5_

offer of an old woman who lived alone in a little house. While she was getting me

into a tiny but clean room, the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to small town some 20 kilometres away _6 _ there was a garage.

I had noticed three hens running free in my hostess's courtyard and that night one of them ended up in a dish on my table. talked _8 7_ villagers brought me goat's cheese and honey. We drank together and

(merry) till far into the night.

When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in the village, I wanted to reward the old woman ___9___ the trouble I had caused _ 10 . C The American Academy of Pediatrics(儿科 ) says____1____ children really need for health

development is more good, old–fashioned playtime. Many parents load their children‘s schedules with get-smart videos, enrichment activities and lots of classes in a drive to help them do better. The efforts often begin as ___2___ as babyhood. Free play is neglected in the shuffle, a new academy report says. Numerous studies have shown that free play is very ___3___(benefit). It can help children become creative, develop problem-solving skills, relate to others and adjust to school settings, ___4___ academy report says. Perhaps above all, play is something ___5___ is a cherished part of childhood, says another report, ___6___(prepare) by two academy committees for release Monday ___7___ the group‘s annual meeting in Atlanta. ___8___ adds that enrichment tools and organized activities can be helpful, ___9___ they should not ___10___(view) as a requirement for creating successful children. They must be balanced with plenty of free playtime.

完形填空: A 1--15 ADBCD B 1--15 DBCAA C 1--15 BAA/CBC



语法填空: A 1. to change 2. because 3. processed 4. natural 5. without 6. farming 7. that 8. a 9. where 10.is placed B 1. broke 2.who 3. as 4. settled 5. a 6. where 7. Other 8. merrily 9. for 10. her C 1. what 2. early 3. beneficial 4. the 5. that 6. prepared 7. at 8. It 9. but 10. be viewed


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