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面就是一些需要掌握的常见句型: 1.Hardly had sb. done when… 知识回顾: had done 的动作发生在 从句谓语 did 以前,是属于过去的过去,所以用过去完成
时。 Eg. Hardly had she sat down when the doorbell rang. 她刚一坐下门铃就响
2006 静安二模 她一下火车,我就发现她把电脑忘在凳子上了。(Hardly) Hardly had she got off the train when I found that she left her laptop on the chair. 2.The first time/The last time/Every time /The moment+从句 知识回顾: 诸如 each time, every time, the moment, the first time, the last time 等名词 短语可用作连词来引导一个时间状语从句. Eg. Each time I go home I can see her sitting there.
2010 卢湾二模

每次叫他做家务,他总是假装在看书。(every time) Every time he is asked to do housework, he pretends to be reading books. 2010 闵行二模 每当灾难发生时,总有热心的人们向受难者伸出援助之手。(every time) Every time disasters happen, warm-hearted people will lend helpful hands to the victims (those suffering from the disaster).
3.... makes it a rule to do sth. ... 知识回顾: makes it a rule to do 是固定表达,意思是将某件事情定为常规,it 作形式宾语,不 定式作真正的宾语。
2011 普陀二模 我校同学每逢节假日都到周边社区去当志愿者/义工。(make it a rule) The students in my school make it a rule to work as volunteers in the nearby neighborhood in holidays. 4.I would appreciate it very much if you could…
2010 虹口二模 如果你一收到消息就能给我答复的话,我将不胜感激。 (the moment) I would appreciate it very much if you could reply to me/give me a reply

the moment you receive the message.
5.Whatever+名词+主语+谓语 无论…
2007 崇明一模 不管遇到什么困难,他总是不灰心。(Whatever) Whatever difficulties he meets with, he won’t lose heart/ confidence/feel discouraged.
2010 黄浦一模 不管遇到什么困难,继续努力,直到实现你的梦想。(Whatever) Whatever difficulties you may meet with, keep working (hard) until you realize your dream. 6. It will/would be+时间段+before 要过多久才… 知识回顾: “It will/would be+时间段+before+句子……” 表示“要过多久才……”。
2010 松江二模 那位科学家认为还要好几年这个理论才能付诸于实践。(before) The scientist believed that it would be years before the theory was put into practice.
2010 奉贤一模

还要过很长一段时间,普通人才能去太空旅行。(before) It will be a long time before common people can travel to space/ can go travelling in space.
7. 主句,which 引导从句
2009 黄浦二模 异常的天气表明我们的生存环境正日益恶化,而这正是大自然给予我们的警告。 (which) Unusual weather indicates that our living environment is getting worse, which is the warning to us from nature.
2009 卢湾一模 这次旅行持续了两个多星期,这让我们感到疲惫不堪。 (which) This trip lasted for over two weeks, which made all of us worn out.
2008 黄浦一模 我过生日时,他送给我一件漂亮的毛衣,那正是我想要的。(which) He sent me a beautiful sweater for my birthday, which was what I wanted.
2008 浦东一模 黑人当选总统,开创了美国政治的先河。(which) A black man was/ has been elected president of the United States, which (has) created/ set/is a new record in the American politics.
8. As long as 只要…

知识回顾: 例句与用法: 1. As long as you don't betray me, I'll do whatever you ask me to (do).
只要你不出卖我,要我做什么我都愿意。 2. We'll ship the goods at an early time as long as there is a steamer.
只要有船,我们就尽早装货。 3. As long as live, I will help you.
只要我活着,我都会帮助你。 4. As long as you drive carefully, you will be very safe.
如果你开车小心,你就会很安全。 5. I don't mind as long as it doesn't rain.
2008 闵行二模 只要你对自己充满信心,你迟早会实现童年的梦想。(as long as) As long as you are confident about yourself, you will realize your childhood dream sooner or later.
2008 崇明一模 我坚信,只要相互理解,来自不同文化的人能和谐相处。(as long as) I firmly believe that people from different cultures can live in harmony as long as they understand each other.

2008 高考 管遭受如此严重的自然灾害,但只要不灰心,我们终会克服暂时的困难。(Although...) Although we are suffering such a severe natural disaster, we will eventually overcome the temporary difficulty as long as we don’t lose heart. 9. What 引导主语从句 使/让某人…的是 知识回顾:what 引导的主语从句的谓语动词应该用单数。
2007 闵行二模 让我最感迷惑的是他如何能徒步走这么远。 (What ...) What puzzles me most is how he could cover such a long distance on foot.
2006 奉贤二模 使我担心的是,这孩子除了电脑,似乎对什么都不感兴趣。(What makes me…) What makes me worried is that the child seems to be interested in nothing except computers.
二、解题注意事项之时态语态 在中英不同的语言文化中,主动和被动的表达存在着一定的差异。有时中文看似主动,译成英语却应 用被动形式;有时中文是被动的意思,在英语中却用主动形式。
以下情形中常用英语的主动形式表示中文的被动意思: (1) 某些连系动词(如 look, sound, smell, feel, taste, prove 等)要用英语主动

形式表达中文被动意义。 Eg. 他告诉我的事情被证实是真的。 What he told me proved to be true. (2) 某些“be+形容词+to do”结构中的不定式通常要用英语的主动形式表示中
文被动意义。 Eg.
这篇学术论文很难被翻译过来。 The academic article is difficult to translate. (3) be worth 后的动名词要用英语主动形式表中文被动意义。 Eg.
这可能值得考虑。 This might be worth thinking about. (4) 在 need, want, require 等少数表示“需要”的动词后接动名词用主动形式表
被动意义。 Eg.
这些植物得天天浇水。 The plants need watering every day. 此外,也有很多情况下,英语的被动形式表示中文的主动含义。

这时很多同学就可能会忽略被动语态的使用。 Eg.
坐在树下的人是我叔叔。 The man who is seated under the tree is my uncle. 批注:这样的例子不胜枚举,同学们在练习时应注意多积累和总结。
三、解题注意事项之语序问题 在某些情况下,英语的主谓必须全部或部分倒装。有时为了保持句子平衡,各部分顺序会发生颠 倒,这与中文表达顺序有所不同。
例如: 我们的祖国从来没有像今天这样强大过。(Never) Never before has our country been as powerful as it is today. 老师仅靠一支粉笔上课的日子一去不复返了。(Gone) Gone are the days when a teacher gave lessons only with a piece of chalk. 我认为你找不到自行车了。 I don’t think you can find your bicycle.
2011 高考 自从出国留学后,她就不再和我们保持联系了。 (No longer)

No longer has she kept in touch with us since she went abroad for further study / education.
四、解题技巧之一题多译,拓宽解题思路 同一句中文可能会有几种不同的英语翻译方法,在平时的练习中,同学们可以尽量拓宽思路, 尝试一题多译。这样不仅可以提高翻译的技能,同时还能促进语法知识的巩固和词汇的复习, 是一举多得的好办法。
1.令我大吃一惊的是他终于改掉了抽烟的坏习惯。 To my great surprise, he finally got rid of the bad habit of smoking. What surprised me greatly was that he at last kicked his smoking habit. I was greatly surprised at the fact that he finally quit smoking habit. He finally gave up smoking, which surprised me a lot.
2.她一听到这个噩耗就号啕大哭。 As soon as she heard the sad news, she burst into tears. The moment/instant/minute she heard the sad news, she burst out
crying. At the sad news, she burst out crying. On hearing the sad news, she couldn’t help crying.

Immediately/Directly she heard the news, she burst into tears. Hardly/Scarcely/Rarely had she heard the sad news when she burst into tears. No sooner had she heard the sad news than she burst out crying. 2011 静安、杨浦、青浦、宝山区 联考 学生喜欢他是因为他有幽默感。(sense) The students like him because he has a good sense of humour. It is because he has a good sense of humour that the students like him. The reason why the students like him is that he has a good sense of humour.
(建议 15 分钟) 基础练习
1.只要不断努力,你们所有的梦想都会实现的。(as long as) 2012 金山一模 As long as you keep (on) working hard, all your dreams will come true/ be realized.
2.他一做完实验,就用肥皂洗干净双手。(The moment) 2008 浦东二模 The moment he finished (doing) the experiment, he washed his hands with soap.
3.如果你一收到消息就能给我答复的话,我将不胜感激。(the moment) 2008 虹口二模

I would appreciate it very much if you could reply to me/give me a reply the moment you receive the message. 4.遇到多大困难,我们都会同舟共济,共同面对斗争,迎接挑战。(Whatever)2009 宝山一 模 Whatever great difficulties we meet with, we will help each other through the struggles and challenges. 5.我们遇到任何困难都不能半途而废。 (whatever) 2007 徐汇二模 We should never give up halfway whatever difficulty we encounter/meet with in study. 6.碰到什么样的困难,我们都不要放弃自己的梦想。(Whatever)2009 徐汇一模 Whatever difficulty we (may) encounter/ meet with, we should not/never give up our dreams. 7.2010 上海成功举办了世博会,这对于上海经济的发展意义重大。(make a difference) 2011 嘉定一模 Shanghai successfully hosed the 2010 World Expo, which makes a great difference for the economic development in Shanghai. 8. 百思买(Best Buy)突然关闭在中国的所有门店,让人非常吃惊。(close)2011 长宁二 模 Best Buy suddenly closed all of its shops / chain stores in China, which made people very surprised. 9. 如果您能够尽早给我回信的话,我将不胜感激。(appreciate) I would appreciate it if you could send me a reply at your earliest