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Book6 Module3 教案

Keys: The First Period
1. burst out doing 突然发生…;突然做…起来 突然大笑/大哭起来 burst out laughing/ crying = burst into laughter/ tears burst into vt 突然(进入某种状态或发生某种情况) burst in vi 闯进来;突然插嘴;打断谈话;突然到来 burst into blossom 开花 Exercises ? ? The police________ (闯入)and arrested the thief.(burst in) Hearing the sad news, he ________(大哭起来).(burst into tears/ burst out crying) ? How dare you ______(闯入) on/upon us without a knocking?


(burst in) ? The aircraft crashed and__________(起火). (burst into flames)

2. knock 有关短语: 1) knock sb/ sth over = knock over sb/ sth (开车)撞伤、撞死 sb/ sh; 打翻、 弄翻 knock sb down; knock down sb 撞到 2) knock at/ on… 敲(门、窗等) 3) knock… against… 以……碰撞;碰撞 4) knock/ hit sb on the head 打某人的头 5) knock into sb 偶遇 sb 6) knock… into… 把……敲入…… 7) knock … out (of) 把……(从……)敲出

8) knock off 砍价;停止 Exercise:填入正确的时态、结构(knock 的相关短语) 1) I knocked at/ on the door, but there was no answer. 2) He knocked his leg against the desk. 3) I went shopping yesterday and knocked into one of my acquaintances. 4) Mr. White knocked a nail into the wall just now. 5) Tom and Bob quarreled a lot, with Bob knocking Tom on the head.(Bob 打 了 Tom 的头) 6) If the bottle is knocked over, Mr. Brown will think that an earthquake is coming. 7) A child was knocked over/ down by a car when crossing the road. 8) They knocked 10﹪ off the price and I bought it. 9) Let’s knock off work and have a cup of tea. 3. turn round 转过身来 turn up 拧大(声音、开关等) ;出现、露面 turn down 关小,调低;拒绝 turn out (to be) (不用被动)后来结果是……;证明是……生产;培养 It turned out that…后来证实…… turn against 背叛 turn to sb for help 向 Sb 要求帮助 turn in 上交 turn away 赶走;辞退 Exercise: 1) As the stadium was full, they were turned away. 2) The rumor(谣言) turned out true. 3) It turned out that two travelers had been killed.

4) Turn in your composition in time, please. 5) We had thought the weather would be bad but it turned out fine that day. 6) The hero said, “Nothing could make me turn against my motherland.” 7) The factory can turn out 1000 cars a day. 8) Though there were many differences between American and Chinese education system, both can turn out excellent graduates. 9) It’s getting dark. I don’t want to go any further. Let’s turn around and go home. 4. confront v. 面对(危险、困难) confront sb with … = face sb with… / sb be confronted/ faced with …使 sb 面 对…… e.g. I have been confronted with a new problem. 我面临一个新问题。 5. count v. 数数;有重要意义,有价值,有影响力 e.g. He doesn’t count in our team.他在我们的球队中不算重要人物。 → count on 指望;依赖 e.g. Can I count on your help?我能指望你的帮助吗? → count… as…= regard… as… e.g. He counts me as his best friend. 他把我当作他最好的朋友。 6. regret doing 后悔做过 sth regret to do 很遗憾要做 sth regret to say/ tell you/ inform you that… e.g. 1) 我遗憾的告知你将被解雇。 I regret to inform you that you’ll be fired. 2) 我多么后悔浪费了那么多时间。 How I regretted having wasted so much time. 3) 他后悔没有和父母一起去长城。

He regretted not having been to the Great Wall with his parents. 7. scold sb for sth 因 sth 责备 sb e.g. 老师责备 Tom 上课迟到。 The teacher scolded Tom for his being late for class. 8. keep/ be in touch/ contact with… 和……保持联系

和……失去联系 lose touch/ contact with… get in touch with 和……取得联系 9. forgive sb for doing= forgive sb/sb’s doing 原谅 sb 做 sth forgive sb sth 原谅 sb sth e.g. 1) 他原谅我遗失了他的笔记本。 He forgave my losing his notebook. /me for losing his notebook. 2) 他们原谅我们的无礼。 They forgave us our rudeness. 10. in turn 依次;轮流;(反过来) in return 作为交换;作为报答 in return for… 作为对……的交换/报答 填空: 1) Theory is based on practice and in turn, it can serve practice. 2) Private cars can help to ease the transportation problem, but in turn, it can cause much more pollution. 3) I’d like give him a gift in return for his help.(作为对他帮助的回报) 4) You gave me your photo and I would give mine to you in return. 5) The trees take in carbon dioxide, and in return they give off oxygen.

The Second Period Introduction + Reading and Vocabulary

Useful sentences for you(导学) 1. Our family was from the north of England, but my father ________( 被提供)a better job in London, and our whole family had______(搬家) there. 2. 3. But just under a year ago, Roy’s father________ (被撞倒) by a car. The family had to move to a________( 小 的 多 )house in order to _____________.(减轻经济负担) 4. Having left something in the cloakroom, I went inside to get it, and found Roy going through the pockets of people’s coat. (将划线部分改为状语从句) _________________________________________. 5. 我如此惊奇,只是站在那里,手里抓着钱。 _______________________________________________________________ _______________________. (以上答案均在课文原文中)

Language Points
Step One Language points 1. My mouth fell open and I just looked at him. Roy went bright red. fall, go 为系动词。 练一练:用括号里所给词的适当形式填空. (1). The flowers ________ (smell) sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. (smelling) (2). The disc, digitally recorded in the studio, _______ (sound) fantastic at the party that night. (sounded) (3). Mary, hurry up! I’m afraid you don’t have time to get _______ (change) before the party. (changed) (4). Do let her mother know all the truth. She appears ______________ (tell) everything. (to have been told) (5).-- Do you like the material?

--Yes. It _________(feel) very soft. (feels) 根据括号里的中文提示及句后所给的英文单词完成句子。 (1). I ________ (睡着了) while reading the English textbook.(asleep) (fell asleep) (2). The boy often ________ (挨饿) and stayed dressed in that dirty coat.(hungry) (went hungry) (3). The watermelon easily _________ (变质) in summer for the temperature is high.(bad) (goes bad) (4). He ____________ (当了老师) after he graduated from a medical college.(turn) (turned teacher) (5). It looked like rain this morning, but it has _____________ (结果是) a fine day. (turn) (turned out to be) (6). It _____________ (听起来像) a train that was going under my house.(sound) (sounded like) (7). You can’t cross the road until the traffic lights __________ (变绿). (go green)) (8). One of my buttons __________ (松了). (becomes loose) (9).We don’t care if a hunting dog smells_____, but we really don’t want him to smell_______. A. well; well 3. amount: 1)(a sum of money, a quantity of sth.) ? The insurance company will refund any amount due to you.保险公司将退 赔你应得的所有______. (款项) ? We’ve had an enormous _________ of (______________________) help from people.我们得到了人们大力帮助。(amount/ enormous amounts of) ? 现在迫切需要一大笔钱. B. bad; bad C. well; badly D. badly; bad

A large amount of money ________________________. (is badly needed now)

Large amounts of money __________________________. (are badly needed now) Summary: (C, U)金额,数量(与不可数名词连用)。 2) add up to sth. / to be equal to ? His earnings are said to amount to $200,000 per annum. 据说他每年的酬 金高达二十万美元。 ? ? Her answer amounted to a complete refusal. Not punishing these hooligans(无赖) amounts to condoning(宽恕)their behavior. Summary v. amount to= ____________________(总计,共计;等于,相当 于) 试总结表达“大量”的短语。 Step Two: Translation (use the words that appear in the word list and our text to make the sentences.) 1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 据说他的车撞伤了一个老妇人。(knock) It is said that his car knocked over an old woman. 一想到逐渐逝去的美貌,她突然大哭起来。(burst) At the thought of the fading beauty, she burst out crying/ burst into tears. 他们正在为敬老院筹钱。(raise) They are raising money for the home of the aged. 我真心诚意地祝你新年快乐。 I wish you a happy new year from the bottom of my heart. 因为没有完成家庭作业,他们别无选择,只好留下来。(分词做状语) Not having finished the homework, they had no choice but to stay/had nothing to do but stay. 6. ? 你所说的话等于直接的指责(accusation)。(amount) What you say amounts to a direct accusation.

7. ? 8. ?

面对他罪行的证据,他坦白了。(confront) When confronted with the evidence of the guilt, he confessed. 她的意见很重要,因为她有经验。(count) Her opinion counts because of her experience.

The Third Period Vocabulary And Reading
Answer the questions 1. What do you think a happy childhood means for the writer ? A happy childhood means living in a small village in a close family, and having a best friend to grow up with. 2. What was the countryside around the writer’s home like ? The countryside around his home had pine forests, and was near the sea as well. 3. How did the writer and his friend spend their time together ? They spent their time together digging up worms, collecting feathers, chasing squirrels and going to the sea. 4 How would you describe the character of the writer and his friend? Interested in nature, diligent, clever, kind and friendly to others 5. Why do you think the writer couldn’t forgive Danny for going to London? Because he felt the loss of his friend so strongly, which was like the end of the world for him. 6. How does the writer feel now ? He is ashamed of his feelings Phrases 1 有幸享有___________2 对?过敏__________ 3 因?责备某人_________________4 与某人关系很好________________ 5 向?表示敬意__________________6 原谅某人做某事_________________ 7 恢复联系______________________8 怀念快乐时光__________________ 9 对?感到羞愧__________________ be blessed with, be allergic to, scold sb. for …, be on good terms with…, give a salute to …, forgive sb for doing sth, be back in touch with, be nostalgic for the happy times, be ashamed of … Sentences: 1 第一次失去我最好的朋友的时候我以为世界末日到了。 ______________ I lost my best friend, I thought it was ___________________. (The first time , the end of the world) 2 但我依然根据丹尼离开时那种心中的隐痛来衡量所有的痛苦。

I still ____________________how hurt I was when Danny left. (measure all pains by) 3 我非常幸运地拥有一个幸福的童年,一段大多数人都希望拥有的时光。 I__________________ a happy childhood, ________that most people would want to have. (was blessed with, one) 4 我们在松树林中度过漫长的夏日黄昏,要么是挖钓鱼用的蚯蚓,要么捡鸟儿 掉的羽毛,那些鸟儿曾被关养在笼中,以供打猎之用。 We _____long summer evenings in the pine forests, _________worms for fishing , and ________________left by the birds in the cages___________________. (spent, digging up, collecting feathers, where they had been kept for the hunters) 5 正是在这个地方,我发现我对一种很小的苍蝇过敏。这种苍蝇一咬我,我的 脸就会肿。 _________here ______I discovered that I ________________the tiny flies which bit me and made my face swell. (It was, that, was allergic to) 6 当然,这里太靠北了,我们等不到收获的时候。在有风的日子,我们沿石坡 滑下滑到海湾,感受海边浪花拂面的感觉。 Of course, it was ______________________________。 On windy days we’d _________ the stony slopes ___the loch and_____________________________. (too far north for a proper harvest, slide down, to, feel the spray of the sea in our faces.) 7 他也是个好木匠,我们用树枝做成扫帚,尽量拿到村里的商店去卖 。我们 建树房子,在那里第一次抽烟,难受极了。 Danny was a good carpenter too, and we ________________________, which we tried to sell in the village shop. We built a tree house, _____we smoked our first cigar, and I was sick ! (made brooms out of branches, where) 8 对于一个还那么小的孩子来说,他非常会照顾人。我妈妈只不过因为我撕破 了内衣 而责备了我. He was a very considerate boy________________.My mother simply______________________ (for someone so young, scolded me for tearing my underwear.) 9.我们跟村里的每个人都相处得很好。连当地的 警察骑着自行车经过时,我 们都会向他敬礼。 We _______________________everyone in the village,and we even ____________________________________as he passed on his bike. (were on good terms with, gave a salute to the local policeman)

11 现在我和丹尼又恢复联系了,而能称他为我的朋友是我的荣幸,而且我们仍 然很相像。 _________________________Danny , and____________________________. We’re both much more mature now, and__________________. (I’m now back in touch with, it’s a privilege to call him my friend, we’re still very alike) 12. 尽管我很怀念很久以前我们共同度过的快乐时光,但我对于不能原谅他的 离开仍感惭愧; 我不想回首往事记起我的损失和痛苦。 While ___________________the happy times we spent together many years ago, __________________my feelings, and don’t want to rewind the recording of my life and remember my loss and my pain. (I’m nostalgic for, I’m ashamed of)

The Fourth Period Phrases:


1be blessed with 2be allergic to 3scold sb for (doing)sth 4be on good terms with 5give a salute to 6forgive sb for doing/sb/sb’s doing 7be back in touch with 8be nostalgic for the happy times 9 be ashamed of 10get to know 11burst out laughing/ crying = burst into laughter/ tears 12keep/ be in touch/ contact with… 13from the bottom of one’s heart 14 knock/ hit sb on the head 15knock into sb 16 in return 17 amount to 18confront /face sb with … 19knock sb/ sth over = knock over sb/ sth 20 turn round 21 on the phone 22 all at once 23 bring…to mind 24get on well with Sentences: 1He regretted not having been to the Great Wall with his parents 2 I regret to inform you that you’ll be fired. 3 Not having finished the homework, they had no choice but to stay/had nothing to do but stay. .4The first time I lost my best friend, I thought it was the end of the world. 5We _______________________________ everyone in the village, and we even _____________________________________as he passed on his bike. (were on good terms with, gave a salute to the local policeman) 6_________ Friends Reunited he ___________ old friends, and ____________ , he was able to ________ about his past and __________________________. (Through, contacted, with their help,find out,put his memory back together)

7 ______________________ impossible to find my daughter _____________of Friends Reunited. __________________________, thank you. (It would have been, without the help, From the bottom of my heart) 8. I__________________ a happy childhood, ________that most people would want to have. (was blessed with, one) 9The family had to move to a much smaller house in order to manage financially 10When confronted with the evidence of the guilt, he confessed. Exercises: 1-5 DBCDB 6-10 ADBCA 11-15DABCC 16-20 ABADC 21-25 CDCCC 26-30 AACBC 31-35CDDBB

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