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2012高二英语Unit14 lesson1 Your choice课件 北师大版必修5_图文

北师大版 高二 (5) Unit 14

Lesson 1 Your Choice

Review Words
emotional, flexible, logical, specific,
efficiently, rather than, at all times

Choose three adjectives from the Key Words that describe you best.
careful , cheerful , creative , reliable, confident , generous , helpful , modest , motivated , organized , patient , practical

Your Ideas
Read the questionnaire. Decide what

you would do in these situation.

1. A friend is having problems writing a plot summary for a book report. She asks you to help her. What would you do?

2. You are working for an institute

that gives aid to the poor in a small
village. Your boss tells your team to repair an old pump near a river. What would you do?

3. You are on a school trip and the coach has an accident when a deer runs across the road. No one is hurt, but you are stuck on a forest road with no traffic. It is getting dark and it has started to snow. What would you do?

4. Last week your teacher asked your class to perform a short play for the school. So far, nothing has been done and there are only ten days before the performance. What would you do?

Everybody’s good at something Do this personality test and find the right career for you? Read the text and think over A, B, C and D. Which one would you like?

If most of your answers were:

a: You are helpful/patient/generous.
Your ideal job is one in which you work with people –helping, training or curing them, e.g. doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker.

b: You are reliable/organized/ logical/ careful

You are good at practical things. You are a good person to work with figures, computers, machines, plants or animals.

c: You are emotional /creative/ flexible.
You are imaginative and creative and you would be good at as a journalist, designer or artist of some kind.

d: You are strong/ confident/motivated.
You are a natural leader and would be a good manager of other people in a business.

If your answers were mixed, you are probably suited to a job in which you can use your different skills and abilities. For example, as manager of a computer company you would use your practical abilities (b) and leadership abilities (d).

? Ⅰ.短语翻译
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 穿上 __put on____ 2.准时 _______on time___ 3.例如,诸如 __such as ____ 4树立榜样,作出表率 _set an example__ 5.保持镇静 __keep calm__ 6.接管,控制 ___take charge of____ 7.迄今为止 so far 8.交朋友 ___make friends (with)__ ? 9.尽可能多地 __as _much as possible___ ? 10.与其??毋宁 ___rather than__

Language Points
1. set an example to sb给--- 做榜样 He sets an example to the other students.

2. take control of 控制 Now we have succeeded in taking control of the situation. 现在我们成功地控制了局势。

lose control of 失去控制 The family has sold most of its share and will lose control of the company.


3. line (戏剧或电影的)台词, 对白
This is a line from the film

这是电影《卡萨布兰 卡》里的一


? A friend is having problems writing a plot summary for a book report.(教材P22)一个朋友 在为读书报告写情节总结时遇到一些问题。 ? 归纳 summary n.摘要,总结;adj.摘要 的;即刻的 ? in summary总的说来,概括起来 ? ①Give a summary of this story.把这个故事做 个摘要。 ? ②He presented a summary account.他做了扼 要的说明。

? 拓展 表示“总的来说”的常见英语表达 方式有: ? in summary in conclusion ? to sum up in a word all in all ? in brief generally speaking ? All in all,you have failed again.总之,你又 失败了。

? Help her after school.Tell her to phone you if she needs any more guidance.(教材P22)放学后 帮助她,并告诉她如果需要更多指导可以 给你打电话。 ? 归纳 guidance n. [U]指导,引导,领导 ? under one’s guidance/the guidance of sb.在某 人的指导下 ? ①Under his guidance,we finished the work smoothly. ? 在他的指导下,我们顺利地完成了工作。

? You are working for an institute that gives aid to the poor in a small village.(教材P22) ? 你正在一个小村庄的慈善机构里工作。 ? 归纳 aid n.援助,帮助 ? come/go to one’s aid 帮助某人 ? in aid of 作为对??的帮助 ? with the aid of =with sb’s help在?的帮助下 ? first aid 急救

? ? ? ?

拓展 aid还可用作动词,常用结构: aid sb with/in sth.帮助某人做某事 Aid sb to do sth=help sb (to )do sth. Do you often aid your mother with the housework? ? 你常帮妈妈做家务吗?

? 应 用 5.If we know more about how to give________first aid,we may help people in________emergency. ? A./;the B.the;an ? C.the;/ D./;an ? 答案: D

? You are on a school trip and the coach has an accident when a deer runs across the road.No one is hurt,but you are stuck on a forest road with no traffic.(教材P22)在一次学校组织的旅 游中,长途车在躲闪一只冲过马路的鹿时 出了事故。虽然无人受伤,但车陷在了一 条不能通车的林间小路上。

? 归纳 stick vt.& vi.粘着,附着;卡住;困 住 ? be stuck in陷入??之中 ? ①They stuck the notice on the wall.他们把通 知贴在墙上。 ? ②The paper is sticking to my hand.纸正贴在 我手上。 ? ③He was stuck in a bad traffic.他的路被堵住 了。 ? ④A fishbone stuck in his throat.他喉咙里卡 了一根鱼刺。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

拓展 stick的常用短语: stick to坚持 stick out突出,显眼,伸出 ⑤Whatever happens,I will stick to my point. 无论发生什么事,我都坚持我的观点。 应用 6.介词填空 Suddenly the car got stuck________the mud. 答案: in

? So far,nothing has been done and there are only ten days until the performance.(教材P22) ? 到目前为止没有采取一点措施,并且离演 出只有十天时间了。 ? 归纳 与far有关的搭配: ? so far意思是“直到现在,到目前为止”, 表示对某一点(程度、距离)到此为止,常和 现在完成时连用。 ? I have built 3 houses so far.到目前为止我已 经盖了三座房子了。 ? So far the search for the missing boy has been fruitless.

? 拓展 与far有关的搭配: ? ①as/so far as就??而论,在??的范围内 ? ②by far远远,??得多(修饰比较级、最高级,
通常置于其后,但是若比较级或最高级前有冠词, 则可置于其前或其后。如:It’s quicker by far to go by train. 乘火车要快得多 She ran fastest by far. 她跑得最最快 He is by far the best teacher. =He is the best teacher by far. 他是最最好的老 师 )

? His parents supported him as far as they could. ? 他的父母全力支持他。

? 应 用 1.The weather has been cold________this spring. ? A.by far B.so far ? C.the other day D.at one time ? 答案: B ? 2. Tom is the tallest boy_____in our class. ? A. so far B. by far ? C. far D. far far

? He should consult Mr Jensen about the new account on the 24th.(教材P23) ? 他应该向杰森先生咨询有关于24日的新账 户的问题。 ? 归纳 consult咨询,请教,查阅 ? consult sb.about sth.就某事向某人咨询 ? consult with sb.与某人交换意见 ? ①We lost our way and consulted the map. ? 我们迷了路因而查看地图。 ? ②He consulted his lawyer about it.他向他的 律师请教那件事。 ? ③If you are confused,you should consult

? 提示:“查字典”可以说consult a dictionary 或refer to a dictionary,也可以说look up a word in a dictionary。例如: ? He consulted his dictionary to look up the meaning of the word “apotheosis”.他在字典 中查看“apotheosis”这个单词的词义。

? 应用 9.译成汉语 ? The students are consulting their teacher how to consult the dictionary. ? _____________________________________ ___________________________________ ? 答案: 典。 学生们正在请教老师如何查阅词

? listen rather than speak—learn as much as possible about your job and the company(教材 P23)
? 去听而不要说——尽可能多地了解你的工作和公 司。 ? 归纳 rather than而不是.是一个并列连词

? prefer to do...rather than do...宁愿做??也不 愿做?? ? would rather do...than do...宁愿做??也不愿 做?? ? prefer doing...to doing..更喜欢做-而不做?? ? would rather宁愿;更喜欢

rather than主要三种用法:
? 1.跟情态动词would,should,will等连用构成固 定搭配,有时rather than可以分开,意为“宁 可”、“与其……倒不如”。 I‘d rather take the slowest train than go there by air我宁愿坐最慢的 火车也不乘飞机去那里。 ? 2.作准并列连词,相等于and not,只能连接词 性相同的词项。例如 She telephoned rather than wrote她没有写信而是打了电话。 ? 3.表示两种说法的正确程度,rather than之后 紧跟不够精确的说法,意为“与其说……,不如 说……”。例如: He is an artist rather than a philosopher.与其说 他是个哲学家,不如说他是个艺术家。

P23.The notice advices people to be friendly and

kind,and tells them not to wear casual clothes.

? advise sth\sb 建议某人\某事。 ? advise doing sth.建议某人做某事 ? advise that 主语+(should )do sth\(should)be done. ? 注意:可以说advise sb to do sth.不能说 advise to do sth. ? advice 为不可数名词,一般说 some\much\a lot of\a piece of advice

take part与take part in
? 1.take part后面不加宾语 There will be a party. Would you like to take part? 2.take part in后面加宾语 Would you like to take part in the party? 3.take part: vi. 支持 Take part with sb. 支持某人,袒护某人 Take the part of sb. 支持某人,袒护某人

Turn to page 33. Read the passages Ideal jobs. Talk about your favorite job.

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