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上海高考英语语法填空专项练习 I. One day, Nick invited his friends to supper. He ____25___ (cook) some delicious food in the kitchen. Suddenly, he found that he ___26___(run) out of salt. So Nick called to his son, “Go to the village and buy some salt, but pay a fair price for it, neither too much ___27___ too little. ” His son looked surprised, “ I can understand why I shouldn’t pay too much, Father , But if I can pay less, ___28___ not save a bit of money? ” “That would be a very ___29___ (reason) thing to do in a big city, but it could destroy a small village like ___30___ (we) Nick said. Nick’s guests, ___31___ had heard their conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply ___32___ they could. Nick replied, “The only reason why a man would sell salt ___33___ a lower price would be ___34___ he was desperate for money. And anyone who took the advantage of that situation would be showing a lack of respect ___35___ the sweat and struggle of the man who worked very hard to produce ___36___” “But such a small thing couldn’t ___37___(possible) destroy a village.” “In the beginning, there was only ___38___ very small amount of unfairness in the world, but everyone added a little, always ___39___ (think) that it was only small and not very important and look where we have ended ___40___ today.”

25. was cooking 26. had run 31. who 32. if 33. in34. that

27. nor 35. to

28. why

29. reasonable

30. ours

36. service 37. possibly 38. a

39. thinking 40. up

II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions:Read the following passage. For some blanks there is a word given in the brackets. Fill in each of th

ese blanks with the proper form of the given word. Fill in the other blanks with words that are correct in structur e and proper in meaning. (A) Sports and games make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. ___25___ these not their only uses. They give us valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles ___26___ (work) together. In tennis, ___27___ our eyes see the ball coming, our brain has to deci dewhat to do, and so send its orders to the muscles of the arms, legs and so on, so that the ball is met and hit back ___28___ it ought to go. All this must happen with very greatspeed, and only those who have had a lot of practice at tennis can carry out this chain of events successfully. For those who work with their brai ns most of the day, the pracice of such skills is espcially useful. Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. ___29___ each of students learn to work f or his team and not for himself on the football field, he will ___30___ (late) find it natural to work for the good of his country instead of only for his own benefit.

(B) Through a series of experiments an American scientist has gained an understanding ofthe social structure of the most complex of ant societies. The ants ___31___ (examine) are the only creatures other than man to have given up hunting and collecting for a completely agric ultural way of life. In their underground nests they planted gardens on soils made from finely ___32___ (cut) leaves. This is a complex operation___33___ (require)con siderable division of labor. The workers of this type of ant can___34___ (divide) into our groups according to size. Each of the groups performs a particular set of jobs. The making and care of the garden and the nursing of the young ants are done by the smallest workers. Slightly larger workers are responsible for cutting leaves to make them suitable for use in the gardens and for cleaning the nest. ___35___ third group of still larger ants do the construction work and collect fresh leaves from outside the nest. The ___36__ _ (large) are the soldier ants, responsible for defending the nest.

___ 37___ (find) out how good the various size-groups are at different tasks, the scientist measured the amount of work done by the ants against the amount of energy they used. He examined first the gathering and carrying of leaves. He selected one of the size groups, and then measured ___38___ efficiently these ants could find leaves and run back to the nest. Then_he repe ated the experiment for each of the other size groups. ___39___ this way he could see whether any group co uld do the job more efficiently than the group normally undertaking it.

Key: 25. But 26. work 27. when 28. where 29. If 30. later

31. examined 32. cut 33. requiring 34. be divided 35. A 36. largest 37. To find 38. how 39. In

高考新题型 2014 III. A. Everyone can live longer by allowing himself a little fun, according to research published in London. Two _________ (depend) scientific studies found that, regardless of background and circumstances, everyone tends to have the same “pleasure quota.” _________ , different groups of people get their pleasure in different ways. Researchers asked over 4,000 people in eight countries to assess their level of enjoyment from 13

everyday activities including sex, a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate, tea or coffee or watching TV. “There is ________ wealth of evidence to suggest that the cumulative effect of these little pleasures and happy moments can make us all live longer,” they said. People ________ low incomes get more fun of simple everyday pleasure such as eating a chocolate bar or watching television while those earning over US$ 100,000 a year prefer _______ (eat) out as an enjoyment Researchers advised us that no matter ________ our personal circumstances are, we can and should try to introduce as much happy moments as possible into our lives.

B. William H. Gates, 40, is chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the leading provider of software for personal computers worldwide. With net revenues of $5.94 billion for the fiscal year _______ (end) June 1995, Microsoft employs more than 18,000 people in 48 countries. Gates began his career in _________ (person) computer software when he started programming at age 13 while a student at the Lakeside school. In 1974, _________ an undergraduate at Harvard University, he developed BASIC for the first microcomputer, the MITS Altair, _________ started the era of hobbyist computing . ________ (lead) by the belief _________ the personal computer would ultimately be a valuable tool on every office desktop and in every home, Gates formed Microsoft with Paul Alien in 1975 _________ (develop) software for personal computers. Gates early foresight about personal computing and his continuing vision have been central to Microsoft and the software industry. Gates is actively ________ (involve) in significant operating and strategic decisions at development and management of the company. A significant portion of his day is also devoted to ________ with customers and staying in contact with Microsoft ’s employees around the world through e-mail. Gates is married and lives in Bellevue, Washington. Gates is interested in biotechnology and sits on the boards of Darwin Molecular and the Icos Corporation. He is an avid reader and enjoys playing golf and bridge. ________ technology, to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to use software. The company is committed to the long term by investing in new technology, state-of-the-art projects and new products for the further expansion of personal computing. Key: A 1. B independent 2. However 3. a 4. on 5. eating 6. what

1. 7.


2. personal 9. meeting


while 10. With

4. which

5. Led

6. that

to develop 8. involved

revenues 税收 avid 渴望的

IV. Kip Keino Kipchoge Keino is a modest man, and it takes some prodding to get the great Kenyan runner to recall _____1____ he felt on Oct, 20, 1968- when he won his first gold medal, in the 1,500 meters in Mexico City. The day hadn’t started out well, Keino ____2_____ (suffer) from stomach pains that later turned out to be a severe gallbladder infection. His doctors advised ____3_____ running; he ignored them. During the race, Keino was so focused on competing against American ace Jim Ryun _____4____ , in retrospect, “without watching a video, I wouldn’t know what happened at the finish.” He does remember what happened next. “I ran an____5_____ lap. I ran it to celebrate and to let my body recover. I felt overcome by the excitement. ” It was not only memorable event in his life that day. Back home, his wife, Phyllis, gave birth ____6____ their third daughter, named Milka Olympia Chelagat in celebration of her father ’s _____7_____. Keino went on to win a silver medal in the 5,000 meters in Mexico City and a gold and a silver four years later in Munich. He then became Kenya’s Olympic _____8____(run) coach from 1976 to 1986, furthering his nation’s ____9_____ (dominant) in distance events. Kenya runners have captured 32 Olympic ___10___ medals since 1964 and won the last six consecutive Boston Marathons. This summer, Keino will be in Atlanta as chief of the 120-athlete Kenyan delegation, which could include his son Martn, 23, a former NCAA 5,000-meter champion at the University of Arizona, ____11_____ (hope) to qualify for the 1,500 meters. But Keino’s athletic _____12_____ (accomplish) are not the ____13_____ reason he is a hero in the town of Eldoret in northwestern Kenya. Thirty years ago. Keino and his wife – who now have seven children of their own – began taking orphans into their home. Their house became so crowded that they raised ____14____ to build a dormitory and a dining hall on a nearby farm Keino owns. Income _____15____ (support) the facility comes from the farm, his sports shop and fees he has received from the Kenyan government over the years. Today, 73 children and young adults – aged 2 to 22 – live on the farm. “I think I have been lucky,” Keino says. “Now what is important is ____16____ I use what I have to help others.” Key: 1. how 2. was suffering 3. against 4. that 5. honor



7. victory

8. running 13. only

9. dominance 14. funds

10. track

11. hoping 12. accomplishments 15. to support prod 刺激 16. how


胆囊 连续的,连贯的, 顺序的

retrospect 回顾,回想


V. A Good Couple Supports Each Other Rodney Mace, 35, ____1_____ (marry) with two young children, and is a part-time teacher of _____2______ (architecture) history, “I am constantly surprised by other people’s surprise, when they come to the house and see me _____3_____ (clean) a floor or hanging out the washing. Their eyes open wide at the sight of it! Much of the comment comes from men. But I am even more surprised ___4___ the number of women who comment too.” His wife Jane, an Oxford graduate in modern languages, has a ____5___ (demand) full-time job. She is director of the Cambridge House literacy scheme for adults in South London. Her working week involves several evenings and Saturdays, and at these times her husband is in sole ____6___ of home and family. ___7___ from this, they share household jobs and ___8___ a child-minder for the afternoons. This enables him to teach two days a week and to do ___9___ he considers his principal work: writing. He has written several books and spends much of his time in the British Museum Reading Room, cycling there from his home in Brixton. People ask the Maces ___10___ they think their children miss them. One can argue that ___11___ (satisfy) parents generally have satisfied children, but in any case the Maces are careful to reserve time and energy to play with their children. “And they have now developed relationships with other adults and children. Previously, Rodney Mace worked full-time and Jane only part-time. Then 18 months ago, the director of the literacy scheme left. “It seems to me that Jane was very well suited to do this job. She was very doubtful about it. But I urged her to ____12___. She did, and she got it. ” Jane Mace confirms that she needed this ___13___ (courage), as so many women initially do.

Did his male ego suffer from the change-over? Nothing like that occurred. But he still seems amazed at the way it changed his thinking. “I felt that we were finally going to be partners. I felt enormous ___14___, I wasn’t avoiding responsibility, but changing it. Our relationship is so much better now. It has been a change for ___15___ good for both of us – think for all of us, in every aspect of our lives. I cannot overemphasize that: in every aspect, I think it is fundamental ___16___ the woman works. The idea of equal partnership is an illusion if one partner doesn’t work.”

Key 1. is married 2. architectural 7. Apart 12. apply 16. that 3. cleaning 8. employ 4. at 5. demanding 9. what 10. if 14. relief

6. charge 11. satisfied 15. the ego

13. encouragement

自我, 自己 bad

上海英语高考 2014 新题 VI.

U.S. President Barack Obama says he expects Congress to increase the country's borrowing limit before a mid-October deadline, ___1___ (ensure) that the United States does not default on its financial obligations. With the U.S. government in the fifth day of a ___2___ (part) shutdown, it also faces ___3___ out of money to pay its bills on October 17, including interest ___4___ government bonds held by China, Japan and other overseas investors. In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press released Saturday, Obama said he expects Congress will increase the country's $16.7 trillion debt ceiling ___5___ the United States can borrow more money.

"America has ___6___ not paid its bills, and I've said repeatedly ___7___ that is not something anybody should be threatening," he said. "The potential default of the United States, where we are ___8___ (essential) deadbeats, that's never ___ 9___ (happen)." Obama, a Democrat in his fifth year at the White House, is locked in a political deadlock with Republican opponents in Congress over government spending policies and implementation of his signature legislative achievement: wide-ranging health care changes ___10___ are now taking effect.

Willing to negotiate

The president said he is willing to negotiate changes to the health law and reduce spending, but not until

Congress agrees to end the shutdown and raises the debt ceiling without conditions. Republicans opposed to the health care reforms are trying to end funding for or delay that program, ___11___ is commonly known in the U.S. as "Obamacare." Opposition Republicans have insisted that they will only approve a spending bill to reopen the government ___12___ Obama and Democratic leaders agree to negotiations on the separate issue of the health ___13___ plan. With Congress deadlocked, a lack of funds has stopped or sharply decreased a wide variety of government services. All national parks, museums and the Library of Congress ___14____ (close) since Tuesday, and scientific research at the National Institutes of Health and the space agency, NASA, has been almost entirely suspended. These actions prompted ___15___ agencies to order about 800,000 federal workers on furlough status — sending them home without pay and barring them from remaining at their jobs, even ___16___ (volunteer).

Key: 1. ensuring 6. never 11. which 16. voluntarily 2. partial 7. that 12. if 3. running 8. essentially 13. care 4. on 5. so 10. that

9. happened

14. have been

15. government


违约 deadbeat 赖账者

implementation 工具

deadlock 僵持



NEW YORK — One of America’s iconic attractions, The Statue of Liberty, was seen but not touched on Tuesday after a U.S. government shutdown forced the ___1___ ( close) of some of the nation's great tourist attractions. Tourists ___2___ gathered at the southern tip of Manhattan expected to board a boat on Tuesday and climb the Statue of Liberty. But Lady Liberty, with her lamp of freedom___3___ (hold) high, was closed because the U.S. government had shut down. They could still see it, but only ___4___ the boat that normally disgorges tourists at New York's iconic spots: Liberty Island and Ellis Island ___5____. In better times, millions visit these sights every year.

Will Koehn from Missouri seemed ___6___ (surprise) that he couldn't get there. “We came here today to see the Statue of Liberty, came to the ticket booth and weren’t ___7___ to go on to the Island and ___8___(disappointment) somewhat," said Koehn. To some foreign tourists, the government shutdown was more than ___9___ a disappointment. “I think the image may be tarnished a bit, ___10___ as a tourist, as a foreigner coming to the United States to see this country and to experience the American ___ 11____, the American lifestyle, an d I didn’t get that and I kind of expected that and having paid for that ____12____(know) that America is a developed country, not a developing country," said Payal Patel from Great Britain. “It’s really hard to believe ___13___a Congress can hold its people to ransom and I kind of have the impression ___14___ they want to antagonize the people of America and make them angry," said Tina Marie from Australia. "A whole lot of people aren’t ___15___ (pay) today. What’s that all about?" Nevertheless, tourists tried to get as close as they could, on the day America put a ___16___ landmarks. on its



2. who 8. am disappointed 13. that

3. held 9. a 14. that

4. from 10. because 15. being paid

5. nearby 6. surprised 11. culture 16. lock

7. able

12. having known

disgorge 吐,涌出,流

VIII. The Olympic Torch Takes a Spacewalk Posted October 5th, 2013 at 6:45 am (UTC-4)

pass Yes you read right! The Sochi 2014 Olympic torch will make a historic ___1___ (appear) in space as part of its relay from Greece to Russia for the ____2___ Olympics next year. I’m sure like me, some of you are wondering ___3___ this is going to work. I’m no rocket scientist, ___4___ the little Einstein in my head tells me the Olympic torch will ___5___ (certain) not be burning way up there in space. The torch is ___6___ to arrive at the International Space Station (ISS) ___7___ the Soyuz TMA-11M manned spaceship in November. Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergie Ryazansky ___8___ (task) with the Olympic assignment. For ___9___(safe) reasons, the torch will not be lit during the spacewalk, according to Dmitry Chernyshenko, the President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee. Yes, I ___10___( breath) easier, Olympic fans! Whew!!! The captain of the spacecraft, Mikhail Tyurin, ____11___ received the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch at a ___12___ in June, will be responsible for passing it over to cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin, who is currently based on the ISS. He will then deliver the torch ___14___ Earth.

The spacewalk by the two Russians will be a great moment in Olympic Torch Relay history. The Sonny Side of Sports ___15___ (look) forward to more fantastic feats during the winter sports festival, ___16___ officially opens February 7th in Sochi. Key: 1. appearance 7. on 2. Winter 3. how 4. but 9. safety 14. to 5. certainly 10. am breathing 15. is looking

6. due 11. who 16. which

8. have been tasked 13. back

12. ceremony

IX. Curiosity Rover Finds Water on Mars Posted September 27th, 2013 at 6:33 pm (UTC+0)

The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) suite of instruments, prior to its installation on Curiosity. (NASA) The first scoop of Martian soil analyzed by Curiosity Rover’s built-in laboratory has revealed a high amount of water in the soil, ___1___ to NASA. “One of the most exciting results from this ___2___ first solid sample obtained by Curiosity is the high ___3___ (percent) of water in the soil,” said Curiosity r esearcher Laurie Leshin, of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. “About 2 percent of the soil on the surface of Mars is made ___4___ of water, which is a great resource, and interesting ___5___ (science).” Researchers made their ___6___ (find) using Curiosity’s Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) unit, ___7___ includes three sophisticated instruments. SAM allowed the scientists to identify a wide range of chemical compounds and to calculate the ratios of different isotopes of the sample’s key elements. The same soil sample, when ___8___ (heat) to 835 degrees Celsius, showed significant amounts of carbon dioxide, oxygen and various sulfur compounds. The heated ___9___ (collect) of Martian dust, dirt and fine soil, gathered by the rover’s scoop at a location called Rocknest, also revealed a compound ___11___ (contain) chlorine and oxygen. Up until this finding, the scientists ___12___ (think) those materials only existed in the high-latitude areas of Mars. By finding them at Curiosity’s current location near the equator of Mars, the researchers say that perhaps they could be found all over the planet. Since they are formed in the presence of water, the carbonate materials ___13___ were found in their tested

sample, according to the researchers, also provided clues to Martian ___14___. According to Leshin, the results of her team’s research shed light on the composition of the planet’s surface, ___15___ offering direction for future research. “We now know there should be abundant, easily ___16___ (access) water on Mars,” said Leshin. “When we send people, they could scoop up the soil anywhere on the surface, heat it just a bit, and obtain water.”

Key: 1 according 2. very 3. percentage 4. up 5. scientifically 6. Findings 10. containing 15. While 11. had thought 16. accessible

7. which 12. over

8. heated 9. collection 13. that 14. Water


铲子,挖出 isotopes

rover 同位素


chlorine 氯

X Tens of thousands of lives could be saved each year in the UK if people ___1___ (get) off the sofa and stretched their legs more, say charities. The "Walking Works" report by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support said ___2___ was a free activity which could transform people's health. Being physically active decreases the odds of heart problems and stroke. But it also makes ___3___ difference in other conditions such as type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and many cancers. Last week a British Medical Journal study showed ___4___ exercise was as good a medicine as pills ___5___ some conditions including heart diseases and another study showed walking at least an hour a day ___6___ (significant) cut the risk of breast cancer. What is moderate physical activity? UK chief medical officers recommend 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. That's enough to make the heart beat ___7___ while still being able to readily have a conversation. It includes walking, cycling and gardening. The latest report said that if everyone, in England alone, did the ___8___ (recommend) 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise every week it would: Save 37,000 lives each year Prevent 6,700 cases of breast cancer Stop 4,700 people getting colorectal cancer Lead to nearly 300,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes. The two charities run the Walking for Health programme in an attempt to get more people up ___9___ their

feet. Benedict Southworth, chief executive of the Ramblers, said: "We're facing a serious crisis of inactivity, but there is a simple ___10___ (solute), "We need to see greater investment in initiatives which support and promote walking as the most accessible and ___11___ (afford) way for people to get active." Ciará n Devane, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, said: "For cancer patients, being active can help manage some of the debilitating consequences of treatment and can even ___12___ reduce the chance of some cancers returning. "Inactivity is a nationwide epidemic that must be tackled now before it is too late." Public Health England said ___13___ (active) had "life threatening consequences". Its director of health and wellbeing Prof Kevin Fenton said: "Inactivity increases the ___14___ of serious illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. "It makes it more ___15___ (like) that people will be overweight or obese. Supporting people to get active ___16___ walking can be a major part of the solution." Key: 1. got 2. walking 7. faster 3. that 8. recommended 13. inactivity 14. risk 4. for 9. on 15. likely 5. significantly 10. solution

6. what

11. affordable12. help 16. through


中风,抚摸,打,击 charities




moderate 中等的,适度的

debilitating 使虚弱,使衰弱

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