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吉林市 2014 高考英语阅读理解一轮(暑假)训练题(4)及答案

(南京市高三第一次模拟考试) Environmentalists said our planet was doomed to die. Now one man says they are wrong.

"Everyone knows the planet is in bad shape," thundered a magazine article last year. Species(物种)are being driven to die out at record rates, and the rivers are so poisonous that fish are floating on the surface, dead. But there's a growing belief that what everyone takes for granted is wrong: things are actually getting better. A new book is about to overturn our most basic assumptions about the world's environment. Rivers, seas, rain and the atmosphere are all getting cleaner. The total amount of forests in the world is not declining. The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg, professor of statistics at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, is an attack on the misleading claims of environmental groups , and the "bad news" culture that makes people believe everything is getting worse. Now the attacks are increasingly coining from left-wing environmentalists such as Lomborg, a former member of Greenpeace. The accusation is that, although the environment is improving, green groups — with profits of hundreds of mil-lions of pounds a year — are using scare tactics(谋略)to gain donations. Lomborg's book doesn't deny global warming — probably the biggest environmental threat — but destroys almost every other environmental claim with many official statistics. The Worldwatch Institute claims that "deforestation has been accelerating over the last 30 years". But Lomborg says that is simply rubbish. Since the dawn of agriculture the world has lost about 20 per cent of its forest cover, but in recent decades the forest area's depleting has come to a st op. According to UN figures, the area of forests has remained almost steady, at about 30 per cent of total land area, since the 1940s . Forests in countries such as the US, the UK and Canada have actually been expanding

over the past 40 years. Despite all the warnings the Amazon rainforest has only shrunk(缩小)by about 15 per cent. Nor are all our species dying out. Some campaigners claim that 50 per cent of all species will have died out within 50 years. But other studies show only 0.08 per cent of species are dying out each year. Conservation efforts have been successful. Whales are no longer threatened and the bald eagle is off the endangered list. Environmental groups claim that many of the improvements are the results of the success of their campaigns. Stephen Tindale, director of Greenpeace UK, said, "There are important examples, such as acid rain and ozone, where things aren't as bad as predicted, and that's because behavior has changed." (1)In his book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, what is Lomborg's main argument? A.Our planet is in bad shape. B.The world's environment is improving. C.The total amount of forests in the world is not declining. D.Conservation efforts have been successful. (2)Wha t is Lomborg's main accusation of environmentalists? A.They scared people into making donations. B.They overturned our basic assumptions about the world's environment. C.They changed their behavior toward the environment. D.They only told people bad news about the environment. (3)The underlined word "depleting" in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to "____".


A.reducing C.expanding

B.limiting D.accelerating

(4)According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? A.The total area of forests in the world has increased significantly. B.The effects of global warming are not as bad as first expected. C.It appears that the bald eagle will now survive. D.In the last 50 years the number of whales has increased.

【解析】 “环境一直在变坏,我们的星球末日将要来临”,这是环保主义者们发出的警告, 然而 Lomborg 的新书却提出了完全相反的观点,他批驳了环保主义者们耸人听闻的言论。

(1)B 本题考查细节理解。根据文章第一段与第三段可知 Lomborg 在 The Skeptical Environmentalist 中的观点 (argument) 是环境状况正在改善,因此选项 B 正确,C 项只是他观点的一部分,不全面,故排除。 (2)A 本题考查细节理解。根据文章第四段中的第二句话可知 Lomborg 指责环 保主义者们利用恐吓手段让人们捐款。 (3)A 本题考查猜测词义。第五段 Lomborg 通过一些数据反驳了 The Worldwatch Institute 的观点 "deforestation has been acceleration over the last 30 years" ,Lomborg 认为在最近几十年森林面积的缩小已经停止,因此选择 reducing。 (4)C 本题考查细节判断。根据文章倒数第二段中的 "Whales are no longer threatened and the bald eagle is off the endangered list" 可知秃鹰已经不属于濒危 的物种了,由此可知 C 项正确。


7、 (浙江省温州市 2011 年高三第一次适应性测试)

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(4)65-vear-old Douglas can’t stand loneliness any more. He could get help from"________". A. Psychotherapy C. Exchange
【解析】 本文是一篇应用文,主要 介绍了几类实用的广告以及它们的相关信息。

B. Personals D. Rentals

(1)D 事实细节题。从 Rentals 部分可以看出,如果你要在纽约租房子可以发送邮 件到 centerperform@aol.com,由此答案选 D 项。 (2)C 事实细节题。从 Positions Hunted 部分可以看出,邮箱地址是 bdsmac@gmail.com 的人想要找一份工作,再结合"personal assistance”可知他想 找一份助理的工作,由此答案选 C 项。

(3)D 事实细节题。 Books 部分可以看出, 从 如果要买绝版的书(out-of-print books) 的话,可以拨打电话(212)595-4219,由此答案选 D 项。 (4)B 事实细节题。 从文章最后的 Personals 部分可以看出这里是关于交友的信息, 故 65 岁的 Douglas 想摆脱孤独可以在这里得到些许帮助,答案选 B 项。


(D) At times we all get angry when we are driving. It might be because we are stuck in a traffic jam or stuck behind a very slow driver. It might be because we think another driver has done something very stupid and dangerous. Whatever the reason, it seems that getting angry in a car is something which happens more and more often and there is now a special term fo r it “road rage”. Some experts even think that road rage is a kind of mental illness! How can we recognize this “illness”

of road rage? There are two kinds of road rage: aggressive driving and aggressive reactions to the way other people are driving. Aggressive driving can take different forms: ●Driving much faster than the speed limit. ●Increasing your speed very quickly. ●Driving very close behind the car in front and sounding the horn or flashing the headlights. ●Changing lanes very suddenly and blocking another car. ●Moving into a parking space where another car is trying to park. There are also different reactions to the way other people are driving. These include: ●Making rude signs at people.
[来源:学_科_网 Z_X_X_K] [来源:学.科.网]

●Shouting at people and threatening them. ●Deliberately driving into another person’s car. ●Hitting somebody. ●Using a weapon such as a baseball bat, or even a gun or a knife. Road rage is certainly not a joke . There have been incidents of road rage which have led to serious injuries and even murder. Experts think that one reason for road rage is that films show a lot of examples of fast and aggressive driving such as car chases where this kind of driving seems to be positive. Experts also think that the punishments for dangerous driving are not serious enough. Experience shows that driving problems can be controlled, but it takes a long time. In the UK in the last 30 years, the police have been quite successful in reducing the number of people who drink and drive. They are now working to stop people using mobile phones when they are driving. Let’s hope they can have the same success with the road rage. 48. Which of the following statements does NOT describe aggressive A. Driving much faster than the speed limit. B. Drinking and driving C. Moving into a parking space where another car is trying to park. D. Changing lanes very suddenly and blocking another car. 49. Road rage happens possibly because______. A. the drivers are drunk driving?

B. it won’t cause serious injuries or death C. we’re in a fast-changing society D. the punishments are not serious enough 50. What’s the tone(语气)of the last paragraph? A. Sad B. Cold C. Optimistic D. Exciting

参考答案 (D) 48-50 BDC; *************************************************************结束

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