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初三完型阅读专练 Ⅲ 完形填空(30 分) Walking down the street the other day, I happened to notice a small purse on the sidewalk. I _36_ it up and opened it to see if I could find out the owner ’s name. There was _37_ inside it except some change and an old photo — a picture of woman and a young girl about twelve years olds, _38_ looked like the woman’s daughter. I put the photo back and took the purse to the police station, _39_ I handed it to the desk sergeant (警官). Before I _40_, the sergeant took down my name and address in case the owner _41_ want to write and thank me. That evening, I went to have _42_ with my aunt and uncle. A young woman had also been _43_ so that there would be _44_ people at the table. Her face was familiar. I was quite sure that we had _45_ before, but I could not remember _46_ I had seen her. During the course of conversation, however, the young woman happened to mention that she had lost a purse with some change and an old photo, and she has the photo _47_ in her childhood. All at once I _48_ where I had seen her. She was the young girl _49_ the photo, although she was now much older. She was very _50_, of course, when I was able to tell her all about the _51_. My uncle insisted on going to police station immediately(马上) _52_ the purse. As the police sergeant handed it _53_, he said that it was an amusing coincidence (巧合) that I had not only _54_ the purse but also the _55_ who had lost it. 36. A. took B. picked C. brought 37.A.everything B. C. anything something 38. A. who B. that C. which 39. A. where B. when C. which 40. A. arrived B. left C. went 41. A. should B. could C. must 42. A. dinner B. talk C. party 43. A. invited B. C. invite inviting

D. lifted D. nothing D. what D. what D. turned D. might D. meeting D.being invited

44. A. two 45. A. seen 46. A. how 47. A. found 48.A. wondered

B. three B. met B. that B. made B. believed B. in B. sad B. purse B. with B. over B. gave B. citizen(公 民)

C. four C. looked C. where C. lost C. realized C. on C. exciting C. policeman C. by C. at C. found C. person

49. A. at 50. A. worried 51. A. woman 52. A. for 53. A. in 54. A. saw 55. A. man

D. five D. talked D. what D. taken D. regretted(后 诲) D. of D. surprised D. girl D. to D. to D. bought D. guest

Ⅳ 阅读理解(40 分) A February has long been a month of romance. With the sweet smell of roses in the air, romantic films hit cinemas and love stories fill newspapers and magazines. On the 14th day, it is a custom for a boy to take his girlfriend out to dinner, buy her flowers and chocolates, write poems, sing to her or even spell out her name with rose petals! This is what you see on Valentine’s Day, a day named after Valentine who was a priest in the third century Rome. When the emperor (皇帝) decided that single men could become better soldiers than those with wives, he didn’t allow marriage. But Valentine continued to perform marriage ceremonies for young lovers in secret. When his actions were discovered, the emperor sentenced him to death. While in prison, it is said that Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his prison guard. Before his death, he wrote her a letter, which he signed

“From your Valentine”, an expression that is still in use today. Valentine died for what he believed in and so he was made a Saint ( 圣徒 ), as well as becoming one of history’s most romantic characters. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is also popular among Chinese young people. Some students are planning to make Valentine’s cards for parents, teachers and friends. Others want to hold parties at which they will exchange small gifts and eat heart-shaped cakes. The idea is to have fun and encourage people to share in the spirit of St. Valentine. 56. Why did the emperor in Rome not allow marriage in his country? A. Because there were few women in his country at that time. B. Because he thought men without wives could be better soldiers. C. Because there wasn’t enough food for so many people. D. Because he wanted to control the birth rate. 57. Valentine was put into prison because ______. A. he killed one of the soldiers B. he stole a lot of food C. he didn’t obey the emperor’s order D. he didn’t want to be a soldier 58. The last paragraph mainly tells us ______. A. students in China send cards to their teachers B. it is a good idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day in China C. it is interesting to celebrate Valentine’s Day in China D. Valentine’s Day is also popular in China now 59. The best title for this passage should be ______. A. Valentine’s Day B. A Brave Priest C. Valentine’s Day in China D. A Romantic Man B Good health is the most valuable thing a person can have, but one cannot take good health for granted. It is important to remember that the body needs proper care in order to be healthy. There are three things that a person can do to help stay in good shape: eat right food, get enough sleep, and

exercise regularly Proper nutrition is important for good health. Your body cannot work well unless it receives the proper kind of “fuel”. Don't eat too much food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein, like meat, fish, eggs and nuts. Vegetables and fruits are very important because they provide necessary vitamins and minerals. However, don't overeat. It is not helpful to be overweight. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also important. If you don't get enough sleep, you feel tired and easily get angry. You have no energy. Over a long period of time a little a amount of sleep may even result in a change of personality (人的个性).Be sure to allow yourself from seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you do, your body will feel strong and refreshed, and your mind will be sharp. Finally, get plenty of exercise. Exercise firms the body, strengthens the muscles, and prevents you from gaining weight. It also improves your heart and lungs. If you follow a regular exercise program, you will probably increase your life-span (寿命).Any kind of exercise is good. Most sports are excellent for keeping the body in good shapes: basketball, swimming, bicycling, running and so on are good examples. Sports are not only good for your body, but they are enjoyable and interesting, too. If everybody, were to eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly, the world would be a happier and healthier place. We would all live to be much older and wiser. 60. According to the passage, _________. A .we should always keep fit B. if we were healthy, we could spend our days in doing things with less sleep C. one can eat a lot to stay in good shape D. one needn't take any exercise if he is healthy 61. In order to keep good health, ___________ . A. we should eat a lot of sweets B. one needs a large amount of fat C. people should eat according to the foods nutrition D. we must try to sleep now and then

62. The writer explains ________in this passage. A. how to eat B. the importance of doing exercise C. how to keep healthy D. what to eat 63. The title of the article should be___________ . A. Eating and Exercising B. How Vitamins Work in Man's Body C. Staying Healthy D. Sleeping Well C Festival Activities Program TIME AND PLACE October 24-30 Oct. 24-30: 9:00 am-4:00pm Octo.25-29: 12:00am-9:00pm at Kerry Centre Hotel Classroom Area 1) English Taster Lesson 2) Food health-keeping method presentation Computer Area 3) E-Photography and Techno-Music 4) Education Software Demonstration(展示) Internet Training Area SINA and Capital On-line will provide Internet training for the public. The focus( 焦点 ) will be on browsing the Internet; how to find useful information on the web and how to design an elementary(初步) Web page. Foyer Activity Area 5) The students from Beijing TV University for the aged will provide a calligraphy (handwriting) demonstration. 6) Children activities Lectures 21st Century, the educational weekly of China Daily, will invite experts from 18:30 to 20:30 on October 27-29 and in the daytime on October 30. 64. A 70-year-old teacher wants to see how to use writing brush well, he should go to _______. A. Classroom Area B. Computer Area C. Internet Training Area D. Foyer Activity Area 65. A person who is interested in the Internet can go to

________. A. Computer Area at 9:00 pm on Oct.30 B. Internet Training Area at 11:00 am on Oct.24 C. Classroom Area at 8:00 pm on Oct.26 D. Lectures at 9:00 pm on Oct.29 66. The students of English Department have a chance to learn English at _______. A. 9:00-9:45 am on Ocg.27 B. 15:00-15:45 on Oct.30 C. 17:15-18:00 on Oct. 28 D. 12:00-12:45 on Oct.25 67. The underlined word “browsing” in the passage probably means A. seeing everywhere B. going here and there C. staring everywhere D. reading here and there D The Winter Olympics is also called the White Olympics. At this time, many colorful stamps are published to mark the great Games. The first stamps marking the opening came out on January 25, 1932 in the United States for the 3rd White Olympics. From then on, publishing stamps during the White Olympics became a rule. During the 4th Winter Olympic Games a group of stamps were published in Germany in November 1935. The five rings of Olympics were printed on the front of the sportswear. It was the first time that the symbol (标志) had appeared on the stamps of the White Olympics. In the 1950’s, the stamps of this kind became more colorful. When the White Olympics came, the host countries (东道国) as well as the non-host countries published stamps to mark those Games. China also published four stamps in February 1980, when the Chinese sportsmen began to march into the area of the White Olympics. Japan is the only Asian country that has ever held the White Olympics. Altogether 14500 million stamps were sold to raise money for this sports meet. Different kinds of sports were printed on these small stamps. People can enjoy the beauty of the wonderful movements of some athletes.

68. The White Olympics and the Winter Olympics _________. A. are of the same kind of Games B. are of different kinds of Games C. are both held in winter D. are not both held in winter 69. From the passage we know the symbol of five rings came into being ______. A. in November 1935 B. in the 1950’s C. first in Germany D. before the November of 1935 70. The Japanese sold out 14500 million stamps in order to raise money for________. A. an Asian Games B. its own people C. paying for its war D. a world-wide Games 71. So far the Olympics have not been held in ________. A. the USA B. Germany C. China D. Japan E The Mississippi is the major river system in the United States. The Yangtze is China’s longest river. Although a world apart, the two waterways share conservation concerns that provide a cultural bridge between students in the United States and China, as well as from around the world. The Mississippi flows almost 3,800 kilometers from a small lake in Minnesota, gathering the waters of 250 other rivers and streams before reaching the Gulf of Mexico. In mid-May, as spring flowers began to open, about 41 students from a dozen colleges, mostly in the Midwest, explored a section of the river in Wisconsin and Iowa, to learn about the environment, and each other. The students, from the U.S., China and around the world, came to join the River Spirit Exchange program. The cross-cultural educational experience - set up by the University of Wisconsin, Madison-based Environment and Public Health Network for Chinese Students - focuses on the

Mississippi and China's longest river, the Yangtze. This three day get-together featured story-telling, hiking, camping and canoeing, all part of a larger lesson about conservation projects that can be used on both the Yangtze and Mississippi. While the students learned about the problems challenging the Mississippi and Yangtze, Jeb Barzen, a wildlife biologist, explained they should also learn about the importance of bridging each other’s culture. president of the Environment and Public Health Network for Chinese Students, Xiaojun Lu, said the Mississippi and Yangtze Rivers are uniting these students from opposite ends of the earth. Organizers say the success and spirit of this first gathering of students will lead to other trips, including one down the Yangtze. 72. According to the passage, the get-together___________ . A. lasted a week B. took place in May C. was held in China D. was organized by students 73. According to Paragraph 8, Barzen believes that ____________. A. China and the U.S. should work together to protect the environment B. the Mississippi is more important than the Yangtze to the world C. cultural exchange between different countries is of great importance D. the program encourages technical cooperation between China and the U.S 74. What is the passage mainly about? A. A major river system in the United States. B. The differences between the Mississippi and the Yangtze. C. An educational program about tourism. D. An international cultural exchange programs 75. Where is the passage most probably taken from?\ A. A personal diary B. A news report C. An official document D. An advertisement

Ⅶ 书面表达(25 分) 你们班将组织一次保护环境、清理废弃物的活动。假 定你是班长,请用英语口头通知全班同学有关事宜: 明天早晨 7:30 在学校大门口集合,骑自行车到南漈 公园。 一、二组的同学帮助工人打扫废纸、烟头 (cigarette ends)、塑料袋(plastic bags)等物。 三组的同学在草坪和花园附近树立两块标牌(boards), 告诉游客“爱护花木” 、 “勿踏草坪” 。 四组的同学向游客宣传保护环境的重要性。 (protect environment) 上午 11:30 在门口集合,各自回家吃饭。 注意:表达要符合英语习惯,字数 100 左右。

三、完形 36-40 BDAAB 41-45 DAACB 46-50 CDCBD 51-55 BABCC 四、阅读 56-60 BCDAA 61-65 CCCDB 66-70 BDAAD 71-75 CBCDB 五、单词 1. harvested 2. reminded 3. strength 4. discount 5. honour 6. curiosity 7. digest 8. contrary 9. patience 10. manners 六、作文

Boys and girls, May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. All the students are required to gather at the school gate at 7:30 a. m. and then go to the park by bike. We will be divided into four groups. The first two groups of students will help workers clean waste paper, cigarette, plastic bags, etc. The third group will set up propaganda boards near the garden and lawn, which are used to warn the visitors to take care of flowers and trees and keep off the green grass. The last group will hand out the propaganda materials which tell visitors the importance of environment protection. Then we will gather at the gate of the park at 11:30, and go home to have lunch yourself.



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