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2014 年重庆一中高 2015 级高三上期第二次月考

英 语 试 题 卷


Ⅱ. 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.“____ match between these two teams was great,” said Jim, “ and I hope to see ___ second.” A. A; the B. The ; / C. The; a D. A; a 22. --- I was scolded by the teacher. --- You are so silly not ____ your homework . A. to have done B. to do C. doing D. having done 23. He transplanted the little tree to the garden ____ it was the best time for it. A. when B. that C. until D. where 24. ---- Mary, correct the mistakes in your homework, will you? ---- _____. A. I don’t know B. If any C. Thank you D. Go ahead 25. Focused on, in my opinion, ____ your heart asks you to do, you will realize your dream one day. A. that B what C. which D. how 26. It was a pity that the policeman failed to find such a person ____ had been described by the witness. A. that B. what C. as D. which 27. I _____ to my cousin’s birthday party last night, but I was not available. A. went B. had gone C. would have gone D. would go 28. Left ____ in the reading room alone quite by accident, the boy felt nervous. A. locking B. having locked C. to lock D. locked 29. ---- Remember the first time you ____ her? ----Sure, she was singing on the stage. A. had met B. met C. would meet D. were meeting 30. The hard part in our life is not making the decision but living with . A. one B. that C.the one D. it 31. Hurry up! We need to get to the top of the mountain before the sun ____ in the west.

A. is sinking B. sank C. will sink D. sinks 32. Hey, look at your pale face; you must have stayed up late last night, _____? A. haven’t you B. have you C. did you D. didn’t you 33.---What bad luck! I had a cut in salary yesterday. --- _____. I warned you not to be late repeatedly but you ignored it. A. You asked for it B. Never mind C. Take it easy D. By all means 34. It is beyond my understanding that many adults ______ be so crazy about Harry Potter series. A.shall B.can C.must D.should 35.--- QQ, as a means of communication, is quite popular among us and costs less than the traditional forms. ---______________. A. So is WeChat B. So it is withWeChat C. So does WeChat D. So WeChat is Ⅲ.完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 请阅读下面两篇短文, 掌握大意, 然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项 (ABC 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A My son Tom taught me a beautiful lesson today. He is three years old and it is amazing watching him grow up. He called out to me today saying:“Papa, sit.” That usually means 36 everything and going next to him and sitting down to play with him. I did that, as he can be stubborn and will not stop calling out until I 37 . He was playing with beads (珠子) , pushing a string through them. Then after he finished playing with the beads, it was time to put back in the box that they are stored in. I saw him 38 pick up each bead, look at it as if it were made of chocolate and then placed it into its box. With over a hundred beads to go, I was getting 39 . “ What a long time it will take ! Why cannot he grab ten beads in one go and drop them in? ” said my anxious mind. I noticed that he did this with as much 40 as he had while we were playing. I didn’t see any difference between his play and his 41 the toy.

Obviously he enjoyed both. Then it suddenly 42 me that this boy was enjoying the whole 43 .The journey was his goal. For him the 44 was in the game and after the game, not just in the fun part. What a great perspective: to live each moment as it is the 45 moment; to do each task as it is the most awesome task. Nothing else matters. Looking at how 46 my son was putting beads into the box 47 me that the process was the goal. 36.A.wasting 37.A.fell down 38.A.gratefully 39.A.curious 40.A.confidence 41.A.putting aside 42.A.occurred 43.A.procedure 44.A.victory 45.A.perfect 46.A.successfully 47.A.guaranteed B.leaving B.turned round B.eagerly B.satisfied B.strength B.giving away B.flashed B.process B.challenge B.urgent B.peacefully B.warned C.taking C.burst out C.carefully C.impatient C.inspiration C.putting away C.excited C.experiment C.difficulty C.necessary C.responsibly C.taught D.preparing D.gave in D.quickly D.energetic D.involvement D.setting aside D.struck D.experience D.pleasure D.dangerous D.cautiously D.promised

48.A.yourself 49.A.increasing 50.A.important 51.A.think 52.A.with 53.A.love 54.A.feelings 55.A.put

B.people B.lighting B.useful B.considered B.of B.refuse B.soul B.make

C.others C.rising C.good C.refer C.beyond C.lose C.head C.take

D.world D.keeping D.great D.count D.without D.bear D.life D.fill

B When you smile, not only do you feel happy, but you also bring a ray of light into the lives of 48 . Someone once said, “ A smile is a curve (弧线) that sets everything straight, by 49 your face value.” Know that a smile is a little thing that can produce 50 results. What it takes is a smile to make short work of many difficulties, for just being happy helps others along. I’ve often 51 a smile as the touch of God given to His people. A day 52 a smile is to waste a day. Some people grin (咧嘴笑) and bear it, while others smile and change the world. Don’t you 53 the feelings of a returned smile? It can move into the 54 and release good into the world. It can make friends with strangers. It can bring friends closer together. It can bridge the generation gap. It can 55 the heart with love.

Ⅳ. 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 请阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A, B, C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Since I started working part-time at a grocery store, I have learned that a customer is more than someone who buys things. To me, a customer is a person whose memory fails entirely once he or she starts to push a shopping cart. One of the first things customers forget is how to count. There is no other way to explain how so many people get in their express line, which is clearly marked 15 items(件) or less, with 20, 25 or even a cart load of items. Customers also forget why they came to the store in the first place. Just as I finish ringing up an order, a customer will say, “Oops, I forgot to pick up a fresh loaf of bread. I hope you don’t mind waiting, while I go to get it.”Five minutes later, he’s back with the bread, a bottle of milk, and three rolls of paper towels. What is strange is that customers also seem to forget that they have to pay for their groceries. Instead of writing a check or looking for a credit card while I am ringing up the groceries, a customer will wait until I announce the total. Then, in surprise, she says, “ Oh no, what did I do with my check book?” After 5 minutes of digging through her purse, she borrows my pen because she has forgotten hers. But I have to tolerate customers because they pay my salary, and that’s something I can’t afford to forget. 56. What does the author say about his customers? A .They cannot count numbers. B. They sometimes jump the queue. C. They don’t know how to express themselves.

D. They behave as if their memories had totally failed. 57. According to the text, who are supposed to be in the express line? A .Customers with nothing purchased. B. Customers with not more than 15 items. C. Customers with items between 16 and 25 D. customers with 25 or even a cart load of items. 58. When customers arrive at the check-out counter, they_______ A. find their pens lost B. go back and get more items C. cannot wait to pay for their groceries. D. prefer paying by check to paying with a credit card. 59. We can infer from the text that ________ A. business in the grocery store runs well B. the author finds his present job full of fun C. the author’s part-time job calls for patience D. customers go to grocery stores without planning.

Pay attention to the themes While watching a documentary, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the themes people talk about and what ideas they focus on. Is it meant to be informative or raise a certain emotional response? Think critically Listen to what the people in the documentary are saying and ask yourself the following questions: If you were debating with someone or introducing a new concept, would you say the things the people in the documentary are saying? Do the arguments make sense? Check the sources If you’re sitting at the computer and can’t think of anything to do, why not look up the points the documentary made and see if they are accurate? You could even read more about what is presented in the documentary. Who are the creators? The creators or financial backers of a film will usually be involved with how the subject matter is presented. For instance, as the documentary 2016: Obama’s America was directed in large part by a conservative writer, it’s not surprising that it’s critical of President Obama from the beginning. 60. Which of the following is the most proper to describe documentaries? A. non-fictional thoughtful B. controversial C. subjective D.

B Last year, A Bite of China, made by CCTVs Documentary Channel, sparked discussion not only on Chinese food, but also on locally made documentary programs. When you think of documentaries, you may think of them as long, boring programs. But documentaries can be wonderful and bring stories from the real world into our homes. With fascinating footage (影片片段) and stories, documentaries encourage us to think about interesting issues we wouldn’t necessarily know about. So, what makes a good documentary, and what should we pay attention to when we watch one? Here, we offer a few easy strategies to help you get the most out of watching documentaries.

61. The passage is mainly written to ______. A. inform us of factors of good documentaries.

B. help us enjoy documentaries better. C. introduce ways of making documentaries. D. help us figure out themes of documentaries. 62. Why is 2016: Obama’s America mentioned in the article? A. Because the author dislikes Obama. B. Because it is directed by a writer. C. Because it is quite popular in China. D. Because it is a persuasive example. 63. According to the passage, ______. A. it is always difficult to get the themes of documentaries. B. financial backers often appear in documentaries. C. it’s better to think twice about what is in documentaries. D. many points of documentaries are not accurate.

C Parties and social gatherings no longer excite us the same way they once did. This is not due to a lack of desire to socialize, but the smartphone. At parties, more people are on their smartphones than on their drinks. According to a recent International Data Corporation study, well over half of all Americans have a smartphone and reach for it the moment they wake up, keeping it in hand all day. In addition, too much of society is using smartphones while driving and as a result getting into car crashes. 34 percent of teens admit to text while driving, and they confirm that

text messaging is their number one driving interruption. People's attachment to their smartphones is unbelievably becoming more important than the lives of themselves and others. Just as drivers dismiss the importance of focusing while on the road, many people also fail to recognize the significance of human interaction. When with their friends, some people pointlessly check or send text messages in the presence of a friend, which sends a message to that friend: the person I am texting is more important than you. In addition, relying on our smartphone to make friends does not give us the same advantage as being able to make new friendships in the real world. Face-to-face conversations will give us much stronger communication skills in the long run. As many people risk their lives and the lives of people around them just to send a text or mindlessly check their massages, smartphones are in many ways more dangerous to people. The quality of this technology is de-advancing societal achievements and weakening the value of communication. Not only is the smartphone affecting our desire to interact (交流) face-to-face but it is also lowering society's ability to communicate. 68. The purpose of this text is to ______. A. call for an end to use the smartphone while driving B. appeal to us to pay attention to communication skills C. express concern about the overuse of the smartphone D. advise us to be cautious about the addiction to the smartphone 69. The second paragraph is developed by ______. A. giving examples B. listing figures C. comparing facts D. analyzing the effects 70. The author advocates us to make new friends ______. A. by using smartphones B. in a face-to-face way C. in different ways D. under a free circumstance 71. Over dependence on the smartphone leads to the fact that ______. A. parties and gatherings limit their social circle B. people are more and more narrow-minded C. people's communication skills are weakened D. face-to-face communication becomes less important

D Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson River must remember the Catskill Mountains. They are a branch of the great Appalachian family, and can be seen to the west rising up to a noble height and towering over the surrounding country. When the weather is fair and settled, they are clothed in blue and purple, and print their beautiful shapes on the clear evening sky, but sometimes when it is cloudless, gray steam gathers around the top of the mountains which, in the last rays of the setting sun, will shine and light up like a crown of glory. At the foot of these mountains, a traveler may see light smoke going up from a village. In that village, and in one of the houses (which, to tell the exact truth, was sadly time-worn and weather-beaten), there lived many years ago, a simple, good-natured fellow by the name of Rip Van Winkle. Rip's great weakness was a natural dislike of all kinds of money-making labor. It could not be from lack of diligence, for he could sit all day on a wet rock and fish without saying a word, even though he was not encouraged by a single bite. He would carry a gun on his shoulder for hours, walking through woods and fields to shoot a few birds or squirrels. He would never refuse to help a neighbor, even in the roughest work. The women of the village, too, used to employ him to do such little jobs as their less helpful husbands would not do for them. In a word, Rip was ready to attend to everybody's business but his own. If left to himself, he would have whistled life away in perfect satisfaction; but his wife was always mad at him for his idleness (懒散). Morning, noon, and night, her tongue was endlessly going, so that he was forced to escape to the outside of the house -- the only side which, in truth, belongs to a henpecked husband. 68. Which of the following best describes the Catskill Mountains? A. They are on the west of the Hudson River. B. They are very high and beautiful in this area. C. They can be seen from the Appalachian family. D. They gather beautiful clouds in blue and purple. 69. The hero of the story is probably_____________. A. hard-working and likes all kinds of work B. idle and hates all kinds of jobs

C. simple, idle but very dutiful D. gentle, helpful but a little idle 70. The underlined words "henpecked husband" in the last paragraph probably means a man who . A. likes hunting B. is afraid of hens C. loves his wife D. is afraid of his wife 71. What would be the best title for the text? A. Catskill Mountains. B. A Mountain Village. C. Rip Van Winkle. D. A Dutiful Husband. E Manners nowadays in big cities like London are particularly non-existent. It’s nothing for a big, strong schoolboy to elbow an elderly woman aside in the dash for the last remaining seat on the tube or bus, much less stand up and offer his seat to her. This question of giving up seats in public transport is much argued by young men, who say that, since women have claimed equality, they no longer deserve to be treated with courtesy(谦恭有礼) and that those who go out to work should take their turn in the rat race like anyone else. Women have never claimed to be physically as strong as men. Even if it’s not agreed, however, that young men should stand up for older women, the fact remains that courtesy should be shown to the old, the sick and the burdened. Are we really so lost to all ideals of unselfishness that we can sit there indifferently reading the paper or a book, saying to ourselves “ First come, first served”, while a gray-haired woman, a mother with a young child or a cripple stands? Yet this is too often seen. Older people, tired and easy annoyed from a day’s work, aren’t angels, either—far from it. Many a brisk argument or an insulting quarrel breaks out as the weary queues push and shove each other to get on buses and tubes. One cannot commend(推崇) this, of course, but one does feel there is just a little more excuse. If cities are to remain pleasant places to live in at all, however, it seems necessary, not only that communication in transport should be improved, but also that communication between human beings should be kept smooth and polite. Shop assistant won’t bother to assist, taxi drivers growl at each other as they dash dangerously round corners, bus conductors pull the bell before their desperate passengers have had time to get on or off the bus, and so on. It seems to us that it’s up to the young and strong to do their small part to stop such deterioration (恶化). 72. What is the writer ’s opinion concerning courteous manners towards women?

A. They no longer need to be treated differently from men. B. Young men should give up their seats to young women. C. “Lady first” should universally practiced. D. Special consideration ought to be shown to them in some cases. 73. What does “ the rat race” in paragraph 2 probably mean in the passage? A. A race that involves many people B. A well-paid job C. A fierce competition D. A race for rats 74. According to the passage, communication between human beings would not be smoother unless ____. A. people become more considerate towards each other B. people are not so tired and easily annoyed C. women are treated with more courtesy D. public transport is improved 75. The main purpose of the passage is to ______. A. call on people in big cities to pay more attention to politeness B. blame the schoolboy’s rude behavior towards elderly women on tube or bus C. criticize the fast pace of life in most of the big cities D. tell young men to give their seats to elderly people and women

1.目前体育课的现状 2.你对此现象的看法 3.提出一些合理的建议 Dear editor, As the college entrance examination is drawing near, ________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Yours Sincerely, Li Hua


(35 分)

Ⅴ. 写作(满分 35 分) 写作一(15 分) 请结合材料,按要求用英语写作,词数不少于 60 Many students said, “I like to watch the reality TV show Dad, Where Are We Going?” 要求:1)请就此材料发表你的感想 2)应紧扣材料,有明确的观点 写作二(满分 20 分) 高三学生学习任务繁重。体育课已成为难得的放松时间,可目前你们 体育课内容单一, 有时甚至被占用。请你用英语写一篇短文, 给校报投稿, 词数不少于 80,内容应包括:

2014 年重庆一中高 2015 级高三上期第二次月考

英 语 答 案
听力:1-5 ACBCA 单选:21-25 CAABB 完型:36—40 BDCCD 48-50 CAD 阅读:A. DBBC E. DCAA 6-10 ACCAB 26-30 CCDBD 41-45 CDBDA


11-15 AABAB 31-35 DDADB 46-47 BC

16-20 BCCBC


第二节: 书面表达 (滿分 20 分) One possible version Dear editor, As the college entrance examination is drawing near, we senior high school students are occupied with busy work. To a certain extent, PE class is our only chance to relax and enjoy ourselves at school. However, it is a pity that our present PE class is quite dull and sometimes even replaced by other subjects. Not only can PE class build our body but also can shape our personality. It serves to develop our awareness of cooperation and spirit of competition. Therefore, personally I hold the view that it would be a great loss to us students if it were replaced by other lessons. Meanwhile, I think the teacher can design and organize some fun sports besides dull field and track practice or ball games, where everyone can be involved and have fun as well. After all, not everybody thinks running, jumping or ball games appealing. I hope PE class can not only enrich our school life but also enable everyone to find his or her own pleasure in it.

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