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邮政英语词汇 李军

李军 金 1103-36 31104004601 1.The post World Post Day 世界邮政日 Internal service 内部服务 UPU=Universal Postal Union 万国邮联 GPU=General Postal Union IB=the International Bureau 国际局 CA=the Council of Administration POC=the Postal Operations Council 执行理事会 CC=the Consultative Committee 咨询委员会 Logistics volumes 物流业务量 Offer services 主动提供服务 Domestic mail 国内邮件 Rural carriers 乡村投递员 Local mail 本部邮件 Local call 市话免费 Sorting centre 分拣中心 Inter-regional mail 地区间邮件 Inter-regional transportation 地区间运输 Ways of mailing 邮寄方式 Check contents 查验内装物品 Sender 发信人 Addresser 寄信人 addressee 收件人 receiver 收信人 Attachment 附件 Postal service 邮政服务 International postal communication 国际邮政通信 International postal regulations 国际邮政法规 Bilateral agreements 双边协议 The postal operations council 邮政经营理事会 Unit of weight 重量单位 Postal industry 邮政行业 Surface mail 水陆路邮件 Air mail 航空邮件 Means of transport 运输方式 Direct marketer 直复营销商 Charge the mail 收取邮件 Non-delivery 无法投递 Postal network 邮政网络 Return receipt 回执 USPS 美国邮政 2.Post office Virtual post office 虚拟邮局 Make payment 支付 Wholly owned 全资 Post mark 邮戳 Welcome package 大礼包 Package station 包裹站 Registered mail 挂号信 Joint owned 合资 Retailer 经销商 Financial transactions 金融交易 Financial services 金融服务 Travel related products 旅游相关产品 Parcel slot 包裹投寄口 APC=Automated Postal Center 自动邮寄中心 Weigh packages 重包 Dispense postage 分发邮资 Purchase self-adhesive stamps 购买背胶邮票 Express Mail 速递邮件 Certified mail 保证邮件 Full-service counter 全方位柜台服务 Electronic invoice 电子发票 Counter cash withdrawal service 柜台现金取款业务 Royal mail group 英国皇家邮政 Payment of pensions 养老金支付业务 Foreign currency 外汇 Travel insurance 旅游保险 Mobile post office 流动邮局 Outreach services 延伸服务 Partner services 合作服务 Hosted services 托管服务 Home delivery services 上门投递业务 Credit card 信用卡 Debit card 借记卡 Priority mail 优先邮件 First-class mail 一类邮件 Parcel post services 包裹业务 ZIP code 邮政编码 Delivery confirmation services 投递确认业务 International letters 国际信函 Registered mail 挂号邮件


李军 金 1103-36 31104004601 3.Mail carrier Rural carrier 乡村投递员 City carrier 城市投递员 deliver letter 投递信函 sort letter 分拣信函 outlying areas 边远地区 postal veteran 富有经验的邮递员 enterprise mailbox 企业信箱 private mailbox 私人信箱 Mail items 函件 Local delivery branch 当地分拣中心 Addressed letters 有址信函 Advertising circulars 广告传单 Redirection sticker 改寄标签 Additional fee 额外费用 delivery point facility 投递局 mailbags 邮袋 pick up the mail 揽收邮件 rubber band 橡皮筋 Sort mail 分拣函件 Delivery branch 投递局 Deliver mail 投递邮件 Mail bag 邮袋 Collect mail /pick up mail 揽收邮件 Large flats 扁平函件 Letter |mail boxes 邮(信)筒 Down left-hand corner 左下角 Upper right-hand corner 右上角 Rubber band 橡皮筋 Domestic prepaid postcard 国内邮资明信片 Post shop 邮政商店 National association of letter carriers 全国邮递员协 会 Envelope 信封 add redirection sticker with new address 改寄 signature confirmation service 签名确认服务 domestic prepaid postcard 国内邮资明信片 Ntional Assiociation of letter carriers 全国邮递员协会 4.Customer service Extra service after sales 附加服务售后 warmly served 热忱服务 after sales 售后 warmly served 热忱服务 golden service rule 优质服务准则 professional morality 职业道德 look sb.in the eye 直视眼睛 golden service rule 优质服务准则 professional morality 职业道德 look sb.in the eye 直视眼睛 shuffled through 搪塞 Welcome complaints 欢迎投诉|监督 Non-delivery rate 无法投递率 Commemorative postmark 纪念邮戳 Public service 普遍服务 personal belongings 私人物品 addressed mail 有址邮件 bankbook 存折 balance inquiry 余额查询 remittance 汇款 account 账户 accountant 会计 financial accounting 财会 Golden service rule 优质服务准则 Shuffle through 搪塞 Postal employees 邮政员工 Professional morality 职业道德 Strive for excellence 力争优质服务 Counter staff 窗口营业员 Communication skills 沟通技巧 Take sides 偏袒 Lose one′s temper 发脾气 Small package 小包 Show the contents 出示内件 Fill in the form 填写单式


李军 金 1103-36 31104004601 5.Philately Stamp booklet 小本票 Stamp album 邮册 Postage stamp 邮资邮票 Stamp rolls 卷票 Miniature sheet 小型张 Uniform rate of postage 均一邮资 The penny black 黑便士 Commemorative stamps 纪念邮票 Denomination 面值 Souvenir sheet 纪念邮折 First day cover 首日封 Pre-stamped envelope 邮资信封 Personalized stamp album 个性化邮册 Philatelic association 集邮协会 Magnifier 放大镜 Philatelic products 集邮品 7.EMS and logistics Track & trace system 跟踪定位系统 Business flows 业务量 Maintain service levels 保持服务水平 Domestic demand 内需 Day-certain road delivery 确定时效 Domestic road distribution 国内陆路邮件 Reply envelope 回邮信封 Trucking company 货运公司 International and express 国际航空快件 Band ambassador 品牌大使 Inventory 存货(清单) Customs clearance 清关 Make an inquiry 查询 Compensation for EMS 邮件赔偿 Additional charges 额外收费 Declare value 申报价值 Domestic market 国内市场 Value-added service 增值业务 Cut costs 削减成本 Inventory management 库存管理 Warehousing facilities 仓储设施 Time limit 时限 Short message platform 短信平台 Supply chain solutions 供应链解决方案 Growth strategy 发展战略 Returns management 退货管理 Market share 市场份额

6.Direct marketing Offer 报价 Promotional code 促销码 Sell well 畅销 Direct mail 商函 Personalized mailshot 个性化商函 Pop-up mail 弹出式邮件 Marketing tool 营销工具 Loyal client 忠实客户 Direct marketing 直复营销 Postal code 邮政编码 Database 数据库 Greeting card 贺卡 Response rate 回复率 Direct mail promotions 商函促销 Medium-sized enterprises 中型企业 Printed matter 印刷品 Over the weight limit 超出重量限制 Weight limit 限重


李军 金 1103-36 31104004601 8.Postal finance and insurance Postal savings services 邮政储蓄业务 Savings account 储蓄账户 Postal money order 邮政汇票 Settlement 结算 Postal services 邮政业务 Over-the-counter services 非柜台业务 Deposit base 存款基础 Back office operation 后台运作 Transaction data 交易数据 Interest calculation 利息计算 Exchange rate 汇率 Statistical data 统计数据 Internet banking 网上银行 International remittance 国际汇兑 Send money form 汇款单 Receive money form 取款单 Send money 汇款 Receive money 收汇 Backup center 灾备中心 Account balance 账户余额 Data processing services 数据处理服务 Automatic transfer data 自动转账数据 Compile settlement 汇总清帐 Money transfer control number 汇款监控号 Remittance amount 汇款金额 The maximum amount for cashing 兑付最高限额 Open an account 开户 Close an account 销户 Deposit money 存钱 Withdraw money 取钱 Debit 借 Online service in real time 实时在线服务 ID=Identity Card 身份证 Postal savings card 邮政储蓄卡 Courier picture 快递图片 ATM cards ATM 卡 Basic banking product 基本银行产品 Credit 贷 Surplus 结余 Exhausted 支空 Deposit| fixed account 定期账户 Current account 活期账户 Insurance services 保险业务 9.Social responsibility Overgrazing 过度放牧 Soil erosion 过度占有土地 Ozone layer hole 臭氧层空洞 Desertification 沙漠化 Green house 温室 Premium 保险费 Claim 索赔 Insurance coverage 承保范围 Insurance rate 保险费率 Auto insurance rates 汽车保险费率 The law of large numbers 大数法则 Financial loss 经济损失 Anticipated loss 预计损失 Business insurance 商业保险 Liability insurance 责任保险 Life insurance 人寿保险 Health insurance 健康保险 Car insurance 汽车保险 Specialty insurance 专业保险 Accident insurance 意外伤害保险 Transfer fee 手续费 Insurance indemnity 保险赔偿 Reduce energy consumption 节能 Environment stewardship 环保管理工作 Environmentally friendly materials 环保材料 Certified materials 合格材料 Water-based inks 水基喷墨 Delivery routes 投递路线 physical distribution network 实物投递网 Environment awareness 环保宣传 Humanitarian aid 人道主义援助 Global warming 全球变暖