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清镇市条子场中学八年级英语试卷 ( 2014— 2015 学 年 度 第 一 学 期 半 期 测 试 ) 制作教师:谢志香 八年级( )班 姓名 学号 评价等级

)12.Who is taller? A. Tara B. Tina C. Jim


) 13. How often does

Jack exercise? A.once a week B. twice a week C. three times a week

一.听力测试(本大题共 20 分,每小题 1 分)
A.听对话。选择与对话内容相符的图。 (读一遍) B. ( )1.A C.


) 14.Who did Linda go to Beijing with? A.her father B. her parent C. her friends


) 15. Do you usually get up at 7:00? A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I do. C. never.

D.短文理解,听短文及问题,根据短文内容悬着正确答案。 (读三遍)
( ( ) 2. A. B. C.

( ( ( ( (

)16.A. Tokyo. B. Australia C. Guiyang )17.A. A month B. A week C. Five days )18.A.Yes, he did. B.No, he doesn’t C.No, he didn’t.

)19.A. Played beach volleyball. B. Swam with his parents. C. Played football. )20.A.Beautiful. B.Boring C. Fantastic. 二.基础知识与应用(本大题共 10 分,每小题 1 分)

)3. A.



A. 根据句意,选择恰当的词填空,使句意完整。 21.My sister wants me 22.He is with her on Sunday.( swim , to swim)

than his classmates in Class three.(funnier ,more funny) English.(speak, speaking) (habit, habits)

23.Jackie Chan is good at 24.Jane has a lot of good 25.It was our
( )4. A. B C.

time to go there.( one, first)

B. 根据句意,用所给词的适当形式填空。 26.I study as 27.It (good) as my best friend. (be) rainy yesterday. (exercise) (feel) like a bird yesterday. (go)to Penang Hill.

28.Tony is very lazy and he never
( ) 5. A. B. C.

29.I tired paragliding and 30.My father decided ( (

三.单项选择。 (本大题共 15 分,每小题 1 分)

B.听句子。选择恰当的答语。 (读一遍) ( ( ( ( ( )6.A. It was sunny. B. They’re beautiful. C. They’re fine. C. Fantastic. ( ( ( ( ( (

)7. A. They’re good friends. B. Yes, they are.

)8.A. No, he didn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, I can’t. )9. A. In August. B. With my brother. C. I went to New York city.

)10.A.It was delicious. B. It was too expensive. C. Great. C. .听对话,根据对话内容,选择正确的答案。 (读两遍)

)11.What did you see on your vacation? A.Guizhou B. Huangguoshu Waterfall C. beach

)31._______ do you go to the movies? ------Hardly ever A. How long B. How often C. How many )32. There is with the boy’s eyes. He can’t see anything. A. nothing wrong B. something wrong C. wrong things )33. Thanks for ____ me to your home. A. inviting B. invite C. to invite )34. His hair is shorter than ____. A. my B. her C. mine )35. –Which is month of the year? A. busy B. the busiest C. busier )36 I often help her ________ English. A. study B. studies C. studied )37 It _________ me around one hour ________ the subway. A. takes, take B. take, takes C. takes, to take )38.He has_________ money and ________ friends.

( (

? _________ he is very happy, I think. A.little;few;And B.little;few;But C.few;a little;And )39. is important for us to learn English well. A. That B. This C. It )40. I am ____than most of the kids in my class and my best friend Mary is quiet, too. A. funnier B. quieter C. smarter he works very hard.

Helen: Well, we went to a lot of shops. Rick: Oh, how were they? Helen: They were really big. Rick: 59. . 58. .

Helen: Yes, I did. Rick: 60. .


)41. Although he is very old, A. and B. but C. /

Helen: Oh, they were expensive. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.


)42.Larry and I

playing football.

A. both like B. like both C. are both like ( )43 .My sister is A. funny and outgoing ( )44. Tennis than me. B. more funny and outing C. funnier and more outgoing

五.完形填空。 (本大题 10 分,每小题 1 分。 ) When Mr Smith retired(退休), he bought a small 61 in a village near the sea. He 62 it and hoped to live a quiet life in this house. But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in summer holidays, for it was the most 63 building in the village. From morning to night there were many 64 outside the house. They kept looking into the rooms through the windows and 65 of them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to 66 . So he put a notice on the window. The notice said, “If you want 67 your curiosity(好奇心),come in and look round. Price: twenty dollars.” Mr Smith was sure that the visitors would 68 coming, but he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr Smith had to 69 every day showing them around his house.“I came here to 70 not to work as a guide(导游),”he said angrily. In the end, he sold the house and moved away. ( )61.A. garden B. shop C. house ( )62. A. liked B. hated C. sold ( )63. A. big B. interesting C. small ( )64. A. children B. students C. tourists ( )65. A. no B. none C. many ( )66. A. come B. leave C. stay ( )67. A. to satisfy B. satisfy C. satisfying ( )68. A. go on B. stop C. continue ( )69. A. take B. cost C. spend ( )70. A. play B. work C. retire 六.阅读理解。 (本大题共 20 分,每小题 2 分。 )

my favorite sports.

A. is B. am C. are ( )45.He likes to do the same things A. in B. on C. as me.


)46.There A. be B. is

something for everyone at Greenwood Park. C. are restaurant in town last night. C. the bad --.


)47.We went to A. best B. better


)48.---How much is the movie ticket? A. Twenty yuan

B. Twenty dollar C.T he twenty yuan these shows.


)49.Everyone enjoys

A.watch B. to watch C. watching ( )50.Larry is quite different A. as B.from C.to
四.情景交际。 (本大题共 10 分,每小题 1 分。 ) A.从右栏中找出与左栏格局相对应的答句。

his best friend. 请根据材料内容,从各题后所给的选项中选择最佳答案。 Everyone knows that exercise is important. We need to exercise. Doctors say it is good for us. It keep our bodies strong. When the daytime comes, we must get up. This is the time for exercise. Exercise means doing things with the body. There are many ways to exercise. You can walk, run, swim, skate, or play ball games. Make sure you excise in the following ways: you have to like what you’re doing. Exercise enough---but not too much. It is good to exercise twice each week. Thirty minutes each time is enough. Try all kinds of things until you find one, two or three sports that feel right for you. Exercise can be fun. Friends can exercise together at fitness center, or they can play sports together. How do you exercise? ( )71. In the passage the writer tells us that we all need to_______________. A. drink B. relax C. exercise ( )72.Which of the following sports can’t we find in the passage? A. Fishing B. Running C. Swimming ( )73. What does exercise mean? A. It means doing things with the body B. It means studying C. It means doing lessons. ( )74. What can exercise do to the body? A. It can make the body weak B. It can make us sleep more C. It can make the body healthy

( ( ( ( (

)51.How often does she go shopping? )52.Let’s go to the great wall. )53.Do you like the junk? )54.Did you go to the movies? )55.What sports do you often play?

A. B. C. D. E. F.

Basketball. Yes, I do. Sounds great. Once a week. No, I didn’t. Yes, that’s right.

B.补全对话,从所给选项中选择五个恰当的选项完成对话。 Rick: Hi, Helen. How was your vacation? Helen: It was great! Rick: 56. . A. B. C. D. E. F. G. How were the clothes? Where did you go ? I love English food. Did you go shopping? But they were too crowded. What did you do there? How about the food there?

Helen: New York City. Rick: Really? Wow! 57. .


)75. The words “fitness center” in the passage mean_________ A.减肥中心 B.健身中心 C.购物中心 B People eat different things in different parts of the world.

In south China we eat rice every day. Sometimes we eat it two or three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and supper. We usually eat it with fish, meat and vegetable. The Japanese eat rice, too. They also eat a lot of fish. They sometimes eat raw(生的)fish. In Africa, (玉米)is the most important food. People there make maize into kinds of bread and cakes. In western (西方的) countries such as Britain, Australia and the U.S.A, the most important food is bread or potatoes. maize

flour(面粉).From this flour they make different

People there usually make their bread from wheat flour. They cook the potatoes in different ways. In England the most popular food is fish and chips. Sometimes people cook this food at home, but usually they buy it at the shop. They eat this food at home, in their work place, in the park or on the road. People call it "take-away" food. ( )76 . This passage is about A. food ( B. drink C. clothes .

)77. Who sometimes eat fish when it isn't cooked? A. People in China B. People in Japan C. People in Africa .


)78. The most important food for African people is A. rice B. vegetable C. maize


)79. Which of the following countries is called " a western country"? A. Japan B. Australia C. China


)80.What’s the most popular food in England? A. Potatoes B. Rice C. Fish and chips 七.书面表达。 (10 分) Lisa 和 Nelly 是一对双胞胎姐妹,她们有许多共同点和不同点,请根据下面的提示写一篇介绍 Lisa 和 Nelly 的文章。不少于 60

词。 相同点:都是 15 岁,都喜欢打篮球,学习努力。害怕小动物。 不同点:Lisa 活波外向,喜欢音乐和体育,Nelly 很安静,擅长英语和语文,Lisa 的头发比 Nelly 的长。Nelly 比 Lisa 胖。

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