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教师:__王美芹________学生:_邵松_________日期: 2014323 星期: 7 段: Unit 3 Could you please clean your room ? 时




学习目标与 考点分析 学习重点 教学方法

重点单词和词组 情态动词 could 的用法

重点单词和词组 情态动词 could 的用法 诱导启发 合作探究 及时训练

必背词组 1. Could you please do…? (礼貌请求)你可以做??吗? 2. Could I please do…? (征求意见)我可以做??吗? 3. do the dishes=wash the dishes 洗碗碟 4. take out the rubbish 把垃圾带出去 5. fold your clothes 折衣服 6. sweep the floor 扫地 7. make your bed 整理床铺 8. clean the living room 打扫起居室 9. do some washing/ shopping/ cleaning 洗衣服/ 购物/ 做清洁 10. go out for dinner 出去吃晚饭 11. go to the movies 去看电影 12. stay out late/ until nine 呆到很晚/ 呆到 9 点钟 13. get a ride 撘车 14. give me a ride to town 开车送我到镇上 15. need to do something 需要做?? 16. have to do something 不得不做?? 17. help out with a few things 帮助做些事情 18. at least 至少 19. finish doing something 完成做?? 20. be/ come back from shopping 购物回来
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21. any minute/ second/ moment now 随时 22. pretty clean and tidy 相当干净而整洁 23. be angry with…对??生气 24. solve the problem 解决问题 25. throw down my bag 扔下我的书包 26. the minute/ as soon as / the moment I sat down 我一坐下就 27. take the dog for a walk= walk dog 溜狗 28. replied angrily 生气地回答 29. all the time 一直 30. never help out around the house 从没帮助做家务 31. work all day 工作一整天 32. do housework all evening 整晚做家务 33. shout back 吼回去 34. find the house clean and tidy 发现房间干净又整洁 35. ask in surprise 惊讶地问 36. share the housework 分担家务 37. a clean and comfortable home 一个干净又舒服的家 38. neither of us 我们两个都不 39. hang out with my friends 和我朋友一起闲逛 40. pass me the salt= pass the salt to me 把盐递给我 41. borrow something from somebody 从某人那里借某物 42. lend something to somebody 把某物借给某人 43. hate to do something 讨厌做?? 44. enough stress from school 来自于学校的足够的压力 45. a waste of their time 时间的浪费 46. spend their time on schoolwork 花时间在学业上 47. in order to do something 为了做?? 48. get into a good university 进好大学 49. there is no need for somebody to do something 对于某人来说没必要做?? 50. depend on …依靠?? 51. develop children?s independence 养成孩子的独立(习惯) 52. the idea of fairness 公平意识 53. have no idea how to take care of himself 不知道怎样照料自己 54. fall ill 生病 55. grades dropped 成绩下降 56. as a result 因此 57. it?s fair/ unfair for children to do something 对于孩子来说,做??是公平的/ 不公平的。 58. get something to drink 买饮料 59. be careful with… 小心对待?? a few other things I want you to do 我想要你做的另处几件事情 必背句子 1. I think two hours of TV is enough for you.我认为两个小时对你已足够。 2. She won?t be happy if she sees this mess.假如她看到这乱糟糟一团定会不高兴。 3. It?s clean, but it?s not “mother clean”!是干净,但这不是妈妈心中的干净。 4. I?m just as tired as you are!我也和你一样的累。
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5. 6. 7.

She did not do any housework and neither did I.她没有做任何家务活,我也没有。 I could not find a clean dish or a clean shirt.我没有发现一个干净的碗碟,一件干净的衬衫。 I?ll finish my homework while you help me with the dishes.在你帮助我洗碗碟的时候, 我将完成我的家庭 作业。 8. I do not understand why some parents make their kids help with housework and chores at home.我不理解为 什么有些父母让他们的孩子在家帮助做家务。 9. It is the parents? job to provide a clean and comfortable environment at home for their children.在家给孩子 们提供一个干净而舒服的环境是家长们的工作。 10. It is important for children to learn how to do chores and help their parents with housework.对于孩子们来 说,学会怎样做家务和帮助父母亲做家务是很重要的。 11. Since they live in one house with their parents, they should know that everyone should do their part in keeping it clean and tidy.既然他们和他们的父母生活在同一房子里, 他们就应该明白每个人都应该做他 们份内之事,以保持房子的干净与整洁。 12. The earlier kids learn to be independent, the better it is for their future.孩子们越早独立,对他们的未来就 更好。 ? mess/mes /noun 肮脏;杂乱;不整洁 The room was in a mess. 这个房间杂乱不堪。 “What a mess !” she said after the party. 聚会后她说:“真是一片狼藉!” ? Linda can't stand _____. 琳达无法忍受脏乱 。 ? make a mess 弄脏;搞成一团糟 ? few (fewer, fewest )与复数名词和复数动词连用)not many people, things or places 不多,很少 Very few students learn Latin now. 现在学拉丁语的学生少得很。 ? a few(与复数名词和复数动词连用)有些,几个 I've been there quite a few times. 我去过那里好多次了。 ? little(数量上)微少的,少到几乎没有的(可用 so,too,very 修饰) I had little money and little free time. 我没什么钱,也没多少空闲时间。 I find that I need very little sleep these days. 我发现最近我只需要睡很少时间。 ? little adv. (less, least )不多;稍许;略微 She seemed a little afraid of going inside. 她好像有点害怕进去。 ? a little ?a small amount?, ?some? (与不可数名词连用)少量的,一些 a little milk/sugar/tea 少许牛奶/糖/茶 ? little by little 缓慢地;逐渐地;一点一点地 Little by little, he got better.他慢慢地好转了。 ? the minute (that)… as soon as 一…就 I want to see him the minute /as soon as he arrives.他一到我就要见他。. The minute /As soon as you do this, you'll lose control. 你一旦做了这件事,就会失去控制。 ? neither 副词 也不;都不 I never learned to swim and neither did they. 我从没学过游泳,他们也没有。 —I don't have any money. —Neither do I. “我没有钱。 ” “我也没有。 ”
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? neither… nor…连词 既不…也不… Neither he nor his wife eats meat.他和他妻子都不吃肉。 They speak neither French nor German, but a strange mixture of the two.他们既非讲法语,也非德语,而是两 者的古怪混合。 ? neither 代词两个都不;(两者中)无一个 At first, neither man could speak. 起初,两个人都不会说。 'Would you like tea or coffee?' 'Neither, thanks.'你想要茶还是咖啡?都不要,谢谢。 Neither answer is correct. 两个答案都不对。 Neither of us felt like going out. 我俩都不想外出 borrow sth. from sb. You can borrow six books from the library at a time. ? lend/lend / verb (lent, lent ) ~ sth (to sb), ~ (sb) sth 借给;借出 I've lent the car to a friend. 我把车借给一位朋友了。 Can you lend me your car this evening? 你今晚能把汽车借给我用一下吗? 词语辨析 borrow ? lend 这两个词常被混淆,借入用 borrow,借出用 lend: 为某人提供某物 provide something for somebody =_____somebody _______ something ? 宾馆为客人提供擦鞋的服务。The hotel______ a shoe-cleaning service_____ guests. 1. And anyway, I think doing chores is not so difficult.反正我觉得干点家务也不太难。 anyway adv. 而且;加之;反正

选短语填空(有两项多余) depend on in order to spend.. on… have no idea provide… for… borrow…from… lend… to… agree with 1. Whether to go to the beach tomorrow _____________ the weather. 2. The man got up early ______ get to the supermarket before eight o?clock. 3. The company ____ food and clothes ____ the homeless people. 4. I ________ where they?ll go during the summer vacation. 5. The boy ran out of all his money, so he ____ some _____ his classmates. She likes reading books. She often _____ most of her money_____ bokks. I. 用所给动词的适当形式填空 1. The boy needs _____(sweep) the floor after school. 2. My mother wants me ____(take) out the rubbish when I go to school. 3. Could you please ____(fold) your clothes after dinner, Mary? 4. When he finished _____(read) the book, his eyes were already full of tears. II. 根据提示翻译句子 5. 请你洗餐具好吗?(could,please) __________________________________ 6. 对你来说,两个小时足够了。 (enough) __________________________________ 7. 如果你不倒垃圾,妈妈会生气的。(will, angry) 1. welcome sb. ____________ 2. _________________放学回家
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3. come home from work____________ 4. ____________ 扔下 5. sit down ____________ 6. come over 过来 7. take sb. for a walk ____________ 8. ____________一直;总是 9. ____________ 整日/夜 10. ____________做家务 11. shout back 大声回应 12. walk away ____________ 13. ____________分担家务 14. ____________ 一个舒适的家 15. ____________ 惊讶地 I. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. Neither of the twins ____(like) helping their mother do chores. 2. I'm _______ (surprise) to see you here. 3. It doesn't______ (surprise) me that their parents don't want them to get married. 4. "Don't do that!" she shouted ______ (angry). 5. I've never seen her look so ____(angry) II. 根据提示翻译句子 6. 我们教室前面有一棵大树。 (in front of) ____________________________________ 7. 昨天李磊没完成作业。我也没完成。 (neither) ____________________________________ 8. 我一到上海就给你打电话。 ____________________________________ 1. get something to drink ___________ 2. watch one show ___________ 3. ___________ 闲逛 4. ____________ 把某物传给某人 5. ___________把某物借给某人 6. get sth. wet ___________ 7. ___________讨厌做某事 8. do chores ___________ ___________带顶帐篷来 ? He wouldn't let me______ his clothes. 他不愿我借他的衣服。 ? I ____ my CD player to Dave and I haven't got it back yet.(借给) ? The hospital agreed ____ ____ them a wheelchair.(借给) ? The poor had to______ from the rich. ? Can I _______ your pen for a minute? ? Can you______ me your pen? Ⅰ. 单项填空 1. It?s dangerous for children the dog. A.play B.to play C.play with D.to play with 2. —Mom, could I go shopping with you? —Yes, you .But you must finish your homework first. A.could B.can C.can?t D.couldn?t 3. —Could I your bike? —Sorry, I it to Jim yesterday. A.borrow;lent B.lend;borrowed
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C.lend;lent D.borrow;borrowed 4. —Could I please your watch? —Sorry. It doesn?t work. A.use B.to use C.using D.used 5. —Could you please take out the trash? — . A.Not at all B.You?re welcome C.No way D.No problem 6. He didn?t finish the room. A.clean B.cleaned C.cleaning D.cleans 7. “Don?t make a noise,” he said to me__ . A. angrily B.happily C. easily D.sad 8. His father wants him in Beijing. A.to work B.worksC.workD.working 9. Students have homework to do every day. A.so many B.such many C. so much 10. I never go to school late, . A.so does Tom B.neither does Tom C.neither Tom does 11. I will give him the gift as soon as he . A.will arrive B.arrive C.arrives D.arrived 12. You could a bike from your friend. A.lend B.give C.buy D.borrow 13. Too much noise makes me uncomfortable. A.feeling B.feel C.felt D.to feel 14. Mary,could you please the dishes? A.do B.make C.does D.makes 15. He doesn?t like playing cards, he thinks playing cards is a waste time. A.of B.at C.for D.in Ⅳ.根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词 16. There is some rubbish (垃圾) on the floor, she is s the floor. 17. Your room is in a m , you should tidy it up. 18. The dog seemed hungry, please (扔)a piece of meat to it. 19. (都不)of his parents agrees with him. 20. He is (折叠)the clothes now. Ⅴ.根据汉语意思完成句子 21. 为了通过考试,他每天都努力学习。 pass the exam, he studies hard every day. 22. 如果你努力学习,你会取得好的成绩。 You can if you study hard. 23. 你不应该完全依赖你的父母。You shouldn?t your parents completely. 24. 他了解中国的历史越多,就越想住在这里。 he learns history about China,_____ _______he wants to live here. 25. 我不想做家务,他也不想做。I don?t want to do chores, ______ Ⅵ.句型转换 26. The boy is ill. The doctor is saving the boy.(合并成一个句子) The doctor is the boy. 27. I can provide him with some help.(改为 同义句)I can some help him. 28. The poor child didn?t know where he could go. ( 改 为 简 单 句 ) The poor child didn?t know . 29. He can look after himself well.(改为同 义句)He can himself. 30. I borrowed some money from him.(改为 同义句)He some money me. 单项选择 1. Here?s so much rubbish. Could you please ____________?
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A. give ou it B. give it out C. take out it D. take it out 2.---Could you please fold the clothes, Mary? ---__________. A. Yes, I could B. No, I couldn?t C. Yes, sure D. No, I won?t 3. ---Could you please sweep the floor? ---___________. I?m washing the shirt. A. Yes, sure B. No problem C. Sorry, I couldn?t D. No, I can?t 4. ---Could you please _________your bike here? A. don?t stop B. not to stop C. not stop D. not stopping 5. ---Could I _________your bicycle? ---Sure, and you can _________for a week. A. borrow, borrow B. borrow, keep C. lend, lend D. lend, borrow 6. _________of the two boys is from America. They?re from Canada. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. All 7. I won?t visit her this weekend. Jack won?t, _________. A. both B. either C. neither D. too 8. ---I didn?t get to school late this morning. ---__________. A. Me too B. Me neither C. Me either D. Neither was I 9. If you don?t put up the signs after school, ___________. A. so does Jim B. so will Jim C. neither does Jim D. neither will Jim 10. Mary will make a plan as soon as she ____________her homework. A. finishes B. finish C. will finish D. finished 11. ---I?m going to the shopping center. ---___________you?re there, could you buy some fruit for me? A. When B. After C. While D. As soon as 12. The teacher always tells us _________time _________computer games. A. don?t waste, to play B. don?t waste, playing C. not to waste, to play D. not to waster, playing 13. __________ good grades, you should try to study harder. A. Get B. In order to get C. Getting D. Got 14. I?m going to take a vacation. Could you please __________me _________some information about interesting places to travel? A. offer, to B. offer, for C. provide, with D. provide, for 15. ---Could I watch TV? ---No, you ________. You _________finish your homework first. A. can?t, must B. can?t, can C. couldn?t, must D. couldn?t, can 16. “ When did you come home _________school yesterday?” she asked me _________surprise. A. to, with B. from, with C. to, in D. from, in 17. Don?t _________your cut wet when doing chores, Henry. A. get B. make C. let D. keep 18. We should _________the windows open to __________fresh air in. A. keep, make B. keep, let C. make, make D. make, get 19. ---Do you mind _________your room? ---No, I?ll do that after finishing _________this article. A. clean, write B. clean, writing C. cleaning, write D. cleaning, writing 20. The harder you study, __________grades you?ll get. A. good B. better C. best D. the better 单词填空 1. _________you?re free now, could you please help me take out the rubbish? 2. ---When will we go for a school trip? ---Well, it __________on the weather. 3. The room is a __________. We need to clean it up now. 4. We each have two hands and ten __________.
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5. ---Thanks for ___________me your pen. ---You?re welcome. 6. Nelly __________doing chores. She never does chores at home. 7. Don?t eat too many __________between breakfast and lunch. It?s bad for our health. 8. It?s raining outside. Could you please __________an umbrella for me? 句子改写 1. We need to learn to take care of ourselves. We need to learn to ___________ ___________ourselves. 2. Make the bed, please. _________ ___________please make the bed? 3. Neither of her parents watches TV at night. Her father doesn?t watch TV at night, __________ ___________her mother. 4. Doing chores helps to develop children?s independence. ___________helps to develop children?s independence ___________do chores. 5. You needn?t do the dishes. There?s ___________ ___________for you to do the dishes. 6. The more you exercise, the healthier you?ll be. __________ __________exercise more, you?ll be healthier.



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