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高中英语必修一Unit1Language points

Some Important and Difficult Sentences

①go through

(1)He'd gone through all his money by the end of the first week of his holiday. (2)These countries have gone through too many wars. (3)She went through her pockets and in the end found the keys. (4)You have to go through some formalities (手 续) if you want to enter our school.

①go through

A.履行 B.经历,经受 C.仔细检查 D.用完


(1) D

(2) B

(3) C (4) A

?get through 穿过,(被)通过;完成;(电 话)接通 ?pass through 走过,路过

2. Anne Frank wanted the first kind, so she made her diary her best friend.(line 3)
1.The diary made Anne a hero in Holland. 2.Hitler made the Jews crazy. 3.Hard life in the concentration camp made Anne die just a week before Hitler was defeated. make +sb/sth +n. make +sth/sb +adj. make+ sth/sb +v.



根据语境猜词义 (1)I have set down everything that happened, exactly as I remember it. B (2) The bus sets the children down just outside the school gate. A 根据语义找匹配 A.放下;停车让乘客下车 B. 记下;写下

?Set about (doing) sth 着手做……;开始 做……

?set up 建立
?set an example树立榜样

?set off


?set out (to do sth) 手做;开始做.

?“a series of +复数名词”
? 4. concern (vt./n.)


?be concerned about…关心;挂念 ? be concerned with sth. 关心;在乎
Why is she so concerned ___ his attitude to her work? A.to B.with C. in D. about

3. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. If 引导的宾语从句,because引导的表语从句 ?Be /grow crazy about 对……疯狂 ?Something /anything /everything to do with …与…..有关的某事.一切 ?Nothing to do with …与….. 无关

4. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound.决不可能令我着迷 That was the time when the Jews were killed in large numbers.

?keep sb done
Anne’s diary keeps me moved.


5. I stayed awake on purpose. (P2)?

stay vi. & link v.
1) vi.停留;逗留?
e.g. The

doctor told him that he would have to

stay in hospital for another two weeks. ?
2) link v.保持,持续不变 (=keep)?

How can you stay so cool and calm after

such a hot argument??

on fire 着火 on holiday 度假 on one’s knees 跪下 on sale 待售

on foot 步行 on leave 休假? on purpose 故意 on time 准时?

on watch 值班?

In order to catch up with his classmate as soon as possible, he works even harder. 为了能尽快地赶上同学,他学习更加刻苦了。 He set out early in the morning in order not to miss the early bus. 为了不错过早班车,他一大早就动身了。

④…it was the first time in a year and a
half that I'd seen the night face to face… (P2)

It/This is/was the first time that+主语+完成 时,表示“某人第一次做某事”。


完成时had done; 2)主句的be动词是is,从句的谓语用现在完 成时have done; 3)主句be动词是will be,从句的谓语用将来 完成时will have done.

?face to face 面对面地,? ?hand in hand,手牵手地 ? arm in arm 手挽手地,? ?back to back 背靠背地,背对背地? ?head to head 头对头地,交头接耳地; ??

7. She suffered from loneliness,but she had to learn to like it there. ? Suffer
1).vt 所接宾语为表示痛苦、疾病、寒冷、饥饿、 损失等的词。 2).vi 常与介词from连用,表示“因……而受苦; 遭受”。 ? Suffering 不可数名词【U】痛苦 可数名词 【C】苦难,常用复数 ? sufferer n. 受苦者;受难者;患者

? suffer 与suffer from 都没有被动语态,也不

? 1).suffer from 遭受;忍受

? 2).suffer loss 遭受损失 ? 3).suffer injury 受伤 ? 4).suffer damage 受破坏

get along with
根据语境猜词义 (1) How are you getting along with your study? B (2) He is easy to get along with. A


B. 进展

join in与Join
? (1)join in也可用在join sb.in (doing) sth. 结构中,表示“和某人一起做某事”。 ? (2)join指加入某组织、团体,并成为其中 一员。,join the party/the army/the league/the club入党/参军/入团/参加俱乐 部

? Calm 无风;心情不激动 ? Still 静止不动,无动作(运动) ? Silent 沉默的;不说话的 ? quiet安静的;内心不烦躁的 e.g.It is important to keep in an emergency. A.quiet B.calm C.silent D.still

? 1)It is considered bad manners to keep silent when the teacher asks you a question. ? 2)The little girl was so quiet that nobody noticed she was in the room. ? 3)It is difficult to keep a baby still when you take a picture of it. ? 4)Not until the sea was calm did the fishmen go out to sea.

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