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2016-2017 学年高二英语完形填空典型用法汇编 编辑:董献龙 2016 年 12 月 25 日
1.Often,while walking down the street,I tried to pick out that stranger,imagining that one of the women I passed could possibly be my biological mother.(辨认出 ) 2.And I started to notice that we had the same silly personality, the same attitude to life,and the same way of treating people.(个性) 3.The zoo manager is trying to find the woman who gave the elephant its wartime protection,known only as the “elephant angel”.(仅仅;只) 4.However,the “cuteness” and “ugliness” of things are decided based on one’s personal opinions. (以...为基础) 5.On that day, this little girl went with her uncle to draw water.(拉) 6.In 2011,she finished her education to be a cook.Yes, a chef without hands.(厨师) 7.Being able to stand on the court and play sports again is an amazing thing.(令人惊喜的) 8.To me it’s important to convey a message positively and hope that anyone can make the most of any situation in life.(信息) 9.While my arms looked weak, my mother trusted that I could hold the baby.(尽管) 10.During the day,visitors crowded into this lower-level viewing room to watch her from underwater angle.(角度) 11.However,as a child ,he was fitted with artificial eyes and placed in a wheelchair. (安 装) 12.My friends argued that I shouldn’t go,because I was seven months pregnant then.(提出 理由说) 13.At the traffic crossing ,a car pulled up and the passenger got off with an umbrella.(停 下来) 14.I did not get his name and may not even recognize him now.(认出) 15.I have always been an early bird and my morning walks have been the routine for the last 7 years,so I put on my shoes to head for my first walk of the New Year. ( 惯 例;常规; 前往) 16.He saw me and politely wished me “Happy New Year!”(祝愿;祝福) 17.One afternoon,I was crossing the field to go home and saw Mr. Miller stuck going over a fence,which wasn’t hard to climb if you had both arms.(卡住;陷入) 18.My friends hadn’t seen me in weeks, but they understood the sacrifice required to make my dream a reality.(牺牲) 19.I had begun the final dash into glory when my knees became weak and my legs gave way.(荣誉) 20.Voices, both foreign and familiar,cheered me on.(陌生的; 为...加油) 21.Nothing I could do would make them hold weight.(支撑) 22.The following story may help you understand how rescuing children from all suffering creates weakness.(引起;造成) 23.Children experiencing sufferings can survive the ups and downs of life.(生存;幸存) 24.Simply allow him to discover that he can get over his disappointment and figure out what he can do to get what he wants in the future.(理解;明白)

25.Mothers tend to say ,“Stop crying and acting like a spoiled boy.You can’t always get what you want”.(往往;常常) 26.There are moments of frustration of course; often she would be the last swimmer in the race.(沮丧) 27.Cathy didn’t expect any award but was still there to cheer on her friends and praise their accomplishments.(为...加油) 28.With all she had been through in her ten years ,this was the hour of true triumph.(经 历) 29.The weather forecast says it will be cloudy with a slight chance of rain later tonight. (可能性) 30.We were sitting around in a circle and unwrapping ceremony continued.(仪式) 31.As I grow older,the gifts gave way to heart-shaped boxes filled with my favorite and always included a special card signed “Love,Dad”(让步于;被...取代/代替) 32.And then she moved away to join her husband who had moved towards the door.( 加 入;和...一起做...) 33.She had a firm intention within herself to be the best she could be.(坚定的) 34.My ten-year old girl was growing and changing right before my eyes, into this determined human being with a passion and a mission.(有决心的) 35.Years later the young woman became critically ill.The local doctors were battled.(严重 地) 36.She coughed and choked and could hardly survive the first few weeks.(艰难度过;挺过 来) 37.My parents crossed their fingers for me throughout a whole month,hoping it would go away.(双手合十,祈福) 38.She sat at the end of the drive-through holding a sign that read,“Have a great day”. (标语;告示牌) 39.On the first day of my high school,I ran into my English teacher,Ms. Kirschmann.I really mean that I almost knocked her over(撞到) 40.It was the strangest yet the most entertaining class I have ever had.(然而) 41.It never occurred to me that Ms. Kirschmann could be quiet.(突然想起) 42.I tore up my suicide note and promised that would not rely on my medicine.(许诺; 承诺) 43.The reason I am healed is that I took action and refused to let depression ruin my life(毁掉;毁灭) 44.I am sure he was discouraged by those difficulties but he did not let them stop him. (阻止;使泄气) 45.Take for example the story of Thomas Edison and how many times he failed while on the road to finally inventing the light bulb.(以...为例) 46.Or, think about the story of Abraham Lincoln who managed to become president of the United States even though he suffered personal losses.(个人的损失) 47.When I opened the door, I was filled with surprise and disappointment because there was an unknown person.(不认识的) 48.After that, we started to get to know each other and he tried to talk slowly and clearly. (开始了解;逐渐认识)

49.Surrounded by miles of winding stone walls, the house provided endless hours for a city boy.(弯曲的; 无穷尽的;无止境的) 50.Still, my desire to climb across those walls grew so strong that finally I took all my courage and entered the living room where the adults had gathered for dinner.(成年人) 51.I was stopped by my grandfather ’s loud voice “ : Now hold on just a minute” .(等一下; 停住) 52.Anyhow he was to learn to be responsible for himself.(不管怎样;无论如何) 53.The class was over and we still didn’t reach any conclusion so the teacher asked us to think about it after class.(结论) 54.His mother,Mary, and I did our best to persuade him that, on certain occasions, reading while dining with others was not a good thing.(说服; 场合;时机) 55.He was so competitive and he always wanted to win.(争强好胜的;一心求胜的) 56.People from every corner flooded into the streets that Christmas Eve .“Frosty the Snowman” and “Jingle Bells” played in stores;on the pavements,the street singers performed happily.(播放) 57.My family had returned to Brazil and my friends were occupied with their own lives. (忙于) 58.That Christmas,I gave myself credit for what I’d obtained up to now and promise to go forward.(因为...赞扬/信任某人) 59.He reached into the oil and found the missing screw.(伸手;伸手够) 60.My color and accent set me apart.( 使某人与众不同) 61.He was coughing up blood after a car accident.(咳出) 62.He was delighted when the new U.S state coins were issued.(发行) 63.He would walk to his long-time bankers and make sure they put at least a roll of new coins aside for him.(卷) 64.I was lost without his expectation and support.(期望) 65.I wondered if I would ever feel my dad around me again,watching over me.(照看; 监 督;保护) 66.While I was there, I went to the bank to cash a check.(兑现) 67.The bank manager,who had known me, called me into her office, showing me the coins for all the states my dad had ordered.(订购;预定) 68.Ever since that time,I have always found coins at the most extraordinary times when I needed support the most.(非同寻常的;特别的) 69.We have all accepted it as a message of love,guidance and support from Dad and every new coin we find makes us smile.(认为...是;承认...为) 70.They made no effort to hide their amusement whenever I produced a packet of sweets from my pocket.(掏出) 71.The dense fog began to break/lift.(雾)消散 72.A phone call to the manager produced the result she wanted.(引起;导致;产生) 73.I almost turned away,but then a woman opened the door and smiled as she led me in.(转过身去;背过脸去) 74.The time I spent in the orphanage taught me that the happiness felt at Christmas should not be taken for granted .(take sth. for granted 认为...是应该的; 认为...是理所当 然的)

75.It taught me to value everything that was mine.(珍惜;重视;珍视) 76.Christy decided to get together with other trail riders to ask the city council to approve a bike path along the unused land.(批准) 77.She and other riders asked all of their biking friends if they would sign the list. (签名;签字) 78.The construction took two months of work, and now Roosevelt Park has a rewarding bike trail.(有益的) 79.Christy deserves this award because she acted on her dream,causing a community to come together.(值得;应得到) 80.It looked as if someone had taken a great deal of gold and poured it down over the mountain peaks and slopes.(在...上面) 81.Each different colored variety was planted as a group so that it swirled and flowed like its own river with its own unique color.(独特的;独一无二的) 82.And when she does,she will enter the record books as the oldest person ever to graduate from high school in the United States.(进入) 83.One day a card that I sent came back stamped “Address Unknown.”(在...上面盖...) 84.In my opinion, focusing on sports centers is too narrow an approach and would not have the expected results.(狭隘的) 85.One possible solution is to provide more sports centers to encourage a more active lifestyle.(解决问题的办法) 86.They first began one long hot summer when most Germans were away on holiday. (离开;外出) 87.Today,over thirty companies regularly donate food and other goods to the cause and volunteers help to deliver them to the homeless.(送) 88.Her books have hooked generations of children,including a young Jeff Kinney,who 89.Grew up to become the author of the “Diary of a wimpy Kid’’ series.(吸引住; be hooked on 对...上瘾;对...着迷) 90.I started each painting with a big blob of paint in the middle of the paper and over the course of 15 minutes somehow I created a portrait.(肖像画;半身画像) 91.My brains were spinning and trying to figure out the reason but somehow managed to not show my anger on my face.(设法做) 92.I went home ,slept it over and decided that I had to find a way to make peace with this woman.(忽略;与...和解/和好) 93.When I caught sight of her,I went straight to her and said,“I am sorry, but if I offended you,I had no such intention,please accept my apology and my chocolates”. (突然看见; 冒犯;得罪; 打算;企图) 94.While it’s appropriate for children to be on the side of caution,I think it may be against us as adults.(对...不利) 95.He had guided me to the sheet of yellow copy paper covered with the sad outpouring of a small boy’s troubled heart.(忧虑的;不安的;烦恼的). 96.Though the bus stopped about two miles from home,father never met us,even in fierce weather.(接某人;极端的/恶劣的)

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