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2012 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛 高二年级组试题答案及评分标准
听力部分?(共三大题?计 30 分)? I. Responses(句子应答) (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,计 5 分)? 1—5 ABBCD II. Dialogues(对话理解) (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分?计 15 分) ? 6—10 BADCA 11—15 BDACA 1

6—20 DBACE III. Passages(短文理解) (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分?计 10 分) ? 21—25 ACDBD 26. his son 27. The room 28. talk to reception 29. 10 ? ten ? people 30. a pen 笔试部分?(共七大题?计 120 分) ? I. Multiple-choice(选择填空)(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,计 15 分)? 31—35 ACBBD 36—40 DCBAB 41—45 BDACD II. Cloze(完形填空)(共 14 小题;每小题 1 分,计 14 分)? A) 46—51 CABDCB B) 52. language 53. survival 54. polite 55. surprised 56. informal 57. drink 58. leave 59. direction III. Reading comprehension(阅读理解)(共 18 小题;?每小题 2 分,计 36 分) A) 60. A 61. C 62. F 63. F 64. Because they did not make a reservation beforehand. 65. Cook some meals in their room at the Inn. B) 66. health care 67. drawing their pensions 68. entry-level 69. highly specialized skills 70. increase migration 71. culture C) 72—77 BEAGDC IV. Translation(翻译)(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,?计 10 分)? 78. 没有人能否认这一事实?即教育是人生最重要的一部分。 79. 这种风俗习惯已经存在了两千多年?这令很多外国人非常吃惊。 - 6 – 80. If I have the honour of being chosen as a volunteer ? I will try my best to offer the best service. 81. The other day ? we did a survey among more than 2000 students on how they spend their spare time . 82. I am interested in photography ? because it allows me to record the beautiful moments in my life. V. Error correction(短文改错)(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,计 10 分)? At some point, most parents have to decide if or not to allow their 83. whether children to have pets. Some parents believe what pets teach children a 84. that sense of responsibility because of children have to learn how to take 85. of care of their pets. In additional, many parents believe that pets can be 86. addition

fun for the family. Pets can also help children becoming more compassionate because children will develop a special link with their pets. On the other hand, some parents afraid that their children might hurt the animals or that the animals might hurt the children. Cats are good pets, but some parents do not like it when they shed hair on the furnitures. Often these parents do not allow their children to have any kind of pet. Other families do not have an extra time or money that pets require. In brief, many children want a pet, and parents are divided on this issue for a number of significant reasons. VI. IQ ?(智力测试)(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 93. I am 40 years old and my son is 10. / (40; 10). 94. DRINKABLE 95. 6 (418 2 = 836, as 197 2 = 394 and 236 2 = 472) 96. MAKE GOOD 97. 42 minutes

87. become 88. are 89. 90. furniture 91. the 92. but

VII. Writing ?(写作)(共 2 题;A 题满分 10 分? B 题满分 20 分?计 30 分)? A) One possible version: 19 Lucraft Close, Brighton January 10th Dear Mrs. MacDonald, As you know, we’ve been in the flat now for six months.We like it,but I’m afraid there are a few problems. First, the armchairs are in really bad condition. Could you please replace them? Secondly, the flat is extremely cold because the central heating doesn’t work at all. Part of the problem is the windows. They don’t fit very well, so they let the wind in. Finally, there’s the kitchen. It really does need painting. We are prepared to do the work ourselves if you pay for the paint. Can you possibly come and look at the flat? I’m sure you will agree with us. In any case, please let us know about these things as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, Sandra Shaw B) One possible version: Everyone has a dream, whether it is to become a doctor, a teacher or a scientist. Education is the one thing that can make any of these dreams come true. We all know college is hard, but what we learned during those times are the key to being a success. College will to turn your ideas into businesses and your dreams into realities. From learning how to add small numbers in the first grade to doing matrices in college, education can open your mind to a world of opportunities you never thought possible. Our country develops the fastest in the world because so many young people attend college. They have the patience to attain the degree they dreamed of since they were in middle school. To me, getting a better education by going to college is really the key to accomplishing a dream.

写作评分原则? 本题总分为 30 分: A ? 10 分,B ? 20 分。按四个档次给分。评分时,先根据 文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整本档次? 最后给分。 作文词数少于或多于规定词数 20 词的,从总分中减去 2 分。如书写较差,以致 影响阅卷,将分数降低一个档次。 附?各档次的分数范围和要求? 第四档?很好?? A ? 9—10 分? B ? 16—20 分 完全完成了试题规定的要求? 覆盖所有内容要点?符合英语表达习惯, 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇? 没有语法和词汇 运用错误?具备较强的语言能力?完全达到了预期的写作目的。 第三档?好?? A ? 6—8 分? B ? 11—15 分 完成了试题规定的要求?应用的 语法结构和词汇能满足题目的要求?符合英语表达习惯, 基本没有语法 和词汇运用错误? 达到了预期的写作目的。 第二档?一般?? A ? 3—5 分? B ? 6—10 分 未恰当完成试题规定的要求?漏 掉内容要点?未描述清楚主要内容?写了一些无关内容?有语法和词汇 运用错误?影响了 对写作内容的理解?信息未能清楚地传达给读者。 第一档?差?? A ? 1—2 分? B ? 1—5 分 未完成试题规定的要求?明显遗漏 主要内容?写了一些无关内容?语法结构单调?词汇项目有限?有较多 语法和词汇运用错 误?影响对写作内容的理解?信息未能传达给读者。 未能传达给读者任何信息?没有内容 或内容太少?无法评判?写的内容均与所要求内容无关或所写内容 无法看清。

2012 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛 高二年级组试题听力部分(录音原文)
I. Responses(句子应答)(共 5 小题?每小题 1 分?计 5 分) ? Listen to the following sentences and choose the best response to each one. Each sentence will be read only once 1. Have you got any good ideas for the project yet? 2. Do you think we should try to arrange a meeting with the whole team? 3. That’s it. I’ve decided. I’m going to take the job in London. 4. I really feel sorry for Geoff with all the illness he’s had lately. 5. Was the concert as good as you expected? II. Dialogues(对话理解)(共 15 小题?每小题 1 分?计 15 分?) A)Listen to the following five mini-dialogues. Each dialogue is followed by a question. Choose the best answer for each question. Each dialogue and question will be read twice. 6. W: How are you these days? Have you managed to throw off that cold you had when we last met ? M: Well, yes, it cleared up after a couple of days, but I’ no sooner got d over that than I picked up another one. Question: What does the man mean? 7. M: Go back to your room and study! You haven’t done anything this week! Did you hear me? I said study. W: Okay, okay! Don’t go on at me! I’ll do it later. Question: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? 8. W: How long do you need for your presentation? You can have two hours. M: Two hours sounds far too long! I wouldn’t want to listen to someone talking for that long. Question: What are the speakers talking about? 9. W: I saw you going into Betty’s flat with her this morning. Is anything wrong ? M: Her washing machine had flooded the kitchen. We had planned to go into town and I was calling for her on the way there, but in the end we stayed at home and tidied the mess in the kitchen. Question: Why did the man visit Betty? 10. M: So, what’s troubling you, Mrs. James? W: Well, I just seem to feel absolutely exhausted all the time. I simply have no energy to do anything. Question: Where does the conversation probably take place? B)Listen to the following dialogue and choose the best answer to each question. The dialogue will be read twice.

M: Good morning, everyone. Our guest this morning is the American writer Norah Levy. Norah’s here in Britain this week promoting her new book―We are family‖. Welcome Norah. W: Thank you. M: Now is this really true, Norah? That our position in the family affects our personality? W: Sure. OK, other factors can influence your personality too, but your position in the family is one of the strongest. M: So tell us a bit about the oldest child in a family—the first born. W: Well, the oldest children get a lot of attention from their parents and the result is that they’re usually quite self -confident people. They are often hardworking and responsible, because they often look after their younger brothers or sisters. The downside is that sometimes they can be quite bossy, and even hottempered, especially when they don’t get what they want. M: What about the middle child? W: Well, middle children are usually independent and sociable. M: Sociable? W: Yes, because they have always had other children to play with. However, on the negative side middle children are changeable. M: And the youngest children? W: If you’re the youngest in a family, you’ll probably be a relaxed person. This is because parents are usually more relaxed when they have their last child. On the other hand, youngest children are often quite lazy. This is because they always have family members to help them. M: OK, that’s all very interesting. Now, I’m an only child. People often have the idea that only children like me are spoilt. Is that true? W: Well, of course it’s true! Only children don’t have to share with anyone. As a result they think of themselves more than of other people. M: OK. Well, that sounds like a good description of me! Is there any good news? W: Yes, there is. On the positive side, only children are usually very organized and responsible. M: Well, thank you, Norah, and good luck with the book. And now it’s time for the news headlines... C)Listen to the following discussion between Holt and his assistant about a case of murder and match the information in the two columns. The discussion will be read twice. W: So who was the one who killed Mr. Makepeace? M: Can’t you guess? W: Well, I think it was probably Mrs. James, the woman who was living in the room next door to him. M: No, Laura, of course it wasn’t. Mrs. James only wanted the money he owed her. She won’t get that now that he’s dead. W: Oh, yes, I hadn’t thought about that. So was it Mr. Grant, the man who always shared their table in the evenings? M: No, Laura. It’s true that he loved Liz, Mrs. Makepeace, but he knew that she didn’t love him. And he probably believed that she could never fall in love with a man who had murdered her husband.

W: I suppose that’s true. So who was it then? John, his son? Do you think that he wanted to have the money that would be due to him from his father’s life insurance policy? M: Well no, because he knew that he would not get a penny if his father died unclearly. And apart from that, I think that in a way he loved his father. The one he hates is Mr. Bottomley, the man his mother is in love with. W: So who did kill Mr. Makepeace? M: Well, I feel quite sure now that it was Mrs. Makepeace. W: Mrs. Makepeace! M: Yes. She had never loved the man she had married. What she loved was all the money he had. Then Mr. Bottomley came along. He had money too and she loved him. But she had to get Mr. Makepeace out of the way. W: Yes. That’s reasonable. III. Passages(短文理解)(共 10 小题?每小题 1 分?计 10 分)? A) Listen to the following material and choose the best answer to each question. The material will be read twice. Welcome to English Studies International School. My name is Anna and I’m the Director of Studies. All right, so the first thing is what’s happening today? From 9 a.m. until 10:30, you’ll do some tests. You’ll have a written test that tests your grammar and your vocabulary, OK? You will also do a self-assessment. That is—you think about your level of English. Then you will have an interview—that’s a speaking test. So you’ll have a written test, self -assessment and an interview. These three help us decide your level. All right, after you’ve done the tests, at about half past ten, you’ll have a break. After the break at about 10:45, Rebecca will be waiting for you in reception to give you your books. At eleven o’clock, please come back here to the Teaming Centre, you will meet Christine. She will talk to you about the social programme at English Studies International. These are all the activities that you can do after school. So that’s until midday. At midday, you will meet me again and I’ll give you your timetables. Then you’ll have lunch in the dinning room. During lunch, Helen will be in her office if any of you have any problem about rooms and board. This afternoon you can either listen to a talk about London or you can do a conversation class if you know London already. You will start your normal classes tomorrow morning. B) Listen to the following material and fill in the missing information in each numbered space, using no more than three words or numbers. The material will be read twice. Hi, Raman. It’s Brad here. Look, I’m afraid I won’t be in today. My son is ill and he’s off school so I have to stay home to look after him. I’m really sorry to leave this message for you. Er, do you remember the training session, next week? Y ou know, the one about the new computer system? I’ve organized the trainer so there’s no need to contact him and I’ve booked the room, but there are a few other things that need doing. I need you to organize the projector that goes with the laptop, er, you can do that with reception. And you’ll need to sort out lunch for about ten people. Yes, that’s right—there’ll be ten of us. Oh! Yes, I need you to make sure that everyone has a

notepad and a pen, and get one of those ... Er sorry. I’m not thinking very clearly this morning ... you know, one of those really big things, like a pad of paper for writing up notes ... er flip charts. Yeah, um a flip chart would be really useful, er with some marker pens to write on it. Really, really sorry to leave all these instructions for you on the phone message, Raman, but I’m sure you’ll know what to do. Er, might call you back this afternoon and see how you’ve got on. Bye for now!? This is the end of the listening section

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