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夜大 2010 年第一学期期末考试(英语一)
题型: Part I Reading Comprehension 30%(2× 15) Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre. Part II Cloze 10% (1× 10) Direction: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the One answer that best completes the passage. Part III Vocabulary and Structure 35% (1× 30) Directions: In this section there are 35 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Part IV Blank Filling 10% (1X10) Directions: Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases given. Part V Translation 15% (3× 5) Directions: Translate the following into English 复习题: ? 词汇与结构

1. What he said that day is not _______________ to whether he is a reliable man or not. 【B】 A. contrast B. relevant C. comparable D. liable

2. Mrs. White translated not only from the German but also, _______________, from the Russian. 【C】 A. in occasion B. with occasion C. on occasion D. occasional

3. The WTO is intended to _______________ trade among its member states. 【C】 A. preempt B. propose C. promote D. propagate

4. When I got to Jim’s office, I found him _______________ an article about the current situation in Iraq. 【B】 A. working for B. working on C. working in D. working with

5. To use this machine, first _______________ the correct coins, then select the drink you want and press the button. A. reset B. insert 【B】 D. insist

C. revert

6. Officials will _______________ the health food on sale to see if it really gives the

benefits claimed. 【A】 A. investigate B. search C. find D. consider

7. In teaching, it is highly _______________ to know what the students need to know, and this will make the teachers’ work much more _______________. 【D】 A. honorable…desirable C. honorable…effective B. effective…desirable D. desirable…effective

8. _______________, it was not the right time to open another data processing center in this town. 【C】 A. On retrospect retrospection 9. It isn’t _______________ their own interest that they do all this. 【A】 A. for B. of C. because D. just B. On retrospection C. In retrospect D. In

10. Her _______________ reaction to the message was relief, but she began to feel worried as she thought more about it. A. origin B. initial 【B】 C. capital D. elemental

11. Great technological breakthroughs naturally _____________ attention. 【D】 A. sense B. develop C. win D. deserve

12. The company offered a $5000 _____________ for the finder of the lost document. 【B】 A. wage B. reward C. bonus D. salary

13. She was quite satisfied because the painter _____________ her features well in the portrait. 【C】 A. resolved B. restrained C. reproduced D. resumed

14. Although we may not notice the effects of industrial pollution at a _____________ level, it has caused climatic warming globally. 【A】 A. local B. geographical C. rational D. logical

15. This is the pattern _____________ and she must be satisfied with it. 【A】 A. of her choice choice 16. Those are the only two _____________ that most businessmen would like to see B. to her choice C. by her choice D. for her

in the newspapers.【B】 A. deadlines B. headlines C. lines D. redlines

17. It is advisable to _____________ two tickets now since so many people are crazy about this band. 【A】 A. reserve B. quit C. assume D. locate

18. I’m glad she got the first prize in the contest; she completely _____________ it. 【D】 A. reserved B. preserved C. conserved D. deserved

19. “Can you give me a(n) _____________?” “I am afraid this is the best price I can offer.”【C】 A. account B. accountant C. discount D. discounting

20. Whenever we were at a new place, our tour guide would say: “Surely all you _____________ will like to visit this amazing place.” 【B】 A. nationalities B. folks C. individuals D. those

21. She’s always doing stupid things that _______________ really embarrassing herself. 【B】 A. come up B. end up C. bring up D. break up

22. New and large residential areas keep emerging, and residents are coming to see the importance of _______________ service. 【B】 A. society B. community C. section D. sector

23. Both parents grew _______________ when they couldn’t find the child. 【A】 A. hysterical B. indifferent C. indignant D. outraged

24. The sore throat made it hard to _______________ even such a small pill. 【C】 A. devour B. eat C. swallow D. overwhelm

25. Many great artists and scientists have never been _______________until after death. 【C】 A. admitted B. confessed C. acknowledged D. retain

26. Standing before the paintings, he was almost _______________ with astonishment at their beauty. 【D】 A. dead B. dull C. deaf D. dumb

27. _______________, by 1990 black unemployment was 2.5 times higher than white unemployment in the United States. 【B】 A. Constant B. Overall C. General D. Together

28. Kids _______________ praise and compliments when they conduct well. 【A】 A. deserve B. conceive C. reward D. retain

29. William Byrd composed many pieces of music, but his Latin church music is considered his most _______________ work. 【C】 A. devious B. various C. glorious D. carious

30. He is a(n) _______________ young architect who has won international fame. 【B】 A. nasty hopeless 41. Praise is particularly appreciated by those doing _______________ jobs, waitresses and housewives, for instances. 【D】 A. creative B. original C. temporary D. routine B. exceptional C. incompetent D.

42. She now easily forgets things. This might be a _______________ of brain disease. 【A】 A. symptom B. signature C. symbol D. synthesis

43. Color television sets and telephones, a necessity in city homes, were considered a _______________ in China 30 eyras ago. 【D】 A. hardware luxury 44. Her father became worried when she started _______________ blood. 【B】 A. shedding B. spitting C. splitting D. sliding B. encyclopedia C. device D.

45. With the expansion of colleges and universities, more young people will have _______________ to college education. 【C】 A. opportunity B. right C. access D. privilege

46. She took the _______________ in getting acquainted with her neighbors and she hopes to get along with them very well. 【D】 A. preference B. possession C. integrity D. initiative

47. It’s useless to attempt to _______________ from every danger, some risks must be taken. 【A】 A. flee B. distinguish C. suffer D. release

48. Doctor Li is not on duty every day from Monday to Friday. You’d better make an _______________ with him before you visit him. 【D】 A. arrangement appointment 49. “Go to the bathroom and wash your hands,” the nurse told the children in a commanding _________. 【C】 A. note B. tune C. tone D. melody B. apology C. investigation D.

50. We seek eye contact with others when we like them. _______________, we avoid eye contact when we dislike them. 【D】 A. Merely B. Gracefully C. Exactly D. Conversely

51. As soon as he landed on the _____________landing mat, and with the crowd on its feet, Michael immediately began preparing for his next attempt at flight. (第五单元) (答案: A) a) inflated b) increased c) expanded d) swollen 52. The drowning swimmer is now safely in the ____________ of a lifeguard. (第五单元) (答 案: B) a) seizure b) grip c) grasp d) clasp 53. When the ex-president was in office, he served the public with ____________ and integrity, heart and souls. (第五单元) (答案: A) a) dedication b) permission c) preparation d) occasion 54. The art exhibition was _____________by the Society of Culture. (第五单元) (答案: B) a) promoted b) sponsored c) advanced d) cooperated 55. Young children often feel a lot of _____________ about their first day at school. (第五单元) (答案: A)








a) anxiety b) vanity c) intensity d) celebrity ________________, she remains a little girl of six although she is actually a grown woman. (第五单元) (答案: A) a) In my mind’s eye b) In my mind’s eyes c) In my mind eye d) In my minds’ eye Family members and relatives from far and near, ____________friends and colleagues have all been invited to the wedding by the young couple. (第五单元) (答案: D) a) along b) alongside c) alongside of d) along with The writer was assisted in the ___________ of the article by other members of her family. (第 五单元) (答案: D) a) description b) explanation c) specification d) preparation “Can you give me a rough idea of what happened here without going into __________?” said Ann. (第五单元) (答案: D) a) retail b) entail c) curtail d) detail Politics and philosophy had been his lifelong _____________ although he studies economics at university. (第五单元) (答案: A) a) passion b) emotion c) sensation d) affection This town, clean and quiet, has a _______________ you couldn't find in a big city. (第六单元) (答案:B) A. favor B. charm C. embrace D. facility What is done can not be ______________(第六单元) (答案:B) A. recovered B. undone C. restored









D. redone He was found ___________of murdering his wife by the jury. (第六单元) (答案:D) A. sophisticated B. devoured C. positive D. guilty The lion ___________ the deer. (第六单元) (答案:B) A. undid B. devoured C. consumed D. possessed His recently bought new car ___________much less gasoline than the 1989 car he has just sold out. (第六单元) (答案: A) A. consumed B. resumed C. assumed D. presumed At 28, she already ______________ a big fortune including a villa , two cars, and a business firm registered in her name. (第六单元) (答案: C) A. proceeds B. processes C. possesses D. procedures The declaration strongly _____________some big powers for possessing large numbers of nuclear weapons. (第六单元) (答案: A) A. reproached B. possessed C. responded D. approached In a beautiful picture there is _____________ between the different colors. (第六单元) (答 案: D) A. symphony B. destiny C. ceremony D. harmony Trees are planted along both sides of the street at _____________ of ten feet. (第六单元) (答案: C) A. separations B. distances C. intervals D. gaps Like most of their classmates Alice and Joy also bought some pictures and posters to ___________the walls of their room. (第六单元) (答案: A) A. decorate






76. 77.




B. equip C. fill D. supply The businessman was sent to prison for trying to ____________ a tax official with money. (第 七单元) (答案: C) A. charm B. correct C. corrupt D. conquer In order to gain more profits, some businessmen try every means to _______ the officials in charge. (第七单元) (答案: D) A. compliment B. evaluate C. reward D. corrupt Religious and racial _______ is extremely important for a nation to maintain peace and order. (第七单元) (答案: C) A. interference B. loyalty C. tolerance D. enthusiasm After four hours of negotiation the hijackers finally _______ to the police. (第七单元) (答 案: A) A. surrendered B. submitted C. gave up D. turned Although numerous researchers have been done on Egyptian Pyramids, how they were built still remains a (an) _______.(第七单元) (答案: D) A. imagination B. secret C. fantasy D. mystery She felt ill. She went to work, _______, and tried to concentrate. (第七单元) (答案: B) A. instead B. however C. moreover D. indeed To learn English well, it’s necessary for students to _______ what they learn. (第七单元) (答案: C) A. set…into practice B. apply…into practice C. put…into practice D. place…into practice The heating system has recently been _______ to make it more efficient. (第七单元) (答案: B) A. installed B. modified C. removed D. decorated Susan warned herself not to _______ despair. She must stand up and fight. (第七单元) (答 案: B) A. rid herself of B. give way to C. work her way into D. take credit for A systematic study revealed that many modern languages ______________a common parent language. (第七单元) (答案: B) A. were descended from B. descended from C. ascended D. were ascended



1. We must redouble our efforts to___________________________(弥补失去的时 间). make up for the lost time 2. ___________________________(亿万富翁只有在美国才可以)carry on like plain folks and get away with it. Only in American can a billionaire 3. When I began to sing, she laughed and___________________________(使我感 到很不好意思). made me embarrassed 4. Villagers here used to ignore economic development by simply

___________________________(用农产品换取)manufactured goods. trading farm products for 5. Allen should have___________________________(懂得不该借) such a large sum of money to that untrustworthy cousin of his. known better than to lend 6. The new government is planning an anti-corruption campaign so as to ______________________(恢复人们的信心)in it. restore people’s confidence 7. Obviously, _______________________(他要强调的是) the impact of these findings rather
than the process that led to these findings. (答案:what he wanted to emphasize was)

8. ______________________________(令我大为失望的是) ,the manager’s plan to promote
the products didn’t work at all. (答案:To my great disappointment)

9. ___________________________ (没有理由去坚持这样的信念, 即) humans have no direct
moral responsibility to safeguard the welfare of animals. (答案: There is no reason to hold the belief that)

10. People from all over the country sent him messages ____________________________
贺他奥运会获得金牌). (答案:congratulating him on winning a gold at the Olympics)


11. Jack sounds very knowledgeable about computer science. ________________________ (他
一定受过专门训练). (答案:He must have received special training)

12. You must be mistaken. _______________________________ (就我所知),Steve didn’t make
these comments. (答案:To my knowledge)

13. He promised to study hard, but he ___________(令大家失望了)let everyone down 14. He was unaware that _______________________(他的问题就在于他的错误判断)his
trouble lay in his wrong judgment

15. If you won’t agree to our plan, _____________________ (他们也不会同意) neither will they

16. I approved of _______________________(他参加这项工程)his taking part in the project. 17. He wrote down what she had said __________________(以免忘记)lest he forget



regularly top enthusiastic before time addition use scholar attitude techniques You probably think you will never be a student. This is not necessarily so, however. Anyone can become a better if he or she wants to. It is true that you may not be about everything that you study, but by using your time properly you may improve your grades without work. Here’s how: 1. Plan you carefully. 2. Find a good place to study. 3. Scan you read. 4. Make a good your time in class. 5. Study . 6. Develop a good about tests. There are other that might help you with your studying. Only a few have been mentioned here. You will probably discover many others after you have tried these. 1. top 2. scholar 3. enthusiastic 4. addition 5. time 6. before 7. use 8. regularly 9. attitude 10. techniques

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