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《仁爱版》七年级下册英语 Unit 6 Topic 1 Is there 教学设计 a computer in your study ? Section A (学习后)

定安县龙塘中学 吴淑娇 一. 1. 教学目标 词汇:garden. dining room. kitchen.living room. bath room. bed

room. second. floor. upstairs.door. next to. in front of. behind 2. 重点句型:There is/are… Is/Are there…? Yes,there is/are. No,there isn’t/aren’t 3. 4. 语法:“There be” 句型 话题:a.谈论房屋内房间的类型。 b.谈论某处有某物。 c.简单谈论自己的家 二. 教学重点与难点 1. 重点:学习房屋内房间的类型 学习“There be” 句型并应用 2. 难点:“There be ”句型在实践中的应用

三. 教学过程 1. 复习


师生对话,复习现在进行时态 T: What day is it today? What class are we having ? Where are we ?



单词: garden, dining room, kitchen,living room, bath room, bed room, study. 带读这些单词。 (3). 利用图片和教室内学生的座位教学方位介词:in front of ,next

to ,behind . (4). 完成 3。 学生两人一组利用表格中的信息对话。 让几组学生表演。

2. 呈现 (1). 呈现 2a 图片,告诉学生“This is Jane’ house.”让学生仔细观察

2a 的图片,回答问题 . . . How many floors are there in this house ? How many rooms are there in this house ? What are the names of these rooms ?

帮助学生回答,引出“There be”句型并教学 floor, the first floor, the second floor..让学生将单词标号填入图中相应的位置。 (2). (3). 听 2a 录音,核对答案。读单词。 根据 2a 图片,引入 There is/are… Is/Are there…? Yes,there

is/are. No, there isn’t/aren’t. (4). 双人活动。让学生再看 2a 图片,两人一组编对话,完成 2b。叫

几组表演。 3. (1). (2). . . . (3). 巩固 让学生根据多媒体课件练习“There be” 句型。分组进行问答。 听 1a 录音,回答问题: Where is Jane’ bedroom ? Where is her study ? Is there a computer in her study ? 让学生读 1a 并找出重点句型, 介词短语和语法。 讲解 go upstairs ,

come in. (4). (5). 4. (1). (2). 让学生听录音跟读 1a,注意语音和语调。 分角色朗读 1a,并表演对话。 练习 根据 1a,完成 1b. 让学生用 There is 或 There are 描述一下自己的家或家里的东

西。如: There is a computer in my study . There are some books on the desk . 5. 综和探究活动

小组活动:让学生画出自己的房屋结构图,然后告诉同伴们自己喜欢 的房间,喜欢的原因及房间内的摆设。完成 4。如:

This is my study. It’s my favorite room. There is a big desk in my study. On the desk, there are some books… 6. 总结“There be ”句型,布置作业。

A Teaching Plan
By Zhou Qiuping Title:Unit 6 Topic 1 Section A There is a study next to my bedroom. Class: Class4,Grade7 of Yong’an No.6 Middle School Time: March 30th, 2015 I. Teaching aims and demands: 1. 能根据已学语音、音标及发音规则,正确朗读下列词汇和短语并在实际对话操练中加以应 用: beautiful, garden, bedroom, second, floor, and so on, upstairs, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, first 2.能够在情景对话中用 there be 句型描述屋内房间及基本摆设等; 3.能正确使用方位介词和介词短语 on,next to 等; 4. 能够就“存在、建议”等交际功能的基本法进行交流与对话操练,如: (1) There is a study next to my bedroom. (2) There is a sofa, a desk, some books and so on. (3) There is/are ? on the first/second floor. (4) —Why not go upstairs and have a look? —Let’s go. 5.能在学习的同时,热爱自己的生活环境;能够与同伴积极合作,参与课堂活动,大胆实践。 II. The key points and difficult points Key points: 1.掌握重点词汇和短语。beautiful, garden, bedroom, second, floor, and so

on, upstairs, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, first 等。 2. 方位介词和介词短语 on,next to 等。 3. There be 句型及操练。 Difficult points: 设。 III. Teaching aids :a computer,a blackboard IV. Teaching procedures Step Interaction pattern Revision (2 minutes) 1. The whole class 1.Sing a song:What are you work. doing? 1.Get ready learning. 2.Help the students revise the words and expressions students for Student activity Teacher activity 能够在情景对话中,学会用 there be 句型描述各个房间及屋内基本摆

in last unit. Presentation (15 minutes) 1. The whole class work. 2. Individual work work. and pair 1.Do 2a. Look at the 1.Present new

flashcards of 2a. Learn the new words about the rooms in homes.

words about the rooms in homes

with the help of

T: What’s he doing?Where the flashcards and is he cooking? T: Yes. In a kitchen.
the new sentence structure —

... 2. Do 2a & 2b. Listen to the tape of 2a and match the words or phrases with the pictures in 2a

“there be”. 2.Help students sum the up

the new sentence structure and the language points.

individually. Then check your answers with your partner. After that, make up new sentences according to the picture in 2a, using “there be” structure. 3.Individual work and the whol3. class work. e.g.There is a study on the

second floor. There is a beautiful garden in the picture. ...
3. sum up the structure of there be ,do some exs. 4. Watch a flash of 1a.Do 1b. 5. Let the Ss find the language points and

explain by themselves.

6. Listen and read. Consolidation (3 minutes) Individual work fill in the blanks of 1c Check the

and pair work.

according to 1a individually. answers. Then check your answers with your partner.

Practice (20 minutes)

1. Individual work work. and pair

1. Some



1.To be a good listener. 2. Help check the answers.

photos of their favorite rooms,use there be

2. Group work and structure to describe.Ask the whole class work. and answer.Compete. 3. Sit in groups. Draw pictures of their homes . Then talk about the

favorite rooms and reasons with group members. Production (5 minutes) Individual work Do some exs.and sum up. Check answers. the

and group work.

Assign the homework: 1.Review the words and practice the conversations in Section A with the partner; 2.Draw a picture of the ideal home. Write a composition to describe it.If you can, report it to the class next day; 3.Finish the Wb exs.

4.Preview Section B. Teaching reflection: 在本课中,学生学会了用 there be 句型来描述书本上以及自己家的房间,并能够表达、 谈论自己最喜欢的房间。本课的生词量比较大,因此教师应当多关注学困生,在他们学习的 过程中,给予更多的帮助,帮助他们顺畅地完成课堂英语的学习,给他们创造机会,引导其 他同学也来帮助他们,养成同学之间互相帮助、共同合作的好习惯。

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