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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 7 Cultural relics 短语冲关



1.give in 让步;投降;屈服;交上 [教材 P45 原句]It was under attack for 900 days,but the people of the city never gave in. 虽然被围困了 900 天,但这个城市的人们却从未屈服过。 ①At this climate conference, our government gave in in order to protect the benefits of other developing countries. 在气候大会上,为保护其他发展中国家的利益,我国政府作出了让步。 ②Please give your homework in as soon as possible. 请尽快把作业交上来。 give away 出卖;泄露;暴露;赠送

give off 发出(蒸汽、光等);长出(枝、杈等) give out 分发;发出(气味、热等);发表;用尽; 精疲力竭 give up 放弃(念头、希望等);停止;抛弃;认输

③The old lady gave_away most of her savings to the children in the disasterstricken area. 老太太把她的大部分积蓄都捐给了灾区的孩子们。 ④After two days our food gave_out, and we had to return.两天后食物耗尽了, 我们只好返 回。 2.bring ...back to life 使苏醒;使恢复生机 [教材 P45 原句]Painters and workers had to be very careful when they were trying to bring the city back to life. 当画家和工人们在尽力使这个城市恢复生机时,他们必须十分小心。 ①Only by hard work can the people of the town bring their hometown back to life. 只有通过辛勤劳动,城镇的人们才能使他们的城镇恢复生机。

bring about bring back bring in bring up bring down bring along bring out

引起;致使;造成 回忆;使返回;带回来;恢复 生产;挣得;介绍;引进 教育;培养;提出;呕吐 使倒下;降低;减少 把??带来 使显现;使表现出;阐明;出版

②But the findings further suggest that stress may bring about a double effect.(2012· 北京高 考阅读 C) 但是这些结果进一步表明压力可能会带来双重影响。 ③My photographs of Shanghai brought_back memories of my childhood there. 我在上海拍的照片使我回想起在那里度过的童年。 ④The discussion came alive when an interesting topic was_brought_in. 引入有趣的话题后,讨论开始生动起来。 3.set up 建起;设立;开办;资助(某人),扶持(某人);建立事业 [教材 P47 原句]The villagers set up a website to help people learn more about the cultural relics. 村民们建立了一个网站来帮助人们更多地了解那些文化遗产。 ①Let's set up the tent first,and build a fire later. 我们首先把帐篷搭起来,然后生火。 ②More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. (2012· 辽宁高考阅读 C) 最近,中国政府已经在 80 多个国家建立了孔子学院。 set about set aside set down set off set out set free set foot on/in 开始,着手 留出,拨出(时间等);把??搁置一边 放下;记下;写下 出发,启程;引起;(使)爆炸 动身,启程;开始;摆放;阐明,陈述 释放 踏上,到达,进入

③I_set_about researching the habits of snakes so I could trap them in the easiest way. 我着手研究蛇的习性,以便能用最简易的方法来捕蛇。 ④Set aside some time each day to write,even if it is only five minutes.

每天都留出一点时间来写作,哪怕五分钟也行。 ⑤They are expected to set_out to look into the case this week. 他们有可能在本周开始调查这一案子。

(2012· 全国卷Ⅱ)We ________ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day. A.set about C.set out B.set up D.set down

解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:我们开始着手刷整座房子,但是那天只刷完了前面的 部分。set out to do sth.表示“着手做某事”,符合句意。其他三项均不符合句意。 答案:C

Ⅰ.选词填空 in ruins,give in,bring ...back to life,come true,under attack,pull down 1.It is easier to ________________ than to build up. 答案:pull down 2.Although the doctors did everything they could,they weren't able to ____________ him __________________. 答案:bring;back to life 3. Both sides argued with reason, but neither would ________________________________. 答案:give in 4 . I hope his dream of becoming an artist will

______________________________________. 答案:come true 5.When an animal is ______________,it can run away or fight back. 答案:under attack 6.It's impossible to rebuild these old temples, because they are all ________________. 答案:in ruins Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 福建高考)You had better ________ some time every day for sports so that you can keep yourself energetic. A.set aside C.put away B.take up D.give out


持精力充沛。set aside“把??放置一旁;不理会;留出”;take up“拿起;抱起;继续”; put away“收起来;放好;储存”;give out“分发;公布;耗尽”。 答案:A 2.(2013· 桂林质检)I know my brother well. Once he has made up his mind, nothing can change it, but instead I usually ________. A.give off C.give out B.give away D.give in

解析:give off“发出”;give away“泄露;分发;捐赠”;give out“分发;公布;用 尽”;give in“屈服;让步;交上”。根据句意选 D 项。 答案:D 3.(2013· 阜新高三一模)Nearly all educators believe that a challenging situation can often ________ the best qualities of a person. A.bring up C.bring forward B.bring about D.bring out

解析:考查动词短语。句意:几乎所有的教育家都相信,一个具有挑战性的形式能够充 分反映出一个人的最佳品质。 bring out“显示出来, (使)表现出来”, 符合句意。 bring up“教 育;培养”;bring about“导致;引起”;bring forward“提出”。 答案:D