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吉林省吉林市第一中学校高中英语 Unit5 Canada“The True North” Section I Warming up and Reading练习

Unit 5 Canada—— “The True North” Section I Warming up and Reading

一、课前预习 I. 词义配对 1. quiz A. situated in or living in a city or town 2. chat B. not further than the specified period of distance 3. surround C. competition in which people try to answer questions to test their knowledge 4. measure D. place of shelter for ships 5. within E. friendly informal conversation 6. border F. each of the main land masses of the Earth 7. slight G. be all round sth/ sb 8. urban H. line dividing two countries or areas 9. continent I. not serious or important; small 10. harbour J. standard or system used in stating the size quantity or degree of sth II.重点短语 1 . 与其;不愿 __________________ __________________ 2. 定居;平静下来;专心于 ____________________________________ 3. 设法做 ____________________________________ 4. 看见;瞥见 ____________________________________ 5. 对?有天赋 ____________________________________ 6. 被?环绕着 __________________________________ __ 7. 第二大的 ____________________________________ 8. 直接飞往? ____________________________________ III.重点句型 1. Many people would rent a house ________ _______ buy a house. 很多人宁愿租房子,也不愿买房子。 2. He _______ ________ as a farmer with his family. 他和家人安顿下来务农。 3. How do you ________ _______ do such a thing? 你是怎么设法做这样的事? 4. _________ __________, you will pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests. 向东走,你会路过高山和数以千计的湖泊和森林。 5. Having been ___________ ___________ the enemy, we must fight our way out. 我们已被敌人包围,必须杀出一条血路。 二、重难点剖析 1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada. 她们不想一路乘飞机,她们决定飞到温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车横穿加拿大到达东海岸。 本句中的 rather than 表示“而不是;与其说是?,不如说是?” ,相当于 “instead

of”。 (1) I think I’ll have a cold drink rather than coffee. 我想喝冷饮,不想喝咖啡。 (2) He was reading the newspaper rather than writing a letter. 他正在看报纸而不是写信。 (3)John should go rather than Jean. 应该去的是约翰,而不是简。

rather than 后可以接名词、动词的各种形式等等,用来表达“而不是…”

(1)When I go out in the evening I use the bike ________ the car if I can. A. rather than B. regardless of C. in spite of D. other than (2)He stayed at home ___________ went outside. 他呆在家了而没有出去。 2. That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 那天下午表姐妹俩登上火车落了座。 aboard prep. & adv. 在船上、飞机上、火车上;上船、飞机、火车 e.g. We went aboard. 我们上了船(或飞机、车等) 。 He was already aboard the ship. 他已经上船了。

(1) What I’d like to kn ow is how you get _______ our flights. A. on the board B. abroad C. aboard D. board (2) All the people ________, we set off. A. went aboard B. went board C. aboard D. board 三、易错易混知识点 1. rather than/ more than/ less than / other than rather than 而不是 more than 多于;不仅仅;非常 less than 少于 other than 除了

(1) He has no friend ____________________ you. (2) _______________risk breaking up his marriage he told his wife everything. (3) Even under the best conditions, we couldn't finish in ________________ three days. (4). She wishes to be treated as nothing _____________ a common girl. 2. scenery/ scene/ view/ landscape scenery (不可数) 意为风景,景色,舞台背景,强调从美的角度看,某个国家或地区的总 体外贸。

scene 指看到的某一具体景色、景象,也可指人物的活动场面; (犯罪的)地点,现场。 view 指从某一角度、远处或者窗户看到的视野范围内的风景;观点,看法。 Landscape(自然的)风景,景色;风景画

(1) Seeing the happy __________ of children playing together there, I’m full of joy. (2) The __________ in southern part of TaiWan is beautiful beyond expression. (3) That is an oil paiting of a ______________ in spring. (4) I have a good ____________ from my apartment. 四、课后自测 (一)基础知识自测 I. 单词拼写 1. The pond is s______________ by trees. 2. Tom m_____________ the length of the room and left. 3. I'll be coming w__________ an hour. 4. She has a s____________ fever. 5. There are seven c___________ in the world. 6. He came round last week and we ___________ (闲谈) for a while. 7. They were near the __________ (边界) between France and Germany. 8. The __________ (行李) will be delivered to you at the station. 9. Jack went out and wandered __________ (向东). 10. Little Tom and the sailors spent two months ___________ (在船上). II. 用所给短语的正确形式填空 rather than; settle down; manage to do; catch sight of; have a gift for; be surrounded by; fly directly to; take a trip 1. These singers __________________________ music. 2. She is a career woman ________________ a housewife. 3. If I have enough money and time, I'm going to _____________________ abroad. 4. He took a few deep breaths to ______________ himself ________________. 5. Having ________________________ the enemy, we must fight our way out. 6. Don't let me ______________________ you doing it again! 7 . The plane _______________________ London. 8. How do you ______________________ such a thing? (二)能力提升自测 I. 单项填空 1. I’d prefer to stay at hom e _____ to see the film. A. than go B. rather than go C. than going D. than to go 2. My interests include football, bowling and surfing the web ____ studying my favorite subjects. A. as well as B. instead of C. less than D. rather than 3. I have done much of the work. Could you please finish ______ in two days ? A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others

4. To our great ___________, his parents were ___________ at his mark. A. surprises; surprised B. surprises; surprising C. surprise; surprised D. surprise; surprising 5. Your natural hair color begins to fade_________ you grow older,and in time you grow grey. A. since B. when C. while D. as 6. — Excuse me, are you traveling by train or meeting someone? — We are ________ the three o’clock train to Chicago. A. traveling B. waiting C. taking D. setting 7. The fact puzzled Jack much ________ he has been unable to pass the driving test up to now. A. why B. because C. how D. that 8. The faces of four famous America presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ________ of 60 miles. A. length B. distance C. way D. space 9. Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table within ________ of little children. A. hand B. reach C. space D. distance 10. — How far apart do they live? — ________ I know, they live in the same neighbourhood. A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as 11. She seems to __________ languages—whatever language she learns, she learns it well. A. take an interest in B. have a gift for C. take advantage of D. play a role in 12. The moment he stepped out of the hall, he was __________ by the fans and was asked to sign his name in their notebooks. A. spread B. served C. surrounded D. searched 13. _________ in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring. A. To walk B. Walking C. Walked D. Having walked 14. The true _________ of success for the U. N. is not how much we promise, but how much we deliver for those who need us most. A. importance B. measure C. outcome D. satisfaction 15. Mrs. Taylor has ________ 8-year-old daughter who has ________ gift for painting. A. a; a B. an; the C. an; a D. the; a II. 完成句子,根据汉语意思用上括号中所给的词汇或短语完成句子。 1. However does he ____________________(设法) write music when he is so deaf? (manage) 2.____________________(被包围) the police, they had no choice but to give in. (surround) 3.His mother told him to stay __________________________(在 100 米范围之内). (within) 4.She enjoys singing _________________________(而不是跳舞). (rather than) 5.They were the last two to ________________________(上船). (aboard)

(三)智能拓展训练 I.完形填空 By the time that a student reaches his senior year in high school, he is likely to believe that he is an expert in reading. No matter how _1_ he is, he can still improve. How do you read an article in a textbook? Do you have a certain _2 of doing it or do you just _3_ at the beginning and keep reading __4_ you come to the end? _5 _ students say that they use the “slow and sure” method. By this they mean they read every sentence slowly and _6_ . Every time they come to an _7_ word they stop __8_ what it means and, if necessary, looking it up in the _9_ . In this method a person _10_ has no time left for _11_ what he has read, for he has used all his _12_ in trying to get the meaning of each word to _13_ that he _14_ everything. Other students use what has been _15_the review method. Here a person tries to arrange his time _16_ he can read his lesson _17 _twice. This type of reading is _18_than the “slow and sure” method, for the lesson _19_ read rapidly or there will not be _20_ time left for a second reading. Which method do you think better? 1.A.high B.weak C.good D.well 2.A.idea B.way C.wish D . plan 3.A.stop B.read C.do D.start 4.A.after B.before C.until D.unless 5.A.Few B.Some C.No D.All 6.A.carefully B.carelessly C . correctly D.eagerly 7.A.useful B.important C.unknown D. old 8.A.thinking B.to think C.to understand D.to know 9.A.textbook B. grammer book C. English dictionary D. dictionary 10.A.always B.nearly C.almost D.probably 11.A.learning B.reviewing C . preparing D.considering 12.A.time B.energy C.mind D.money 13.A.think B. besure C. believe D. answer 14.A.wants B.remembers C.forgets D.understands 15.A.called B.said C.given D.known 16.A.because B.but C.as D.so that 17.A.at most B.no more than C . at least D.only 18.A.shorter B.faster C.nicer D.more important 19.A.can B.may C.must D.need 20.A.some B.no C.little D.enough II.单句改错 1. The house is surround by high walls. 2. I managed to setting him down. 3. It is very wet there that the trees are extremely tall. 4. Many of them have a gift in riding horses. 5. Canada’s population is ony slight over thirty million.

6. The girls were surprised at the fact which ocean ships can sail up the Great Lakes. 7. Canada has more fresh water than any country in the world. 8. Canada has one-third of the world’s total fresh water, and many of it is in the Great Lakes. 9. The thought that they could across the whole continent was exciting. 10. Go eastward, you’ll pass mountains and thousands of lakes and forests.

Module 3 Unit 5 Canada—— “The True North” Section I Warming up and Reading 一、课前预习 I. 词义配对 1. C 2. E 3. G 4. J 5. B 6. H 7. I 8. A 9. F 10. D II.重点短语 1. rather than 2. settle down 3. manage to do 4. catch sight of 5. have a gift for 6. be surrounded by 7. the second largest 8. fly directly to III.重点句型 1. rather than 2. settle down 3. manage to 4. Going east 5. surrounded by 二、重难点剖析 1. (1) A (2) rather than 2. (1) C (2) C 三、易错易混知识点 1. (1) other than (2) Rather than (3) less than (4) more than 2. (1) scene (2) scenery (3) landscape (4) view 四、课后自测 (一)基础知识自测 I. 1. surrounded 2. measured 3.within 4. slight 5. continents 6. chatted 7. border 8. baggage 9. eastward 10. aboard II. 1. have a gift for 2. rather than 3. take a trip 4. settle down 5. been surrounded by 6. catch sight of 7. flies directly to 8. manage to do (二)能力提升自测 I. 单项填空 1. B. 考查句型。prefer to do? rather than do 喜欢做某事而不愿做某事,故选 B。 2. A. 考查短语辨析。as well as 也;还;instead of 代替; less than 少于;rather than 不愿。本句意为“我的兴趣包括足球,保龄球,上网,也有学习我最喜欢的科目。 ” 3. A. 考查代词的用法。the rest 表示剩余的;其余的。 4. C. 考查 surprise 的用法以及词形变化。to one’s +名词,表示令某人?;surprised

意为“感到奇怪” ;surprising 意为“令人奇怪” ,故选 C。 5. D. 考查状语从句中连词用法。as 意为“随着” 。句意:随着年龄的增长,你的头发自然 的颜色开始褪色,迟早要变白。 6. C. 考查动词词义搭配。take the train 表示“乘火车” 。句意:我们将乘三点钟的火车 去芝加哥。 7. D. 考查名词性从句。从句解释名词 fact 的内容,从句不缺成分, 翻译时无词义, 应 该用 that 来引导。 8. B. 考查名词词义。length 长度;distance 距离;way 道路;space 空间,宇宙。从 60 英里的距离应该用 distance。 9. B. 考查名词搭配。with the reach of ?意为“在?的够到范围内” 。句意:不要将火 柴和香烟放在孩子能够到的桌子上。 10. B. 考查句型。as long as 只要;as far as 就?而言;as well as 也,还;as often as 经常。as far as I know 意为“据我所知” 。 11. B. 考查固定短语。take an interest in 对?感兴趣;have a gift for 对?有天赋; take advantage of 利用;play a role in 在?中扮演角色。根据语境,无论学什么都能学 好可知是有天赋。 12. C. 考查动词词义。spread 传播;serve 服务;surround 包围;search 搜寻。句意:他 走出大厅的那一刻,他被粉丝围住并且请求在他们的笔记本上签名。 13. B. 考查非谓语动词。walking 做伴随状语。句意:在一个三月的午后走在田野里的时 候,他能感受到春天的温暖。 14. B. 考查名词词义。importance 重要;measure 衡量标准;outcome 结果;satisfaction 满意。句意:对于联合国来说,成功的衡量标准不是我们允诺多少,而是我们给最需要帮助 的那些人捐助了多少。 15. C.考查冠词。8 前应该用 an;have a gift for 对?有天赋。 II. 完成句子 1. manage to 2. Surrounded by 3. within 100 meters 4. rather than dancing 5. get aboard the ship (三)智能拓展训练 I.完形填空 1. C. 由主句内容可推知。A 表意不清,D 作“好”讲时,是副词,不能作表语。 2. B. 本文讲的主要是阅读的“方法” ,所以 B 项符合语境。 3. D. 根据 keep reading 和 come to the end 可推知,这里应为“开始” 。另外,从 at the beginning 这一短语中也能得到启示。 4. C. 根据前后逻辑关系可以确定。 5. B. 与下一节的 other students 形成对比。 6. A. 为了“确信”sure 文中的内容,就得“仔细”阅读每一个句子。 7. C. 停下来考虑和查阅的意思,说明是遇到了“不认识的”词。 8. B. 根据文章应为暂停阅读法“考虑”该词的意思。stop doing 意为“停止做某事” ,不 符合文意。 9. D. 查阅生词应该在“词典”中,C 内涵较小,文中并未专指阅读英语书籍,所以不选。 10. D. 此处,即使所有学生都采用同一阅读方法,各人的阅读速度也是有差异的,所以不 能“总是” ,B、C 应该指具体情况,而本文论及的是一般现象。 11. B. 从下一节第一句中可以得到暗示。

12. A. 根据上下文可知用完的是“时间” 。 13. B. 根据上下文语境可知,此处指“确保” 。 14. D. 由 trying to get the meaning of each word 可推知,他这样做是“为了确保”to be sure 自己“理解”understand 所有的内容。 15. A. 四个选项中只要 call 可以接宾语补足语。 16. D. 后一分句表示的是目的。 17. C. at least 至少,符合语境。 18. B. 由后文的内容可知,这种阅读要比前一种阅读要快。 19. C. must 表示“必要性” 。need 作为情态动词时不用于肯定句。 20. D. 之所以快速读完第一篇,就是为了留下“足够的”时间来复读。 II.单句改错 1. surround---surrounded 2. setting---set 3. very---so 4. in---for 5. slight---slig htly 6. which---that 7. country 前加 other 8. many---much 9. across---cross 10. Go---Going