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2014届高考英语(大纲版)第一轮三关复习测试:Unit 5 The silver



体裁:记叙文(2013 浙江高考预测卷作文题) 话题:老太太被一辆车撞倒的交通肇事逃 逸事件 [佳作选登] ①With the increase of the number of the cars in cities, there are more and more traffic accidents on the road. ②Last week, a terrible accident left a deep impression on me. It occurred on my way home from school. I witnessed an old woman was knocked over by a white car. What was worse, the driver drove away immediately, leaving the seriously injured victim on the road. Luckily, someone telephoned the police. About ten minutes later, a police car and an ambulance arrived. The old woman was carried into the ambulance and taken to hospital. The policemen took down details of the accident. Personally, I think drivers should, first of all, be aware of safe driving. They should also develop the sense of morality and responsibility. Those who are blind to life shall answer for what they have done. Only in this way can we hope to live in a harmonious society.,[佳句变式] ①-A: As the number of the car increases in cities, there are more and more traffic accidents on the road. ①-B: The increase of the number of the cars in cities has led to more and more traffic accidents on the road. ②-A:Last week, a terrible accident impressed me greatly. ②-B:What impressed me greatly was an accident which happened last week.

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 一、考纲词汇识记 1.scene n. 2.award n. 3.director n. 4.speed vt.& vi. n. 场面;情景;布景 奖;奖品 导演;主任;理事;董事 加快;飞跑 速度

5.industry n. 6.owe vt.& vi. 7.prize n. 8.live adv. adj.

工业;行业;产业 欠(债等);感激;把??归功于 奖赏;奖金;奖品 现场地;直播地

实况转播的;活的;生动的;精力充沛的 评论;注释;意见

9.comment n.& vi.

10.action n. 动作;情节;作用;举动 11.career n.事业;生涯→occupation/profession(近义词)职业 12.choice n.选择;抉择;精选品→choose vt.选择 13.accept vt.接受;认可 vi.同意;承认→acceptable adj.可接受的→acceptance n.接受; 接纳 二、高频词汇活用 (一)一言辨异 14. Her ________ look told me that she had ________ on going to college and as she is a girl with great ________ , nothing can stop her once she is ______________ to do something.(determine) 答案:determined;determined;determination;determined (二)用 peace 及其派生词的适当形式填空 15.(1)The two countries used to be at war for many years,but now they were at ________. (2)He gave up a rich life for his ideas and fought for his country to be free from the UK in a ________ way. 答案:(1)peace (2)peaceful Ⅱ.重点短语必背 1.take_off 2.go_wrong 3.owe_sth._to_sb. 4.in_all 5.lock_sb_up 6.run_after 7.play_a_role/part_in 8.bring_sb_back 9.on_the_air 10.make_comments_on 11.think_highly_of 成功;成名;脱掉(衣服);(飞机)起飞 走错路,误入歧途;不对头;出毛病 把??归功于某人 总共;总之 将某人锁于某处不得进出;将某人监禁起来 追赶 在??起作用;参与 送回某人 正在播出的 对??作出评价 对??高度评价

12.be_determined_to_do_sth./determine_to_do_sth. 决心做某事;坚决做某事 Ⅲ.经典句型必会 1.The reason why he could not go there was that his grades were too low. 他不能去那儿的原因是分数太低。 解读:本句为 the reason why ...is/was that ...句型,意为“??的原因是??”。 仿写:我之所以迟到是因为我遇到了堵车。 ______________________________I was caught in a traffic jam. 答案:The reason why I was late was that 2.When asked about the secret of his success,Steven Spielberg said that he owes much of his success and happiness to his wife and children. 当被问到他成功的秘诀时,史蒂文· 斯皮尔伯格说他的成功和幸福主要归功于他的妻子 和孩子。 解读:when asked ...是一个状语从句省略句型。 仿写:这台机器如不修便毫无用处。 ____________________,the machine is of no use. 答案:Unless repaired 3.Many people like this film not just because the story itself is moving,but also because most of the people in the film use their real names and play themselves. 许多人喜欢这部电影并非仅仅因为故事感人,而且因为影片中的大多数人用的是真名, 扮演的是他们自己在生活中的真实角色。 解读:not just/only ...but also ...不但??而且??。 仿写:这位女士在我们的小镇很出名,不仅因为她有甜美的嗓音,而且还因为她是一个 出色的舞者。 The lady is wellknown in our town,______________ for her sweet voice ____________ as an excellent dancer. 答案:not just/only;but also 4.While watching Titanic,most people couldn't help crying when it came to the scene in which Jack saves the life of the girl but dies in icy water himself. 在观看《泰坦尼克号》的时候,当看到杰克救了那个女孩的生命而自己却死在冰水里的 场景时,大多数人都禁不住哭了。 解读:can't help doing sth.禁不住做某事。 仿写:看见妈妈时,小女孩禁不住笑了。 When seeing her mother,the little girl __________________________________________. 答案:couldn't help laughing

1.award n.奖;奖品 vt.颁奖;授奖;判给;裁定 [教材 P30 原句]After graduating,she went to New York,where she started working as an actress and won the Theater World Award for her role in a play. 毕业后,她去了纽约,在那里当了一名女演员,后来因为她在一个戏剧中所扮演的角色 而获得了“戏剧世界”奖。 (1)award sb.sth./award sth.to sb. be awarded for ... (2)win an award present an award 授予某人某物 因??而受奖 获奖 颁奖

①It is reported that Mr Wang was awarded a medal for bravery. 据报道王先生因其英勇行为而被授予奖章。 ②He won_an_award for his excellent performance. 他因其优异表现而获奖。

award,reward (1)award 指为鼓励在工作中达到或完成所提出的要求或条件的人而进行的奖励, 往往强 调荣誉而不在乎奖品的大小或奖金的多少,多指奖状或其他表彰物。 (2)reward 意为“奖赏;报答;酬谢;酬劳”,重点在于对好的行为的回报或者对功绩 的奖励。作动词时一般以人或人的行为作宾语,如果接表示奖赏、报答的具体事物,常用 reward sb. with sth.结构。 [自填助记] 用 award,reward 的适当形式填空 ①A medal was awarded to the best speller in the class. ②She started singing to the baby and was rewarded with a smile. 2.owe vt.& vi.欠(债等);应该向(某人)付出;把??归功于(to);感激;负有(义务) [教材 P32 原句] ...,Steven Spielberg said that he owes much of his success and happiness to his wife and children. ??,史蒂文· 斯皮尔伯格说他的成功和幸福主要归功于他的妻子和孩子。

(1)owe sth.to sb.

欠??(钱、债物等);把??归 功于;为??而应感谢

owe sb.sth. owe it to sb.that ...

欠某人某物 多亏了某人的帮助才??

(2)owing to/because of/due to/as a result of/thanks to/on account of 由于,因为 ①Even if I pay back all the debts I owed you,I still owe gratitude to you. 即使我还上所有欠你的债,我还是欠你一份人情。 ②The old man owes_his_good_health_to a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. 老人把他的健康归功于均衡的饮食和有规律的体育锻炼。 ③I owe it to you that I finished my work in time. 多亏你帮忙,我才及时完成了工作。 ④Owing to the heavy fog,the flight to Shanghai was cancelled. 飞往上海的航班由于大雾被取消了。 3.scene n. 现场;景色,风景;背景,场景 [教材 P29 原句]What do you think happens before this scene? 你认为在这场景之前会发生什么事? ①We all stood at the far end of the studio as workmen prepared the scene, setting up trees at the edge of a winding path. (2012· 全国卷Ⅰ阅读 B)

当工作人员准备这场戏时,我们都站在摄影棚的尽头,在一条弯曲的路边布置树木。 ②The_scene_of_that_movie is set in Paris in the 1920s. 那部电影以 20 世纪 20 年代的巴黎为背景。 on the scene behind the scenes the scene of the accident 在现场 在后台,在幕后 事故现场

③They rushed to the scene of the traffic accident. 他们火速赶到车祸现场。 ④Journalists were on_the_scene within minutes of the crash. 撞车事故发生几分钟后新闻记者就到达了出事现场。

scene,scenery,view,sight (1)scene 指展现在眼前的情景,也可以指 scenery 的一部分,大多包括景物中的人及活 动在内。 (2)scenery 指某地总的自然风景或景色,尤指美丽的乡间景色。 (3)view 常指从远处或高处看到的 scenery 的一部分。

(4)sight 则既可以指场景、眼前看到的景观,又可以指名胜、风景,sight 指景物时,多 指特有的名胜,此时要用复数。 [自填助记] 用 scene,scenery,view,sight 的适当形式填空 ①We passed through some beautiful scenery on our journey through the Lake District. ②Do you remember the scene in the play where Susan meets Alan for the first time? ③The Great Wall is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. ④While climbing the mountain,we enjoyed the warm sunshine and a beautiful view. 4.choice n.选择;抉择;选择机会;选择权 [教材 P30 原句]During the 1980s and 1990s she won many more prizes while acting in famous films such as Sophie's Choice(1982). 在 20 世纪八九十年代,她出演了诸如《索菲的抉择》(1982 年)等著名电影而多次获奖。 ①I don't have much choice;I'll have to do it. 我没有多少选择的余地,只能做这事了。

(1)make a choice


have no choice but to do sth. 除做??之外别无选择 (2)choose v. cannot choose but choose from 挑选,选择;决定;情愿,宁愿 不得不,只好 从??中选择

②If I were young,I would make a different choice. 如果我还年轻,我会做出另一种选择。 ③At that time he had_no_choice_but_to_do_it_again. 当时,他别无选择,只能再做一次。 ④He cannot choose but attend the party. 他只好去参加这次聚会。 ⑤We have many brands for you to_choose_from. 我们有很多牌子供您选择。

(2012· 陕西高考)If he takes on this work, he will have no choice but ________ an even

greater challenge. A.meets C.meet B.meeting D.to meet

解析:考查不定式固定搭配。句意:如果他承担这项工作,他将别无选择,只有面对更 大的挑战。have no choice but to do sth.“别无选择,只有做某事”。 答案:D 5.determine vi.决定,确定;使决定,使下决心 vt.决定;决心 [教材 P34 原句]When she hears that Huike has gone to town,she becomes very worried and determines to bring Huike back safely. 当她听到慧科去了市里时很着急,她决定去把慧科安全地带回来。 ①It is your efforts rather than your intelligence that determine your success. 决定你成功的是你的努力而非智力。

(1)determine to do sth. determine sb.to do sth. determine on/upon determine+从句 (2)determined adj.

决定做某事(动作) 使某人决定做某事 决定 决定?? 坚定的,坚决的,决意的

be determined to do sth./thatclause 决心做某事(状态) (3)determination n. 决心,决定,确定

②His encouragement determined_me_to_carry_on with the work. 他的鼓励使我决心把这项工作继续干下去。 ③The tests will help the doctors determine what treatment they should use. 这些测试有助于医生确定使用何种治疗方式。 ④She gave_me_a_determined look — the kind that said she wouldn't change her mind. 她给了我一个坚定的眼神——表明她是不会改变主意的。 ⑤We were determined that we should never allow such things to happen again. 我们决定绝不允许再发生这种事情。 6.live adv.现场地;直播地 adj.实况转播的;活的;生动的;精力充沛的

[教材 P34 原句]She wants them to let her appear live on the air,hoping that Huike will see her. 她要求他们让她直接在电视上露面,希望慧科能看到。 ①The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games was televised live all over the world. 2012 伦敦奥运会开幕式对全世界现场直播。 ②Cruelly, the boat boss gave up rescuing_the_live lives. 无情的是,那位船老板竟然放弃拯救活生生的生命。

live,alive,living,lively (1)live 指“活着的,现场直播的”,通常作前置定语。 (2)alive 通常用作表语、后置定语或补语。常用来指人,有时也可指物(动作),作表语时 可与 living 互换。 (3)living 既可用作定语,也可用作表语,修饰表示人或物的名词。 (4)lively 活泼的,充满生气的,生动有趣的,用作定语或表语,既修饰人,又修饰物。 [自填助记] 用 live,alive,living,lively 填空 ①The teacher told the young lively children a very lively story. ②Let's keep the fish alive. ③He is regarded as one of the best living writers at present. ④It wasn't a recorded show;it was a live TV broadcast.

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The police are driving to the scene of the accident with great ________(速度). 答案:speed 2.After working in different fields,I finally chose drama as my ________(职业). 答案:career 3.The director told Julia to make a ________(选择) between the two roles in the film. 答案:choice 4.Reporters and the policemen were soon on the ________(现场) after the accident. 答案:scene 5.I didn't make many ________(评论) about the event,because I believed that different people had different ideas. 答案:comments

6.China has given birth to many national ________(英雄) in history. 答案:heroes 7.The Olympic winner received a gold medal as an ________(奖品). 答案:award 8.Each of us must take responsibility for our own ________(行为). 答案:actions Ⅱ.单项填空 1. (2013· 金陵中学高三一模)Jack went to college last year, ________ to return home until he achieves his goal. A.determining not C.not determining B.not determined D.determined not

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:杰克去年上大学了,决心实现他的目标才回家。此处过 去分词短语作伴随状语,not 否定不定式,故置于其前。 答案:D 2. (2012· 雅安模拟)At the seventh International Ballet Competitions , Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever ________ to an American male dancer. A.awarded C.being awarded B.to be awarded D.should be awarded

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:在第七届国际芭蕾舞比赛中,Fernando Bujones 获得了 有史以来奖给美国男舞蹈演员的第一枚金牌。the first gold medal 与 award 之间是被动关系, 且该动作已经发生,故用过去分词短语作后置定语。 答案:A 3.I ________ you an apology.I am so sorry to have put you through so much trouble. A.owe C.make B.demand D.accept

解析:I owe you an apology.“我该向你道歉”。后面的 I am so sorry to have put you through so much trouble“很抱歉给你带来这么多麻烦”是提示信息。 答案:A 4.What a beautiful ________! The children are singing and dancing in the park! A.view C.scenery B.sight D.scene

解析:句意:多么美丽的情景!孩子们正在公园里唱歌和跳舞!根据这四个词的意思和 语意可知,应选 D。view 指从某一个角度看到的风景;sight 既可以指场景,眼前看到的景 观,也可以指风景,名胜;scenery 是风景的总称,不可数名词;scene 指展现在眼前的场景。

答案:D 5.Having left my key in the office,I had no ________ but to wait for my wife to come back from work. A.choice C.opinion B.decision D.comment

解析:句意:我把钥匙落在办公室里了,只好等妻子下班回家。have no choice but to do sth.“除做??之外别无选择”。 答案:A