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考研英语词汇及例句 每日例句 1,Sth must be done about it.必须想办法做点什么 2,i quite agree with you. 我很赞同你的意见 3,zip your fly(lips).闭嘴 4,who invited the …… 谁发明了…… 5, he's full of zip.他精力充沛 6,a ture friend will not wear a false face 真正的朋友不是口是心非 7,i must admit that is ture.that ,I must admit ,is ture.我必须承认这是真的. 8,go at once while there is yet time .马上走!趁现在有时间 9\wo have a lot in common.我们有很多共同点. 10,whatever you think is fine with me ,你怎么想都我无所谓(我随变你) 11,I'm not myself today.今天我心神不宁 12,I'm under a lot of pressure.我压力很大 13,would you care for a drink?来一杯怎么样? 14\it really comes in handy.真的是伸手即来. (有了它太方便了) 15,it is out of the question. =that's impossible . 16,pain past is pleasure.伤痛过后是快乐 17,some American manufacturers said the Chinese currency is nudervaluede by as much as 40%,they contend that this is the key reason for american's huge trade deficit with china.they say it is also the major factor in the loss of millions of American manufacturing iobs over the past decade. 一些美国制造上认为中国的货币被低估了 40%,他们坚持那是美国与中国巨大贸易逆差的 关键因素,并说着也是导致美国过去十年制造业减少数以万计的岗位的主要因素. 18,what do you think of the proposals put forward by sb?你认为某人给出的建议怎么样呢?

每日词汇 Z 1,zael,/zi:l/ 热情 for his zeal redoubled 他热情倍增 zeal witout prudence is frenzy 热情而不谨慎就是狂热 zeal is no excuse 热情无需接口 z is for zeal ,zeal should not outrun discretion z 表示热情,热情要谨慎 2,zebra, a animal Chinese means 斑马 For zebra strips means 斑马线 zebra crossing 人行横道 I see a zebra in the zoo. Seemingly everyone likes zebra 3,zero ,0 below zero,sub-zero 零度以下 absolute zero 绝对零度 Ten degrees below zero 零下十度 4,zigzag n,之字形的 vt,使曲折,使弯曲

For a zigzag(winding) path 之字形小路 a zigzag lion 一条之字形线 He walks on a zigzag(winding) path 他在一条之字形小路上行走 5,zink n 锌

6,zip n 拉链 vt 拉开或拉上 Zip up 拉上 zip your fly(lips)!闭嘴 Who invited the zip-fastener?谁发明了拉链? These new trains really zip along.这些新火车行驶的真的快 7,zone n 地区 vt 分区,划分地带 Paece zone,和平地带 8,zoo n 动物园

9,zoom vi 飞驰,飞速掠过,价格急剧上涨,n 飞驰,嗡嗡声,adj 变焦的 A zoom telescope 变焦望远镜.I have camera with a zoom lens 我有个相机带变焦镜头 Overnight trading caused share prices to zoom(up) 一夜的交易使得股票价格直线上涨 10,false adj 假的,虚伪的 11,ture adj 真的 false appearance 假象 false tooth 假牙

Y 12,yes 是的 13,year n 年,年底, Year after year,年复一年 sidereal year 恒星年 financial (fiscal)year 财务年度 Light year 光年 14,yearly adj 一年一度的 Yearly income 年收入 Interest is paid yearly.利息分年兑现 15,yellow n,adj 黄,黄色的 Yellow alert 黄色预警 the yellow race 黄种人 light yellow 浅黄色 16,yesterday n,adj The day before yesterday 前天 17\you 18\your ,your opinion 你的高见;it's your fault 19\yours 20\yourself 常用短语 Just yourself ,Please yourself,Help yourself ,Suit yourself 请自便 Undersell yourself 低估自己 Relax yourself 放松 Youself on yourself depend 自力更生

Prepare yourself 做好准备 Calm yourself 镇定一下 Cold yourself 冷静
It is your book it is mine it is hers it is our book the book is yours it is my book it is her book it is ours



21,youth n 年轻,青年 Youth work 青年工作 youth movement 青年运动 One's youth 某人的青年 youth place 青年宫 Reigain youth 恢复青春 ardent youth 热血青年 Wast one's youth 挥霍某人的青春 a misspend youth 虚度的青春 International youth organization 国际青年组织 22,youthful adj 充满活力的,青年的,朝气蓬勃的 For :youthful pleasure 青年的娱乐 Youthful energy 青年的活力; 23,young adj 青年的,n 青年 For example ,young people 年轻人;young heart 年轻的心 Young pioneer 青年团员 24,youngster 青年人 For example :I rode the youngster on my back.我用我的背背着小孩 I used to be a confidense youngster .我曾经是个自信的少年 25,yield ①vt,收获,产量,收益,for example :crop yield 作物产量 Stock yield 股票收益;bond yield 债券收益 yield table 收益表 This land yield well. This old tree yields apples every year still. A cow will yield several gallons of milk every day. His business yields big profits every year.他的企业每年获利很多. *It yielded us great profit. 他给我们带来巨大利益 ②vt 屈从,服从,让出;for example : yield condition 屈从服从条件 We shall never field.我们绝不屈服(投向) We were forced to field the city .我们被迫放弃城市 He fielded me his book. he fieled his book to me 他把 书让给我了. Field sb sth,field sth to sb.


yield 全部产量

③vi,变形折断坍塌 The shelf beginning to yield under the heavy weight.架子在重压下开始坍塌. 让位于,被……所取代(常加 to) The long cruel winter came to an end at last,yielding to a warm spring 严寒漫长的冬天终于接近尾声, 取而代之的是温暖的春天. ④n 产量收益 All these have helped raise farm yield steadily.这些措施帮助农业产量稳步增加 The yield on his shares have increasede this year .今年他的股票收益增加了

26,yet [jet] Adv,依然仍然, For example :he can't drive yet,他仍然不会开车 The girl loves the boy yet. The job is not finished yet. He said he have not received a letter from her yet.他说他至今未收到她的信件 Adv 已经 The children have come to home yet.孩子们已经回家了 This is the biggest underground lake yet discoveed.这是迄今为止发现的最大地下湖. Adv 甚至,更加 You must work harder yet.你须更加努力 He will surprise all of us yet.他会让我门大吃一惊 Conj(连接词)但是,然而 He lives alone,yet(but) he is happy. I agree with you,but I can't consent yet.我同意你的观点,但我不答应(允许) He is funny,yet (but )you can't help liking him.他很搞笑,但你会喜欢他 Can't help doing sth.情不自禁做某事 27,yell [jel] vi,vt,n 叫喊,大叫 That gave him a chance to yell. He yelled with fright.他惊恐大叫 They yelled the oath,他们大声宣誓, He yelled his defiance.他大声抗议 They yelled their goodbyes when the bus left. 28,yeast[ji:st]n 酵母,酵母菌 29,yawn[j:n] n 哈欠,枯燥的事务 vi 打哈欠 He yawned and fell asleep. He yawned heavily . He yawned during the lecture.讲座过程中他在打哈欠 His yawns suggested he was either tired or bored .他的哈欠表示他要么累了要买烦了. The meeting is a big yawn from start to finish.自始至终会议就十分枯燥. @yawning 宽阔的,难以逾越的 There is a yawning gap between rich and poor.

贫困与富有有难以逾越的鸿沟 30,yard [j:d]n 院子,场地,量词码 You can play outside ,but you must't leave the yard. The children are playing in the yard.

X x-ray,x 射线 u

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