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请将近年的广东高考语法填空题都认 认真真做一遍,请在解题的过程中思考:
1.短文体裁:记叙文、说明文,还是议论文? 2.主要考点:没有题示词的纯空格题主要填了 哪几类词?有提示词的题主要考查了哪几类语 法知识?


One day, Nick invited his friends to supper. He was cooking some delicious food in the kitchen. Suddenly, he 16 ______(find) found that he had run out of salt. So Nick called to his son, “Go to the village and buy some salt, but pay a fair price for it: neither too nor17 ___ too little.” much His son looked surprised.

“I can understand why I shouldn’t pay too why much, Father, but if I can pay less, 18 ____ not save a bit of money?” “That would be a very 19reasonable _________ (reason) thing to do in a big city, but it could destroy a small village like ours,” Nick said. Nick’s guests, 20 _____ had heard their who conversation, asked why they should not buy salt more cheaply if they could.

Nick replied, “The only reason a man would at a lower price would be because sell salt 21 __ he was desperate for money. And anyone who took advantage of that situation would be for showing a lack of respect 22 ____ the sweat and struggle of the man who worked very hard to produce it.”

“But such a small thing couldn’t 23 possibly _______ (possible) destroy a village.” “In the beginning, there was only 24 a ___ very small amount of unfairness in the world, but everyone added a little, always 25 thinking ________(think) that it was only small and not very important, and look where we have ended up today.”

请归纳这篇文章的考点设置 有提示词 : 纯空格:

纯空格 有 提 示 词

连词17),介词21;22), 冠词24),从句引导词20), 疑问副词18)

谓语动词16),非谓语动词25), 词性转换19;23)

除了这些,还可能会考:比较等 级


1.人称代词——当句子缺主语或宾语时, 填人称代词

[例1] Behind him were other people to whom he was trying to talk,but after some minutes ______ they walked away and sat near me,looking annoyed.
此处缺主语,填代词,指代 前面的other people

[例2]He asked his teacher, “Sir,the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like ____? ” it 此处缺宾语,填代词,指代前 面的the water

2.限定词——在名词或“形容 词+名词”前, 填限定词

限定词是指冠词、形容词性物 主代词,或可以作定语的不定代 词等。

[例3]A young man,while traveling through a desert, came across a spring of clear water. _____ The water was sweet. 冠 词

[例4]The young man went home with a happy heart. After the student left,the teacher let another ___ student taste the water. 不定代词

[例5] It is said that a shorttempered man in the Song Dynasty (960—1279) was very anxious to help ___ his rice crop grow up quickly. 形容词性物主代词

3.介词——当空格后的名词或动 名词不是作主语、表语也不是作 动词的宾语时,应为介词的宾语 ,故填介词
此时,要根据搭配的需要或句意的需 要,如动词与介词的搭配,介词与后面名 词的搭配等来确定填具体哪个介词。


new boy looked at the teacher _______ a few for seconds and…


4. 关联词——当空格前后都是 句子且这两个句子之间没有关 联词时,填关联词 具体填哪个关联词,由两句之间 的逻辑关系来决定。关联词包括 连词和从句引导词。


was very tired after doing this for a whole day, but ____ he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” higher. 转折连词

[例8]Of course whenever they turned to look at him, they had to look at Mary, which ____ made her feel like a star. 定语从句的引导词

谓语动词(时态和语态) 非谓语动词 词性的转换 形容词或副词的比较/最高级

有 提 示 词

1.谓语动词——当句子缺少谓语 动词时,括号中的动词就是谓语 动词

此时,要根据语境确定用哪种时态 ,根据主语与该动词的主动或被动关系 确定用主动语态还是用被动语态,还 要考虑主谓一致,以及是否要用虚拟 语气。

[例9]“Your father has at last decided to stop smoking,” Janeinformed ________ (inform). was

2.非谓语动词——当句中已有谓语动词又 没有并列连词与括号中的动词

若是非谓语动词就要确定用 doing形式,done形式,还是 to do 形式。非谓语的形式一定要 考虑它与其逻辑主语之间 的关系

[例10]He suddenly appeared in class one day, _______ wearing (wear) sun glasses. he与 wear是主动关系, 用现在分词

例11…….Lessons_________ learned (learn) in sports can help us in our dealing with other people. lessons 与learn是被动关系, 用过去分词

[例12] For example,the proverb, “plucking up a crop ______ to help(help) it grow”, is based on the following story.

“帮助禾苗长”是“将禾苗拔高” 目的,用不定式作目的状语

3.比较等级——当括号中所给 词是形容词或副词且空格处需 要的仍是形容词或副词时,很 可能填该词的比较级(或最高级 ) 要善于分析语境,辨别省 略了than…的隐性比较级。

[例13]It might have made it a little ______ harder (hard) for everybody… 因made it后作宾补,要用形容 词;而hard作“困难的”解本身 就是形容词,所以应考虑用其 比较级

4. 词类转化——当空格处所需词
类与括号中所给词的词类不同时, 就需要词类转化

我们可根据以下3点顺利解题: (1) 作主语或宾语用名词形式 (2) 作定语、表语或补足语用形容词形式 (3) 修饰动词、形容词或另一副词,作状 语,用副词形式

[例14] His teacher took a deep drink,smiled warmly ____ (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. 修饰谓语动词smiled,用副词

[例15]But Jane knew from past experience that her choice ______ (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father. 在that引导的宾语从句中作主语 应当用名词,或者说,在形容词 性物主代词后,一定是用名词

[例16] This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their ____ (nature) course. natural

(2013年广州调研)Once, in a lovely garden, lived the most beautiful butterfly in the world. She was so pretty, and had won so many beauty competitions 16 ____ that she had become very proud. One day, the naughty cockroach(蟑螂)got fed up with her showing to teach off, and decided 17 ________(teach) her a lesson.

She went to see the butterfly, and in front of everyone she told her that she wasn’t really that beautiful, and that the butterfly because the only won the competitions 18 ________ judges had been paid. In 19 _______ reality (real), the cockroach was the most beautiful. The butterfly was angry and told the cockroach, “I 20will ________(beat) you in a beat beauty competition, with whichever judges you yourself choose.”

“OK, I accept. See you on Saturday,” answered the cockroach, and left 21 ____ without waiting for a reply. That Saturday everyone went to 22 ____ the beauty competition. The butterfly arrived completely confident of victory until she saw 23 _____ who the judges were: cockroaches, them preferred worms, beetles. All of 24 ______ the ugliness and bad smell of the cockroach.

sobbing (sob) The butterfly was left 25 ________ and disappointed, wanting never to enter another beauty competition in her life. Fortunately, the cockroach forgave the butterfly for her pride and they became friends.

16.that(结果状语从句引导词) 17.to teach(非谓语) 18.because(原因状语从句引导词) 19.reality(名词) 20.will beat(谓语) 21.without(介词) 22.the (冠词) 23.who(宾语从句引导词) 24.them(代词) 25.sobbing(非谓语)


1、通读全文、了解大意、把握特征、弄清文脉。 2、巧用已知,连线画图、降低难度、铺平道路。 3、理解句意、分析结构、大胆猜测、各个击破 。 4、重读全篇、仔细核查、语法正确、语意贯通。


? 学习建议:
? 1、掌握单词、词组 ? 2、懂得分析句子结构 ? 3、多听、多说、多读、多写,增强语感

? Homework: ? Finish Exercise 2 and 3

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