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人教新课标必修 5 Unit 4

Making the news

一、单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇) 1. After graduation he took an o______________as a teacher in the city. 2. The a______________offered by the manager is difficult for him to finish. 3. An expert is a man who is engaged in p______________ business. 4. All his c______________who work with him in the same factory are all ready to help others. 5. You should c_____________on your work when you study. 6. In the__________(案子) of Ma Haitao, he was treated unfairly. 7. We also can a__________________knowledge during playing. 8. He hit me on the head with a ball d_____________which made me very angry. 9. He felt g________________after he stole some money from the old couple. 10. His________________ (简练) introduction of the product got great interest of the people. 11. He worked as a e________________in that newspaper. 12. She graduated from English d__________________of Beijing University. 13. Don't just say almost, nearly…… , what we need is a____________number. 14. My shoes are so dirty that they need to be P______________. 15. I can't understand your meaning, can you give me a little h____________. 16. Before marrying,they always made an a ___________ in that park. 17. If I've hurt your feelings, it was quite without_______________(有意) 。 18. Her father will never a_____________(同意) of her marriage to you. 19. I don't want a _______________(否定的) answer to my question. 20. In harvest time, he has to______________(雇佣) more people to work for him. 21. A p_____________is a type of job that required advanced education or training. 22. If you have an a__________with someone, you have arranged to see them at a particular time, usually in connection with their work. 23. An i___________that you have is an idea or plan of what you are going to do. 24. Your o______________________is your job. 25. Industrial development is being_______________(集中) in the west of China. 26. He had to rewrite his essay , because his teacher said it needed some ___________________(润饰) in language. 27. The little boy cried_____________(故意地) to draw his mother's attention. 28. An __________(精确的) instrument is able to give you information that is correct to a detailed level. 29. Some smoking and alcoholic drinks are an _________ (获得的) taste and are not in born. 30. The busy mother feels really _________(内疚的) at forgetting her daughter's birthday again. 二、短语翻译 1.全神贯注于___________ 2.因……指责或控告___________ 3. 为了(做……)___________ 4.填(表)________________ 5.依靠;依赖_______________ 6. 传递_________________ 7.开始工作________________ 8.最终;最后______________ 9.从事于_______________ 10.被用在……上(中)___________ 11.应该,本应 12.对…有敏感的嗅觉


13.在…方面帮助某人 15.赞同;赞成

14.了解;熟悉某事 16.在…前面

三、完成句子 1. We should_____________(保卫) ourselves against the coming flood. 2. They found that cave__________________(意外地) 。 3. It's necessary for young people to receive_________ _________(正规教育) 4. They are all________ ____________that idea(反对) 。 5. You should concentrate yourselves on the class and avoid ________ ________. 6.消费者利益保护委员会的创立旨在保护顾客的权益,使其免受奸商的欺诈。 The Consumer Council exists to__________ the customers' right and interests ___________ unscrupulous traders. 7. 那个著名的教授被指控偷取学生的理念并将它们发表。 The famous professor has been __________ _________ stealing his student's ideas and publishing them. 8.政府今年所做的事情对所有的广州市民都很有利。 What the government has done this year will be of________ _______ all the citizens living in Guangzhou. 9.经理决定今年冬天公司的全体员工去安徽的黄山游玩。 The manager has decided all the _______ of the company will go on a ________ to the Yellow Mountain in Anhui province this winter. 10.那个女记者冒着生命的危险为凤凰卫视报道了伊拉克的情况。 The woman reporter ________ _______ _______ to cover the situation in Iraq for Phoenix TV. 11. 如果你想开一家餐馆,最好向 Mary 请教,她对这行的诀窍很清楚。 If you want to open a restaurant, you should ask Mary's advice. She knows all the __________of the trade. 12.我看到报纸上说失业情况有所改善,但事实上完全弄错了——失业率仍在上升。 I read in the newspaper that the____________figures had improved but it has got hold of the wrong end of the stick——unemployment is still ___________. 13.人类都有这样的一个天性,就是不到失去的时候都不懂得珍惜自己所拥有的东西。 Such is human nature that many people don't _______ the things they process until they have lost them. 14.他们刚赶到机场飞机就起飞了。 ___________ had they got to the airport __________the plane took off. 15.只有当你掌握了良好的语法知识的时候,你才能写出正确的文章。 Only when you have acquired a good ________ of grammar can you write _______. 语法练习 1. They have a good knowledge of English, but little ______ they know about German. A. have B. did C. had D. do 2. Mary never does any reading in the evening, ________. A. so does John B. John does too C. John doesn’t too D. nor does John 3. It’s beyond description. Nowhere else in the world ______ such a quiet, beautiful place. A. can there be B. there can be C. there be can D. can be there


4. ______ that we all went out, lying in the sun. A. So fine was the weather B. so was the fine weather C. The weather was so fine was D. So the weather was fine 5. ________, they had no chance of winning the war. A. As they fought bravely B. Bravely as they fought C. As bravely they fought D. They fought so bravely 6. Not until he arrived home _______ he find that his wallet had been stolen. A. did B. would C. when D. that 7. So carelessly ______ that he almost killed himself. A. he drives B. does he drive C. did he drive D. he drove 8. ----This is one of the oldest trees in the world. ----________ such a big tree. A. Never I have been B. I haven’t never seen C. Never have I seen D. I have seen never 9. The door opened and ______ a middle-aged woman _______ an expensive fur coat. A. came in; in B. in came; in C. came in; on D. in came; on 10. So rapidly _______ that we could hardly follow him. A. he spoke B. did he speak C. he was speaking D. was he speaking 11. _______ succeed in doing anything. A. Only by working we can B. By only working hard we can C. Only we can by working hard D. Only by working hard can we 12. Not only ______ repair bikes but he ______repair televisions. A. he can; also can B. he can; can also C. can he; also can D. can he; can also 13. _____ did we go swimming in the Changjiang River. A. Only B. Once C. Seldom D. When 14. Only when _______ 30 years old ______ to learn English. A. was he; did he begin B. he was; he began C. was he; he began D. he was; did he begin 15. Under a big tree _______, half asleep. A. did sit a fat man B. a fat man sat C. did a fat man sit D. sat a fat man 16. On the wall _______ two large portraits. A. hangs B. hang C. hanged D. hanging 17. ----I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible. ----________. A. Nor am I B. Neither would I C. Same with you D. So do I 18. _______ got into the room ______ the telephone rang. A. He hardly had; then B. Hardly had he; when C. He had not; than D. Nor had he; when 19. Not a single song ______ at yesterday’s party. A. she sang B. sang she C. did she sing D. she did sing 20. Look! _________. A. Out the girl went B. Went the girl out C. Away went the girl D. Away the girl went 21. Never in my wildest dreams ______ these people are living in such poor conditions. A. I could imagine B. could I imagine C. I couldn’t imagine D. couldn’t I imagine 22. ______ homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest. A. So much B. Too much C. Too little D. So little 23. ----It’s burning hot today, isn’t it?


----Yes, ______ yesterday. A. So was it B. So it was C. So it is D. So is it 24. ______, she was quite experienced in this work. A. As he was young B. A child as he was C. Young as was he 25. Away _____ and in ______. A. went he; came his sister B. he went; his sister came C. went he; his sister came D. he went; came his sister 26. _____ snow tomorrow, they would go skiing. A. Were it to B. If it were C. Were it D. Did it to

D. Child as he was

Part 3 Complete the following sentences according to the texts.
1. If you are ____________ a chance for a job at China Daily, you will need to ____________ ____________ ____________ to find out what kind of jobs they have. 2. How ____________ you ____________ if you ____________ ____________ ____________ for a famous newspaper or company? 3. Never ____________ Zhou Yang ____________ his first assignment at the office of China Daily 4. ____________ ____________ you have seen what he or she does, ____________ you ____________ a story ____________ ____________. 5. You’ll ____________ your colleagues very ____________ to assist you and if you are interested in photography, ____________ may be possible for you to ____________ ____________ that ____________ ____________. 6. ____________ ____________ ____________ I interested in photography, but I ____________ ____________ ____________ at university, so it’s actually ____________ ____________ ____________ to me. 7. ____________ ____________ you ask many different questions ____________ you ____________ all the information you need to know. 8. We say a good reporter must ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ a story. 9. Meanwhile you have to ____________ the next question ____________ ____________ what the person says. 10. If the person ____________ ____________ agrees, we sometimes use small recorders to ____________ ____________ that we ____________ all our facts ____________. 11. Have you ever had a case ____________ somebody accused your reporters of ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________? 12. A footballer ____________ ____________ ____________ taking money ____________ deliberately not ____________ goals ____________ ____________ ____________ let the other team win. 13. He ____________ that he knew the man who ____________ ____________ ____________ have bribed him. 14. He was very angry and tried to ____________ us ____________ it. 15. I’m ____________ ____________ ____________ my first assignment as a reporter. 16. Read the passage again and ____________ it ____________ three sections, ____________ ____________ ____________ looks at one duty of a reporter.


17. The law allows people to ____________ themselves ____________ a charge. 18. ____________ ____________ ____________ had taught him to write ____________ ____________ ____________ words or phrases. 19. But please ____________ me your evidence so we’re sure we’ve ____________ our facts ____________. 20. All the information was then ready ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ film negative. 单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. — How did you find your visit to China, Lily? — _____________. A. My best friend showed me the way B. It was great C. By sea D. I used a map 22. From _____ serious look on her face, we realized that she had brought us _____ word of great importance. A. the; the B. the; a C. a; the D. the; / 23. The witness _____ the middle-aged man _____ lying to the judge. A. accused; for B. charged; of C. charged; for D. accused; of 24. _______ by cutting down our expenses will we be able to afford our son’s college fees. A. Just B. Only C. Never D. / 25. It was in a very beautiful place _____ interested us a lot ______ we held a birthday party for our teacher. A. where; which B. that; which C. that; that D. /; that 26. ________, she talked a lot about her favorite movie star to us. A. Quiet a girl as she is B. A quiet girl as she is C. A girl as she is quiet D. Quiet girl as she is 27. Greenland, _______ island in the world, _______ over two million square kilometers. A. is the largest; covers B. that is the largest; covering C. is the largest; covered D. the largest; covers 28. This ancient book requires a great deal of _____. A. concentration B. attraction C. appreciation D. notice 29. ______ himself in looking after the children, he had little time to finish his report. A. Occupied B. Occupying C. Having been occupied D. Being occupied 30. You’ll take enough money with you in case ______. A. you will run short of it when traveling B. you ran short of it when traveling C. you run short of it when traveling D. you would run short of it when traveling 31. _____ protect himself, he ______ being made use of by his boss. A. In order to; denied B. So as to; denied C. So as to; refused D. In order to; refused 32. _____ I read the story, I’m greatly moved by it. A. At the moment B. Next time C. For the time D. Every time 33. — Would you mind if I borrow your MP4? — ___________. A. No, you can’t B. Yes, you can C. No. Go ahead, please D. No. It’s my pleasure 34. We’ll never forget the places ____ we visited and the good time ____ we spent overseas. A. that; that B. where; when C. that; when D. where; which 35. My mother didn’t ____ us leaving Kunming at once, so we had to stay there for ____ two days. A. approve; other B. approve of; more C. approve of; another D. approve; the other


完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) One day, when I was in high school, I saw a kid named Kyle from my class walking home from school with all his books, I thought to myself, “__21___ would anyone bring home all his books for the weekend? He must really be 22___.”As I was walking, I saw several kids running toward him. They ran at him, 23 all his books out of his arms and he fell down in the dirt, His glasses went 24 and landed in the grass. My 25 went out to him. So, I ran over to him. 26 I handed him his glasses, he looked at me and said, “Hey, thanks!” I helped him pick up his books, and asked him where he lived. As it 27 , he lived near me. We talked all the way home. Over the next four years, Kyle and I became best friends. Kyle was the 28 __student of our class, one of those guys that really found themselves during high school. Therefore he had the 29 to prepare a 30 speech. On the graduation day, I could see that he was 31 .So, I patted him on the back and said, “Hey, big guy, you’ll be 32 !” He looked at me and smiled. He cleared his throat, and began. “Graduation is a time to 33 those who helped you make it through those 34 years. Your parents, your teachers… but mostly your friends, I am here to tell all of you that being a friend to someone is the best 35 you can give him.” I just looked at my friend with 36 as he told the story of the first day we met. He had planned to 37 himself over the weekend and was carrying his books home. “Thankfully, nothing happened. My friend 38 me from doing the unspeakable.” Not until that moment did I realize that you should never underestimate(低估) the 39 of your actions. With one small gesture you can 40 a person’s life. For better or for worse. 21. A. How B. When C. Why D. Where 22. A. stupid B. clever C. wonderful D. anxious 23. A. throwing B. knocking C. taking D. snatching 24. A. lost B. sending C. broken D. flying 25. A. heart B. head C. hands D. thought 26. A. While B. As C. Because D. Once 27. A. passed by B. came up C. went on D. turned out 28. A. top B. hardest C. favorite D. luckiest 29. A. pride B. honor C. pleasure D.chance 30. A. class B. school C. graduation D. college 31. A. excited B. nervous C. proud D. crazy 32. A. great B. famous C. praised D. honored 33. A. reward B. remember C. thank D. congratulate 34. A. happy B. exciting C. old D. tough 35. A. chance B. gift C. help D. favor 36. A. wonder B. anxiety C. disbelief D. pride 37. A. kill B. enjoy C. test D. hurt 38. A. protected B. freed C. warned D. saved 39. A. price B. use C. power D. meaning 40. A. destroy B. change C. save D. understand 第六部分:短文改错(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Dear Elli, I am a senior student. I like make friends with people and l do my best to get on well with everyone. But last week l had found out that one of myfriends wrote their diary ,saying that she disliked me and she doesn’t want to be my friend any longer, And now she has started making fun


of me because of I’m fat. I’m kind to her but how she can’t be friendly to me? As for losing the discouraging weight, should l do more exercises? Use pills? And do you know any other ways? Please give me some advices. 第三部分、阅读理解 (共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) Passage A One night about nine o’clock, Dr. Eyck, a surgeon, had a phone call from Dr. Haydon at the hospital in Clens Falls. The surgeon was asked to go there at once to operate on a very sick boy who shot himself while playing with a gun. The doctor was soon on his way to Clens Falls. It was 60 miles away. And it was snowing heavily in the city. The surgeon thought he could get there before 12 o’clock. A few minutes later, the doctor was stopped by a man in an old black coat. Gun in hand, the man ordered the doctor to get out. Then the man drove the car down the road, leaving the doctor in the falling snow. It was after 2 o’clock in the morning when the doctor arrived at the hospital in Clens Falls. Dr. Haydon told him that the boy had died an hour before. The two doctors walked by the door of the hospital waiting room. There sat the man in the old black coat with his head in his hands. “Mr. Cuninghan,” said Dr. Haydon to the man, “This is Dr. Eyck. He is the surgeon who walked all the way from Albany to save your boy.” 41. Dr. Haydon asked Dr. Eyck to come to Clens Falls because _____. A. Dr. Eyck knew the boy was wounded by a shot B. The boy needed the help of a surgeon C. Dr. Eyck was the boy’s father D. Dr. Eyck was Haydon’s friend 42.The surgeon was late because ________. A . he was stopped by the police B. the weather was rather terrible C.Clens Falls was too far from Albany D. his car was taken away 43.Choose the right order of the following events given in the story. a. Dr. Eyck was asked to come to the hospital in Clens Falls. b. Dr. Eyck arrived at the hospital. c. The boy shot himself. d. The boy died. e. The man in an old coat reached the hospital. f. Dr. Eyck was robbed of his car. A. c, e, f, a, b, d B. a, c, f, d, b, e C. c, a, f, e, d, b D. a, c, f, e, d, b 44.The boy could have been saved if ______. A .he had not been sent to the hospital B. his father hadn’t arrived in time C. Dr.Eyck had arrived earlier than the man D. Dr. Eyck had arrived there two hours earlier Passage B Americans like to travel on their yearly holiday. Today, more and more travelers in the United States are spending nights at small house or inns(客栈)instead of hotels. They get a room for the night and the breakfast the next morning. Rooms for the night in private(私人的)homes with breakfast have been popular with travelers in Europe for many years. In the past five to ten years, these bed-and-breakfast places have become popular in the United States. Many of these America’s bed-and-breakfast inns have only a few


rooms; others are much larger. Some inns do not provide telephones or televisions in the rooms, others do. Staying at a bed-and-breakfast inn is much different from staying at a hotel. Usually the cost is much less. Staying at an inn is almost like visiting someone’s home. The owners are glad to tell about the areas and the interesting places to visit. Many vacationers say that they enjoy the chance to meet local families. 45. Americans take a holiday trip _________. A. all the year round B. for years C. every year D. every other year 46. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. Some Americans like to stay at bed-and-breakfast homes instead of at hotels. B. The bed-and-breakfast inns are private homes open to vacationers. C. The bed-and-breakfast inn owners provide a morning meal for their visitors and a room for the night. D. The bed-and-breakfast inns have been popular in America for a long time. 47. Staying at the bed-and-breakfast inns, _________. A. the travelers needn’t pay anything B. the travelers don’t have to pay for the telephone or television C. the travelers can meet and talk with the local people D. the owners will show the travelers around the area Passage C Most of the flowers in nature are red, orange and yellow. If we have seen a black flower, it’s a chance in million. People have made a census ( 普查 ) to colors of more than four thousand kinds of flowers and discovered that only eight of them are black. As we know, sunlight is formed by seven different colored lights. The wave length of each light is different, so the quantity of heat in each light is also different. Flowers, especially their petals ( 花瓣 ) , are easy to be harmed by high temperature. Black flowers can take in all the light waves which cause the flowers to dry up in a high temperature. So black flowers can rarely survive sunlight. But red flowers, orange flowers and yellow flowers can protect themselves from sunlight by reflecting the red light, orange light and yellow light, each of which has a large quantity of heat. 48. It is _________ to see a black flower. A. impossible B. seldom C. common D. no chance 49. The passage tells us that ________________. A. black flowers are so weak that it is difficult for them to grow up. B. there is only eight black flowers in nature. C. sunlight is formed by seven different colored lights, so the wave length of each light is different. D. black flowers can take in the light of all the wave lengths which make them dry up because of high temperature. 50. Which of the following ideas is NOT true? A. People have found that only a few kinds of flowers are black. B. Flowers are easy to be harmed by very high temperature. C. Red, orange and yellow flowers can also absorb the light of all wave lengths. D. The black flowers cannot protect themselves from sunlight.


参考答案: 一、 1. occupation 2. assignment 3. professional 4. colleague 5. concentrate 6. case 7. acquire 8. deliberately 9. guilty 10. concise 11. editor 12. department 13. accurate 14. polish 15. hint 16. appointment 17. intention 18. approve 19. negative 20. employ 21. profession 22. appointment 23. intention 24. occupation 25. concentrated 26. polishing 27. deliberately 28. accurate 29. acquired 30. guilty 二、 1. Concentrate …on 2. accuse…of 3. so as to 4. fill in 5. depend on 6. pass on 7. set to work 8. last of all 9. work on 10. be used on 11.be supposed to 12.have a nose for 13.assist sb in doing 14.inform oneself of sth 15.approve of 16.ahead of 三、 1. defend 2. by accident/chance 3. normal education 4. opposite to 5. losing mind 6. defend ; against 7. accused of 8. benefit to 9. employees; visit 10. risked her life 11. tricks 12. unemloyment 13. value 14. Hardly; when 15. knowledge; correctly 参考答案: DDAAB ACCBB DDCDD BBBCC BAADD A

Part 3 Complete the following sentences according to the texts.
1. offered; do some research 2. would; feel; were to work 3. will; forget 4. Only when; can; cover; by yourself 5. find; eager; it; concentrate on; later on 6. Not only am; took a course; of special interest 7. Only if; will; acquire 8. have a “nose” for 9. prepare; depending on 10. being interviewed; make sure; get; straight 11. where; getting the wrong end of the stick 12. was accused of; for; scoring; so as to 13. admitted; was supposed to 14. stop; publishing 15. looking forward to 16. divide; into; each of which 17. defend; against 18. Months of training; with no wasted 19. show; got; straight 20. to be processed into 21-25 BDDBC 26-30 DDABC 31-35 ADCAC 完形填空 CABDA BDABC BACDB CADCB 短文改错 66.make?making 68.删去 had 69.their?her/a +that 70.doesn’t?didn’t 72.how?why 73. Use .And?Or 75.advices?advice/suggestions 阅读理解(A) BDCD (B) CDC (C) BDC

71.删去 of


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