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Becoming Educated Barbara Jordan In this autobiographical excerpt from Barbara Jordan:A Self-Portrait (1979),Jordan narrates her learning experience in Boston University that leads to a real insight into the true meaning of education. So I was in Boston University in this new and strange and different world,and it occurred to me that if I was going to succeed at this strange new adventure, I would have to read. I felt that, in order to compensate for what I had missed in earlier years,I would have to work harder, and study longer, than anybody else. I still had this feeling that I did not want my colleagues to know what a tough time I was having understanding the concepts, the words, the ideas, the process. I did not want them to know that. So I did my reading not in the law library, but in a library at the graduate dorm, upstairs where it was very quiet, because apparently nobody else there studied. So I would go there at night after dinner. I would load my books under my arm and go to the library, and I would read until the wee hours of the morning and then go to bed. I did not get much sleep during those years. I was lucky if I got three or four hours a night, because I had to stay up. I had to. The professors would assign cases for the next day, and these cases had to be read and understood or I would be behind, further behind than I was. 成为受过教育的芭芭拉·乔丹 在本自传摘自芭芭拉·乔丹:一幅自画像(1979),约旦叙述她在波士顿大学学习的经验,导致一 个真正的洞察教育的真正含义。 所以我在波士顿大学在这个新的和奇怪的和不同的世界,它发生了,如果我想在这个陌生的新 冒险成功,我就会去读。我觉得,为了弥补我错过了早些年,我将不得不更加努力地工作,学习, 比任何人都长。我仍然有这样的感觉,我不希望我的同事们知道什么是艰难的时间我在理解 概念,话说,想法,这个过程。我不想让他们知道。所以我做了我的阅读而不是在法律图书馆, 但是在一个图书馆在研究生宿舍,楼上,在那里,它很安静,因为显然没有其他人那里学习。 所以 我将去那里晚上晚饭后。 我将加载我的书在我的胳膊,去图书馆,我会读直到凌晨,然后上床睡 觉。 我没有得到太多睡眠期间。 我很幸运,如果我有三个或四个小时一晚,因为我不得不熬夜。 我不得不。教授们会分配情况下为第二天,这些情况下必须阅读和理解或我将在后面,落后于 我。 I was always delighted when I would get called upon to recite in class. But the professors did not call on the "ladies" very much. There were certain favored people who always got called on, and then on some rare occasions a professor would come in and would announce:""We are going yo have Ladies Day today." And he would call on the ladies.We were just tolerated.We were not considered really top drawer when it came to the study of the law. At some time in the spring,Bill Gibson,who was dating my new roommate, Norma Walker, organized a black study group,as we blacks had to form our own.This was because we were not invited into any of the other study groups.There were six or seven in our group-Bill,and Issie,and I think Maynard Jackson-and we would just gather and talk it out and hear ourselves do that.One thing I learned was that you have to talk out the issues,the facts,the cases,the decisions,the process.You could not just read the cases and study alone in your library as I had been doing;and you could not get it all in the classroom.But once you had talked it out in the study group,it flowed more easily and made a lot more sense. 我总是很高兴当我将呼吁在课堂上背诵。但 教授们不叫“女士们“非常多。有某些受益的人总是有呼吁,然后在一些罕见的场合教授会 来的,并且会宣布:“我们要你今天有女士。 “和他将呼吁女士们。我们只是容忍。我们并不认

为真正上层的抽屉里当它来到法学研究。 在春天,比尔吉布森,他是我的新室友约会,诺玛·沃克,组织了一个黑色的学习小组,正如我们 黑人不得不形成我们自己的。 这是因为我们没被邀请到任何其他的学习小组。 有六个或七个 在我们组比尔,萨,我认为我们只是梅纳德?杰克逊和收集和交流和听到自己这样做。 我学到的 一件事是,你必须讲出来的问题,事实,情况下,决策,这个过程。你不能只是阅读病例和研究独 自在你的图书馆是我一直在做;你不能得到它所有的在教室里。但是一旦你曾在学习小组,它 流更容易和更有意义了。 In the past I had got along by spouting off. Whether you talked about debates or oratory,you dealt with speechifying.Even in debate it was pretty much canned because you had,in your little three-by-five box,a response for whatever issue might be raised by the opposition.The format was structured so that there was no opportunity for independent thinking.(I really had not had my ideas challenged ever.) But I could no longer orate and let that pass for reasoning. Because there was not any demand for an orator in Boston University Law School.You had to think and understand and reason.I had learned at twenty-onethat you could not just say a thing is so because it might not be so,and somebody brighter,smarter,and more thoughtful would come out and tell you it was not so.Then,if you still thought it was,you had to prove it.Well,that was a new thing to me.I cannot,I really cannot describe what that did to my insides and to my head.I thought:I am being educated finally. From The Thoughtful Reader,ed.Mary C.Fjeldstad,Thomson&Heinle,2002. 在过去,我已经在滔滔。无论你谈论辩论或演讲,你处理演说。即使是在争论它几乎是罐头, 因为你已经在你的小 5 寸盒子,一个响应任何问题可能引发的反对。该格式结构意味着,没有 独立思考的机会。(我真的没有我的想法永远挑战。)但我可以不再演说和让,通过对推理。因 为没有任何一个演说家需求在波士顿大学法学院。 你必须思考和理解和原因。 我已经学会在 二十一个你不能就说一件事情是,因为它可能不会如此,有人更明亮,更聪明,更加深思熟虑出 来,告诉你它不是如此。然后,如果你仍然认为这是,你必须证明它。嗯,这是一个新东西给我。 我不能,我真的不能描述了我的内心,我的头。我想:我正在接受教育最后。 从思考的读者,艾德。玛丽 C.Fjeldstad,Thomson&Heinle,2002。 Classroom Notetaking Clarissa White Konwing how to take lecture notes is an important skill to students because notetaking helps students keep up with the latest ideas and provoke further thinking over issues involved in a particular subject.In this essay,you are given some tips on how to take notes. One reason you should take lecture notes is that lectures add to what you read in textbooks.Lectures combine the material and approaches of many texts,saving you the trouble of researching an entire field.They keep up to date with their subjects and can include the latest studies or discoveries in their presentations,they need not wait for the next edition of the book to come out.They can provide additional examples or simplify difficult concepts,making it easier for you to master ticky material.And the best lecturers combine knowledge with expert showmanship.Both informative and entertaining speakers,they can make any subject,from ancient civilizations to computers,leap vividly to life. True,you say,but is not it good enough just to listen to these wonderful people without writing down what they say?Actually,it is not,which leads us to another reason for taking lecture notes.Studies have shown that after two weeks,you will forget 80 percent of it.And you did not come the lecture room just to be entertained.You came to learn.The only way to keep material in

your head is to get it down in permanent form-in the form of lecture notes. How to take lecture notes. There are three steps to mastering the art of taking good lecture notes:the preparation,the notetaking process itself,and the postlecture review. Preparation. First mentally prepare yourself to take good notes.Examine your attitude.Remember,you are not going to the lecture room to be bored,tortured,or entertained;you are going there to learn.Also,examine the material the lecture will cover.Read the textbook chapter in advance.If your instructor's lecture usually follows the organization of the textbook,you'll be familiar with the material and won't have to spend half the lecture wondering what it's about or how to spell a key term.If however,your instructor merely uses the textbook as a launching pad and devotes most of the lecture to supplementary material,at least you'll have the background to follow what is being said. Second,prepare yourself physically.Get a good night's sleep.and get to class-on time.Even better,get to class early,sonyou can get a good seat near the front of the room.You'll hear better there and be less tempted to let your mind wander.You'll also have time to open your notebook to a new page,find your pen,and write the date,course,and topic of the lecture at the top.This way,you won't still be groping under your chair or flipping through pages when the instructor begins to speak. Process. When you take class notes,always use 8 1/2"X11"paper,preferably in a looseleaf notebook so you can insert handouts.Write on only one side of the paper.Later,you might want to spread all your notes out in front of you.Have a pento write with rather than a pencil,which moves more slowly across a page and is not as legible. Be prepared to do a good deal of writing in class.A good rule of thumb for taking notes is"When in doubt,write it down".After class,you will have time to go over your notes and make dicisions about what is important enough to study and what is not.But in the midst of a lecture,you don't always have time to decidee what is really important and what is quite secondary.You don't want to miss getting down a valuable idea that the instructor does not repeat later. Be sure to always write down what the instructor puts on the board.If he or she takes the time to write something on the board,it is generally safe to assume that such material is important.And don't fall into the trap that some students fall into.They just sit and listen while the instructor explains all the connections between those words that have been chalked on the board.Everything may be perfectly clear to a student then,but several days later,chances are that all the connecting material will be much easier for you to maks sense of the material and to study it later. As much as possible,organize your notes by starting main points at the margin. Indent secondary points under the main points and indent examples even further.Skip lines between main sections.Wherever possible,number the points.If the instructor explains three reasons for poverty,or four results of the greenhouse effect,make sure you number each of those reasons or result.The numbers help organize the material and make it easier for you to study and remember it. Post-Lecture Review.

Taking good notes lets you bring the lecture home with you.The real learning takes place after class.As soon as you have time,sit down and reread your notes.Fill in anything unclear or missing while it's still fresh in your mind.Then,in the left-hand column of each page,write a few words and phrases that summarize the points of the lecture.Cover your notes,and,using only these key words,try to reconstruct as much of the lecture as you can.This review will cement the major points in your memory-and will significant time when you study for the exam. To sun all this up,be prepared to go into class and be not just an active listener but an active notetaker as well.Being in class and taking good notes while you are there are the most valuable steps you can take to succeed in college. (From Groundwork for College Reading,2nd edition,ed.Bill Broderick.Malton:Townsend Press,1996)教室记事克拉丽莎白 不知道如何把课堂讲稿是一项重要的技能,学生因为记事帮助学生跟上最新的思想和引起进 一步的思考问题,包括在一个特定的主题。在这篇文章中,你会得到一些如何做笔记。 你应该采取的一个原因是,讲座讲稿添加到你所阅读的教材。讲座结合材料和方法的许多文 本,救你的麻烦,整个领域的研究。他们保持更新他们的主题和可以包括最新的研究或发现在 他们陈述时,他们不需要等到下一版的书出来。他们可以提供额外的例子或简化复杂的概念, 使它容易掌握三便士材料。和最好的讲师结合知识与专家的窍门。两个信息和娱乐扬声器, 他们可以使任何主题,从古老的文明到电脑,飞跃生活生动。 没错,你说,但不是它足够好就听这些了不起的人没有写下他们说什么?事实上,它不是,这让我 们的另一个原因采取课堂讲稿。研究表明,两周后,你会忘记它的 80%。和你没有来了讲堂只 是为了消遣。 你来学习。 唯一的方法来保持你的头是材料在永久——把它弄下来的形式的课 堂讲稿。 如何把课堂讲稿。 有三个步骤的掌握以良好的课堂讲稿:准备,记事的过程本身,postlecture 审查。 准备。 首先作好精神准备采取好的笔记。检查你的态度。记住,你不会感到无聊的演讲室、折磨、 或招待;你去那里学习。同时,检查材料讲座将涵盖。阅读教科书提前章。如果你的导师的讲 座通常遵循组织的教科书,您将熟悉材料和不必花一半的演讲想知道它是关于或如何拼写一 个关键术语。但是,如果你的教练只是使用教科书的发射台和花大部分的演讲来补充材料,至 少你会有背景遵循所说的是什么。 第二,准备好自己的身体。睡个好觉。和去课堂上的时间。更好的是,早期进入课堂,sonyou 能 找到一个好座位接近房间的前面。你会听到更好,那么诱惑让你的思维漫步。你也会有时间 去打开你的笔记本到一个新的页面,找到你的笔,写日期、课程、主题演讲的顶部。这种方式, 你不要还是下摸索你的椅子或者浏览网页时,教练开始说话。 过程。 当你把课堂笔记,总是使用 8 1/2“X11“纸,最好是在一个活叶式的笔记本,这样你就可以插入 施舍。只写在纸的一面。之后,你可能想要将所有的笔记在你的面前。有一个 pento 写字而 不是一支铅笔,它将更缓慢的从一个页面并不是那么清晰。 准备做一个好的交易在课堂上的写作。一个好的经验法则对做笔记是“有疑问时,把它写下 来” 。下课后,你会有时间复习你的笔记和使 dicisions 关于什么是重要的足够的研究,什么不 是。但是在中间的一个演讲,你不总是有时间 decidee 什么是真正重要的和什么是相当次要。 你不想错过了一个有价值的想法,让教师不重复之后。 一定要总是写下讲师将在董事会。如果他或她花时间写在黑板上的东西,它通常可以安全地 假定这样的材料是很重要的。不要落入陷阱,一些学生分为。他们只是坐着听而教练解释所

有这些单词之间的联系已经用粉笔在黑板上。一切可能完全清楚学生然后,但几天后,很有可 能,所有的连接材料就使你更加容易地去 maks 意义上的材料和研究它之后。 尽可能通过开始整理你的笔记的要点的保证金。缩进二次分在主要的点和缩进进一步例子。 跳过主要部分之间的界限。只要有可能,数量的点。如果教练解释了三个原因贫困,或四个结 果的温室效应,确保你号码每个原因都或结果。这些数字帮助组织材料,使你更容易学习和记 住它。 课后评论。 服用好的笔记可以让你把演讲带回家。真正的学习下课后发生。只要你有时间,坐下来再读 你的笔记。填写不清楚或遗漏的地方虽然在你的头脑中还记忆犹新。然后,在左边的列的每 个页面,写一些单词和短语,总结了分的讲座。 盖你的笔记,只使用这些关键字,试图重建尽可能 多的演讲可以。本文将水泥的主要的点在你的记忆和将大量的时间,当你学习,准备考试。 阳光,准备进入类和不仅仅是一个积极的聆听者,而是一个活跃的记录员一样。在类和服用好 的笔记而你有最宝贵的步骤来帮助你成功的大学。 (从基础大学读书,第二版,艾德。比尔布罗德里克。Malton:汤森出版社,1996 年) 5.Three Peach Stones Ronald Duncan A man,even one with accomplishment and fame,is not as happy as a child,for happyiness is something to do with simplicity.Read the following eassy and see how the author came to this conclusion. Obsere a child;any one will do.You will see that not a day passes in which he does not find something or other to make him happy,though he may be in tears the next moment.Then look at a men;any one of us will do.You will nothing that weeks and months can pass in which every day is greeted with nothing more than resignation,and endured with polite indifference.Indeed,most men are as miserable as sinners,though they too bored to sin-perhaps their sin is their indifference.But it is ture that they so seldom smile that when they do we do not recognize their face,so distorted is it from the fixed mask we take for granted.And even then a man can not smile like a child,for a child smiles with his eyes,whereas a man smiles with his lips alone.It is not a smile;but a grin;something to do with humor,but little to do with happiness.And then,as anyone can see,there is a point(but who can define that point?)when a man becomes an old man,and then he will smile again. It would seem that happiness is something to do with simplicity,and that it is the ability to extract pleasure from the simplest things-such as a peach stone,for instance. It is obvious that it is nothing to do with success.For Sir Henry Stewart was certainly successful.It is twenty years ago since he came down to our village from London,and bought a couple ofold cottages,which he had knocked into one.He used his house as a weekend refuge.He was a barrister.And the village followed his brilliant career with something almost amounting to paternal pride. I remember some ten years ago when he was made a King's Councel,Amos and I, seeing him get off the London train,went to congratulate him. We grinned with pleasure; he merely looked as miserable as though he'd received a penal sentence. It was the same when he was knighted;he never simled a bit, he didn't even bother to celebrate with a round of drinks at the "Blue Fox".He achievements brought even a ghost of a smile to his tired eyes. I asked him one day,soon after he'd retired to potter about his garden,what it was like to

achieve all one's ambitions.He looked down at his roses and went ib watering them.Then he said "The only value in achieving one's ambition is that you then realize that they are not worth achieving".Quickly he moved the conversation on to a safe discussion on the weather.That was two years ago. I recall this incident,for yesterday,I was passing his house,and had drawn up my cart just outside his garden wall.I had pulled in from the road for no other reason than to let a bus pass me.As I set there filling my pipe,I suddenly heard a shout of sheer joy come from the other side of the wall. I peered over.There stood Sir Henry doing nothing less than a tribal war dance of sheer unashamed ecstasy.Even when he observed my bewildered face staring over the wal he did not seem put out or embarrassed,but shouted for me to climb over. "Come and see,Jan.Look!I have done it at last!I have done it at last!" There he was,holding a small box of earth in his hand.I observed three tiny shoots out of it. "And there were only three!"he said,his eyes laughing to heaven. "Three what?"I asked. "Peach stones,"he replied."I've always wanted to make peach stones grow,ever since I was a child,when I used to take then home after a party,or as a man after a banquet.And I used to plant them,and then forgot where I planted them.But now at last I have done it,and what's more,I had only three stones,and there you are,one,two,three shoots,"he counted. And Sir Henry ran off,calling for his wife to come and see his achievemrnt-his achievement of simplicity. (From Masterpieces of 20-Century English Prose,ed.Tao Jie,Tian Jin people Press,1994.) 5。三种桃核 罗纳德·邓肯 一个人,甚至是有成就和名誉,不是一个孩子一样快乐,幸福是什么与简单性。阅读下面的 eassy),看看作者得出这一结论。 观察一个小孩,随便哪个小孩都行。您将看到,一天不通过,他没有找到一些或其他让他高兴, 尽管他可能在泪水中接下来的时刻。再看看一个男人;我们中的任何一个人会做的。你将什 么可以通过几周和几个月的每一天都是只不过相迎辞职,经历了以礼貌的冷漠。确实,大多数 人都跟罪人一样苦恼难受,尽管他们太无聊罪也许他们的冷漠就是他们的罪孽。但它是真正 的,他们偶尔笑了,我们会认不出他们的容貌,他们的脸会扭曲是它从我们认为理所当然的固 定不变的面具。即使在笑的时候,大人也不会像小孩那样笑,因为一个孩子用眼睛微笑,而大人 只用嘴唇。 这实际上不是笑,只是咧咧嘴,一些和幽默感有点关系,但跟快乐无关。 然后,人人都 能发现,人到了一定地步(但谁可以定义,点?)当一个人变成了一个老人,然后他将再次微笑。 看起来,幸福同纯真的有关系,幸福是汲取快乐的能力从最简单的产品——比如一个桃子石头, 例如。 很明显,它是与成功无关。因为亨利·斯图亚特爵士当然是个十分成功的人。这是 20 年前自 从他来到我们村从伦敦,买了几 ofold 别墅,他撞到了一个。他把这所房子当作一个周末的避 难所。他是一个律师。和村里的跟着他的辉煌的事业带着一种几近父辈的骄傲。 我记得,大约十年前他被任命为国王的 Councel,阿莫斯和我看见他走下伦敦开来的火车便上 前去表示祝贺。我们高兴的笑着;而他的表情一样悲惨却跟接到判刑通知书。同时,他被封为 爵士,他从不 simled 一点,他甚至没有费心去庆祝一个轮的饮料在“蓝狐狸酒馆” 。他的成就 露出一丝笑意,他疲惫的眼睛。 我问他一天,不久之后他就退休,波特关于他的花园,是什么样子的达到所有野心。他低头看着

他的玫瑰花,走 ib 给它们浇水。 然后他说: 唯一的价值实现的目标是,你会发现他们都不值得 “ 实现” 。他立刻改变话题讨论一个安全的讨论天气。那是两年前的事了。 我想起这件事情,因为昨天我经过他的家,曾制定我的车在他花园的院墙外边。我从大路把车 赶到他没有别的原因,为了给一辆公共汽车递给我。当我坐在车上装烟斗时,忽然听见院墙里 面传来一声纯粹的快乐来自于墙的另一边。 我向墙内张望。 亨利爵士站在那里什么都不做不到一个部落战争跳舞纯粹的出毫无顾忌的真 正的快乐。即使当他发现我的迷惑不解的面孔,他的凝视 wal 似乎不熄灭,也不感到窘迫,而是 大声呼喊叫我爬过墙去。 “来看看,jan 看!我已经做了它最后!我已经做了它最后!” 他站在那里,手里拿着一小盒土在他的手。我发现土里有三颗小芽。 "就只有这三个!“他说,他的眼睛笑到天上。 “三个什么东西?“我问。 桃核。 “我一直想把桃核成长,从我还是个孩子的时候,那时我常带然后回家后党,或作为一个 男人在一个宴会。和我曾经植物,然后忘了我把它们种在什么地方。但现在我终于做到了,更 重要的是,我只有三个石头,你就在那里,一个,两个,三个芽,”他数。 亨利爵士跑了起来,叫他的妻子来看他的 achievemrnt-his 成就的简单性。 (从 20 世纪的杰作英语散文,艾德。陶杰,天津人民出版社,1994 年)。 6.Climbing the Mountain of Success by Sydny J.Harris People often compare success achievung to ladder climbing.But the author of this essay thinks that there are more similarities between the ascent to success and mountain climbing .Read and decide which analogy is more appropriate. It has long struck me that the familiar metaphor of "climbing the ladder" for describling the ascent to success or fulfillment in any field is inapproprite and misleading.There are no ladders that lead to success, although there may be some escalators for those lucky enough to follow in a family's fortunes. A ladder proceeds vertically,rung by rung, with each rung evenly spaceed, and with the whole apparatus leaning against a relatively flat and even surface. A child can climb a ladder as easily as an adult, and perhaps with a surer footing. Making the ascent in one's vocation or profession is far less like ladder climbing than mountain climbing,and here the analogy is a very real one.Going up a mountain climbing requires a variety of skills,and includes a diversity of dangers,that are in no way involved in mounting a ladder. Young people starting out should be told this,both to dampen their expectations and to allay their disappointments.A mountain is rough and precipitous,with uncertain footing and a predictable number of falls and scrapes,and sometimes one has to take the long way around to reach the shortest distance. One needs different tools and the knowledge and skill to use them most effectively-as well as knowing when not to employ them.Most of all,a peculiar combination of daring and prudence is called for,which not all person possess. The art of rappelling is important,because sometimes one has to go down a little in order to go up.And the higher one gets,the greater the risk and the greater the fall ;there is much exhilaration -but little security and less oxygen-in altitude.As many stars and standouts and company presidents have found to their regret,it is often harder to stay there than to get there. Then,too,one must learn that there is no necessary relationship between public success and

private satisfaction.The top if the ladder is shaky unless the base is firmly implanted and the whole structure is well defended against the wonds of envy and greed and duplicity and the demands of one's own ego.The peak of the mountain is even more exposed to a chilling wind,as well as to a pervasive sense of loneliness.Many may have admired the ascent,but many more,eager to make the same endeavor,are waiting at the foot of the slope to wutness an ignominious fall.It is easier ti extend good will to those who do not threaten our own sense of worth. People who are not prepared for failure are not prepared por success;if ont for failure,at least for setbacks and slides and frustrations,and the acceptance of the deficits that so often accompany the assets.Ambition untempered by realism will never see the missing rung it falls through on that mythical ladder. (From Shrt Essays,7th edition,ed.Gerald Levin. Fort worth:Harcourt Brace College Publishers,1995) 6。爬山的成功 通过 Sydny j 哈里斯 人们通常比较成功 achievung 梯子爬。 但这篇文章的作者认为,有更多的相似之处提升到成功 和爬山。阅读并决定哪些类比是更适当的。 它一直打动我熟悉的比喻“爬梯子”describling 提升到成功或履行在任何领域 inapproprite 和误导。 没有梯子,导致成功,虽然可能会有一些自动扶梯对于那些有幸追随一个家庭的财富。 垂直梯子收益,一级一级,每个梯级 spaceed 均匀,整个装置靠在一个相对平坦,甚至表面。 一个 孩子可以爬梯子一样容易作为一个成年人,可能有更稳固。 使提升在一个人的职业或专业远不像梯子爬比爬山,和这里的类比是一个非常现实的人。上 一个爬山需要不同的技能,包括一个多样性的危险,这都不参与安装一个梯子。 年轻人开始应该告诉这,既要抑制自己的期望和减轻他们的失望。 一座山,崎岖陡峭的,不确定 的基础和一个可预测的数量的下降和擦伤,有时一个长远的方式来达到最短的距离。 一个需要不同的工具和知识和技能来使用它们最有效也知道什么时候不使用它们。 最重要的 是,一个奇特的组合,审慎就是大胆呼吁,并不是所有的人都拥有。 绳索下降的艺术是很重要的,因为有时候一个已经下去一点为了上去。和更高的人被,风险越 大,跌得越重;有多兴奋,但小安全,少帮助高度。 许多明星和擢升和公司的总裁已经发现他们的 遗憾,它通常难以保持比去那里。 然后,同样,一个人必须知道没有必要的公共和私人之间的关系成功满足感。如果梯子顶端是 不稳定的,除非基地坚定地植入和整个结构非常反对 wonds 辩护的嫉妒和贪婪和不诚实的需 求以及自身的自我。山脉的顶峰是更暴露在一个令人不寒而栗的风,以及普遍意义上的孤独。 许多人可能会敬佩提升,但更多的,渴望做同样的努力,正在等待在山脚下,wutness 一个可耻的 秋天。它是容易 ti 扩展好将那些不威胁我们自己的价值感。 人不是为失败做好准备不准备未有成功;如果并不是因为失败,至少对挫折和幻灯片和挫败感 和验收的赤字,所以常常伴随这些资产。野心由现实主义永远不会看到无节制的失踪的梯级 瀑布,它通过神秘的梯子。 (从 Shrt 散文,第七版,艾德。杰拉尔德·莱文。 沃思堡市:哈考特大学出版社,1995) 古老的国家建议美国旅行 有一年我叔叔 Melik 到纽约的旅行从弗雷斯诺。 在他登上了火车他叔叔加罗去探望他,并告诉 他关于旅行的危险。

当你上了火车,老人说,仔细选择你的座位,坐下来,不考虑。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 几分钟后,火车开动的时候,老人说,两名男子身穿制服将沿着通道和问你你的票。忽略它们。 他们将是骗子。 我怎么知道?我叔叔说。 你会知道,老人说。你不再是一个孩子。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 在你已经走过了 20 英里一位和蔼的年轻人会来你,给你一个香烟。告诉他你不抽烟。香烟会 掺杂。 是的,先生,说我的叔叔。 在你的方式餐馆艾弗里年轻漂亮的女人会撞到你故意和几乎拥抱你,老人说。她将非常谦卑, 吸 引力 和你的 自然 冲动会 培养 她的友 谊。解 雇你 的自 然冲动 和继续 在和 吃。 将一个 advanturess 的女人。 一个什么?我叔叔说。 一个妓女,老人喊道。继续在和吃。订单最好的食物,如果餐馆很拥挤,美丽的年轻女人坐在你 对面,不要看着她的眼睛。如果她说,装聋。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 装聋,老人说。这是唯一的方法。 出什么?我叔叔说。 从整个荒唐的混乱,老人说。我旅行过。我知道我在说什么。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 让我们不用再说了,老人说。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 让我们不提这事了,老人说。它完成的。我有七个孩子。我的生活已经完全和公义的人。让 我们不要再想它了。我有土地、葡萄、树木、牛,和钱。一个人不能拥有一切——除了一、 两天时间。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 在你的方式回到你的座位的餐馆,老人说,你将会通过吸烟者。 在这里,你会找到一个纸牌游戏 在进步。球员将三个中年男子与昂贵的戒指上看他们的手指。他们将在你愉快地点头,其中 一个将邀请你参加比赛。告诉他们,没有讲英语。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 这是所有,老人说。 非常感谢你,我的叔叔说。 一件事,老人说。当你晚上睡觉,把钱从你的口袋,把它放在你的鞋。把你的鞋放在你的枕头, 把你的头放在枕头上一夜,不睡觉。 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 这是所有,老人说。 老人走了,第二天我叔叔 Melik 登上火车和旅行穿过美国人去纽约。这两人在制服不是骗子, 年轻人与掺杂香烟未到,年轻美丽的预兆不坐在对面我叔叔的餐厅,也没有卡片游戏在进步的 吸烟者。我的叔叔把他的钱投入到他的鞋子,把他的鞋在他的枕头,把头枕在枕头上低和整晚 没睡着的第一个晚上,但是第二个晚上他抛弃了整个仪式。 第二天,他自己则提供了另一个年轻人一根香烟,其他的年轻人接受。这家餐厅总共我叔叔走 出他坐在桌子的方法与一个年轻的女士。他开始一个扑克游戏在抽烟,且早在列车会到达纽 约我叔叔知道每个人都上了火车,每个人都知道他。 有一次,而火车穿越俄亥俄,我的叔叔和年

轻人接受了香烟和两个年轻的女士们在他们的方式形成一个四重奏瓦萨尔,唱起了沃巴什蓝 军。 这一过程是一个非常愉快的一个。 当我叔叔 Melik 从纽约回来,他的老叔父加罗再次拜访了他。 我看见你正在寻找所有正确的,他说。你是否跟随我的指示吗? 是的,先生,我的叔叔说。 那老人看起来在遥远的太空。 我很高兴有人已经获利了我的经验,他说。Old Country Advice to the American Traveler One year my uncle Melik traveled from Fresno to NewYork.Before he got aboard the train his uncle Garro paid him a visit and told him about the dangers of travel. When you get on the train,the old man said,choose your seat carefully,sit down,and do not look about. Yes,sir,my uncle said. Several moments after the train begins to move,the old man said,two men wearing uniforms will come down the aisle and ask you for your ticket.Ignore them.They will be impostors. How will I know?my uncle said. You will know,the old man said.You are no longer a child. Yes,sir,my uncle said. Before you have traveled twenty miles an amiable young man will come to you and offer you a cigarette.Tell him you don't smoke. The cigarette will be doped. Yes,sir,said my uncle. On your wayto the diner avery beautiful young women will bump into you intentionally and almost embrace you,the old man said.She will be extremely apologetic and attractive and your natural impulse will be to cultivate her friendship.Dismiss your natural impulse and go on in and eat.The woman will be an advanturess. A what?my uncle said. A whore,the old man shouted.Go on in and eat.Order the best food,and if the diner is crowded,and the beautiful young women sits across the table from you,do not look into her eyes.If she speaks,pretend to be deaf. Yes,sir,my uncle said. Pretend to be deaf,the old man said.That is the only way out of it. Out of what? my uncle said. Out of the whole ungodly mess,the old man said.I have traveled.I know what I'm talking about. Yes,sir,my uncle said. Let's say no more about it,the old man said. Yes,sir,my uncle said. Let's not speak of the matter again,the old man said.It's finished.I have seven children.My life has been a full and righteous one.Let's not give it another thought.I have land,vines,trees,cattle,and money.One cannot have everything--except for a day or two at a time. Yes,sir,my uncle said. On your way back to your seat from the diner,the old man said,you will pass through the smoker.There you will find a game of cards in progress.The players will be three middle-aged men with expensive looking rings on their fingers.They will nod at you pleasantly and one of them will

invite you to join the game.Tell them,No speak English. Yes,sir,my uncle said. That is all,the old man said. Thank you very much,my uncle said. One thing more,the old man said.When you go to bed at night,take your money out of your pocket and put it in your shoe.Put your shoe under your pillow,keep your head on the pillow all night,and don't sleep. Yes,sir,my uncle said. That is all,the old man said. The old man went away and the next day my uncle Melik got aboard the train and traveled straight across Amerian to New York.The two men in uniforms were not impostors,the young man with the doped cigarette did not arrive,the beautiful young omen did not sit across the table from my uncle in the diner,and there was no card game in progress in the smoker.My uncle put his money in his shoe and put his shoe under his pillow and put his head on the pillow low and didn't sleep all night the first night,but the second night he abandoned the whole ritual. The second day he himself offered another young man a cigarette which the other young man accepted.In the diner my uncle went out of his way to sit at a table with a young lady.He started a poker game in the smoker,and long before the train ever got to New York my uncle knew everybody aboard the train and everybody knew him.Once,while the train was traveling through Ohio,my uncle and the young man who had accepted the cigarette and two young ladies on their way to Vassar formed a quartet and sang The Wabash Blues. The Journey was a very pleasant one. When my uncle Melik came back from New York,his old uncle Garro visited him again. I see you are looking all right,he said.Did you follow my instructions? Yes,sir,my uncle said. The old man looked far away in space. I am pleased that someone has profited by my experience,he said. 确认的艺术 我十八岁了,我是金色的女孩。 大学低年级的学生,我是总统的戏剧学院社会成员,学生的参议 院,赢得两届'awards 在外百老汇的批评者对表演和导演,导演的类玩耍,刚刚拒绝了一个提供 培训,为下一届奥运会(击剑)。在课堂上我不知所措和眼花缭乱,剥离表面但”又“类比上的 老师和同学。在社会上,我是堆的顶部。我的建议是寻求,我的电话响个不停,似乎没有什么能 阻止我。 我很羡慕我的朋友和我在一个良好的精神状态的飞驰。 旧的希腊悲剧提醒我们,骄者必败。我也不例外,这个古老的规则。我以极大的意外,坠毁的宇 宙它始于我的直系亲属的三名成员死亡。 然后一个朋友非常我所爱的人突然去世一阵附录而 独自露营在树林里。风景外百老汇的落在我的头上,之后我就几乎失明之后的四个月。我和 我的朋友们从彼此分开,他们走出尴尬,因为我不认为我是有价值的。我的标志也从相当不错, 一个 d 加上平均。 我有在我的能力失去了信心,我不能关注什么或看到事物之间的密切联系。我的记忆是一个 烂摊子,几个月内我获得缓刑。我所有的办公室都带走;公共选举被召来填补他们。我被邀请 到顾问的办公室,告诉他,我将不得不离开学校春季学期结束之后,很明显,我没有 “必要的情报 做学术工作。 “当我声明,我已经有了“必要的情报”在我一年级和二年级,我向一个认同的微

笑,这样的知识下降通常发生在年轻女性当他们变得对其他事情都感兴趣;它是一种激素,亲 爱的。 ” 曾经我一直 wocal 和勇敢的在教室里,现在我蜷缩在我的超大号的骆驼毛外套在后面的课程, 试图尽可能是不存在的。午餐我就会把自己锁在房间里的绿色大学的剧场,场景我以前的胜 利,吃一个三明治在无精打采的隔离。 每一天,disacknowledgements 战败了,在我之前的职业生 涯我太骄傲而不寻求帮助。我觉得工作和称为对上帝说,“这疮?“因为那是我失踪了。 这些 Jobian 爆发让我把最后一个课程。它是由一个年轻的瑞士教授教的宗教,博士。雅各 Taubes,被认为是一项古老的旧约选定的书。它原来是主要讨论的辩证圣保罗和尼采。 Taubes 是最灿烂的和令人兴奋的老师我以前经历的,显示欧洲学术聪明如我从来不知道。如 我从未是。黑格尔,灵知主义、结构主义、现象学、和 intellctual 激情的 Sorboone 打裂冰的 怀疑和我开始提高一个试探性的手从我蜷缩在房间的后面,问偶尔犹豫的问题。 Dr.Taubes 将回答以极大的强度,很快我发现自己问更多的问题。有一天,我正在做我的路穿过 校园到总线,当我听到我 Dr.Taubes 寻址: “小姐,让我行走在休斯顿的你。你知道,你有一个最有趣的思想。 ” “我?我有一个主意?” “是的,你的问题是发光。现在你怎么认为的性质是重新评估值在保罗和尼采吗?” 我感到我的心灵落入其通常的痛苦的迟钝和结结巴巴地说,“我不知道。d 唐” “当然你!”他坚称。 “你不能问这类问题,你们没有拥有一个不寻常的把握这些问题。现在 请,再一次,你是怎么认为的重新评估值在保罗和尼采吗?重要的是我的倒影,我有你的反应。 ” “好吧,”我说,醒来时,“如果你这样说的话,我认为??” 我开始跑了,还不闭嘴自。 Dr.Taubes 继续走我到总线在这学期,我总是充满了挑战与智力有力的问题。他参加了我。我 存在他的“实际”的感觉,因为我存在了他,我开始为自己 excist。我通过在几周之内回来,我 的精神开花,我成了一个相当认真的学生,而在我已经,在最好的情况下,一个明亮的炫耀。 我从这个整体收购经验是一个人生的悲剧意义,我之前 enthusiasma 平衡。 我仍然深深地感激 我的关注 Dr.Taubes 所示。他承认我在我最需要的时候。我是授权处于个人侵蚀,和我的生活 有很大的不同,它。我发誓自己然后,每当我遇到有人“浸入”或经历 disacknowledgement 的 痛苦,我将试图达到和承认的人如我已经承认。the art of acknowledgement I was eighteen years old and I was the golden girl.A junior in college,I was president of the college drama society,a member of the student senate,winner of two off-Broadway critics’ awards for acting and directing,director of the class play,and had just turned down an offer to train for the next Olympics (fencing) class my mind raced and dazzled, .In spinning off superficial but “wowing” analogies to the regard of teachers and classmates.Socially,I was on top of the heap.My advice was sought,my phone rang constantly,and it seemed that nothing could stop me. I was the envy of all my friends and I was in a state of galloping good spirits. The old Greek tragedies warn us that pride comes before a fall.I was no exception to this ancient rule.My universe crashed with great suddenness.It began when three members of my immediate family died.Then a friend whom I loved very much died suddenly of a burst appendix while camping alone in the woods.The scenery of the off-Broadway production fell on my head and I was left almost blind for the next four months.My friends and I parted from each other,they out of embarrassment and I because I didn't think I was worthy.My marks went from being rather good to a D-plus average. I had so lost confidence in my abilities that I couldn't concerntrate on anything or see the

connections between things.My memory was a mess,and within a few months I was placed on probation. All my offices were taken away;public elections were called to fill them.I was asked into the advisor's office and told that I would have to leave the college at the end of the spring term since,clearly,I didn't have the "necessary intelligence to do academic work."When I protested that I had had the"necessary intelligence" during my freshman and sophomore years,I was assured with a sympathetic smile that intellectual decline such as this often happened to young women when “they became interested in other things;it’s a matter of hormones,my dear.” Where once I had been wocal and high-spirited in the classroom,I now huddled in my oversized camel's-hair coat in the back of the classes,trying to be as nonexistent as possible.At lunch I would lock myself in the green room of the college theater,scene of my former triumphs,eating a sandwich in downhearted isolation.Every day brought its defeat and disacknowledgements,and after my previous career I was too proud to ask for help.I felt like Job and called out to God,"Where are the boils?"since that was about all I was missing. These Jobian outbursts led me to take one last course.It was taught by a young Swiss professor of religion,Dr.Jacob Taubes,and was supposed to be a study of selected books of the Old Testaments.It turned out to be largely a discussion of the dialectic between St.Paul and Nietzsche. Taubes was the most brilliant and exciting teacher I had ever experienced,displaying European academic cleverness such as I had never known.such as I had never konwn.Hegel ,gnosticism ,structuralism,phenomenology,and the intellctual passion of the Sorboone cracked the ice of my self-doubt and I began to raise a tentative hand from my huddle in the back of the room and ask an occasional hesitant question. Dr.Taubes would answer with great intensity ,and soon I found myself asking more questions.One day I was making my way across campus to the bus,when I heard Dr.Taubes addressing me: "Miss Houston,let me walk with you.You know,you have a most interesting mind." "Me?I have a mind?" "Yes,your questions are luminous.Now what do you think is the nature of the transvaluation of values in Paul and Nietzsche?" I felt my mind fall into its usual painful dullness and stammered,"I d-don't konw." "Of course you do!"he insisted."You couldn't ask the kinds of the questions you do without having an unusual grasp of these issues.Now please,once again,what do you think of the transvaluation of values in Paul and Nietzsche?It's important for my reflections that I have your reactions." "Well,"I said,waking up, "if you put it that way,I think..." I was off and running and haven't shut up since. Dr.Taubes continued to walk me to the bus throughout that term,always challenging me with intellectually vigorous questions.He attended to me.I existed for him in the "realest"of senses,and because I existed for him I began to excist for myself.Within several weeks my eyesights came back,my spirit bloomed,and I became a fairly serious student,whereas before I had been ,at best,a bright show-off. What I acquired from this whole experience was a tragic sense of life,which balanced my previous enthusiasma.I remain deeply grateful for the attention shown me by Dr.Taubes .He acknowledged me when I most needed it.I was empowered in the midst of personal erosion,and my life has been very different for it.I swore to myself then that whenever I came across someone "going under"or experiencing the pain of disacknowledgement,I would try to reach and acknowledge

that person as I had been acknowledged.

从非阅读,阅读 我不记得确切时间,但有时当我上高中的时候,我的一个兄弟发现我可以 没有读过。他开始戏弄和欺负我。这是可怕的。我是其中的一个数百万边际读者毕业 从高的学校几乎无法函数在美国社会。我确信我保持一个工作,不需要阅读。 生活是细数年,但我仍然继续沿着这条路到非阅读。 改变的开始我的生活时我变得活跃在我的教堂。这是常见的年轻人在我 教堂去传教。这个想法并不太坏,只是所有的阅读和学习必须成功 是压倒性的。我想让我的生命为了最终说服我去传教。我学会了阅读好多了。 但只有在教堂的相关科目。我真的还没有很好地阅读在所有。 大约一年之后我回来我的使命,我结婚了。就在那时,我意识到我是什么糟糕的形状 真的。我已经累积了几个拖欠账单仅仅因为我不能阅读已故的通知信。我甚至几乎 失去了我的家。这个时候在我的生命中,我害怕大声朗读着我。在 shcoll,我有更多的“不在 乎” 态度和真的没有在意别人怎么看待我。我没有我妻子认为我就是因为较少的 我的问题。我妻子使我确信我是好的,她可以帮助我学会阅读更好。 在她的敦促下,我开始大学在 1990 年的夏天。我结婚已经有一年,他有了一个女儿 星期老。我读了小学肖勒水平,我害怕大声朗读是一个噩梦。我的妻子向我保证,她 经历了 4 年的大学和从未大声朗读。我带她的话。我正在发育 阅读课上,老师非常第一天课叫我大声地读一篇文章。不知何故我挣扎着 通过它,羞辱和所有。当我告诉我妻子发生了什么,她无法相信!但她还是要我放心 我可以做到。我去采访了 structor 的对我的问题,她很理解。所有在 夏天和秋天我太太帮我通过阅读我所有的材料在磁带上,为我作笔记。我很快就看到所有的 阅读的好处。那些几年让我开始走上成为一个读者。 我在学校和工作真的很努力。我们发现,德州康复委员会可以帮助 与费用和导师阅读。委员会派我去测试,发现我有一个视觉空间 学习障碍。这解释了为什么它是如此我很难留住信息和抽象思维——两个技巧 在大学里是必需的。一旦问题被发现后,我发现它更容易处理。现在我知道我并不是愚蠢的; 我 刚学会绕过这个。尽管这解释了这个问题,它没有解决它。我仍然不得不学会阅读 在一个更高的水平。 我已经收到了我所有的教科书在磁带上帮助我读它们。 我购买了一个发 音程序 帮我拿我的阅读,而且它正在缓慢但稳定。我将我的道路尽头的活跃的阅读。 当我回顾过去的四年里,我看到所有的事情让我明白如何重要 阅读是。我没有达到我想要的时候,但我将在一年或两年。我能说这与信心现在。我看到 阅读现在作为一个钥匙来开启我的整个未来,特别是我的金融的未来。不再会有恐惧拥有 填写申请就业的人面前。我可以把它填好轻松,因为我将知道 如何阅读。不再会有担心我女儿会问我去读一本书,我将户伸得说,“不 现在。 “没有更会有犯罪的恐惧信因为我的阅读能力。阅读确实已 从一个完全不存在改变我生活的一部分,一个存在的和非常重要部分。阅读只是帮助了我 “是。 ” From Nonreading to Reading

I do not recall exactly when , but sometime while I was in high school one of my brothers found out that I could not read .He began teasing and taunting me. It was horrible. I was one of those millions of marginal readers who graduated from high shool barely able to function in American society. I made sure I maintained a job where no reading was required. Life was fine for several years , but Iwas still continuing down the road to nonreading. The beginning of the change in my life came when I became active in my church. It is common for young men in my church to serve a mission. This idea was not so bad , except that all the reading and learning required to be successful was overwhelming. My desire to get my life in order finally convinced me to serve a mission. I learned to read much better, but only on church-related subjects. I really still did not read very well at all. About a year after I came home from my mission , I got married. It was then that I realized what bad shape I was really in. I had accumulated several delinquent bills simply because I cound not read the late notice letters. I even almost lost my home. By this time in my life , my fear of reading aloud haunted me. In shcoll , I had more of a "don't care" attitude and really had not cared what other people thought of me. I did not my wife to think any less of me because of my problem. My wife convinced me that I was OK and she could help me learn to read better. At her urging , I began college in the summer of 1990. I had been married for a year and had a daughter who was one week old. I read on a elementary scholl level , and my fear of reading aloud was a nightmare. My wife assured me that she had been through four years of college and had never had to read aloud. I took her word for it. I was taking a developmental reading class , and the very first day class the instructor called on me to read a passage aloud. Somehow I struggled through it , humiliated and all. When I told my wife what happend , she could not believe it!But she still reassured me that I could do it. I went and spoke with the structor about my problem , and she was very understanding. All during the summer and fall my wife helped me by reading all my material on tape and making notes for me. I was quickly seeing all the benefits of reading. Those few years had started me on the path to becoming a reader. I struggled with school and worked really hard. We discovered that the Texas Rehabilitation Commission could help with fees and tutors for reading. The commission sent me for testing , and it was discovered that I had a visual-spatial learning disability. This explained why it was so hard for me to retain information and think abstractly--two skills that

are required in college. Once the problem was discovered , I found it easier to deal with. Now I knew I was not stupid;I just had to learn to get around this. Though this explained the problem , it did not solve it. I still had to learn to read at a higher level. I have received all my textbooks on tape to help me read them. I have purchased a phonics program to help me with my reading , and it is going slowly but steadily. I am making my way down the road of active reading. As I look back over the past four years , I see all the things that have happened to make me understand how important reading is. I am not where I want to be yet , but I will be in a year or two. I can say this with confidence now. I see reading now as a key to unlocking my whole future , especially my financial future. No more will there be the fear of having to fill out an application for employment in front of someone. I will be able to fill it out with ease , because I will know how to read . No more will there be the fear that my daughter will ask me to read aher a book and I will have to say ,"Not right now ."No more will there be the fear of delinquency letters because of my inability to read. Reading has truly been transformed from a totally nonexistent part of my life to an existent and very essential part. Reading has simply helped me "to be."

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