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King Claudius : choose to be a hypocrite
Keyword: individual humane dilemma choice hypocrite

Above all, We should claim that it is not about a cliche?that is now frequently used to exculpate for some all-known egoists but a humane and profound rereading for the KING CLAUDIUS in the spirits of Shakespeare , and expect it neither imprudent nor impeccable , obviously it's groupwork based on our study and discussion of the given text . King Claudius is a typical schizophrenics who has his both sides confliciting and existing in a seemingly harmonious situation. He got what is not meant for him in the way which was considered culpable both in decency and him,and knew exactly there was no possibility to ask for forgiveness or even a chance to confess. He carried out the virulent plan that he probably had imagined a thousand times in his mind

----poisoned his brother during his afternoon nap in the garden without any clandestine cabals but his own calculating action,and with his well-made rumour about the reason for the old king's sudden death he had everything in his control ,no

matter the charisma he showed in dealing with the foreign affairs with England or his successful capture of his sister-in-law ,now his wife--Queen Gertrude. What is revealed to us readers and the kingdom is that it may be not a bad try to have claudius had the crown than his brother,however no matter how he was capable or how much he loved Gertude,it is anti-ethics to remove the blockage to own ascendancy "lawfully". Some of the people say that it's important that we do things within certain extent,just like making one's fortune

but not to rob the bank or getting a high score without cheating.True though it is, Claudius seems to confront with a dilemma that is different from all those above, there is no "middle extent" to balance in hierarchy. He has to choose out of his dignity to be an exemplary brother or an exquisite emperor and husband but a forever malefactor .To do or not to do,it is also a question throughout his struggling to make his mind to be banished from gods'haven to heratic's inferno . There is no way for us seeing the process of his thoughts change in the play does not claim that it never happens. As the matter of the fact, it did and maybe much more tough than we all thought to choose to become an anathema with no blessing

or bliss . For our conception, we conclude King Claudius a model hypocrite with conscience and self-examination.The courtier, queen and the prince had seen him behaving himself perfectly and collected in public ,he made close relations with Polonius ,the queen and Laertes ,especially he had his talking in front of the prince and came up with right ways to handle the problems in his back. Such purely hypocrite as he is, while hearing Polonius teach his daughter Ophelia "tis too much proved--that with devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself " , he could not resist to relate it with his crime immediately , "O, 'tis too true! How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience! The harlot's cheek,beautied with plastering art,is not more ugly to the thing that helps it. Than is my deed to my most painted word . O heavy burden!" Unintentional ostentation though for Polonius really meant something to Claunius. It is seen from this that yet never regret for his wrongdoing, he did feel query and hesitate that shows his inner mercy,which is embodied his decision to have Hamlet the crownprince and later his delay to put killing the vindictive prince into practice.

With this point declared, it is also no difficulty for us to see Claudius the same individual as prince Hamlet in nature when Shakespeare composed the play, human beings who make his choice and make mistakes, both payed the price for what he did yet never stop thinking about themselves and desperate struggling whatever gives rise to their patterns of emotions or behaviours, the absolute and independent personalities

perhaps owning different characters but all within the humanism of William Shakespeares.

Group members : 李建霞


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