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1. He was running hard to catch up with the rest of the his team when he fell over his own feet. When he struggled up, he felt his left ankle ______, and found his left hand ______ and his nose _______. A. spraining; swelling; bleeding B. sprained; swollen; bled C. spraining; swelling; bled D. sprained; swollen; bleeding 2. –Whenever I get a blister somewhere on my body, I usually ______ it over and over until it breaks; let out the watery liquid inside and leave it dry by itself. --It works sometimes but it might get infected easily. The normal _____ for it should be---Oh I don’t know. A. press; cure B. squeeze; treatment C. impress; cure D. polish; treatment 3. The skin is the largest organ of your body ______of three layers; _______are essential to _____your body against diseases, poisons and the sun’s harmful rays or radiations. A. consisting; they; protecting B. consisting; which; protecting C. made up of; they; protect D. consisted; they; protecting 4. ______ there was no bandage available, she tore off her sleeve and tied it around his wrist a little above the bleeding point ______ him from losing too much blood. A. For; to save B. Because; saving C. Since; save D. As; to save 5. Medicine bottles should be clearly labeled and ______in places ______ are out of children’s reach. A. kept them; where B. kept; which C. kept them; that D. kept; where 6. It is several years since he ______ ill and his illness _______ great damage to his health. A. fell; has done B. fell; does C . was; had done D. felt; has done 7. A cut in the tissue is easy to heal but a(an) _______ to the heart, if possible, takes a long time to do so. A. injury B. damage C. hurt D. wound 8. Water is vital _______every living thing ______, without which the world would be a dead place. A. to keeping; alive B. to keep; living C. to keeping; lively D. to keep; alive 9. In case of emergency, whether knowing how to apply first aid or not really ________ in matters concerning wounds like swollen wrists, broken arms, burns, cuts, and so on. A. makes difference B. makes a difference C. makes differences D. makes different 10. The housewife got her hands and arms _____ while trying to pour the boiling water from the kettle into the thermos; she ______ some healing ointment to her burn but the pain was still unbearable A. burned; put B. burnt; used C. burnt; dressed D. burnt; applied 11. From the ________ shown in the dead body, he ________to death by a certain poisonous chemical, but I can’t tell exactly which. A. symptoms; must have been poisoned B. signs; should have been poisoned C. symbols; could have been poisoned D. appearances; may have been poisoned 12. ________ confidence in yourself is the biggest barrier _______ greater progress in your work. A. Lacking of; to making B. Lack of; to make C. Lack of; to making D. The lack of; to make 13. I am afraid that your request to speak at the ceremony is not quite _______, because we have already had everybody _______ ______. A. in place; speak; in place B. in place; to speak; in place C. out of place; speaking; in place D. in place; to speak; in the place 14. When the police broke into the room, they were terrified at the scene: a middle-aged man lying on the floor, with a cupboard _______him, his feet and hands ______ tight with electric wires, his throat _____ open and a pair of scissors ______ deep in the chest. A. covered; tied; cut; cut B. covering; tying; cutting; cutting C. covering; tied; cut; cutting D. covered; were tied; cut; cutting 15. People exposed to radiation are more _______ to suffer from certain forms of cancer, which can be ______ but can’t be ______at present A. more likely; treated; cured B. more probable; treated; cured C. more possible; cured; treated D. more likely; cured; treated 16. The football match was really _______. No one was sure which side ________ until the last moment. A. firm; would win B. exciting; was winning C. tight; would win D. close; was about to win

17. An appropriate amount of temporary pressure can ______ a kind of motivation to do something well, but once it becomes constant or permanent, psychological problems are likely to _______. A. act as; rise B. play as; appear C. work as; raise D. serve as; arise 18. I have experienced quite a number of cases ______ I really wanted to help but could not find anything to _______. A. when; put on my hands B. that; put my hands on C. where; put my hands on D. in that; put on my hands 19. In my dream I felt it hard to breath as if somebody ________ from the distance A. were choking B. was choking me C. had choked D. would choke 20. People like to live a life full of ________ and there are _______ of life styles available for people to choose in the modern world. A. a variety; a variety B. varieties; varieties C. a variety; varieties D. variety; varieties 21. Everybody on the spot was deeply touched by the bravery the young girl who took off her only blouse, _____ the burns and ______ the mouth-to-mouth method to save the man who was in a coma(昏迷) because of a bad electric shock. A. wrapped; took advantage of B. dressed; applied C. did up; used D. packed up; made use of 22. More and more teaching _______ are being developed across the globe, which are sure to _______to make classroom teaching more lively and interesting. A. aids; help B. assistance; help C. aids; assist D. helps; aid 23. I think it ______ that one have a good command of English if one wants to be engaged in international trade. A. useful B. a must C. essential D. vital 24. The situation in the Middle East is so ______ that we have to be ______ when dealing with the hostage issue. A. complex; cautious B. difficult; anxious C. mixed; careful D. mild; eager 25. _______ of hope still remains for the young girl whose cruel step father poured a pan of boiling water over her head as she _______ to remove the basin on the stove which was too hot for a bruised bare hand. A. A light; denied B. A ray; turned down C. A little; rejected D. A ray; refused 4.We were put in a situation________we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. A.in that B.in who C.in which D.on which 7.—Who should be responsible for the accident? —The boss, not the workers.They just carried out the order________. A.as told B.as are told C.as telling D.as they told 8.—What do you think made Mary so upset? —________ her new car. A.As she lost B.Lost C.Losing D.Because of losing 3. —What should I do? —Clean the wound and ________ the medicine to it. A.apply B.devote C.Pour D.squeeze 5. Once a decision has been made,all of us should ________ it. A.direct to B.stick to C.lead to D.refer to 二、 完形填空 A The year I turned 13, my parents shook my entire world when they told me they were getting a divorce. I couldn’t believe that our family was going to 21 . I knew my parents weren’t very happy, and they 22 fought, but I still expected my family to 23 the same. After the divorce my life completely changed. My friends didn’t know my 24 and wondered why I was now so 25 all the time, completely 26 from the active girl they were familiar with. After Dan and my mother married, I realized that there was no 27 that things could change back. My salvation(解脱) came from the 28 person on earth that I would have expected — Dan, my new stepfather. He never 29 on me although I wasn’t very nice to him. Gradually, I began to 30__ him. I realized that we actually had some 31 interest, especially when it _32 movies and TV shows. We spent a lot of time together watching TV. That gave us a 33_ to talk to and get to know each other. Better still, Dan showed a great love for me that I had never _34 from my own father. Dan was always giving me some good 35 on school and friends. I also learn a lot by watching Dan and my mom. They were affectionate(关爱的) with each other, _36 I saw in person what a good marriage looked like. At last I

discovered that the family I now had 37 to be the happy family that I had always wanted. I now realized my parents were 38 about getting the divorce. Their break-up was the best thing to happen for all of us. My father also found 39 in his life. At thirteen, I learned an important truth — change is not always the worst thing that can happen. Sometimes, this kind of change is just what we 40 most. 21. A. leave off B. break up C. turn away D. break out 22. A. never B. ever C. seldom D. often 23. A. watch B. live C. stay D. gather 24. A. situation B. action C. purpose D. character 25. A. calm B. silent C. patient D. energetic 26. A. strange B. unusual C. changeable D. different 27. A. doubt B. wonder C. problem D. way 28. A. first B. last C. closest D. farthest 29. A. gave in B. depended C. tricked D. gave up 30. A. observe B. debate C. trust D. hate 31. A. special B. normal C. common D. endless 32. A. came to B. turned to C. talked about D. cared about 33. A. method B. reason C. chance D. condition 34. A. learned B. experienced C. dreamed D. searched 35. A. notes B. lessons C. advice D. information 36. A. when B. for C. so D. though 37. A. considered B. thought C. compared D. proved 38. A. right B. wrong C. practical D. negative 39. A. amusement B. courage C. happiness D. confidence 40. A. need B. predict C. hope D. satisfy B He lost his arms in an accident that claimed his father’s life who was the main 16 of support for the family. He had to _17__ the arms of his younger brother, his younger brother became his _18 _ , and never leaving him alone for years. Except for writing with his toes,he was completely unable to do _19_ in his life. One late night,his younger brother accompanied him into the toilet and went back to __20__ . But being so 21___ , his younger brother fell asleep,leaving him on the toilet for two hours. As the two brothers grew up together,they had their share of problems and they would often _22__ . His younger brother wanted to live 23__ from him,living his own life,as many normal people do. So he was 24 __ and didn't know what to do. A _25__ misfortune befell(降临) a girl. One night her mother,who suffered from mental illness ___26_ . So her father went out looking for her mother,leaving her alone at home. She tried to prepare a __27_ for her parents,only to overturn the stove, _28 __ in a fire which took her hands away. Though her elder sister who was studying in another city,showed her _29__ to take care of her,she was determined to be completely _30__ . At school,she always studied hard. One day, boy and the girl were both invited to appear on a television interview program. They were both asked to write the something on a piece of paper with their toes. The boy wrote: My younger brother’s arms are my arms; 31_ the girl wrote: Broken wings,flying heart. Disasters can 32_ at any time. If you choose only to complain and 33 from the ordeal(苦难的经历),it will always follow you wherever you go. But if you decide to be ___34 ,the hardship will turn out to be a(n) 35 on which new hopes will arise. 16. A. cause B. strength C. course D. source 17. A. live on B. take on C. turn on D. depend on 18. A. volunteer B. shadow C. bodyguard D. servant 19. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 20. A. play B. work C. wait D. wash 21. A. angry B. tired C. impatient D. unfair 22. A. support B. separate C. quarrelD. avoid

23. A. lonely B. different C. separated D. divided 24. A. heartless B. heart-broken C. kind-hearted D. heart-warming 25. A. similar B. same C. simple D. strange 26. A. disappeared B. died C. dismissed D. failed 27. A. meal B. medicine C. heating D. plan 28. A. leading B. resulting C. taking D. bringing 29. A. willingness B. anxiety C. contribution D. respect 30. A. independent B. relaxed C. disabled D. energetic 31. A. while B. since C. as D. though 32. A. strike B. afford C. form D. return 33. A. hide B. remain C. survive D. escape 34. A. careful B. strong C. healthy D. polite 35. A. fortune B. difficulty C. occupation D. attitude 三、阅读理解 A We may be very pleased with the rapid progress we have made in every field of study. But the way to test a student's knowledge and ability still remains as poor as it was, We have almost done nothing to improve our examination system. It is well known that the examination system we are now using may be a good way of testing a student's memory, but it can tell you nothing about a student's ability. It does no good to students and teachers. As soon as a child begins school,he enters a world of examination that will decide his future of job. In fact a good examination system should train a student to think for himself. But it now does nothing about that. So students are encouraged to member what is taught. It does not enable them to gain more and note knowledge. The students who come out first in the examination often may not be the best in their studies. Besides, the examinations often force teachers to train students what to do with the coming examination from time to time. There must be some simpler and better way to test a student' s ability besides knowledge. And that is what we should do at once. 50. Now little has been done to________. A. decide a student's job B. test a student's ability C. test a student's knowledge D. test a student's memory 51. The examination system we are now using can only make the students________. A. gain more and more knowledge B. make rapid progress C. remember what is taught D. think for themselves 52. In order to make students gain high marks in the coming examination, teachers have to________. A. develop their students' ability B. fill their students' heads with much information C. teach freely D. teach their students how to study 53. The passage tells us about the importance of________. A. getting examination system improved B. taking examinations C. testing a student' s knowledge D. working hard at all lessons B 54______. One is called ―doctor medicine‖, or ―scientific medicine.‖ Scientific doctors try to observe sicknesses, look for logical patterns, and then find out how the human body works. From there they figure out what treatments may work.. 55________. Although nowadays it is successful, in the ancient world this approach probably did not cure many patients. A second kind of medicine is called ―natural cures,‖ or ―folk medicine,‖ in which less educated people try to cure sicknesses with various herbs(药草). 56_____. They try things until they find something that seems to work, and then they keep doing that. Folk medicine flourished(繁荣) long before the development of scientific medicine and was more successful in ancient times than doctor medicine. The third kind is called ―health spas 矿泉疗养地) or ―faith healing.‖ Sometimes this may be as simple as touching the holy ( ,‖ man and being immediately healed. Other times, a magician may make you a magic charm, or say a spell, to cure you. 57_______. In these places people rest, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, drink water instead of wine, and exercise in various ways. 58_____. If you are feeling depressed or you have been working too hard, going to these places may be just the

right thing to make you feel better. A. These folk healers also use observation and logic, but they are not so aware of it B. Some religious groups organize special healing shrines for the sick C. This kind of medicine is believed to date from the 4th century BC. D. There are three branches of medicine E. They also talk to the priests and pray to the gods F. good doctors are very important for us G. we don’t know how many kinds of medicines there are in the world

C Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp Everyone is forgetful, but as we age(变老), we start to feel like our brains are slowing down a bit—and that can be a very annoying thing. 71 Read on for some techniques worth trying. 1. 72 People who regularly made plans and looked forward to upcoming events had a 50 percent reduced chance of Alzheimer's disease (早老性痴呆症), according to a recent study. 73 Something as simple as setting a goal to have a weekly coffee date with a friend will do. There's evidence that people who have a purpose in life or who are working on long or short-term goals appear to do better. In other words, keep your brain looking forward. 2. Go for a walk Mildly raised glucose (葡萄糖) levels can harm the area of the brain that helps you form memories and physical activity can help get blood glucose down to normal levels. In fact, exercise produces chemicals that are good for your brain. 74 3. Learn something new Take a Spanish class online, join a drawing club, or learn to play cards. A study found that mental stimulation (刺激) limits the weakening effects of aging on memory and the mind. But the best thing for your brain is when you learn something new and are physically active at the same time. 75 Or go dancing with your friends. A. Focus on the future. B. This can be especially harmful to the aged. C. It should be something like learning gardening. D. So take a few minutes each day to do some reading. E. But don't worry if your schedule isn't filled with life-changing events. F. Luckily, research shows there is a lot you can do to avoid those moments. G. In other words, when you take care of your body, you take care of your brain.
D The other day, I received a most unexpected message in response to one of my essays: I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. I shared your opinion … It was signed Margaret Leibfried, who was my English teacher — a teacher who appeared at a vital (关键) point in my life and helped me believe that I could become a writer. Thirty years ago, I entered high school as an introvert (性格内向的人) made all the more shy because I was the school’s only nonwhite student. I always felt in danger of being swept away by a sea of tall white athletes. I spent a lot of time alone, reading and writing stories, hoping to escape being teased. Ms. Leibfried taught American literature and composition grammar, which involved the usual memorizing vocabulary, but also, thrillingly, reading novels. Thrilling to me, that is. Many of my classmates expressed dislike for novels because they were ―not real.‖ For once, I didn’t care what they thought. Ms. Leibfried seemed to notice my interest in both reading and writing, and she took the time to make me feel less shy; she even offered me reading suggestions, like one of her favorite novels, ―The Bell Jar.‖ That year’s big project was a book report, to be read aloud to the class. However, Ms. Leibfried suggested I do something ―a little different.‖ Instead of a report, I chose a passage from ―The Bell Jar‖ that I considered as the best to recite. The morning of the presentations, I remember my hands sweating so badly as I walked to the front of the class that I kept

my hands crossed, so I wouldn’t wipe them on my blouse. When I finished, to my surprise, the class applauded. ―Marie has picked out a particularly sensitive piece of writing and delivered it beautifully,‖ Ms. Leibfried said, smiling. I felt, maybe for the first time, confident. 41. What was the author’s high school life like before she met Ms. Leibfried? A. Lonely. B. Exciting. C. Wild. D. Busy 42. In Paragraph 5, the author mainly tells us . A. how she cared what her classmates thought B. when she became interested in ―The Bell Jar‖ C. why many of her classmates disliked novels D. how Ms. Leibfried helped and encouraged her 43. Why did Ms. Leibfried ask the author to recite a passage in front of the class? A. To test whether she had a good memory. B. To make her earn the respect of her classmates. C. To help deepen her understanding of ―The Bell Jar.‖ D. To guide her to build a good relationship with others. 44. How did the author feel when she made the presentation? A. Comfortable. B. sad. C. Nervous. D. Confident. 45. What was the author’s purpose in writing the text? A. To express her thanks to her teacher. B. To discuss the issue of racial prejudice (偏见). C. To introduce one of her favorite books. D. To suggest the ways to gain confidence. 四、 短文改错: A Last summer I learnt to ride a bicycle. At first?,I was unable to control it’s direction. Sometimes I fall to the right or to the left. But I asked my father to tell me how I could ride straightly. He didn’t answer me directly. Instead, he took me to side of the street. ―Can you find some bike track that is really straight?‖ asked my father. I watched more carefully and shook my head .―No?‖ he said, ―in fact neither of the tracks is always straight. But just by correct the direction every now and then, you had already gone forward.‖ B Ten years ago, I had worked as a night guard in a factory. On a rainy night, all the lights of a factory went out all of a sudden. I rushed out and could see nothing. Lucky for me, the warning system was directly connected by the police station. Three or four minutes late, four police car arrived at the factory gate. They searched the factory carefully, tried to find something unusual. In the end, I told that the rain had brought about the short circuit, that caused the accident. C

Dear Mr. Green, I’m very exciting to learn that we will start a magazine together. That sounds great, and I definitely agree you on that. Some of the columns what you mentioned in the letter are really my cup of tea. ―Cultural Express‖ gives us a better understanding of the world. Since the people from different parts of the world have different values, it’s necessary to learn from each others. This will offer a wonderful chance. Apart from that, ―Blurt Out‖ is pretty good for Chinese student to learn English idioms and improving oral English. Last but not least, ―Entertainment‖ is so cool! The popular singers, actors or celebrities are so attractively that you absolutely can’t miss this part. Teenagers were just fond of popular things. Well, I can’t list more. I really can’t wait to read this magazine. Yours faithfully Li Hua


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